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  1. 1k is not Skirmish... If you want smaller boards play Skirmish. 1k fits perfectly fine on a 4x4 Board.
  2. I guess not many people will buy the hedonites collectors edition Battletome, because it seems many Slaanesh Fans feel the same about the incompleteness 🙄 Everybody can argue, that we have StD and a Book is better then nothing. But I think, if a lot of the current Slaanesh players feel the same, it holds some truth. And if you want to start a new hedonites army and you don’t like the daemonettes you are screwed due to the lack of troops. This will not increase sales and then it could look like it is not worth updating Slaanesh in the future, this is what I'm a little bit afraid of...
  3. Really a shame... I thought after all the years they make a full release, without Mortals it is really not a full Chaos army as the other god armies. I mean, I love the new models (KoS and Daemon Prince are awesome), but they should have just waited with this release to combine this with the Tyrion/Teclis/Malerion Story. I waited some years for new models, I could have waited longer to include a full release! Now I don’t even know, if I really buy anything, I really don’t feel any hype right now PS: The only model I don’t like is the terrain feature, the face of the Keeper makes it look weird
  4. Hi, are there some active players in Hamburg? moving to Wandsbek next month and I’m searching for some players!
  5. I corrected it for you, even while I agree with you! But everybody can have different opinions, so always speak for yoursel😉 ———— i really like the new barbarian models, really dynamic
  6. Rerolls before Modifier, we played almost two years with the classic rerolls after Modifier... was hard to change, especially in a game with Slaanesh (-1/2 to hit) versus Fyreslayers (Rerolls a lot) 😉
  7. I still don’t get the concept of the horde bonus (most units have better Abilities with increasing models), so I would get rid of that.
  8. Beastlord with big chopper BSB Shaman Ungors Gors Centigors Chaostrolls Chaosogers Still remember, when I opened the box - good times ?
  9. Or like a story von Malign Portents: https://malignportents.com/story/dying-star/ ?
  10. 3 SC Boxes Slaanesh daemons. Gives you a nice focus on chariots. You have a nice block of 30 daemonettes, 3 Exalted or up to 6 normal chariots and 2/3 of the riders could be converted to Hellstriders. Only thing you are really missing is a keeper of secret. Also the new Box Set is coming this year, so should broaden the model range too. And you are prepared for the arriving of the dark Prince (everybody should prepare themselves!)
  11. I often play around 1000-1250 and usually have two good Units - the Keeper and 30 daemonettes. Many people underestimate the sheer mass of attacks from the daemonettes. The Hellstriders are needed, but not for killing things. so I would increase the daemonettes, kick out the Fiends and take one Herald for the remaining points (can stay behind and summon sth, if the others are dead). Personally I would switch the Daemon Prince for one Herold on exalted Seeker Chariot, because people are always afraid of the MWs and it is such a cool model!
  12. So many keepers ? please try it out for us ? but you should leave a unit for 1-2 spare CPs, so you have more opportunities to double attack.
  13. I brought him for the model and as a part of my army. i‘m also annoyed, that he cost more points for less rules, because now this handsome guy will see signifant less playtime. I think, not only „Powergamers“ are slightly indignant about this double nerf (points+rules)
  14. The movement was always there... No changes to pre Battletome, if they no get some punch besides movements, they can become good!
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