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  1. yes your second point is what i am talking about. No tournament meta, just mediocre and fun games. Especially when your opponent is not prepared for such shenanigans. We also played Shifting Objectives so a more narrow Battlefield. Just positioning Neferata in the centre and 15" is almost the entire Battlearea where the objectives are placed. Of course you can try to alpha damage Neferata but when shes at the far end of the field she is to far away. In my Turn i can move her with the Court of Nulahmia Batallion20" and shes back in the best position. Of course in GTs you can easily counter her but ia talking from the perpective of the game design and fun playing levels to mediocre level which i (in my opinion) 75% of how the game is played. Such an ability is far too strong in such a meta i think
  2. even hitting on 6s is a big impact especially playing against armies like Rotbringers. With only 3 extra CPs and a Battaltion a could use this ability 3 Turns and it would last for 6 Player turns which is huge and bad game design in my opinion
  3. ok thanks i wrote them an email and hope they clear things for us
  4. ok thanks. the problem is, when i have enough CPs i can totally shut down my opponent (which i did in a last game) with -2 to hit for several rounds. That is not fun to play against and it would be better if those things had an officially stated FAQ. Until then i wont use the ability only once just to make it more fun for my opponent.
  5. hm ok so it seems it is not clear that it is stackable? Is there any way i can address this to GW directly ?
  6. Can i Stack Neferata s Command ability Twilights allure? According to the wording iam Not sure. Ruleswise you can Stack Command abilities i think
  7. This Guy because without him, we wouldnt have the Mortal Realms (at least fluffwise ) and would stuck in the medieval boring old world
  8. ok thank you for the insights. its been a while since i last payed BCR 😛
  9. can you explain why the thermalrider Stonehorn is so good? Is it a realm artifact?
  10. Hi thanks for the tips ? i think i will go with Neffi and a spare CP for a -2 to hit in the first or second battleround to get into cc fast. I think i will use her spell for herself when iam out of cp just to keep her alive. i also adjusted the list to bring more wolves neferata Vampire Lord 5 Blood Knights 5 Blood Knights 5 Dire Wolves 10 Dire Wolves 1 CP i will see how it went. when iam able to charge something i can be a really powerful list for 1250 pts. but not much staying power except for the wolves which are pretty decent chaff. The list as a whole has a lot of speed though to stay in nNeffis Aura
  11. ok that s weird but i have to find the FAQ. thanks for the clarification
  12. Where can i find the matched play 1st turn priority rule ? Or is it just the ruke from the core book, where player roll-Off and in case of a tie the player who finished first can decide?
  13. are you guys using Neferatss cloak spell on herself ? So she is immune to rend ? It is even more useful on Vhordrai i guess
  14. Hi Guys, iam torn between two lists for the next club tournament (medium comp.). I wanted to bring a mortarch and cannot decide between those two lists (kind of favouring the mannfred Legion of Night list a bit) what do you guys think ? Which list would you prefer? List A: The Plan is do ambush with Mannfred, Vargheists and Harbringers, using a CP for the charge reroll and the Harbingers already have a good succesful charging chance Allegiance: Legion of Night LEADERS Mannfred Mortarch Of Night (420) - General - Lore of the Dead : Vile Transference (Vampires) Necromancer (110) - Artefact : Shard of Night - Lore of the Deathmages : Overwhelming Dread UNITS 40 x Skeleton Warriors (280) -Ancient Blades 2 x Morghast Harbingers (220) -Spirit Halberds 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 3 x Vargheists (160) TOTAL: 1250/1250 List B: staying wihtin Neferatas Debuff Circle and trying to charge with the Vampire Hammer. But kind of vulnerable by 1st Turn charges Allegiance: Legion of Blood LEADERS Neferata Mortarch Of Blood (400) - General - Lore of the Dead : Vile Transference (Vampires) Vampire Lord (140) - Artefact : Amulet of Screams - Lore of the Vampires : Amaranthine Orb UNITS 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 5 x Blood Knights (240) 5 x Blood Knights (240) 2 x Bat Swarms (80) ENDLESS SPELLS Quicksilver Swords (20) TOTAL: 1240/1250
  15. can i use neferatas command ability of -1 to hit multiple times with CPs to stack the debuff ?
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