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  1. angrycontra

    Plague Monks loadout?

    I calculated damage on both blades and staffs with blades, both with either wound rerolls or +1 attack (or both) and ultimately staffs did considerably more damage. The only case where I think blades are better is when you got like 20 or less monks and no attack bonuses (staff main advantage is getting to attack from 3 ranks thanks to 2" range).
  2. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    Also 15 acolytes is not enough to move screaming bell. Once your opponent farts in their general direction, they lose 6+ models and your bell is stuck in place for the rest of the game.
  3. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    Had a 1500p game fairly recently with primarily skryre army vs khorne. Lost the match and here's some observations: Thanquol is great but he got stuck fighting way too many turns against this big chaos knight blob (doing 30+ wounds with him in single turn is not exactly easy with 4 fists). His inclusion ultimately didn't work out well in my already small unit/model count army as I had lackluster ability to cap objectives. His biggest issue is that spell of his. It's not very impressive spell tbh so having an endless spell or two is highly recommended with him. Stormfiends felt a bit meh. I honestly think best way forward with them is to make one big group of 6, buff them up with full hit/wound rerolls and that +1 hit artifact plus warp spark to do incredibly damage. Besides that I'm planning on having single small harassing stormfiend unit with warpgrinder for deepstriking. Doomwheel didn't get to drive over anything but man that thing can still do some damage. Managed to roll 11 with super charged missile weapon and completely destroyed this unit of 10 chaos warriors in 1 turn. Doomwheel is now genuinely powerful when given chance. Skyre acolytes are great now. Run + shoot is so huge for them and that +1 damage with warpspark as well. The fact that I can quarantee run of 6 is useful, because Skyre rarely needs other command abilities and they're horde(ish) unit too so it all works quite well. I'm definetly going to convert some bloodbowl teams to make more acolytes for myself. Terrain piece were useless with the exception of making slight threat on the board (for early game deepstriking). I think that in larger games with more units to spare, they.ll be more useful but in this game they just didn't work out. Ultimately though my biggest mistake was spreading my forces too thin. I should've focused down on specific units rather than try to deal with everything at once. Also khorne is kinda annoying opponent vs skryre, that automatic unbinding basically means that I'll never get to use super charged warp spells. I'm also gonna leave thanquol out from smaller games. As nice as he is, 400 is too much to spend on a single model in objective based games. I also really hope that gw will errata atleast option to spend ally points to get other skaven units for pure skyre army. Getting even 1 or 2 20 clanrats would solve a lot (I feel a 3rd unit would take too many points of the army) of problems with holding objectives and screening/protecting skryre units.
  4. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    I'm sorry but what? Didn't buff the bad weapon options? +1 attack and rend on mini mortars plus huge range boost. +1 to wound with ratlings and those things gain most from new warpstone sparks (+1 damage on range). And as far as rest of the changes go, I wouldn't call them nerfs. Doom-flayers didn't change, warpshock gauntlets are now unmodified hit (which is nerf and buff at same time), flamers are terrible against single target and insane against hordes (again, nerf/buff), drills do less damage but have more reliable deepstriking (as you're guaranteed to enter battlefield in turn 3), stormfiends points also went down 30 which is very significant drop. The only true nerfs I'd say they received are weapon options nerf (something I ultimately thought being a good thing) and inability to use packmasters to boost their hit. I have plenty of issues with this new book's battleline systems and all that, but the stormfiends are honestly the last thing that annoys me. Quite the opposite, I like those changes (I even guessed some of those changes correctly in skyre thread before this book). I can however understand and sympathize with the weapon limitation changes forcing players to go back and change original weapons (flamers and shock gauntlets most likely) to something else. But I'd also argue that writing was on the wall and GW was either going to flat out nerf the best options or reduce their numbers (flamers were especially problem with their auto-hit mortals) so these changed do not surprise me one bit.
