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  1. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    You know I find it kinda weird how almost none of the tzaangors vs bestigors or tzaangors vs enlightened arguments mention the fact that tzaangors have 2 wounds. For mere 60p (50%) price increase, they have twice the survivability of the bestigor unit (plus higher wound count means less chance to ****** bshock). For mere 40p, they have 8 more wounds than enlightened unit and 6++ save on top of that. Not to mention they also have mortal wound inflicting banner and larger body count than enlightened (which is useful for holding objectives). I'm not saying that they are better than bestigors or enlightened overall, but claiming that they're strictly worse than these units is a bit silly when it's more of a case of trading attack power for survivability.
  2. angrycontra

    The Rumour Thread

    It should also be noted that there is still the non-debunked (as far as I know) fyreslayer november/late october release rumour. While I don't always put much weight to these "l heard from a guy at my store"-rumours, there is some credibility to this particular rumour, mainly that it would actually coincide with the release of Brian Bl- Gotrek Gurnisson audiodrama, and if I were a businessman, I'd use the audiodrama to promote fyreslayers and vice versa. Maybe get Brian Blessed dressed as gotrek and do video for warhammer community team, then I could die happy.
  3. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if GW staff have already started some kind of discussion/initial planning of similar faction. Certainly it would be thematically great army to have in AoS.
  4. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Clan Pestilens Discussion

    Well one use for them is to leave a unit of them behind ranks of plague monks. This means that any enemy charging your plague monks will also get hit by plague censers on the back, thanks to their 2" range. Also guaranteed rend is guaranteed rend. In faction with no proper rend tools that is something to remember. With that said, I agree that they're not too great (wish their cost would've been dropped to 50).
  5. angrycontra

    The Rumour Thread

    Fyreslayer tome has been mentioned here, but I don't think there was any mention it being released that soon (would be happy if that was the case).
  6. angrycontra

    Sylvaneth Wyldwoods and Fly

    I'd say that flying rule takes the precedence here. The warscroll rules triumph over core rules only applies when there is contradiction between the rules on warscroll and core rules. For example, if sylvaneth wyldwood said something like: "...this also affects units flying across the woods..." then there is clear contradiction between normal core rules and warscroll rules, in which case warscroll wins.
  7. Skyre is missing from the list. Anyway, I collect pestilens, skyre, fyreslayers, tzeentch, nurgle and nighthaunt.
  8. angrycontra

    The 2018 "What's your current main army?" poll

    Even though I've got bazillion armies that I'm collecting, I chose fyreslayers simply because they were the first thing popping in my head.
  9. angrycontra

    The Rumour Thread

    Although I would be really happy for skaven btome, I would be really disappointed if there's no new models. Skyre stuff is mostly metal models and stuff that isn't easily accessible (isle of blood stuff), moulder rat ogres are old and lame, pestilens stuff is fine but eshin stuff is super outdated and there's not a lot of it to begin with. It would also be cool to get some brand new stuff (I want skyre battle mechs).
  10. angrycontra

    RAW vs RAI

    Generally (even if I don't like the extreme RAW reading) I think rules should still be played using RAW instead of RAI. However... there are cases where I honestly think people just go too far with their rule reading to the point of ruining game for others. That skaven example in the op (btw not accusing op for having or not having that opinion) is just the kind of bullcrap that makes me want to slap anyone even suggesting that I couldn't play my army because the keywords do not match. Same with that argument that I've seen where people say stuff like: "You can't use verminlord corruptor in skaven pestilens army because he is not skaven". Like please, really? Is that something that is even worth anyone's time to argue about? How does that knowledge improve game for anyone? Gw just happened to accidentally put this model in skaven pestilens battletome, they just accidentally placed it under skaven pestilens allegiance units in ghb? Sometimes, use of basic common sense is allowed. I will say one last thing about RAI. There are cases where one can interpret RAW very differently. Bad use of wording or well, the lack of skaven keyword as shown above can cause some problems. During those moments I personally would go with what GW clearly intended from the rule (like the whole pestilens allegiance thing, it is 100% obvious to everyone (or it should be) that corruptor is part of the allegiance and plague monks/censer bearers are battleline in pestilens army). Granted, GW's intentions aren't always clear to begin with (as was shown in the ghb18 skyre allegiance abilities before faq).
  11. I've always thought that ghb allegiance is the opposite of "kiss of death", in fact factions with no ghb allegiances (or any other tome) are the ones people should be concerned about. Obviously moonclan grots have been heavily hinted at and they have no allegiance prior to their up and coming btome but there are plenty of small meh factions that you just know are never gonna get their tome ever (looking at you greenskinz).
  12. What I'd like is that GW would spend good year improving pre-existing factions (and release proper skaven book) with the help of few new models and new battletomes. One of the reasons I didn't like the stormcast side of the soul wars was because most of the new stuff for SCE was so redundant and pointless. Did SCE really need new battleline infantry? Did they need new shooter unit? Was it really necessary to make bazillion variants of their lord-arcanum? Did they really need both mounted and footed evocators? What is lord-exorcist's purpose? They could have made minimal SCE releases (war machine, evocators (1 variant) and wizards (knight + 1 lord-arcanum)) and made tons of models for pre-existing line-up for other factions. Take fyreslayers for example: with but 2 new kits, 2 NEW KITS, they could become much more cooler and wholer as a faction (these kits being "baby" magmadroth cavalry/chariots and some kind of magma golems (that could carry cannons as an option to give fyreslayers artillery unit) maybe extra third kit like Gotrek special character). Same for ironjawz, bcr, sylvaneth, bonesplitterz, fec, etc. etc.
  13. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    I'm pretty sure flying units can ignore wyldwood charging "deadly terrain effect". After all if you read core rules, on flying it states something like this: "...when doing any type of move (including run/charge/pile-in), flying units ignore other units and terrain AS IF THEY WEREN'T THERE..." that last bit clearly shows that charging or running across woods should have no effect. Not 100% sure if ending charge/run on woods will work on flying units though and of course when those woods awaken and slam those mw.s around, that works against flyers as well.
  14. angrycontra

    We need an Age of Sigmar video game

    Be careful of what you wish for ?. I can already see in my head Kharadron skyport mobile game: "Alright, let's build a new ship! Oh it looks like you're running low on aether coins mate. Wait 24h for our ships to return with more coins or buy aether coins for only 1.99 dollars for 100 coins! Or buy the Grungni-Bundle for best value, only 59.99!"
  15. angrycontra


    If you want to max the use of bravery ability for harridans, allying with blood knights or morghasts gives you easy access for extra -1 bravery. Furthermore, endless spells such as gnashing jaws and purple sun also can drop bravery by 1. Combining these you could get everyone within bravery 7 or 8 also fall under the -1 hit (which would include sce and most duardin units for example).