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  1. Hi, i haven’t played AoS in a long time, but it would be nice to play again!. other Location, but eastern part : https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=495367891404562&ref=content_filter It has enough space to accommodate at least 6 big Tables. Before lock down we played there two times (But my new favourite game Bushido!) On the other hand I recently moved and have now a room to play at home (busstation Osterkamp - eastern part), I would be happy to host some games (I have a table and lots of terrain). @Naem we still have a WhatsApp Group, we could try to reanimate the chat 😉
  2. OBR also got the box set, I guess many people started with that, should always increase the initial player base. Teclis: He is a god, creator of whole races, one of the most powerful wizards ever known... I don’t get this feeling from this model. I would preferred him as a smaller Model (not Nagash size), so you underestimate him and give him magical elements to show this part of his power. And definitely without a pet, I really don’t get the link to this spirit of hysh. I like the model of the spirit, but actually dislike the connection to Teclis. The focus is on the pet and not Teclis. the riders and spear men are quite nice, like the clean approach!
  3. Same problem on mobile device
  4. This view and description of casual player is really based on GW shops, almost all casual players I know will never enter a GW, because of this type of player (lots of new grey plastic and many are just talking about strength and not how beautiful the models are). Many Casual players buy models based on aesthetic, not strength and want to field a variety of units. If they always loose based on bad Play experience (the KoS is not fun to play against!) and not because the game was tight, they will quit and play sth else. It is not always tactics, it is often different strength of armies. Sure you can buy a stronger one or Spam 1-2 strong units, but for many players this is not the way to go. If you are saying the game is healthy and the strong armies are on spot and everybody just has to adapt, you are losing a lot of players, don’t know if this is worth it. Tournament play is maybe fine, but this is really just a small part of the overall community. Perhaps sometimes it is good to listen to more casual players, otherwise people with access to a variety of tabletops will leave (difficult to happen, if you just play in a GW Shop 😉 ).
  5. you forgot the elves! Classics elves are missing in AoS and with almost everything discontinued from the high elves range, I guess they will sell well and had a huge fan base.
  6. perhaps you should think about the people who love the old game and be happy for them instead of thinking just about yourself. Reads a little too selfish. I hope for a more easy and accessible R&F Game, I mostly played 6th Edition (stopped during university) and started AoS in the early days due to the simple rule set. With complex rules like 8th Edition I wouldn’t be back playing tabletop, which would be ashame. But I really prefer the old world setting and looking forward the (new) old world.
  7. 1k is not Skirmish... If you want smaller boards play Skirmish. 1k fits perfectly fine on a 4x4 Board.
  8. I guess not many people will buy the hedonites collectors edition Battletome, because it seems many Slaanesh Fans feel the same about the incompleteness 🙄 Everybody can argue, that we have StD and a Book is better then nothing. But I think, if a lot of the current Slaanesh players feel the same, it holds some truth. And if you want to start a new hedonites army and you don’t like the daemonettes you are screwed due to the lack of troops. This will not increase sales and then it could look like it is not worth updating Slaanesh in the future, this is what I'm a little bit afraid of...
  9. Really a shame... I thought after all the years they make a full release, without Mortals it is really not a full Chaos army as the other god armies. I mean, I love the new models (KoS and Daemon Prince are awesome), but they should have just waited with this release to combine this with the Tyrion/Teclis/Malerion Story. I waited some years for new models, I could have waited longer to include a full release! Now I don’t even know, if I really buy anything, I really don’t feel any hype right now PS: The only model I don’t like is the terrain feature, the face of the Keeper makes it look weird
  10. Hi, are there some active players in Hamburg? moving to Wandsbek next month and I’m searching for some players!
  11. I corrected it for you, even while I agree with you! But everybody can have different opinions, so always speak for yoursel😉 ———— i really like the new barbarian models, really dynamic
  12. Rerolls before Modifier, we played almost two years with the classic rerolls after Modifier... was hard to change, especially in a game with Slaanesh (-1/2 to hit) versus Fyreslayers (Rerolls a lot) 😉
  13. I still don’t get the concept of the horde bonus (most units have better Abilities with increasing models), so I would get rid of that.
  14. Beastlord with big chopper BSB Shaman Ungors Gors Centigors Chaostrolls Chaosogers Still remember, when I opened the box - good times ?
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