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  1. sainted75

    Name Your Hero (if you like)

    My Kharadron Admiral is called Gromm Slighthammer.
  2. sainted75

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I play it as any rule that "sets up" a unit, so vexillor banner, lightning strike, translocation etc. As you say its far from being OP as its only the turn you do it on not the battleround.
  3. sainted75

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I believe It does work for the vexillor banner but not for the lord Arcanum's ability as it says on the scroll that you "set up" the unit on the battlefield. I remember the facehammer guys describing it as such on their Battletome review. They are the play testers after all.
  4. Quick question about how these two rules interact. Is a 6 to hit from a longstrike with bless weapons 2 x 2 Mortal wounds or 2 mortal wounds and an additional dice placed in the successful hit pile? Thanks in advance.
  5. cracking bundle all round. For anyone into their 40k, horus rising is a fantanstic book, as are the next 2 in the series, false gods and galaxy in flames.
  6. sainted75

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    The spells are available only if you play in that realm, you get artifacts based on which realm your army hails from.
  7. sainted75

    Correct Undead minions Roll order

    great , thanks
  8. sainted75

    Correct Undead minions Roll order

    I know this may have been covered before but i couldn't find it via the search. Whats the correct order of rolling for a Necromancer with the ossific diadem artifact? Is it 6+ necromancer save>undead Minions>deathless Minions? then, Undead minions>ossific diadem on skellies.
  9. sainted75

    Going to play first game on Wednesday!!!

    Just remember its a game so have fun. Hope you enjoy it.
  10. sainted75

    Mounted Wight King

    I use an old Tomb King mounted archer, swapped the bow out for a Long blade and a shield.
  11. sainted75

    Mounted Wight King

    I used a 60x35 mdf base, the same size as the dire wolves and cavalry.
  12. sainted75

    Armies on parade-post your entry

    That looks incredible. Well done on the gold medal.
  13. My peeve, like others, is slow play, the people who instead of having a quick think, dither about going oooh, hmmm, i dont know. Spend ages making every single decision possible.
  14. sainted75

    Armies on parade-post your entry

    Here is the FB page for Plymouth GW https://www.facebook.com/WHPlymouth/ Enjoy
  15. sainted75

    Armies on parade-post your entry

    I came second at my local GW, behind a 40k Orc display that was absolutely crazy, Conversions everywhere. Here is the link to mine. If you check out warhammer Plymouth on facebook they will probably have the other pictures of all the entrants up later today.