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  1. Johann

    Age of Sigmar and TERRAIN

    Styrofoam- link to Facebook he builts everything you want 😉
  2. Johann

    Age of Sigmar and TERRAIN

    I really love tables filled with terrain, from my perspective it adds a lot to the game play and prevents one huge fight in the middle (we play 4x4 most of the time, so less space). I always put a lot of terrain on the Battlefield, my opponent can then adjust the terrain features, so both are happy. But i‘m not a tournament player, just love epic fights on a epic battlefields 😉So I spent quite a lot of money on terrain (Main Source: https://m.facebook.com/der-Müller-tabletop-wargaming-terrain-scratchbuilts-170500416342058/?__tn__=%2Cg) attached some AoS&40k games ok my table.
  3. Johann

    Command points and Triumphs

    Same question here!
  4. Same here, love 1250 Point games. you really have to think about, what you want to archive with your list and do some trade offs, because can’t include everything. Also we play Slow with lots of talking, so fits perfect for a evening.
  5. Haha, huge typo... I wanted to write: core book with Fluff and core rules! Sorry about that
  6. It’s just not handled very well, in every gaming group, WhatsAppgroup or forum people ask, what do I need what publication for -splitting rules in 3-4 books (Core Book, GHB, Malign Sorcery and Battletome) is just annoying. from my perspective I would have preferred Core Book without fluff and core rules and realm rules and the rest (excluded stuff from Battletome) in the GHB.
  7. For me FW is way to expensive to buy it just for gaming. I only buy sth, if I love the model, then it is a bonus to use it for gaming. ———————— What happened to the Battlefieldrole of all the exalted ones? Just Behemoth, no leader?
  8. Johann

    gear Ungors

    How do you activate the command ability from the beastlord in turn one? Edit: we should perhaps discuss this topics in the „let’s chat...“ Topic! Just to populate it 😋
  9. Johann

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    I think this is the way to go and I think it’s written clearly on the slaanesh summoning page in the GH18
  10. Johann

    whatsapp groups

    Would also be interested in Sylvaneth and if available Slaanesh 😊
  11. Johann

    Let's chat : Slaanesh

    It’s fine for me too. i was happy with the points before except the KoS, to fragil for 280 Points. Don’t know if my lists will change at all 🤔
  12. Johann

    Let's chat : Slaanesh

    Has anybody seen the new points for Slaanesh and would share the changes?
  13. Can you share your list? 😇 always interested in Brayherds
  14. Johann

    Terrain advice for Age of Sigmar

    A picture would be awesome (just bought 3 and still unsure how to assemble the trees) 😊
  15. Johann

    Hardest kit you've built?

    Exalted seeker chariot of Slaanesh.... so many components. and i’m still struggling with the exalted Keeper of Secret from Forgeworld. Every spike on this model has to be glued separately. For me is like: one spike for the model, two for the floorboards 😔