  5. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    There are multiple issues: First of all, clanrats are not cheap as far as battleline are concerned. In order to get minimum battleline requirements, you need 3x20 clanrats, that's 360 points. The only other alternative is stormvermin but that's even more expensive at 420 points. For army that wants to primarily focus on skyre stuff for example but wants to also add thanquol to their list have to spend 300+ points just to get basic battleline out and then add 400p thanquol. That is massive investment and army loses its skyre identity in the process and instead becomes "another generic skaven list". Then there is the matter of pestilence. With Skyre I can almost agree that skyre needs clanrats/stormvermin but pestilence? Pestilence already runs 100+ monks on average and now if they want to add something special, they need to get 30-60 models that don't fit aesthetically in pestilens army just so they can add some rat ogors (say pestilence player wants to convert rat ogors to be like plague rat ogors) or similar. It is restrictive system that shoehorns all lists to use same basic boring structure. The current battleline system even prevents pestilence utilizing their nurgle allies which is the biggest joke of all. Not to mention clanrats are faaaar worse than plague monks in basically everything. Final point is this: over past few years GW established multiple ways to play skaven faction. This book was supposed to be gloomspite gitz-style playground where players have great freedom in list building. Instead every mixed skaven list is forced to have that same basic dull setup. Also not everyone likes clanrats. I collect pestilence and skyre because I enjoy their looks but their ranges are too small so I want to mix them up more. I do like stormvermin but I'd rather wield them in single large unit than multiple min size units so the book doesn't leave me too many options.
  6. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    After having looked at some of the reviews/warscrolls/other stuff I have to say that my feelings towards this skaven release are probably more mixed than any other release in the history of aos. Let's start with the good stuff: 1. Rules-wise I feel this release is incredibly. They managed to fix/change/improve almost every issue I had with old skaven rules while still maintaining the faction identity with Skavens' self destructive ways. There are tons of useful warscrolls and ways to build this army. 2. Gnaw holes look cool and they help with some of the mobility issues this army used to have. Endless spells are also cool addition. 3. I think it's safe to say that skaven will be very competetive after this release, the amount of new synergies/powerups/etc. Is quite good and with almost no point cost changes. 4. No summoning mechanics (minus screaming bell and such). I don't mind summoning but not every army should have it and I'm glad skaven didn't get it either. 5. It's good to get new expanded lore for skaven. And then the bad stuff... 1. No new models (apart from that 1 warlock). 'nuff said. 2. Special Battlelines limited to their factions was the stupidest thing GW could've ever done. Thanks to that, playing skyre, moulder, eshin or pestilens force have way less options than before. You can't even ally nurgle as pestilens as then your army stops being pure pestilens. Book with 40 warscrolls yet these armies are limited to 4-10 or something like that... brilliant... 3. Speaking of universal battlelines... only clanrats and stormvermin... like couldn't they at least make skyre acolytes battleline if skyre hero is general and giant rats for moulder if master moulder is hero etc. What's even worse is that both of these battleline options are horde centric units, so if you want to maximise their potential, you need to spend a lot of points. 4. Battalions seemed mostly terribly and why on earth did they bring skyre enginecovens back? They could have split those enginecovens to separate much better mini battalions. What on earth went through their heads... 5. Some potentially broken stuff. Just look at plague monks: they get bonus to hit and wound when their unit is big enough. They get +1 attack on all weapons (staffs too) on both charge and prayer. They get full wound rerolls on prayer and corruptor command gives them full hit rerolls. Then you add banner that causes wound rolls of 6 to do 2 damage per hit. And they now have 6+ sv and don't have to worry about bshock (thanks to new furnace aura). Does that sound balanced to you at 70p/240p. They were never bad to begin with, it was the army surrounding them that was meh. Now the surrounding army is better and these guys have basically become new better cheaper witch aelves. So yeah, like I said, mixed feelings. I personally hope that people would make some noise regarding to those battleline options. I so want gw to loosen up those restrictions a bit (it should min. 70% army that is pure skyre, pestilens, whatever to unlock those battlelines.)
  7. angrycontra

