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  1. mastercrafted

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    @Galdenistal I've never used that prayer before, but does the unit have to make a run move ie? D6"? And then just move a few of the models that distance still leaving the bulk of the unit on an objective?
  2. mastercrafted

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Whats our best bet for stealing objectives from big blobs of things like chainrasp hordes? I seem to be struggling with this at the moment
  3. mastercrafted

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    New years resolution was to spend less time painting, so lets see if i can get these knights finished for January
  4. mastercrafted

    New Years (Hobby) Resolutions?

    My main one from last year was to start actually playing age of sigmar, which i did and i'm doing pretty regularly (its the only game i play atm). My main goals for next year lie away from the hobby really (mostly artwork and martial Arts related), but here goes: 1. Enter something into golden daemon at whfest 2. Smash that backlog (including tzeentch daemons, world eaters and renegade Knights) - i want to finish 2019 with it all painted or moved on 3. Start a hobby budget and stick to it 4. I have a long term goal of working for gw, so i'll keep filling out my CAD skills and see what happens
  5. mastercrafted

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    For 140 pts, if you get the free unit of Flesh hounds out of him he is totally worth those points i reckon
  6. mastercrafted

    H: Large Tzeentch Army W: $$$, Stormcast

    @FPC I have the stormcast from AOS1 starter set, built unpainted, if you're interested in a small trade. I'm in the Uk so may not be worth your while, but drop me a msg if you fancy it
  7. @EccentricCircle A cautionary tale then: beware, painting all your toys will make you feel so good you will buy a shed load more! Perhaps its better to always have at least something on the paint queue
  8. @123lac fair play if you do. Can't imagine what i would feel like to have everything built and painted - must be glorious!
  9. I wonder if anyone has ever reached this fabled promise land!? If ye has, will our lord and saviour show us the way?
  10. mastercrafted

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I'm thinking of running this for some upcoming 1000 pt games Insensate rage bloodthirster Bloodsecrator 30 Bloodletters 10 blood reavers 10 blood warriors no strong combos, but i do find the IR thirster to be a lot of fun if i can get him into combat at the right place
  11. mastercrafted

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    Darkoath chieftan finished. Seeing as wrath and rapture isnt coming as soon as i thought, i might have time to squeeze in some other stuff this month
  12. mastercrafted

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    Wrath and rapture is gonna slightly skew my plans for this month, plus i wanna try and finish my warlord for AT. I'll go small and see what happens - Darkoath chieftan Slaughterpriest Base my soul grinder
  13. mastercrafted

    The Painting Contract - November 2018

    5 blood warriors done
  14. mastercrafted

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Didn't blight war introduce the wheel thingy for nurgle? Perhaps something similar will come in this
  15. mastercrafted

    The trap of wanting to be unique

    I'm quite lucky in that i'm such a slow painter and army builder, by the time i start getting stuff on the table everyone has moved on to newer stuff (i'm just finishing my blades of khorne and i'm gonna do my tzeentch next) You'll probably find the same mate - buy the stuff you like cos theres still room to do your own thing in every faction