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Found 15 results

  1. Hier kann man unseren Facebook Gruppe für Age of Sigmar finden.
  2. Hi, I have been looking for quite a while for players in Hamburg, there has to be some. I am not too interested in playing in the GW store. Anyway if you are interested in playing some games please let me know. Phil
  3. Greetings to all fellow hobbiysts from our on-growing community here in Milan, Italy. Our name is Ludic Incoming Milano and our mission is to bring together people and gamers to play what the love the most and discover new games! In particular our Age of Sigmar community has grown a lot in the past months. We are currently holding Wednesday - Gaming nights featuring atleast 5 tables for Age of Sigmar. We are happy to be here and share our passion for the hobby with people all over the world!
  4. In an effort to embrace the creativity and scope of the Sigmar realms in terms of sheer possibilities I thought it might be fun to hear players ideas for new factions, units and concepts that fit into the themes and scope of the age of sigmar settings. The imaginations of hobbiests are a fantastic resource and many players can likely identify something within their chosen grand alliance they'd love to see explored. In the past few years I've explored a host of concepts from my Aeloran Fire Aelves and their Phoenix queen to the Roving Jotun giant tribes. So if you have ideas let's here them, something like a paragraph on the faction idea and a warscroll or two that you feel really personify your faction. I would ask that people refrain from comments about "bring back X" or "like X but better". Let's focus on new, creative and cool. thanks, Ricki
  5. I had the upmost respect for our AOS lore champion Doug on the 2+ Tough channel after his recent message about helping out those who lost everything in the California fires, including all of their gaming materials. Please, we want to make these peoples' day. Below is a link to the site that is spearheading a project to reunite models with our fellow gamers. Whether its donating directly models you own, purchasing desired models from a wishlist, or donating money directly to other charitable organizations, please check out the link below. http://theindependentcharacters.com/blog/?page_id=4122 I may not seem much, but we game for a great many a reason and these folks might just find some reprieve from their feeling of complete loss of their homes and sources of joy. Enabling these folks to game again, to escape, find fun and joy, is the least we can do. In addition check out Doug's original message for the full rundown.
  6. The Warhammer Community article on Malign Portents mentions a community paint along that will be happening across the world and I thought it might be fun to have a rolling TGA Community post for. Having already been planning a new army for the New Year, as I suspect many of us are, I thought that this could be excellent motivation if other people were interested... If not, it'll just be me on my own I guess The Community Site article can be found here and I think it's almost certainly going to be the same as the new White Dwarf A Tale of Four Warlords article: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/01/04/malign-portents-the-time-is-nighgw-homepage-post-1/ With the specific wording: We want to make sure that by the time the Malign Portents are fully revealed, everyone has an army to face the coming tide of darkness with. To that end, we’re inviting you to take part in a worldwide muster over the next few months. By following along with each step, you’ll have a fighting force worthy of the challenges to come. For your first challenge, we’re asking you to paint a Start Collecting! set of your choice. Perhaps all this talk of Death has you wanting a Deathrattle skeleton horde of your own, or maybe you fancy ransacking the realms with an army of Ironjawz. Every Warhammer and Games Workshop store around the world will be joining in (and there may even be some prizes on offer), giving you the chance to show off your newly recruited host. If you don’t live near a store, don’t worry – you can follow along with the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page. You’ll be able to showcase the first part of your army on the 10th of February, where we’ll also be announcing what you need to paint to join in with the next stage of the muster. My only amendment to the above, will be that you can paint the equivalent of a Start Collecting Box, if your army does not have one, or if you prefer not to use the pre-built boxes. This would normally be at least a battleline unit, a character and a specialist unit, but I think, as this should work for you, the painter and collector of the army, then whatever you think is appropriate. So, having received a reasonable haul of Stormcast Eternal Vanguard Hunters for Christmas and in lieu of a Start Collecting Box , I will aim to paint: 1 x Lord Castellant 1 x Gryph-hound 5 x Vanguard-Hunters 3 x Vanguard-Raptors with longstrike crossbows 3 x Aetherwings I hope others are interested and I look forward to seeing what this community can do!
