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  1. Hope a late pledge is okay! I'm a slow painter, so I'm going to commit to painting a warchanter, finishing the base on my Ironskull's Boyz (boys already painted late last month), assembling and undercoating the rest of my Sylvaneth (6 Kurnoth Hunters, a Treelord Ancient and 5 Tree-Revenants).
  2. Hey, folks. I made an interactive story as the origin of my Ironjawz army. Here's a link: http://chumak.io/twine-megaboss-charnush/ I wanted at least the boss to have a more complex motivation than the usual Ironjawz "biggest, baddest and out to prove it". So I figured what if he's Waaagh!-deaf and doesn't get what the fuss is all about (probably thinks it's all a scam by those pesky shamans!). Anyway, I hope you like! Any and all feedback is super welcome. If you're curious about the technical side, it's a Twine story hosted on GitHub Pages. Cheers. (:
  3. Stellar stuff (I'm not sorry)! Love the paint job, and your fluff is on point. Will be watching for future blog entries!
  4. Towercap

    Xlanax Lot Bastiladon

    Freaking stunning concept and execution!
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