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  1. If your worried about it being to dark, let it down with lahmian medium 50/50, would take more coats but would be lighter on the raised areas.
  2. I think its episode 212, could be 213 try both. https://garagehammer.net/ hope this helps, and let us know how you get on if you try it before I do.
  3. Dave on Garagehammer was talking the other week about mixing milliput and plasticine 50/50, I haven't tried it yet but maybe thats also an idea?
  4. I would go for the riggers, you can Khemist buff the Sky hooks and split the shots if you need to or just buff the saws. The extra mobility is always helpful.
  5. sections of the azyrite ruins work well for elevating skywardens, needs some cutting but should be fine.
  6. I have said this in other threads, I believe we will see book releases on a par with last year's 40k codex schedule....... fast and furious
  7. I'd be happy with just an reworked book if i'm honest, the terrain and spells would be a bonus.
  8. If you look at the rate of new books so far this year they are up to 6 including the two previewed at adepticon, which will probably be released in April. so by that math then I think we will get a rapid release of possibly 10 new tomes this year, probably similar to 40k codexes release rate of last year. I, for one am very hopeful that we will get a new book, terrain and "aetheric items" this year,sooner rather than later would be great but probably later as we are getting fireslayers soon.
  9. I think that we will see a battletome release rate very similar to last years 40k codex shedule, one or 2 a month until we have all new books for AOS 2.0.
  10. Im expecting the nightvault warband preview, IIRC the last two for shadespire were released in April last year so timing would be correct. Probably not alot else for KO but I may be surprised.
  11. With the texture base paints like agrellan earth I would also advise sealing them with something like a varnish, the large bits can chip off quite easily.
  12. I made some trays for my stormcast, I used a 50mm base for the rim so i have 5mm all of the way round and 10mm between models. Gives me a bit of wiggle room.
  13. From the look of these last pictures a couple of coats of nuln oil or 50/50 Nuln oil/Lahmian Medium would get you to nice spot, maybe even 4 or 5 coats. Thats how I do my black, it creates a nice blended look. Dont fret, it will look good in the end.
  14. In this instance it looks to me like your brush was still wet after cleaning it. If you are dry brushing make sure your brush is COMPLETELY dry before getting any paint on the brush, then as the others have said, take the paint off the brush on a paper towel until you think its all gone, and then take off some more.
  15. I can handle losing and, as others have said, Its about managing your expectations. Knowing and understanding both your and your opponents army helps massively. I have also found the workbook that can be found on the honest wargamer (https://thehonestwargamer.com/player-workbook/) very helpful. If I lose to someone, I tend to look back at my game and try to work out what I would do differentyl. My biggest frustration when playing a game is playing against someone I dont find sporting or a slow player. I can sometimes feel like I have wasted my time after one of these games.
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