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  1. See, I look at this and I can just see the bouncing. He'll bounce around anytime anyone touches the table as much as all my mortarchs (except Katakros, who just bounces around inside his codpiece I suppose). I also know he'll be about 3mm too tall to fit inside my standard storage boxes which will make him super fun to bring to my LGS.
  2. Well I guess this is where I admit I was wrong about there not being a giant faction like 50 pages or so ago.... You happy now GW?!?!
  3. So why would I use Arch-Deceiver? It seems like if I put him back there he'll just get blown up (assuming the opponent is positioned for it). I also can't cast the spells after the teleport, so it just seems limited to me. Am I reading it wrong?
  4. These are the comments I was hoping for!
  5. That's what I thought too! Watch, they're gonna worship the moon and everything now For real though, that design looks sweet! And it's not really Night Elves (armor design is pretty distinct and mostly looks like a throwback to High Elves in Warhammer), but I'm going to love all the memes that will inevitably draw comparisons. Comments will be popcorn worthy for sure!
  6. It's hard to imagine they'd be too interested... unless they're after the same thing Tzeentch is, "The Spear of Mallus".
  7. Honestly this the kind of situation where I would just do what makes sense. If you're in the tournament and this sort of situation comes up, then call a judge and have them call it. If it were in my play group, we'd probably just call 9" good since he flies. We don't worry too much about these (literal) corner cases.
  8. Wouldn't it be sweet if "Fall of Excelsis" were to give us rules to play Excelsis as one of the Cities of Sigmar. I'm still bummed out that Lethis never got a white dwarf article or anyting to bring it into line with CoS just a bit. Imagine, "1 in 4 units can be Idoneth Deepkin". You could keep most of the other abilities, keep the prayer lore and all that. It could be so awesome!
  9. My battletome hasn't arrived yet, so I'm unclear. Can Marines start the game deployed in the Frigates and Ironclads, or do they have to enter in the first movement phase? Also, the marines can enter the transport and THEN you move the transport, right? They just couldn't leave that same phase.
  10. If this happens, can we rename the British Isles to "Azyr"? No one will be able to get into it and it'll be a holy land from whence shall come the greatest (plastic) soldiers in the world! 😁
  11. I'm actually wondering at the size of the Pointy Aelves as well. I'd imagine they'll be somewhere around Idoneth/Bonereaper size (so a bit larger than Ironjawz or Fyreslayers). A larger release would be amazing as well of course, but I'd be surprised to see it happen that way since we really haven't seen super large faction crop up from nothing (Stormcast took multiple releases to get to where they are). Personally, I'm guessing it'll have: Heroes - Tyrion Teclis Wizard 1 (offensive focused) Wizard 2 (defensive focused) Aelven Aengel (Aengel haha) Hero (dual kit with named and un-named version similar to Liege Kavalos and Akhelian King) Regular Aelven foot hero Battleline - Archers Spears Some missle cav akin to reavers Artillery - A sort of solar engine ballista Other - Dual kit of Aengelic Aelves Aengelic Pegasus Cav Bonus - Probably also Phoenix Temple units Endless Spells Terrain That would honestly be a fairly huge release, so I'm probably dreaming too big, but I really do think there will be a bit of an angelic angle (or light-infused angle) to this faction and I think they will roughly mirror old high elves, but with new models. It's possible that Tyrion and Teclis won't both make it into the faction, but I don't see where else Tyrion would be if not here since I doubt they'd do 2 light aelf factions.
  12. I think you're confusing the "overgrown" rules that applies to Citadel Wood (and sometimes other terrain when it is given that rule) and the concept of line-of-sight. Citadel Wood has a rule on it's warscroll stating that you can't see through more than 1mm of the terrain, but that rule also states that it doesn't apply to flyers. Hence, you could usually see a banshee through the wood. If however the banshee is totally blocked from physical view behind a tree that is part of the citadel wood terrain (meaning you look down from your model and cannot physically see the banshee model because it's blocked by the tree), then that banshee would still be out of sight. So what @EMMachine means is that while flyers are exempt from the Overgrown rule (and other rules with similar wording), flyers can still be out of line-of-sight if you can't physically see them. That means that if I set down a cereal box on my table and call it terrain and stick a grundstok gunhauler behind it, then the cereal box is going to block line-of-sight to that gunhauler because models won't be able to physically see through the cereal box and vice-versa.
  13. Definitely true, though I would point out that they also used to ally beastclaw and gutbusters. Now they're just "super allies". They don't actually have much synergy between their units, but they don't need to use ally points to play together anymore. I'm all for a "giants" army though I don't see it in the near future. That said, Grotbag Scuttlers get so many lore mentions on such a consistent basis that I have to imagine that GW at least had them in development at some point. I wouldn't be surprised to see them in the next couple of years.
  14. Do we think "Pointy Aelves" will include any older models (not talking squatted ones, just current ones)? Bonereapers included Morghasts so I'm wondering if Pointy Aelves might include Phoenix Temple or something.
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