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  1. Yep. Hailstorm is awesome. Youtube. Search for Doom and Darkness.
  2. I'm running Bullgors because they're big meaty awesome beasts (and the Mierce Minotaurs are brilliant models). As has been said, they are great against Monsters and large heroes and reasonable against hordes. They die to shooting. My 1250 point 1 drop Brass Despoilers list : Doombull, Beastlord, 3x3 Bullgors, 2x5 Centigor, Ghorgon, Brass Despoilers. I've been experimenting with various command traits / artifacts, but not settled on anything yet. It's really straight forward to play (which I like). Basically take objectives / screen with the centigor and try to get the charge with the Bulls. Play/hope for the double turn to wreck face. They are certainly not Tier 1 and will lose against any top tournament list, but against similar melee focussed armies (khorne, Ironjawz) they can hold their own. If I were to expand to 2000 then I would bulk up one of the units of Bullgors to 6 and then add as many Chimera as possible.
  3. Hello fellow Dwarfs, I'm still considering how to field a 1250 point Order/Dwarf list and was hoping for some advice on the following ideas: My first idea is a Greywater Fastness Army: Runelord Celestial Hurricanum with Battlemage (Manned by Dwarfs) 30 Ironbreakers 10 Longbeards GW+Shield 10 Longbeards GW+Shield Celestar Ballista (Dwarf Iron Hills Ballista) Celestar Ballista (Dwarf Iron Hills Ballista) Plan is to keep everything inside the +1 to hit bubble. Hurricanum is protected by the Ironbreakers (which can be buffed by the Runelord and 10 Longbeards to give them hitting power) Ballistas are screened by the other 10 Longbeards. Basically, the Hurricanum kicks out MW's and the Ballistas offer a long range threat. Everything slowly advances keeping Shield Wall up and if they bother charging the Ironbreakers then the counter-strike should be significant. My issue with the list is it's very slow and compact. I will never reach objectives on the other side of the table, but hope to win central objectives late game. We only play on 4x4 tables, which should mitigate some of the movement issues. Thoughts? Second idea is basically to replace the hurricanum and the Ballistas with Stormcast Cavalry to offer better movement/hammer options. Tempest's Eye Army: Runelord Lord Arcanum on Dracoline (Scibor Dwarf bear Cav!) 30 Ironbreakers 10 LB 10 LB Evocators on Dracolines (Scibor Dwarf bear Cav!) Pretty straight forward Hammer and Anvil approach. Ironbreakers advance slowly up the center supported by the Runelord & 10 Longbeards. 10 Longbeards hang back on a home objective and the Dracolines charge forward to attack supported by the LA. Not sure if Evocators are the best SC heavy cav option... Thanks for any advice, ideas etc. Pete
  4. Where is this rule please? I can't find it on the Warsroll (It says shoot twice if they didn't move and no enemies are within 3").