  7. There have been quite a few 'fan-made battletome' ideas circulating at the moment, and I though it would be good to flesh out current ideas and create new ones. So far @Melcavuk and @AthlorianStoners are the main players, and a link to there threads are here: So far there are the Suneater Tribes and Fellwater Kingdoms, both from destruction. I am considering applying for the GW conceptualiser post that just opened up (I think), and as such I thought up of a few ideas for Death, mainly focusing on the mortal followers of Nagash. There's also a lot of scope regarding the Battletome: Chaos Undivided. To look at a basis, @Mengel Miniatures 's Tomb Kings battletome was incredible, as was @Bueno beastmen and Wolves of Ghur battletomes. So, any ideas, please tell!
  8. Join us tonight as we discuss all you need to know about competing in a tournament. The tournament scene in Australia and around the world has really amped up with Age of Sigmar so now is a great time to get in the know! Want to see more? SUBSCRIBE and LIKE our channel to always be kept up to date with our latest content! Mentions: http://www.thatsnomoon.info/blog/aos-... https://www.facebook.com/groups/www.w... https://www.facebook.com/events/26746...
  9. So I'm really curious about the different experience everybody brings to the table in a diverse community like this one. I know that some of you have been in the hobby from the beginning, and some of you have been in for 10 minutes. The vastly different experiences really show in a lot of the discussions (favorite faction, rules questions and answers, etc.) and I just thought it would be interesting to start a discussion about where the various members of the community are coming from, hobby-wise.
  10. Tonight we begin to build an AOS community at my LGS. After loads of communication with players in the out lying lands, We going to gather...I can't wait! Been too long since I played and I am totally invested in AOS. Will be running a Tzeetch slaves of darkness army at 1000 points.
  11. Age of Sigmar Community Champion Award 2016 - Nominations Introduction Back in June, @Ben ran an episode on the Bad Dice Podcast (episode 135, check it out here) on building a community, where he talked about the importance of building a community. The AoS scene has gone from strength to strength in 2016 and that community is such a vital part of our hobby. I, and the rest of the @TalesOfSigmar Podcast team, have really enjoyed being a part of it over the past 12 months so we wanted to go ahead with a little idea we had recently in an attempt to recognise all those fantastic people out there who do so much for the Age of Sigmar scene. With this in mind, until 23:59 on Christmas Eve you all have the opportunity to nominate someone who you feel has gone above and beyond that of the ordinary hobbyist and deserves some recognition. We have discussed a few starter suggestions which will be included in the following post. Nominations If you want to make a suggestion, reply to this thread in the following format. (If you need guidance on content, check out the nominations below. [Name(s)] [Reason(s) for Nomination] [Details] Voting From 00:01 on 25 Dec 2016 (subject to slight delay by the fact I may be asleep) until 23:59 on 31 Dec a new thread will be opened with a poll and everyone will have one week to vote for their favourite nomination. If we have too many nominations we'll conduct a bit of shortlisting and, after some discussion, put forward a select few through to poll. Following a week of voting the Age of Sigmar Community Champion Award 2016 will be awarded to the individual or team with the most votes. That’s right! Team! In the same way that your Command Groups in your units aren’t just formed by Champions, you have Musicians and Standard Bearers of all shapes and sizes to back them up with drums, horns, flags or other assorted totems. Don’t forget that your nominations can reflect the great work of a pairing or group. Summary In conclusion, this is an opportunity to share the Age of Sigmar love amongst those who have worked so hard over the past year to build the foundations of this latest iteration of the game we all know and love. For Sigmar! Dan, Adam and Chalmers - Tales of Sigmar Podcast
  12. Hello Grand Alliance this is my first post here. I am very new to the hobby as I only I started recently after coming home from university and finding I needed something new to occupy my time. So I started a Stormcast army in August with the start collecting box and my collection has been steadily growing since. I have only played a few matched games but I am eager to play more as I learn what each model and unit is capable of doing. With that in mind I thought I'd check out GW's coverage of the "Blood & Glory" event. I was hoping I would be able to see some armies I had yet to encounter and see how some veterans of the scene conduct their matches. When I got into online gaming I would watch pro tournaments to get an understand of how to play the game and thought I would see if that approach could also translate to Warhammer. Overall I have been enjoying the event and the crew has been doing a fantastic job. However I feel there are a lot of improvements that could be made to the format so I just wanted to go over some thoughts I had on the experience. I am sure most of these ideas are already being discussed and implemented by the team at WHTV but in case they are not I wanted to mention some here. So just to get it out of the way I am going to talk about the