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  1. While Gw (like any other miniature maker out there) has its ugly models, overall I think Gw is unmatched. Often times I see someone linking some super high detailed 3d print / resin model to show how gw is bad in comparison but more often than not I have opposite reaction to it. Out of all the miniature makers I've seen, Gw has the best overall style for their models. Sure they have some awful ones here and there and I still think stormcast would look 100 times better if they looked more like dark souls knights than the weird golden golems they currently are, but when I look all the various tit demons people have made as keeper of secrets stand ins, the Gw keeper is unmatched in its elegance and style (and all of this without the usual "slaanesh likes sex"-stuff) and no amount of extra pointless wrinkles, gems or other useless details are going to change that. There are some great 3d print stuff out there though, some of which can challenge GW but I think overall consistency of quality is something GW has. Ultimately though, it is unfair comparison. Gw is gargantuan company, other model companies out there deal with peanuts compared to GW and GW can put as much money as they want to make the products look as good as possible. Not to mention, GW has huge catalogue of models. Sure if we were to take every model GW has in its stores, rate it and compare the average quality of model to some smaller company, that smaller company could win the comparison, but that is only because of the old and/or ugly models that GW has dragging its score down. And even more ultimately, this is all just my opinion. Some people like having super high detailed models that have realistic arms, legs and other body proportions (not to mention tit demons) while others (such as myself) prefer simpler but more stylish, efficient and IMO more fun to paint models that GW often does.
  2. While I do want to see new spiderfang units in the future, I really, really hope this is not some spiderfang faction. I've been wanting some kind of insectoid race in warhammer since the original warhammer fantasy and if this supposed spider race is that, then I'm all for it.
  3. Having briefly tested it, it seems very good app. If warscrolls are available for free in the future, I see nothing wrong with this app, I'd say it is even clear improvement over azyr (the fact that I can look at artifacts and read their effects while I'm selecting them is great bonus). Basically everything now depends on just how much is going to be behind paywall when the actual app is released and not beta (army builder is gonna be behind paywall for sure and the army rules require battletome which I'm kinda okay with, but warscrolls should be all available for free in the future as well).
  4. If you own 3d printer, hexton hills have really good 3d printable hex tiles. We've used them in our own Ptg campaign.
  5. There are reasons to take vulkites over hgb. While it's true that coherency hurts them and it's also true they cost more (35 p more though, if you're gonna whine and cry, at least get your facts right), they have following benefits over hgb: 1) Bigger unit size. More bodies hold more objectives. Sure you can argue that durability wise both units are the same 10 w with 4++ vs 20 w (which they are) but having twice as many bodies is still much better at holding objectives. If unit of 10 vulkites take 5 casualties while 5 hgb take 1 casualty, that unit of vulkites still hold that objective better than hgb. 2) More independent. Hgb always need babysitter. They only have 6++ without hero nearby and in meta where heroes can die pretty easily, that isn't as useful to spam as unit of vulkites is. 3) Fight after death. This simple ability is so often overlooked, but it's extremely useful. If a unit charges a unit of 5 hgb and does 20 w, that unit is dead, end of story. If it attacks 10 vulkites, they all get to attack back (and since vulkites are removed 1 by 1, that means that coherency shouldn't matter as you pile in and remove them from the sides). 4) Better screens. More bodies, better screens, plus the ability to fight after dead is good for screening unit. 5) +1 to charge. Simple buff they get but it makes them a lot more reliable tunneling unit. But seriously though, can you please just stop with the constant complaining. I know fyreslayers got hurt, I'm not blind to their changes. But you or anyone else for that matter, have not played enough games with them to truly determine their place in meta. A lot of players here are trying to make the best out of these changes and trying different new stuff, complaining for the sake of it is utterly useless.
