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  1. I maaay be thinking of either the previous edition of AOS or 40k....🤐
  2. You pay points for 10 but just take 9, iirc you can only take one understrength unit of each warscroll.
  3. How are those who don't have the Aether wars box doing their Dirigibile suit Endrinmasters? I have spent this afternoon kitbashing an endrinmaster from the skywarden from Thundriks profiteers.
  4. Yeah, My local GW has the same for certain products, its down to shelf space and then goes mail order only.
  5. It does Appear to be the case, Its probably due to the fact that they are a unit so have to keep together.
  6. Ard coat from GW works well, dries quick. You may need a couple of coats but when it dries it can be scraped or cleaned up if needed.
  7. I tried the 50/50 Milliput and Plasticine today, For the sake of experimenting, I weighed out 12 grams of milliput and the exact same of white plasticine. Rolled it out like i normally do and checked it this morning. The results are exactly the same as when i use 100% milliput. I thought it would be a bit plyable like fimo when when rolled thin but it wasn't. For context, I have added some pictures of the results and a picture of how I used it, I dont use any rollers so I cant comment on that side of it, but for my "concrete" 40k bases I cant see any difference. HTH
  8. If your worried about it being to dark, let it down with lahmian medium 50/50, would take more coats but would be lighter on the raised areas.
  9. I think its episode 212, could be 213 try both. https://garagehammer.net/ hope this helps, and let us know how you get on if you try it before I do.
  10. Dave on Garagehammer was talking the other week about mixing milliput and plasticine 50/50, I haven't tried it yet but maybe thats also an idea?
  11. I would go for the riggers, you can Khemist buff the Sky hooks and split the shots if you need to or just buff the saws. The extra mobility is always helpful.
  12. sections of the azyrite ruins work well for elevating skywardens, needs some cutting but should be fine.
  13. I have said this in other threads, I believe we will see book releases on a par with last year's 40k codex schedule....... fast and furious
  14. I'd be happy with just an reworked book if i'm honest, the terrain and spells would be a bonus.
  15. If you look at the rate of new books so far this year they are up to 6 including the two previewed at adepticon, which will probably be released in April. so by that math then I think we will get a rapid release of possibly 10 new tomes this year, probably similar to 40k codexes release rate of last year. I, for one am very hopeful that we will get a new book, terrain and "aetheric items" this year,sooner rather than later would be great but probably later as we are getting fireslayers soon.
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