audio quality. I am not going to harp on this because I think everyone is well aware that it was not great by any stretch of the word. I don't know if there was problems with the headset or the equipment or the venue, but whatever the problem was I hope they look into it for their next event. It wasn't a deal breaker by any means but it is hard to recommend the stream to people when the audio is a bit lacking. That aside the biggest problem I found with the event was the angle of the camera. I can see the thinking behind having a birds eye view as the main angle as it gives a full view of the battlefield, with spaces, terrain and models all being accounted for. However the problem with this view is that it is not very dynamic. Citadel miniatures are fantastic, but do not lend a very strong profile from a directly above angle. I know I am new so maybe others did not have this problem but I found it hard to differentiate between the armies and the units with the camera being that zoomed out. If you watch any battle reports from other independent players or companies like Mini-Wargaming on Youtube they rarely use this angle because it does little to show off the models or the game. The games themselves were much more palatable when they switched the cameras to show a view from the side of the table since it was possible to see which model was which and get invested in what was going on. The birds eye view defiantly has a place in watching Warhammer, just not as the main angle for 90% of the game. It would be much better to switch to it at the end of a turn to show how the battle has changed the landscape. It would give that angle much more weight as we could see how the game is progressing since the last time we saw it from that angle. This is all my own opinion but going forward I would hope that GW would consider using a Tele like angle of the board as if we watching a sports match like football, instead of seeing it from the top like a chess game (despite the obvious parallels). Now I am fairly sure what I am going to suggest next has already been mentioned on the stream as something they are looking to implement, but I wanted to mention it all the same. So I would love to see some overlays to let the viewers know in greater detail what is happening on the table. The obvious one is match points gained next to the names of the players like a football score. However there are many more I would like so see so here are a few examples. Points Remaining: This is a number that would represent each player's army. Each unit in an army has a points cost so when a unit is wiped out or a hero dies remove the points they are worth from their total points remaining. So if a 2000 points game has a Stormcast player and at the start of the game he has a unit of Liberators wiped out, his score would go down to 1900. This would be great for new players who are not sure what is going on and why the commentators are getting more interested in the death of one guy on a dragon compared to the death of say 20 zombies. This would also allow views just tuning in (can you use that phrase in regards to web stream?) to quickly see the state of each army. Unit Overlays: When two units are in combat with each other I would like to see an overlay which had the unit's name, wounds, bravery, move and their weapon's to hit/wound values. This would probably be the hardest to implement but would be amazing for clarity all the same. End of turn overlay: At the end of each turn have an overlay detail what happened in that turn. Include for each player; units lost, match points gained, wounds taken, turns remaining, whether their general is still alive or not and what battalions (if any) they still have in play. The commentators have been doing a great job of explaining what each unit can do and how it will effect the game but having some visual overlays would work wonders for giving new players a greater clarity of the events taking place on the table. Next I wanted to talk more about introducing players and their armies. Despite their vastly different styles the most common comparison I can make to watching Warhammer game, is not traditional a sports or chess match, but an Esport game. Watching a game of Warhammer seems to remind me much more of a watching a game of Starcraft 2 or League of Legends. So I think GW should implement the same thing those companies do with regards to their players. Below is an graphic for a Pro LoL player after winning the MVP vote after a match. Before a game I would love to see something similar. Have the players name, tournament history (if there is any, if there isn't then that already just adds to the match's narrative, like a veteran vs a newbie etc), what Grand Alliance their army belongs to, what allegiance within that alliance the majority of their models's points cost belong to or what allegiance their general belongs to and what allegiance abilities they are running. That was a mouthful so let me give some examples: [Grand Alliance Order: Sylvaneth, Sylvaneth Allegiance] for a pure Sylvaneth army and [Grand Alliance Death: Deathlords, Death Allegiance] for someone running a Nagash list with skeletons or zombies for battle-line and for a mixed Chaos army have something like [Grand Alliance Chaos: Mixed Allegiance, Chaos Allegiance]. Also include who that army's general is and their armies name if they have one: In Esports players use a made up in game name for their professional persona (in the image above you can see below the player's picture is the team