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  1. Well, the beastclaw are done. Overall I really enjoyed painting this army to 2000 points, there is a ton more detail on these than I first thought, Still have 10 mournfang to do but thats a problem for future me. I have started my backlog of terrain for both AOS and 40K. I hope you enjoy.
  2. So, I have finally finished the stardrake, taken since 8th january and its been done along side the beastclaw raiders, some terrain and more dark angels for my 40k army. Im pretty happy with how its finished, except for the purple armour plates, not sure if im happy as I think they look a bit dust from the drybrusing. I will see how I feel in a few days, I may end up redoing them. Its all had a coat of Vallejo matt varnish and the metals and armour plates have been ard coated to match the rest of my stormcast. I hope you enjoy, theres also some more pictures of my beastclaw whcih are next up to be finished and then on to Nighthaunt, which, thanks to the mortla realms magazine, is growing quite nicely. Finally, I took a few days from painting to make a new mat and some terrain, the buildings are for 40k and are foamboard, the rocks are just insulation foam and the mat is acrylic caulking, sand and paint over a vinyl flooring off cut and airbrushed. Inspired by RFD hobbies on youtube. Its the 60x44 inches size mat which fits 40k and Im sure its going to be AOS standard when the new edition arrives this summer. Just realised I have some skulls I missed off the Stardrake's base.
  3. Well, after my declaration of what I had to get on with in my last entry, I decided I needed a centre piece for the stormcast and rather than going for that derpy faced tauralon, I opted for a stardrake. The rider is magnetised at the torso so I can use both options. I was going to start on some space marine bases this morning but when I went to my loft, which is my boarded out hobby cave, to get some filler that i'm sure I had, I couldnt find any..... maybe it was because it was abit of a mess. I tend to neglect the loft as I only use it for airbrushing and messy stuff like scratch building terrain, and of course storage. I do all of my painting at the kitchen table. Time for a tidy and sorting session!!! I took some pics of stuff that ive had for ages that I fancied showing off. Some really old white dwarfs I had, mostly from the late 1980's and early 90's. And the first RPG I played whn I was a kid!! The New Thalenore Astros, League Champions in their first season. More Blood Bowl Teams including WIP. One of my Imperial Knights and Big Dadday Nagash. So, 4 hours, numerous empty boxes and 4 black sacks of junk and rubbish later, The loft was once again back in a usable state. All in all not a bad days work, now where was I? Oh yeah, space marine bases........
  4. So I have made abit more progress on the beastclaws, but I have been a hobby butterfly due to getting a set of the Series D brushes for christmas and, they are fantastic for drybrushing. I thought I was making a good dent in my models to paint list including some terrain, a stompa for my 40k orcs. The one thing I forgot about was my last 2, maybe 3 months worth of the mortal realms subscription. Anyway, hope you enjoy some pictures of my progress or lack there of...... My Jacob Bugmanson that im tempted to use a Gotrek in my KO army, need to finish some high lighting on him yet. The Beastclaw The terrain from mortal realms And Finally the mortal realms backlog, the Incantor, Lord Arcanum and a few of the other SCE with end up on an army's on parade board im planning for october this year.
  5. well, its not been to productive of late, but more progress has been made on the as of yet un-named Beastclaw raiders warband, and mistakes were made...... So, I went to get the bases from the cupboard as I wanted to get them done so I could start attaching the stonehorns as they are a pain in the butt due to them being front heavy. Upon placing them on the table I noticed a bit of an issue with the filler I used. All apart from 2 bases had large cracks and gaps in them, I presume it was because the bark, even though i dried it in the oven was still not 100% dry and as it has dried further over the weeks it just pulled the filler away and left cracks an gaps.🤬 Fustratedly , I put them back in the cupboard so I could sulk for a few days. When I decided to sort them it got some acrylic caulking from the local shop and set to work just filling in the gaps, some bases i completely removed from the plastic as the gaps were HUGE and then put a layer of caulking around the edges to fill the gaps and glue them back down and they were set aside to dry and cure. Couple of days later it was time to get them sorted, a layer of black primer went on the caulking first and I just blending the Dryad Bark and Steel legion Drab over the top to make it all seem like 1 and a quick dry bruch of zandri dust, exactly the same as before. I added skulls in various spots and viola.... mistake fixed!! So, now was my first attempt at snow and rather than cleverly testing the mix first on a spare bases or such, I just ploughed on in. I mixed a cheap white acrylic paint, PVA glue, Bicarbonate of soda ( make sure you dont use baking powder) and water into a fairly wet paste. and started to apply it to the bases. I found the trickiest part was trying to make it look natural as I didnt want to just cover all of my previous work with snow. It does look a bit grainy from close up but to be honest, I dont think its too bad of a job. If anyone thinks they have any improvements I can make, feel free to let me know but in the mean time........ Remember to fully dry your bark!!!
