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  1. I sure can do, if the venue we found can accommodate more people I’d love to expand beyond our usual four. We’ve been playing a lot of Warcry recently and had just started an AoS campaign...
  2. As our usual venue closed in January we've been left homeless. We are mainly looking for a venue towards the west of the city but so far we haven't been able to find much sadly. We might have a small room near Osterstraße but until the lockdown is lifted we can't be sure how suitable it is.
  3. @Sleboda Aye you remove one option by not having the spikes but then again you replace them with loads more. If you limit your self to what was in the box then you aren't really experiencing the richness of the game. That goes as far as the miniatures in the warbands too. What is probably most important for this arguement is definig what game play we are taling about: Matched Play: Follow the rules exactly with the terrain layout. Narrative Play: Have fun! (I'm aware that this is a flippant answer). Still focus on the fun part of the game rather than winning!
  4. I don't use the terrain cards at all, they are still sealed in the box them came in. I have loads of Azyrite Ruins and tend to pack the board with terrain when we play.
  5. Redmanphill

    15 New Warbands

    They do in all the lore they've provided @zilberfrid even the very first book had survivors living in Asqhy. Consider what we've seen so far in Warcry, six mostly human factions. They aren't Order but they do exist outside of the Cities of Sigmar. There is plenty of scope in the Realms to have humans existing outside of factions that we know as armies.
  6. Redmanphill

    15 New Warbands

    I am thinking that they will go with a 'Denizens of the Realms' approach in the summer and release warbands based on *normal humans from each realm. They wouldn't all have to be from the Cities of Sigmar but they would all have to be from Order I think. * as far as anyone from the Realms could be considered
  7. You don't need to follow those terrain cards in anyway, they are more of a suggestion than a rule.
  8. Well you’d need to have the cards. I think the game plays best when you’ve a flexible roster to select from.
  9. With the Slannesh aura any rolls of six to hit generates two hits. How does this interact with the Cursed Warhammer that the Chaos Lord on Demonic amount has? It inflicts two mortal wounds on the roll of a six to hit with the combat sequence then ending. Does that mean he is inflicting four mortal wounds for each roll of a six to hit. That seems rather powerful.
  10. It will only have those warbands that were not available in their own boxes ie. everything that wasn't Chaos.
  11. I’m guessing January with the previewed beasts. I was sure they said we’d see them early in 2020. I wonder if that’s gone from the Eye of Chaos table too. At least now I don’t need to pick up a Deamon Prince model.
  12. Well so far we haven't seen much. I predict round bases and AoS rules with the Old World as the source material. They'll take a conflict to focus on at first for sure and I could imagine that being the opening of the Storm of Chaos. Oh well, who knows?
  13. I'm sure these will be previewed at the New Year event they usually have. I'm assuming they'll release Warcry similarly to Underworlds with a new set of warbands each year with one coming a quarter or at least something coming each quarter. Those three new monsters we've seen for instance could be one of the quarterly releases.
  14. Could someone clarify the minimum size for a Warriors of Chaos regiment. Warscroll Builder allows me to start with five and increase in multiples of five. The Warscroll states a minimum of ten. My GHB19 is sitting in work this weekend...
  15. ...and another one done! It came together quicker than I thought. For this ruin I wanted to emphasise the overgrown ruins of Fellnan a little more and so I added a tree to the walls. I think it worked out fairly well, it adds some height to the piece and a unique character, it’ll stand out a bit more than just another corner piece.
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