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  1. What I want is probably too controversial for most people but basically I would like to make the game much much simpler on some areas while making it more complex / interesting in other areas. Here's my idea basically: Make the combat and many aspects of it much simpler. I'm talking warcry level simple (without crit unless unit has special rule). One roll to hit the target and then one save roll maybe. No more weird rerolls and massive rule stackings. BUT... I would also introduce warcry style activations, you activate 1 unit at the time, do like 1 move action and 1 attack action (which is either shoot or melee, but no double attack actions and move always before attack) and you and opponent keep alternating activations until both have activated all units. Hero phase and bshock phase would be seperate but players would still alternate which hero casts spell first etc. The reason for simpler combat is to make game faster because alternating actions for every unit makes game slower so some balance is needed. Obviously this would require major rework and it would invalidate all current btomes and general's handbooks, but gw does that every now and then, so if they do it for aos, I want something big like this. In terms of updating basic aos, besides toning some of the bs that is present in the game currently (activation wars, tellyporta armies, super alpha strike forces, megashootas, power spells), I would remove double turn. I know some people like it but I know for a fact that that mechanic has ruined more games for me than anything else in the game. Learn2play argument doesn't really fly here because of the "fun" mechanics I listed above. I also know personally players who have either quit or never started aos because of that mechanic. Double turn worked in aos 1.0 starter set, it doesn't work anymore.
  2. Could fyreslayer models look better? Sure. Should they have more dynamic poses / faces? Absolutely. But as to their overall design, I like them a lot. The important thing to remember is that fyreslayers are not slayers in the same old style as old world slayers were. I also would massively resent if gw went and retcon changed them with pants and no helmets to please the nostalgics. I think a lot could be done for their popularity by simply updating some of their models and introducing some new ones.
  3. While I'm not writing new slaanesh btome out, it kinda feels a waste to build all this hype just for that. My point being that if they wanted to show off slaanesh btome, they should've revealed it when those models were shown. Now it would almost feel kinda anticlimatic "hey look at these rumour engine pics that are clearly showing off some vampires and ooh what is this mysterious new btome aaaaand... oh it's slaanesh". Personally, I'd be happier if slaanesh release was broken realms side release and the next btome was this mysterious new death faction.
  4. Important difference with Katakros legion compared to pre-nerf petrifex is that katakros is really expensive support hero. In combat he is actually pretty abysmal for his cost. This means that obr player has to make a hard choice between having tougher to kill guys but with lousy board presence, or easier to kill but with more numbers (and speed/power/anti-magic depending on legion). And let's not forget that no-one is gonna put katakros and nagash in same legion, 'cos there's not gonna be room for anything else. Gaunt summoner nerf was good but damn, I'm really disappointed that those leaks were true. Like I still don't understand those maniak weirdnob and weirdnob shaman increases (or cities battlemage increase but with no touching on sorceress). Does anyone actually use maniak weirdnobs and that weirdnob shaman has always been massively overshadowed by warchanters (and now even more so).
  5. Those std (and other "faq" points) should be taken with a grain of salt. There were some really skewed point changes in that list. KO part of the list looked like someone's wishlist, insane reductions to various good popular KO units, orruk warclans for some insane reason does not touch warchanter but INCREASES the points to maniak weirdnob and weirdnob shaman, 2 underwhelming wizards. Basically if they're true, GW has really lost its brains or faq is changing more than just points.
  6. How is grimwrath supposed to pile in that many times? Grimwrath's own extra pile in triggers only once at the end of combat, regardless of how many times he attacked before. Prayer gives him one extra pile-in/attack in hero phase. He can get 4 only if he dies during the "end of combat phase" but that happens very very rarely as it requires some specific end of combat ability. Greyfyrd Command doesn't also give him extra pile ins, merely allows him to cheat at pile-in order.
  7. All I'm gonna say for seraphon players is this: Don't expect anything new (apart from the pyramid) and you won't be disappointed. Gw does not hide models that they know will make people excited, they just don't. At least there haven't been a single case of that in their recent 3-4 year run. Why would they not show new fancy plastic slann or new sc in one of those seminars? And no, the answer is not "it wasn't ready to be shown" because if that was the answer, then there is even more reasons why there ain't gonna be anything other than the pyramid because it takes long time for finished models to get in production. And trust me, I do want to see new seraphon stuff myself too but I'm a realist, I base my expectations on gw's previous actions. It would be nice if I'm wrong, but so many here seem to be content setting themselves up for a disappointment.