  5. Ok thanks! - I'll have a look at the other thread. Quick question regarding the Runelord - If you take more than one, can they both use the -1 rend ability (on the same unit to give -2)? - It says: 'In your Hero phase a Runelord...' implying only one can do it? Or have I misunderstood? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I see that most all lists here are with the Dispossessed Allegiance. Has anyone tried to make an Order Soup list with the bulk of the force being Dispossessed? I'm asking because... A: I have lots of painted Dwarfs that I wish to use for 2 game systems and as such I'd like to decide which ones I should base onto rounds for AoS. B: Most people who play AoS here are competitive and play the latest armies (Idoneth, Nurgle, Nighthaunts, DoK) and I feel with simply Dispossessed I will be somewhat trounced... We normally play 1000-1500 points Vanguard (2 battleline). If I were to use, for instance, 20 Longbeards with 2-handed Axes (2x10) as battleline, 10 Irondrakes and 30 Ironbreakers (sit on home objective) with a Warden King and a Runelord that comes to 960 points leaving me 540 points for something else from all of Order. Any suggestions? Thanks very much, Pete
  7. I'm a 'project' type of guy. I build an army that is mainly stuff I like from a hobby perspective, but is also playable as I still enjoy the odd game. I normally build enough for a full game (so for AoS 2000 points) plus some extra (500-1000 points) for variation. Once I'm done, the army gets played while I work on my next project. As such I now have 5 complete armies across 3 gaming systems (AoS, WHFB and KoW) all painted and finished and I'm currently working on my 6th. The armies I have are: 2 x Dwarfs, Elves, Skaven and Beastmen and I'm currently working on a new BoC army. Pete
  8. Yeah, it's an awesome model. Here's mine:
  9. Hello fellow Dwarfs, I played Dwarfs in WFB and use them in KoW as well, but I was thinking of basing some on to rounds for AoS. I played a little AoS during the first GH, but used Skaven, so I'm aware of the basic rules, but I'm not up to speed with all the new changes/updates. The models I would like to rebase are the following: 30 Ironbreakers 10 Irondrakes 20 Hammerers Runelord King (possibly 20 Longbeards with 2H-Axes, although I'd rather keep those for another game if not completely necessary). I also have an unpainted Steam Tank new in box that I could use as an Ally. From what I've read in this thread, it would appear that I have a reasonable starting point, although it sounds like I need to buy/paint another 10 Irondrakes. The AoS players here rarely play 2000 points, preferring 1000, 1250 or 1500. I believe the tournaments they run are usually 1250 points with 2 battleline units. They play relatively competitively, mainly using the newer factions with battletomes, but aren't hyper competitive. I believe they play on 4x4 tables rather than 6x4 (which might help the Dwarfs, regarding movement). My questions: Can I make a dispossessed army that can at least hold it's own against the likes of SC, NH, Sylvaneth, Khorne, Seraphon etc at 1250 points? Can I do it with the models listed? Are dispossessed generally fun to play and to play against? (I enjoy close games with difficult decisions for both players, the winner is unimportant) Should I consider painting up a Gyrocopter, Orgun Gun or Cannon as allies? Any general suggestions regarding Dispossessed at lower point levels? How about this list @1250 (actually 1260, but I'm sure it would be fine): Runelord King 30 Ironbreakers 20 Hammerers 20 Irondrakes Thanks Pete
  10. I couldn't agree more with this thread - thanks for saying exactly what I've been thinking! Personally I feel it really sucks that Skaven got split into so many mini factions, whereas other armies (Seraphon for example) were left together. For people like myself who have an old WFB Skaven army, it basically means my army is no longer playable (outside of open/non-competitive play). I was really hoping for a Disciples of the Horned Rat Battletome, bringing all the Skaven back under one banner, but having seen the GHB2, I now feel this is very unlikely. p.s sorry if this post is negative, please don't ban me, here's a smiley
  11. I don't want Skryre Skaven, I want all Skaven together - Disciples of the Horned Rat - much like Khorne and Tzeentch. Makes sense as the Horned Rat has been promoted up to chaos god level.
  12. Yeah, sorry about that. Please feel free to resume normal service
  13. I'll be honest, I'm not really sure what you're reading into it, because your response had no relation to the point I was trying to make. I made a statement about the ludicrous modelling of Stormcast armour by GW (in my opinion). How does this relate to whether the person (male or female) is naked, scantily clad or wearing full plate armour? (which is what your response seemed to be discussing). (For the record, I have no problem with female figures wearing armour. I simply find the idea that armour should have abs somewhat silly.) I'll try to explain my thinking more explicitly: My understanding of the armour shaped like a six-pack, is that the person inside (male or female) would have to 'fill out' the armour. Hence, the person would be equally ripped. If they changed in any way (for instance, if they missed some gym sessions, due to a cold), then they would lose body definition and no longer fit into their bespoke armour. This assumption was however excellently refuted by Chikout with his easily understandable 'jelly' theory: As an aside, I could point out that my wife would struggle to fit into some female Stormcast armour just as much as I would struggle to fit into the male equivalent. Pete
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