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  1. Yeah and we can be pretty assured that the greyfyrd lodge and tenebrous court will stick around. Sons of the Lichemaster wouldn't be in any danger either
  2. Well today was a good day. I found both the Anvilgard and Tempest's Eye sets on line for about 150 USD a piece on Noble Knight Games! They were a pretty good value for me since the Scourge Privateers and Dwarves in those sets alone more than make up the cost and the Stormcasts are just a little bonus. Now I just need some regular humans and my cities will be ready to go!
  3. I don't think it's a matter of actual racism. Rather, I just see the races as being mostly interchangeable in CoS since they all live together in the same place. What's to prevent an aelf from joining a freeguild company and being a greatswordsman?
  4. They would, but I actually have some of those already as well. I don't really have any need for more. But yes, in general definitely yes.
  5. Gnawholes are free with the allegiance, so yes, all lists are considered to have them. Gnawholes are pretty useful as well. They let you move between them, and they give bonuses to your wizards and priests. They are also deadly to non-skaven. So yeah, there's almost no reason not to use them since being able to teleport along board edges is a good option to have (even if only to keep your opponent guessing and force them to protect their flanks) and most lists have at least 1 wizard/priest who could benefit from being near one.
  6. I actually am an "elf-lover" as well! I just want to find a way to play the unit as something that will be legal going forward while keeping the cool high-elf aesthetic. It's a lot easier with some units than others. For example, Lion Rangers make sense as Freeguild Greatswords. My White Lion Chariot can always just pretend he's a Drakespawn Chariot.
  7. A faq may change it, but I definitely agree with Double Misfire that right now that's how the ability should be played. It's kind of an attack-ability, "Do not use the attack sequence for an attack made with a Warp Lightning Blast. Instead roll a dice; that roll determines the power of that attack. Then roll 6 more dice. The target suffers 1 mortal wound for each of those rolls that is equal to or greater than the power of that attack." I would argue that even if you consider this an attack rather than an ability, the phrase "that attack" is singular so it's still a single attack.
  8. Can I bring in magmic invocations as part of a Fyreslayer mercenary company? If they were regular endless spells then I would say yes, but I'm guessing they're technically an allegiance ability like the Khorne ones so, no? Obviously the Azyr app doesn't add the invocations to my list of selections when I pick the Greyfyrd Lodge mercenary company, but I wanted some confirmation on here if possible. Thanks!
  9. I'm looking for a little advice on what to get for Cities pre-"the book actually coming out". Right now, I have tons of Stormcast, I have some wanderers (20 eternal guard, 10 sisters of the watch, 5 sisters of the thorn, 1 nomad prince) as well as some non-squatted high elves (20 pheonix guard, 2 pheonixes, 10 shadow warriors) and 1 dark elf assassin. I have lots of other squatted elves that I'm planning to just say are elven versions of human counterparts, so my lion rangers will be greatswords, my high warden griffon dude will be a freeguild general on griffon, etc. I'm looking for advice on what else is good to get in terms of already being on a decent warscroll (in case they don't get sufficient buffs). Are darkling covens and order serpentis and scourge privateers any good? How are the dispossessed guys that are still around? Should I get freeguild stuff or just like a mage on a griffin? I may also just grab some fyreslayers/kharadron as well since they will probably be in certain cities and I know fyreslayers can always just be mercenaries. What are people thinking might actually be good based on current warscrolls? I understand it's all subject to change, I'm just anxious for the book to be out so I can finalize these decisions, but I also want to theorycraft in the meantime. Also, any good ideas on what to use a sky cutter as? I mean I could to gyro copters, but that seems silly and only works in the sense that they fly and are fragile.
  10. I think the idea is that while Warcry is fun and all, it's not the same as getting actual AoS stuff. I've been pretty disappointed in the pre-orders for like 2 months now.
  11. Bottom of the Gordrakk article says "Orruk Warclans later this year"... Like how much later? It could mean nothing, but it makes me sad.
  12. Why? He seems fine as long as you either kite or use some chaff. For objective-based scenarios (especially with more than 2 objectives), this character is likely to struggle.
  13. While I'm in the "excited" camp for Ossiarch Bonereapers, I'm in the "super bumbed out" camp that apparently Warclans and CoS won't get endless spells! I get that not everyone likes them, but I REALLY wanted an endless spell depicting the foot/fist/toof/headbutt of Gork/Mork! I'm super disappointed that won't be happening.
  14. Ugh, I love these and it sucks because it's gonna set my plans for a Tzeentch army back a few months!
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