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  1. Man, I can't wait to get these. Not sure how many mountain spirit cow things I'm getting, but I think it'll be at least 2 (maybe more if they're less pricey like a Gothizzar Harvester, hard to tell exactly how tall they are in the pics). I just love these mountain dudes. Also, I'm thinking Blood Elf colors. Red, gold and green.
  2. Oh I pretty much figure that most AoS factions wouldn't be usable in Old World (it wouldn't really make much sense lorewise anyway), but I'd love for Old World factions to be fully supported in AoS just as more "azyrite surivors". Getting legit rules for TK, Brettonia, Kislev, Norsca, etc. would be amazing in AoS. EDIT: Obviously not all those would fit as "azyrite survivors" specifically. I just meant that kind of idea.
  3. I would love this. I actually have tons of old world stuff, but it's all re-based for AoS. There's no way I'm re-basing back to squares especially since I love AoS and wouldn't want to lose my ability to play it normally. Plus I will 100% buy Kislev (even if I don't like the new Old World game) if they're usable in AoS.
  4. Doctor: Uh oh, I've seen this before. Nurse: What is it doctor?! Doctor: He's getting his hopes up for a speculative new army. That can only mean 1 thing. Nurse: No! Doctor: That's right. The AoS announcements this weekend will be limited to a more official preview of the recent Lumineth we've seen in the Lowdowns, plus a warcry warband. His disappointment will be so crushing... he may lose all faith in future previews... Nurse: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  5. This conversation hurts me a lot. I own a sorceress on BD, Lord-Arcanum on Taurelon, and I really want to grab the Battlemage Griffon (mainly for the looks, but I'll probably play him at some point). I mean, you're all absolutely correct, but still it hurts.
  6. Yes, I was gonna expand a bit on my Seraphon next, but everything I need for them would've been an online order. Now I'll probably just expand a different project instead via eBay/Amazon (though even amazon is gonna be tight on GW stuff for the next bit).
  7. Honestly, that looks pretty good to me. Maybe a little too much for some, but I don't think it's terrible. Maybe highlight first then shade?
  8. @Marc Wilson Cool list! How did the Phoenix Guard do for you? I've been considering them for my list as well, but I figured I'd ask since you have actual experience with them.
  9. Just come out to Utah, we probably have a 6-7 Ossiarch mains out of 20-25 players. At this point, I build all my lists with them in mind.
  10. What are some good razorgor proxies? I'm not a huge fan of the official model, but would like to try playing the bacon missiles! I think Gore-gruntas pigs would probably work, but they're definitely on the pricey side for a proxy model. Bonesplitter pigs could work too, but those are slightly small. Any suggestions? Am I being too picky?
  11. How does it not stack up? We're not talking about terrain, so I don't know why you're bringing that up. What does that have to do with the endless spells? Are you saying, it's just a "cool faction feature" or something? Because at that point you could compare endless spells, terrain, and other allegiance abilities pretty interchangeably. Besides, plenty of factions get both endless spells and terrain, so it's not like having one should satisfy you for the other. For me at least, the main draw of endless spells is to have a set of cool looking spells to represent my faction. It's not so much to do with power or anything (Warclans for example is plenty strong without endless spells or a terrain piece). How does KO having a single artifact on a single hero (which much be a khemist) that can, once per battle, cast 1 endless spell come even close to the Magmic Invocations of the Fyreslayers or the Judgements of Khorne? I even called out this artifact specifically in my post. Orruks do not, in fact, get souped-up endless spells. Cities of course do, but again I mentioned that in my post. It's like you kinda skimmed my post and didn't really read it. It's not that Cities need spells. It's that spells are cool and I was looking forward to seeing some cool new spell models, so I was disappointed not to get them. Beastmen and Gitz also got spells. Ogors got no spells and didn't get "enhanced" neutral spells either. I could keep going and re-iterating my original points for you, but I think I've made the point abundantly clear. Even for factions released after 2.0, not all factions got endless spells (or even enhanced neutral ones), so there's no real reason to think that Idoneth or DoK releasing after 2.0 would have somehow meant that they got spells. Again, I totally want them to. I want everyone to get some version of them. I just don't think everyone will.
  12. I was referring to this depiction of him. And honestly this picture could mean that both will have winged aelves of some sort.
  13. Malerion could easily be the winged elves since he's apparently part dragon. Plus that faction would probably have some version of shadow daemon, and I have to imagine that those elements will be infused in the aelves themsaelves to some extent.
  14. Remember that Living City has a few core strengths that you want to focus on. If you'd like to focus on different aspects of the game, then consider using a different city better suited to the task. In my mind, the reasons to play Living City are as follows: 1. You have a lot of monsters and/or multi-wound models that would benefit from the passive heals. 2. You have strong shooting options that you'd like to drop in next to your opponent. Bonus points for then being able to use the CP and also have an effective combat phase. 3. You have other naturally good charging units for the hidden paths ambush. 4. You have roles that could best be filled by Sylvaneth units. 5. You have a limited movement range which can be helped out by the hidden paths ability (though in many cases Tempest's Eye will fix that even more effectively). I'm sure I've neglected to mention other reasons to take Living City, but I usually try to make sure my list ticks at least 2 or 3 of those boxes before I call it good. Otherwise, I start thinking about a different city. @Korvak It looks to me like you've mainly chosen Living City to try and use Sylvaneth, maybe also for a few extra ways to heal Gotrek. The problem is it seems like you've actually built more of a Hallowheart list (once you remove the Sylvaneth anyway). Hallowheart could allow you to heal Gotrek with a very reliable Lifeswarm and it would also facilitate casting the Comet. I would also recommend taking another hard-hitting unit or two in place of a few other picks. You have Gotrek, sure, but he'll only realistically contribute to 1 area of the battlefield. I would perhaps drop Neave and the Aetherwings for more Wild Riders or something similar that can hit hard but is still mobile. The dryads are nice, but if you do swap to Hallowheart (or something else) you'll need a new "anvil" unit. Eternal Guard, Ironbreakers, or massed Freeguild Guard with swords and shields could all do the job. Also, I would drop the 10 dreadspears for 10 more darkshards. That way you'll have 20 darkshards that the Sorceress can still use to sacrifice, they'll get their 15 model bonus, and they can still be the retinue if you'd like. All of this is assuming you can swap out units on a whim. If you don't have certain units that I've mentioned, then just try to fill those with similar units that you do have. One of the nice things about CoS is that we have 2-3 units for almost every role.
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