  8. I believe that the "no rerolls" thing is there to eliminate all the "reroll any successful rolls" (like that tzeentch shield artifact, nurgle wither staff/allegiance ability etc.) Abilities. Modifiers I do agree with though, they make the rule unnecessarily complicated.
  9. There are couple ways to utilize their 3" range. First you can keep them screened behind other units. This means that if opponent dares to charge that unit, you have big stabbas to bring some serious hurt to them. Secondly, you can use that range to minimize opponent pile ins. You put one guy within 0,5" range and the rest 3" from your opponent, opponent will be unable to make efficient pile in due to distance his guys have to walk. Thirdly, let's say you charge opponent with say 5-10 boarboys. You charge same unit with stabbas but in a way that only 1 model is within 0'5" of the enemy and rest are behind boarboyz (or any other ork unit). This means that your opponent has very few attacks (assuming the unit being attacked is not some monster) to hit your stabbas with, which means that you can safely attack with boarboyz first and then stabbas. Finally 3" range means that if opponent has done some aggressive pile-in moves, they may end up pulling your stabbas into combat and having 3" range plus 3" pile-in should make it very easy to get all stabbas in combat.
  10. I disagree her being bad addition. She has +1 to her wounds and +1 to her save compared to regular sorcerer. If we take into account that she can also once per battle double cast, then compared to standard sorcerer she'd be about 140 without her bodyguards. Of course whether or not original sorcerer is worth 120 is another topic, but even if original was worth 100, this would be 120, which would mean that you only pay 40-60 for 2 blightkings which in both cases is a bargain compared to normal blight king costs (and making her pretty damn tough as a wizard thanks to the bodyguard rule).
  11. I think flamers are facing a bit similar issue as old plague monks in that glass cannon units are incredibly hard to balance. You increase their price too much and they're useless, too easy to destroy. You make them too cheap or give some other outside buffs (changehost) or both and you have one broken unit. I mean even now, stormcast and nighthaunt (which are both relatively unpopular among tournament players) could probably build super easy hard counter lists to flamer changehost spam because both of these armies can leave all their more powerful units up in the sky / down underground and destroy all key flamer units in single turn with no fear of retaliation. Could probably work against horror spam too. Problem of course is that these armies are unpopular because their power level is kinda low against other top armies so winning a changehost would not do much good if you lose against most other armies. Almost easiest way would be to just change flamer warscroll. Make them more durable but less damaging. Like imagine if all flamers got +1 wound and let's say 5+ fnp but only dealt 1 dam attacks (ok they could get +1 attack on their profile so that they wouldn't be completely useless on damage front). This warscroll wouldn't be anywhere near as obnoxious and it would be 100% easier to balance. They could maybe even make flamers a bit cheaper with this scroll.
  12. Oh I see. Well no wonder I didn't see that interaction 'cause I would've thought that to be total bulldung. Well faq is 100% fix that or gw has truly lost its marbles.
  13. While I agree changehost/horrors/flamers needs nerf (and sooner rather than later) however I don't really understand what this nonsense is about horrors being immune to bshock. That roll of 1 making them immune (plus res) ONLY applies to unit when pink horror icon bearer is alive. I don't disagree that doing 50-100 wounds to a unit with -1 to hit is going to be hard, but 10-20 pinks should literally die in 1 combat/shooting phase (and you must always allocate wounds to pinks first) and succesfully killing any heroes near them will remove the whole -1 as well (not to mention bshock immunity through commands).
  14. Here's something that has been bothering me lately: can spellcasters cast spells even if there are no eligible targets for it? As far as I know, no rules directly prevent this and many spells have wording "if successful pick enemy blaa" meaning that you wouldn't necessarily need any targets before casting the spell. Tzeentch needs to cast spells to get those fate points and most spells require target so it would be nice if you could cast spells on ground basically just for the points.
  15. What I would like is that they keep subfactions but make command traits/artifacts optional. However I think all subfactions should be designed like flesh eater courts. In Fec, choosing subfaction means you lose delusions which means that there is extra penalty for taking subfaction. As for balance well gw should never release stuff like petrifex elite in the first place (also good example on why c. Traits/artifacts don't really help on balance when you get good ones on the subfaction).
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