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  1. Yep I think we can't judge this system until we see the Battleplans. Everything hinges on them as they will define how we play and we have so far only seen what we can play with.
  2. Just have a bidding war using Command Points with the hiring player having a starting bonus of two already in the pot.
  3. For narrative play these are excellent. I have seen a lot of complaints on other social media about these breaking the narrative and I just don't get it. It would seem that people view the four allegiances as totally inviolable and monolithic. I always viewed them as rather nebulous ideas and alliances. I can totally see Morathi using some Chaos Tribesmen. I actually could see those Tribesmen being rather ambivalent towards the chaos gods too. Not everyone is a total fanatical worshipper of chaos/Sigmar or Nagash. This is really apparent in the lore. I am eager enough to get myself a small 400pt Fyreslayer force to ally in with my Nighthaunt and to paint in a suitably Syhsian scheme. It will look great on the battlefield, give me something interesting to paint and play with and at the same time tell an interesting story for my opponent. As for matched play... well competitive players get what they deserve I find.
  4. I really think you need to define what resilience means here. A similarly pointed 2 wound model with a 4+ save is only as resilient as a model with four wounds and no save. There are two ways of considering resilience, base number of wounds versus quality of saves. Then factor things in like -1 to hit, -1 to wound. rend, healing, resurrecting and ethereal and you get a very complex formula. Fyreslayers at first glance are very resilient but consider a block of Chainrasps that are being returned to play at a steady pace , have -1 to wound and have a 5+(6+) save with no modifiers being allowed. That makes for an interesting comparison.
  5. I bought it. For €70 or so that it cost me I think it is worth it. The lore was fine. I hate the constant recapping of the past but I understand why it is there. Nothing really was revealed which is annoying and it was a bit too much of a battle report. I'd prefer these things to be described more as a campaign rather than a single huge battle. The Stromvaults themselves are a good addition to the Realms. The terrain piece was nice and even if I won't use it in my army it'll look good on my table. The spells are again lovely and nice to have. I don't know if I will really use them either but it is nice to have the options. The campaign is okay, easy to run and organise for sure but it could have done with another layer on top. I like the fact that it brings in all the contents of the box. I love the artefacts, they aren't totally balanced but for narrative play they are good.
  6. It looks to me like they will bring out more Companies, for now it is restricted to the Greyfyrd Lodge and the FEC one whose name I can't remember. They both get a small bonus too so that differentiates them somewhat. I think over the course of more publications we will see Ogres and others get a Mercenary Company.
  7. I have read through the Mercenary rules and to be honest they seem fine to me. The rules are the same as Allies, ie. 20% of total points and a strict limit on the number of units based on the units taken from the main allegiance. On top of that you lose the first command point you generate. Allies and Mercenaries are bought from the same pool of points. For me I now have to chance to collect both a few Ghouls and a few Fyreslayers if I want. These would never really have been a full army for me anyway but I have wanted to paint some for a while. The Chosen Axes is perfect for what I want for instance. So for me this is a big plus to at least the narrative style of play that I prefer.
  8. Still waiting in Germany for this to ship, I've had it on order for months.... essentially since the kit was first available!
  9. We play there fairly regularly though as I said we are playing Kill Team at the moment.
  10. This is actually a battalion that I am really considering to play, I've to pick up ten more Chainrasps first though. The extra d6 to resurrect is excellent. It puts a lot more pressure on your opponent to have to unbind that spell leaving them making choices about letting others such as Shademist go. The artefact is priceless in my opinion. Nighthaunt benefit immensely from certain artefacts and it is great to get more.
  11. I finally managed to get some pictures of this guy. It took me quite a while to paint him but even longer to photograph. As you can see I stuck with my standard Nighthaunt scheme, very similar to what GW. This model does present some new colours to the army and I found them quite difficult to do. For instance the banner fades from my ethereal scheme into a red. This was technically really hard to do and I am not 100% satisfied with the end result but done is done! The stone was also an interesting colour to work with. I wanted it to be cold and washed out like the rest of the scheme tends to be. You can't see on this photo the transition from the stone into the attendants. It came out alright but again it was a steep learning curve. You can see a Burning Head in the background. Its almost done and hopefully I can get a few photos for here once it is finished.
  12. There are, I haven't been visiting here that regularly @Johann At the moment we are playing Kill Team a lot but we are preparing slowly for another season of Age of Sigmar.
  13. So what exactly is in the kit? Am I understanding that the sprue below is not supposed to be there?
  14. I was given these by the owner of my local game store, I am assuming the package was damaged or something was missing. Well I hate leaving gifted models unpainted so I finally sat down and painted these. I stuck with the standard scheme I usually do, heavy on the checks! It is standard across all of the destruction forces I have done and will hopefully tie them together if I ever decide to use them in a mixed force.
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