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  1. Redmanphill

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm so looking forward to getting these...
  2. 2000 points is defintely the sweet spot for me.
  3. Redmanphill

    The Tale of your Army!

    I've posted about my Nighthaunt army a little in the Death section of the forum. The link is below. I haven't fully formed the lore of the army but I am still allowing what I have to influence the eventual make up of it. I see the army as hunting, either for something or for someone. At first the idea was that they were hunting realmstone from the Realm of Death that exists outside of the realm and bringing that back to Nagashizzar. This realm stone most commonly exists in the form of Endless Spells and artefacts wielded by powerful heroes and so the army quests through the realmgates searching out particularly powerful spells to capture and harvest. This has led me to using the Death Stalkers battalion, an under-powered one but it fits the theme of targeting a specific character or unit in the opponents army as the possessor of realmstone and hence the target of the armies quest. I still am thinking about this but I have the models assembled and I am slowly getting through painting them.
  4. Redmanphill

    Warhammer conquest for AoS

    I'd say the demand wouldn't quite be as high as for 40k, also it would be Nighthaunts and Stormcast. I've enough of both already!
  5. Redmanphill

    How do you deal with dust?

    I researched the cabinet I use, it's a LINNART from Ikea. Sadly they don't make them anymore but I have found them to be great for keeping dust off of my models in a very dusty house! They aren't sealed 100% but the seal is enough to keep it out and I am very satisfied with the result. The shelves are deep enough to hold an entire army and as the sun can't shine in on it all day long as the sides are wooden I don't have to worry about the paint jobs slowly fading over time. Its also robust and an accidental tap from something falling won't cause a disaster! Now I need to figure out how I can add a few extra shelves to the one I have...
  6. Redmanphill

    Are you excited for C7s AoS RPG?

    I'm of course excited but in all reality I won't get to play it. It's hard enough to get a standard game of AoS here nevermind a roleplaying session. I'll read it for the background I suppose.
  7. I thought painting didn't matter?
  8. Redmanphill

    The Rumour Thread

    Endless Spells only for the updated books is what I heard.
  9. Redmanphill

    Wrath and Rapture

    Well then the narrative space is wide open for them to create some interesting characters, that's much more interesting for me to read about than the usual internecine warfare of Chaos.
  10. Redmanphill

    Wrath and Rapture

    I hope Slannesh doesn't get released. It's much more interesting for the narrative that way. Her followers can endlessly quest looking for her and it gives the army something to further differentiate it from the other followers of Chaos, a good move I think. Also we don't know the current state of Slannesh in 40k. This book could introduce some interesting Lore on what happened to her post the galaxy splitting in half. Maybe somehow she is imprisoned there too... That would be an excellent twist.
  11. Redmanphill

    The Procession of Woes (Nighthaunt Army)

    Half of my Chainghasts are finally done. I was complaining about how my Nighthaunt speed painting project was taking so long but these two models have been sitting on my desk for two weeks now and no progress was being made. I'm getting close to the point where I will be able to field an army and report upon how it fares here. I've been jumping between lists a lot and while Chainghasts are in all of them I keep coming to the realisation that I just don't think the Chainrasps are that good and I'm planning on replacing them with Grimghasts. Here is the list I am currently planning on using. Yes it has two sub optimal choices in terms of the battalion and the Glaivewraith Stalkers. I like the models and I see the army as being on a quest/hunt as yet undefined which is most easily reflected in the battalion I chose. As for the rest of the army I think it is solid enough to compensate the weaknesses. I am not planning on winning tournaments with this mainly I want to be competitive and give my opponent a fun game while having fun myself. I chose Valentian as he is just an awesome model that I want to have in the army and I don't think that he is half bad at all in the game. The aim would be for him to take out enemy combat characters that my other characters can't easily handle. I can always swap him and the Malevolent Maelstrom out for Lady Olyander which is nice as it would totally change the play style of the army with only a minimal change. I envisage the army being very fast and swarming the best targets first to reduce the enemies effectiveness. The Glaivewraiths I would mainly use to get to and hold objectives with the Grimghasts doing the majority of the fighting. Behind them the Chaingahsts and Spirit Torment will buff the actual fighting with my characters acting opportunistically to take out the opponents characters or hamper their ability to fight. The Malevolent Maelstrom is a little bit of back up against magic mainly as I only have a single dispel attempt per turn. Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140)- General- Trait: Cloaked in Shadow - Artefact: Midnight Tome - Lore of the Underworlds: ShademistCairn Wraith (60)Knight of Shrouds (120)- Artefact: Pendant of the Fell Wind Kurdoss Valentian, the Craven King (220)Spirit Torment (120)20 x Grimghast Reapers (280)20 x Grimghast Reapers (280)6 x Spirit Hosts (240)8 x Glaivewraith Stalkers (120)8 x Glaivewraith Stalkers (120)4 x Chainghasts (160)Death Stalkers (120)Malevolent Maelstrom (20)
  12. The problem I have is that I wouldn't trust the random generation seed, they are usually not very random and even good ones still aren't that random.
  13. I wouldn't allow an opponent to use it during a tournament, though that would likely mean me forfeiting. I just don't like dice apps, its not that hard to deal with dice and only certain builds really get to use that many dice consistently.
  14. Redmanphill

    How do you deal with dust?

    As was said a glass cabinet is the way to go but even just a glass fronted cabinet would be fine. They are cheap enough to pick up in Ikea and do the job of keeping the miniatures dust free.
  15. Redmanphill

    The Rumour Thread

    Put the Keeper of Secrets up alongside this and you'd see they are similar too... It's a bull head.