  6. So, been a couple of weeks and quite a bit of progress on the stonehorns. I have pictured the paints used in the photos, the leathers have been done with Zandri dust, Skrag brown, Mournfang brown, Baneblade brown, Dryad bark and Steel legion drab, washed with agrax and layered back up,the browns still need an edge highlight. Quite happy with the results. The Hoofs and bone trophy racks are a traditional method of zandri dust, agrax, ushabti bone, and still need to a layer of screaming skull and then I plan to glaze them towards the base with agrax and medium mix, the hoofs and tail tips will also be getting glaze towards the top with a mix of the base that matches the horns and medium. I also need to come up with a plan for the torn fleshy bits! I hope you enjoy the progress And one final last picture from our last club night of the cockatrice meta deployed against the Sons of Behemat.
  7. So, been a busy week with hobby progress, got quite a bit done, nothing completed but progress made. Hope you all enjoy. First off, my other two boxes arrived from just play games, I would highly recommend them for purchases, Great prices, fast delivery and fantastic communication. Couldnt resist the chance to take a full army picture. After it was all built and sprayed black. Bases Sprayed and ready for paint The rocks were painted using mechanicum standard grey, and while the grey was still wet some skrag brown and iyanden darksun was kind of smushed around in spots to give a bit of variation in the colour. next up, a coat of dryad bark, then the high spots hit with some steel legion drab and then drybrushed with zandri dust. The last to go was a liberal coat of cheap art acrylic black wash, I used a drop of washing up liquid to break the surface tension so it sat in recesses rather than darken the grey. I left bases for a couple of days and turned my attention to the flesh of the ogors, A very simple recipie for this, Based with Bugmans, dry brushed with cadian fleshtone, washed with reikland fleshshade, and then drydrushed bck up with cadian fleshtone and finally kislev flesh. quite please with the overall finished look of the skin, quick and very easy to do. I have started the Stonehorns and will post some progress in the next update. If anyone feels they have some good advice for colours etc, please dont be shy, I am badly colour blind so I tend to paint by numbers so to speak so any advice for good contrasts would be greatly appreciated.
  8. So, A few months ago I was listening to the Just play podcast when Ian was talking about his heat 1 mawtribes army, and the idea of a small model count army appealed to me. I currently have a Legions of Nagash army which includes Nagash and 80 skeletons, A stormcast army including many wings, Nighthaunt and my pride and joy, the Kharadron Overlords. So fast forward a few months and I decided to bite the bullet, I got 1 start collecting box from a friend when he had only used a couple of the gargant hackers from it ( some minor conversions needed) and assembled the frostlord on stonehorn. My plan was to use the gargant hackers on the mournfang as I just think they're cooler, big ogres with big weapons!! I managed to pick up a second start collecting from my local gaming store and the project began. With the Gargant Hackers that had been used by the previous owner for his genesteeler cult, I had to make some minor conversions so all of the Mournfang riders had the hackers. I used the prey hackers and attached cotton bud or Q tip tubes to make them the required length and added a randon horn or spike from the kit to the end. I think they have come out quite well. I know that the command count as having the same weapon as the unit but to me, they need to actually look like it. With the both sets fully assembled, my mind moved onto the bases, I was going to try lava style bases but couldn't find a result I like to off to the woods I went. And came back with a carrier bag full of tree bark, and some creepy crawlies to boot! After drying the bark out in the oven I used Hot glue and wood filler to assemble the bases. The next job was to start on the mournfang, I decided on a brown fur. A base of funnily enough, Mournfang Brown, Drybrushed up with skrag brown, zandri dust and the ushabti bone. , For a wash, Snakebite Leather Contrast paint. more to follow soon..........
  9. I maaay be thinking of either the previous edition of AOS or 40k....🤐
  10. You pay points for 10 but just take 9, iirc you can only take one understrength unit of each warscroll.
  11. How are those who don't have the Aether wars box doing their Dirigibile suit Endrinmasters? I have spent this afternoon kitbashing an endrinmaster from the skywarden from Thundriks profiteers.
  12. Yeah, My local GW has the same for certain products, its down to shelf space and then goes mail order only.
  13. It does Appear to be the case, Its probably due to the fact that they are a unit so have to keep together.
  14. Ard coat from GW works well, dries quick. You may need a couple of coats but when it dries it can be scraped or cleaned up if needed.
  15. I tried the 50/50 Milliput and Plasticine today, For the sake of experimenting, I weighed out 12 grams of milliput and the exact same of white plasticine. Rolled it out like i normally do and checked it this morning. The results are exactly the same as when i use 100% milliput. I thought it would be a bit plyable like fimo when when rolled thin but it wasn't. For context, I have added some pictures of the results and a picture of how I used it, I dont use any rollers so I cant comment on that side of it, but for my "concrete" 40k bases I cant see any difference. HTH
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