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  1. Those giant green earrings don’t seem very BoC to me BoC eschew adornments and jewelry. I’m thinking he’s likely a part of the “life resurgence” allarielle warned about, so probably order aligned.
  2. My last was a Wrathmonger... so he'll at least do a mortal wound on the way out
  3. K guys, I know I've talked about it before, but seeing our latest witch hunters really gives me hope for "Order of Azyr" as either a subfaction of CoS of a full-on faction of its own. There's a bunch of rumor engine pics (which I believe are unsolved) that support my theory as well. I think they'll more or less replace "Devoted of Sigmar". They'll get, New Flagellants (the crazy poker stick and club) Crossbows that are like baby witch hunters, lesser witch hunters, not hunters of infantile witches (the arrows) Some type of lesser priest or deacon (the arm carrying books and scroll
  4. Honestly this is the first time I'm ever hearing that horrors wouldn't split during battleshock. We've always played that way and no one's ever thought anything of it. Huh. Our local Tzeentch player hasn't ever really dominated specifically because of horrors though.
  5. The new Hurakan rules are really creative and cool. Not sure why some people are all up in arms about it. Like sure, they can run away from fights, but we've seen stuff like this before in old skinks. In skinks it was mostly just strong because they were so cheap and spammable and made it difficult to get them fully off of objectives. With the kangaroos, their bases are large and they're likely going to cost 150+ points (assuming they have 3-4 wounds and 2-3 shots each on the bows), so I don't think it's going to be a major issue since the model count will be lower/more expensive. Of c
  6. Duol box of soulblight vs cities of sigmar. The damnation and the faith. Alongside a reveal of the "Order of Azyr" which will likely just slot into cities (or at least ally with them). Could use the new witch hunter and nightingale lady. I know, I know. This isn't what's going to happen, but it's my wishlist, okay?
  7. We've been doing in-person games with masks and distancing for most of the pandemic (though we did take a few months off). KO has been pretty powerful locally, but I won a minor local tournament with Khorne and we've seen SCE do well too. Seems more like the "pilots" matter more than the armies in general. I've seen people suck with OBR and I've seen others dominate. I guess that's just how it is in a more casual scene.
  8. I agree with you mostly, but my nitpicky counterpoint was that for me the visual appeal of AOS was immediate. It took no more than one look to get hooked. Lots of games do the first-look well, but I really feel AOS does it the best from packaging to minis or entry points. I realize this is an anecdote of just one person (me), but I've never looked at the whole package of Warmachine and thought, "Dang I want that". I think some of their stuff looks cool, but the packaging and entry points are all wrong to me. I got into Star Wars Legion because it also does well on entry points, packaging
  9. WHFB is cool and I like the total war incarnation of it, but I ignored Warhammer for years based on how generic and uncreative it seemed. My brother tried to get me into it many times, but I just didn't dig "regular ol' elves" or "regular ol' goblins". In 2018 though I took another (probably 20th) look into it and found that there were these cool "sea elves" and airships filled with steampunk dwarves and so forth. It really caught my eye! Funnily enough, my first AOS faction was Beasts of Chaos which is basically just WHFB, but I never even looked into them because I was so turned off b
  10. It's mostly stuff like Hellstriders going up by 50% that just puzzle me. Maybe the warscrolls on the site right now are lacking some update that will actually be in the book? I doubt it though.
  11. That's the only reason I can think that they did that. But if they're really concerned about the summoning, then why not just making summoning require more depravity points? Raising the points cost just guts them as allies and as "wider" units in things like Legion of Chaos Ascendant and so forth. In a perfect world, the allegiance ability power should be roughly equal across factions and then warscrolls are worth their points all on their own. (I know that's not how it is, but it's how it SHOULD be, so it irks me to see this type of design in a modern battletome).
  12. Man, Slaanesh really got hit hard with points increases. Seekers went up like 30 points, hellstriders are up too. The new units are all quite pricey. I'm wondering if they just didn't overcost the whole book? It's not like the new allegiance abilities are crazy compared to what they used to be. I'm not trying to be a "doomsayer" or anything here. Rather, I'm inviting people to share their opinions of it now that we can see everything. Any hot takes? EDIT: The new Blissbarb seeker guys are great though. That's my hot take. 20 wounds at 14" movement, good attacks and only 180 points?
  13. Yeah that still doesn't make much sense to me. It'll take some playing to figure out if DP farming can be good or not. Obviously your opponent will try to deny that wherever possible, but it's tough to know how people will react to that once they're used to it.
  14. Did I hear wrong that blisbarb archers (foot) are 160? They really don't seem worth that much reading through their warscroll on the NZ site. Like, they seems way overcosted (as do painbringers though by not as much and then of course slaangors).
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