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  1. Looking to offload a project that never really got started. I have- Kairos Fateweaver (basecoated) 30 pink horrors (various stages of painting) 30 blue horrors and 30 brimstone pairs (built unpainted) Flaming chariot (base colours only) 6 flamers (painted) 3 enlightened on discs (half built and painted) Herald on foot (base coated) Changling (built unpainted) Daemon prince on foot (base coated) Looking for £150 + postage Or trade for beasts of chaos (new on sprue preferance). I'll get some pictures up for anyone whos interested, feel free to message me to chat offers or trades
  2. Something they touched on in the facehammer podcast, is that this is almost like the finished version of the battletome. While the previous one was like the final draft? I think ours is the first one to reach this state, and until the other books get their final version then things might be a bit unbalanced. Things could look very different in 12 months time
  3. Probably some of the old art from 2nd edition 40k era of chaos and khorne in particular, is what has drawn me over and over those models. Especially the mark gibbons khorne berzerker and adrian smiths chaos cultists. Its flipped these day though, as i prefer the models to the art now - the new chaos models get better and better and my khorne collecting shows no sign of stopping!
  4. Had my first game with the new book, using this mainly daemon list - Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage - General - Command Trait : Mage Eater - Artefact : Armour of Scorn Skullmaster, Herald of Khorne - Artefact : Skullshard Mantle Slaughterpriest - bronzed flesh Slaughterpriest - killing frenzy Bloodsecrator 10 x Blood Warriors - Goreaxe & Gorefist - 1 x Goreglaives 6 x Bloodcrushers 10 x Bloodletters 10 x Bloodletters 2 x Skull Cannons BATTALIONS Murderhost (160) ENDLESS SPELLS Wrath-Axe (60) Bleeding Icon (40) Played daughters, and relocation orb. Took first turn and then got double turned. Bloodcrushers never got to charge, and Skull cannons got stuck in combat with monsterathi. Didn't get the benefit of the battalion, and the extra Artefact was a waste as i never made a single 6+ wound save. The thirster also fought 4 times and i only got one outrageous carnage off. Still it was a fairly even contest, and we both took a battering. Wanna change the extra Artefact to something useful next time - thoughts are IR thirster - reroll saves of 1, +1a, crimson soulstone, 4+ fight first, or hitting heros on 2+ Not sure
  5. Thanks. When i read that the crimson crown works on a command ability on a warscroll, i wasnt sure if the slaughterhost command ability counted as its not technically on the warscroll. Anyway getting one free reapers of vengeance double pile in and attacks per turn is probably quite useful
  6. Any chance that the crimson crown works with the slaughterhost command ability? The wording says on the warscroll
  7. Oh this just made my day. Even better than i thought it was
  8. Finish Karanak and 3 Bloodcrushers that i started in march. Build and paint 10 Flesh hounds. I think thats enough, but if i get time i'll try and finish the Skull altar
  9. The new khorne release slightly derailed my plans for this month, so i didn't get the blood warriors or Slaughterpriests finished. But i did finish a couple of judgements 😀
  10. I thought that would probably be the case, but it would be good to confirm it
  11. Not sure about this but does a unit have to be wholly within the bubble of one hero to get the locus reroll or can it be from two? Ie. If a big bloodletter blob was too big for one hero, could two overlapping hero bubbles give the the locus? Did that even make sense to anyone but me?
  12. The bloodmaster ability works with Skull cannons does it? Nice!
  13. WIP on my pledge for this month. Some paint down on the blood warriors and Slaughterpriests. And converted up some Khorgoraths just in time for their points increase - yay! Although these could easily be spawn or trolls
  14. I gotta say it would be really great if khorne had something like a Bloodthirster that wasnt a hero, as we are so over saturated in this department! I'm hoping i can get Skulltaker or Karanak in my games as the new models are sweet, but its gonna be hard
  15. Just so that i'm clear, wholly within is all of the models base within x" of the the edge of the hero's base?
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