he plays for (CJ Blaze) and his real name (Lee Ho Jong), but within the scene he is know by his player name (Flame) rather then his real name). I don't think translates as well to Warhammer as tournament players don't appear to have the same cult of personality that esports players obtain. On the other hand, that does not mean that people should not extend the same practice to their armies. It would have to be a conscious decision that the players would have to agree on but I think it could add a new dynamic to the viewing experience as people would have a name to root for like a sports team. I mean GW already does this. In BloodBowl there are team names and in the fluff there are different names for armies within factions like the Stormcast Eternal's stormhosts, so I don't think it would be too much of a stretch. This is turning into something of an essay so I will ask for one final thing. This will idea probably be better served in the Narrative Play games WHTV have said they are producing for the weakly show rather then matched tournament play. When a player(s) have to roll a dice and the out come will have a major effect on the game (like turn order, a roll that could kill a hero/general/behemoth, a roll to continue the game etc), have those rolls made on a separate board with a dedicated camera. The drama and suspense that comes from watching a game of Warhammer mostly contained in the dice rolls, so they should be highlighted as much as possible. A roll that would have a significant outcome of the game should get a lot of attention in the same way goals are highlighted in a football game. To GW's credit they did have replays present in this event, I would just like to see more of a fanfare made about it. Other then that I have liked what GW has been doing so far. The commentary was very well done by team there, Duncan showing up is always a treat, and the commitment to community engagement should not be understated. The reason I got into this hobby in the first place is because of how much more accessible GW has been making this hobby lately. I hope GW keeps producing content like this as it can be very helpful in getting newbies like me into rolling dice at a much quicker rate with a greater understand of the games mechanics and nuances. However I believe there is much that could be done to improve the entertainment value of the experience which I hope GW will expand on going forwards. In this event you could see slight mistakes here and there which I can attribute to the team at GW being new at this type of video production. All the same I think these are more growing pains than anything else and I have full confidence in WHTV going forward and I look forward to WH Live. Thanks for reading
  13. Aside from TGA, my favourite place on the internet is The Bolter and Chainsword forums. One of the great things that community runs is regular painting drives where painters pledge to complete a certain project or group of models by a deadline in the name of their community. Why do I mention this? Well like most hobbyists I have a massive backlog of projects that I need to get cleared, and that's probably only going to get worse over the holidays. I could really do with some motivation and a deadline to hit. TGA has a great community and I think it's about time we ran something like this of our own. The idea would be this. Anyone who wants to take part would make a post in one central thread, committing to paint X models on behalf of one of the Grand Alliances by the closing date. Pledges can be as big or small as you like, and at the deadline the Grand Alliance with the most completed pledges is the winner. Would anyone be interested in taking part? If there's enough interest I'd be happy to get this set up.
  14. If you had a wish list for the future of AoS and its community, what would be on it? As a start, here's one on my mind: A dedicated AoS website designed and maintained by GW. This would be a visually-beautiful and information-rich place to learn about AoS in more depth than you can from games-workshop.com. It might have three initial sections: About – Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Miniature Gaming and Hobbying The World – Factions, Realms The Game – How to Play, Battle Reports, Resources, Tactics “The World” section, e.g., could have in-depth dedicated pages for each primary faction and each realm, with unexplored realms (e.g. Hysh) remaining a mystery until more is ready to be revealed. Along with GW’s awesome illustrations and miniature photography, each faction page could go into more depth on the faction’s characters and units. This could include summaries of their background lore (without stepping on the battletome), role(s) on the battlefield, and more. As one example, @amysnuggs could be invited to share her thoughts (on camera and/or by audio) on playing and painting Fyreslayers, with clips available on the Fyreslayers’ faction page, along with photos of her gorgeous army. The same could be done with Les Martin or @Ben Johnson for Stormcast, @Rufio for Sylvaneth, @Dan Heelan for Seraphon, or dozens of other examples. Showcasing and hearing directly from passionate players, as well as from equally-passionate GW staff, would be incredibly attractive. You could also do Skype discussions with select players from around the world, and edit the best material into small-sized clips for the faction pages.
  15. Here is the link for the Irish Age of Sigmar group on Facebook.
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