    The New Skaven Battletome, Terrain, Model & eSpells!

    And another thing I called (unfortunately)... no stormfiend/plague monk battlelines unless your army is nothing but that specific clan. I guess it self-balances the game to some extend (especially if plague monks are indeed still 70 for 10 guys) but man having literally no extra options is just plain sad (especially for skyre). Now I'm suddenly forced to buy multiple kits of clanrats/stormvermin to get some min battleline if I ever want to wield my thanquol, verminlord warpseer, etc. In battle. On a more positive note, if that video is to be believed, stormfiends are now 260p which is quite a discount.
  8. angrycontra

    The New Skaven Battletome, Terrain, Model & eSpells!

    It's too early to say any of the changes being nerfs. Points are huge factor in determining whether unit was nerfed or buffed. And honestly as I looked those warscrolls I saw tons of buffs across multiple units. Furnaces for example are now insane (bshock immunity aura, more reliable censer, 5++ save for itself against wounds and mws, +1 attack is now prayer instead of corruptor command ability), plague monks got 6+ save and 1 of the banners give them extra dam with unmodified rolls of 6, add to that the skaventide horde ability and they are so broken if their points haven't increased. There are multiple similar changes in book. Plus for anyone complaining about warpfire thrower changes (for stormfiends/thanquol/teams etc.), all I can say you had it coming and I called it myself in several skaven threads here. Modern gw doesn't like too easy to do mws (plus they're now absolutely bonkers against horde armies). Personally I think most of the changes have been for better and these warscrolls haven't disappointed me in the slightest (well okay bit disappointed about stormfiend weapon limitations)
  9. angrycontra

    The Rumour Thread

    Gotta say, I really dislike their use of that "battletomes for every grand-alliance"-picture. Unless they're really planning on releasing SCE, fyreslayers, soulblight, gutbusters/bcr and whatever that chaos mess is supposed to be. Not saying it's impossible to get all those factions but if one of those factions shown doesn't get new btome, it's almost akin to false advertisement. Still, my hope for future fyreslayer tome is still strong.
  10. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    From that article I have 1 major concern that could honestly partially destroy almost all of my excitement for this book if it comes true (despite all the great looking abilities). Near the end it states that "if you want to focus more on one of the clans, you'll be rewarded with special battleline", I pray to god that doesn't mean that in order for me to have stormfiends for battleline, I need to wield exclusively skyre army, 'cause that would be the most boring thing ever. One of my greater desires from this book was that I could play skyre army with some stormvermins thrown in (without ally system) or pestilens with maybe something heavy like thanquol added to it. If there is some non-clanrat small model count cheap unit as universal battleline (similar to dire wolves) I might forgive this kind of boring thing but I doubt that very much. And before anyone says, no I have no interest in buying clanrats. I have a horde army already, it's called clan pestilens and I have no intention of getting another horde on top of that.
  11. angrycontra

    Sentiment about the new releases

    Now I don't know if I'm considered to be one of these "negative" people, since I fully admit that I said that this was slightly disappointing release for me but here's what I think: First of all, I still love the fact that this(these) new book(s) is(are) coming and I enjoy the fact that both my skaven pestilens and skaven skyre armies are gonna get possibly more options and better synergies. However, when it comes to Skaven and FEC, I was expecting at least some new model updates. Maybe they're coming later, I don't know, but both factions really needed some updates, even if it were just a couple of boxes. In fact, these releases have now made me nervous about future fyreslayer releases. Skaven I can live with despite no new models but fyreslayers? They're the most monotone army in the game. Gw can't expect them to sell any better if some lousy scenery/endless spells is all they get. I think it's perfectly fair for me to voice my concerns and disappointments. In fact, I think any fan who just blindly accepts any not so great product / lack of desired product is just feeding Gw to not care about their releases even more. And now WARNING Incoming stormcast rant WARNING... Now I don't mind the fact that SCE got new models in 2.0. I know they are AoS main faction and I've already accepted that. Further more they are kinda cool and they really needed some new units (such as wizards and war machines)... BUT... Every lord-exorcist, every castigator, every unnecessary extra version of lord-arcanum and every extra variation of evocators/knight-incantor/lord-ordinator (2+ versions of each of these models was unnecessary) was a complete and utter waste of that model designer's time and effort. Thanks to these, plus some poor rule designs, stormcast have become bloated mess, with huge number of useless/redundant units and meanwhile armies that needed new models get nothing. Now I know it's never as simple as this sure (and designing multiple forms of lord-arcanum was probably very quick process for them) but I still consider every useless release for stormcast be one less actually useful release for one of the other factions. I would've gladly seen all the useless stuff mentioned above be gone, if it meant that both Skaven and Fec got at least 1 new kit each. And let me be clear on one thing, I don't hate stormcast for the sake of it, I just want gw to really consider what units they add to army that already has everything. I wouldn't be happy if the new skaven release had some new stormfiends that are better than the current ones and same goes for every army in the game. Rant over.
  12. angrycontra

    The Rumour Thread

    Although I'm really happy about skaven btome release (and double release with fec really caught me off-guard) I'm still kinda disappointed. Both Skaven and Fec really needed more new units (or in skaven's case, updated versions of their ancient kits). Take FeC for example, many of their heroes are just lazy "build this guy with different head" style conversions, which was fine for early aos (where undersized units were not an issue) but it's kinda ****** now when you basically will end up with 9 useless ghouls or 2 useless horrors, etc. For matched play. Still I won't rant too much. I'm definetly buying skaven tome day 1, probably with scenery and spells with it. Those skaven dice also look nice, gw dice that are actually easy to read gasp! I do hope that the clan specific allegiances allow you to freely pick units from whole btome even if the allegiance powers/artifacts/synergies and battleline options themselves favor that specific clan.
  13. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    I actually want them to nerf warpfire weapons (especially for stormfiends) but not because I want to ruin stormfiends. On the contrary I think warpfire stuff is the reason they are so bloody expensive. If they nerf warpfire (even something like giving it a hit value or making rule like "roll dice, if it is equal or under enemy unit size do 2d3 mw" would suffice) and give shock gauntlets unmodified 6 (this will happen extremely likely, whether you like it or not, as they have done so with so many of the recent btomes) and change warpgrinder to d3 damage (because I know some would spam mass warpgrinders with multiple hit boosts) with more reliable deepstrike (2+ instead of 3+), they could easily slash like 40p off stormfiends point cost. And I personally would love slightly worse stormfiends for significantly lower price which would mean that it is more of a buff than nerf almost. The gas weapon should still be buffed though (like +1 to wound rolls). Second thing people need to consider with the impending new battletome: You know it, I know it, gautfyre skorch is either gonna be deleted or nerfed to the point that it no longer works as well as it used to. Some of the other engine covens might survive as their own battalions but gautfyre is gonna more or less die. My evidence? Literally every battalion gw has released since these modern battletomes started releasing. The time of these super impactful kill-everything battalions is basically over. Also anything that allows deepstriking closer than 9" needs to have a really good reason for it, and I don't see gw thinking that mass mortals on face is any good reason as it is anti-fun mechanic (even with my proposed warpfire nerfs).
  14. Based on my experience, PtG is best played with GA-abilities and not faction specific ones. The reason for this is that there are so many faction abilities that are completely broken when it comes to PtG (and before anyone says, I know it's not meant to be perfectly balanced mode but the better the balance, less one sided the games will be). Seraphon is already mentioned as their current summoning system doesn't scale at all. LoN's summoning system plus graveyards are also quite broken in smaller games. Tzeentch is poor for summons but those 9 dice they get are really dangerous in small games. If it's 2 broken armies clashing at each other, I guess there's no issue but not every faction is broken. But ultimately, people should play how they want to play. I personally have not had much good experiences with PtG (some of gw's own scenarios for PtG are just plain terrible from their design) so that obviously affects my opinion here.
  15. angrycontra

    Greenskin start collecting gone

    I'm actually gonna say that it's good that that particular SC is gone. To me SC greenskinz always felt almost like a scam. They are not a new faction and Gw has shown no real evidence of supporting them in any way. Their models are among the oldest out of all aos models still being sold (granted, not terrible for old models, but still old) and the money savings on that box are among the worst in SC range (especially considering how easy it is to find someone selling their old orc army for cheap). That box would've been solid if the wyvern boss was in it but it's not. It also makes sense that Gw doesn't want people to start collecting greenskinz. Why you ask? Because Gw can only produce x amount of miniatures a year. They'd much rather produce tons of gloomspites, bonesplitterz, ironjaws and some ogres than ancient models that ultimately very few people seem to have any real interest in. I'm not saying that greenskinz should be removed from game but they need a proper update as a faction with a lot of new models rather than keeping them in this "limbo-state" where they are this "kinda but not really"-dead faction (but not holding my breath or actually believing that would happen, gw can't make infinite number of factions and greenskinz just don't offer currently anything to warrant their existence).