  6. Skaven box (based on 5 models text) is most likely 3 stormfiends, warlock and doomwheel or cannon.
  7. As a fyreslayer player, the last thing I want is soup duardin tome. For couple of reasons: 1) Gives gw excuse to never touch fyreslayers again. I know that FS are not popular army, but I feel few unit updates / new kits could do wonders for it. Making fyreslayers part of some soup tome would just be lazy excuse for Gw to be like "eh we'll just put them here to make it feel like classic dwarf army, no need for new models, let's put the original unaltered fs allegiance in book to keep old players happy". 2) Lore doesn't fully support it. Fyreslayers have had their lore, culture and overall power in mortal realms fully established. Same can't be said for dispossessed. The only way this combination could work is if fyreslayers were the main force and diss are the side dish, but I don't see that happening. Point is, that stubborn fire dwarves serving grimnir with their own culture won't just drop everything to follow some grungi, grombrindal or whatever and if they do, that is lousy writing on gw's part. 3) Soup tomes are badly made in general. Look at stormcast with their billions of options. 80% of that book doesn't see any real play. Cities of sigmar probably 60-70%. When too many units overlap and do more or less the same thing but some worse and some better, people are gonna gravitate towards best units. Most fyreslayer units do see play in some form or another (some more than others admittedly). If Fs and diss were to be united, it could very well be that all you competetive disspossessed players were forced to play pure fyreslayer army anyway (or vice versa) which I think is outcome no-one wants. And anyone saying "but that is only problem for hc tourney players not casuals" yeah, well go play mixed order list with fs and diss if you are so casual. Here's the thing: I don't mind the idea of some campaign book having special allegiance that allows taking units from multiple duardin factions, nor do I mind the idea of having allegiances in book that allow taking 1 for every 4 units from another faction, but I don't want GW to take lazy route and just make soup tome with existing duardin factions. Finally, I would much much rather see fully fleshed out new dispossessed army with golems, war machines, robots and so forth. Let all 3 duardin be their own thing.
  8. What I want is probably too controversial for most people but basically I would like to make the game much much simpler on some areas while making it more complex / interesting in other areas. Here's my idea basically: Make the combat and many aspects of it much simpler. I'm talking warcry level simple (without crit unless unit has special rule). One roll to hit the target and then one save roll maybe. No more weird rerolls and massive rule stackings. BUT... I would also introduce warcry style activations, you activate 1 unit at the time, do like 1 move action and 1 attack action (which is either shoot or melee, but no double attack actions and move always before attack) and you and opponent keep alternating activations until both have activated all units. Hero phase and bshock phase would be seperate but players would still alternate which hero casts spell first etc. The reason for simpler combat is to make game faster because alternating actions for every unit makes game slower so some balance is needed. Obviously this would require major rework and it would invalidate all current btomes and general's handbooks, but gw does that every now and then, so if they do it for aos, I want something big like this. In terms of updating basic aos, besides toning some of the bs that is present in the game currently (activation wars, tellyporta armies, super alpha strike forces, megashootas, power spells), I would remove double turn. I know some people like it but I know for a fact that that mechanic has ruined more games for me than anything else in the game. Learn2play argument doesn't really fly here because of the "fun" mechanics I listed above. I also know personally players who have either quit or never started aos because of that mechanic. Double turn worked in aos 1.0 starter set, it doesn't work anymore.
  9. Could fyreslayer models look better? Sure. Should they have more dynamic poses / faces? Absolutely. But as to their overall design, I like them a lot. The important thing to remember is that fyreslayers are not slayers in the same old style as old world slayers were. I also would massively resent if gw went and retcon changed them with pants and no helmets to please the nostalgics. I think a lot could be done for their popularity by simply updating some of their models and introducing some new ones.
  10. While I'm not writing new slaanesh btome out, it kinda feels a waste to build all this hype just for that. My point being that if they wanted to show off slaanesh btome, they should've revealed it when those models were shown. Now it would almost feel kinda anticlimatic "hey look at these rumour engine pics that are clearly showing off some vampires and ooh what is this mysterious new btome aaaaand... oh it's slaanesh". Personally, I'd be happier if slaanesh release was broken realms side release and the next btome was this mysterious new death faction.
  11. Important difference with Katakros legion compared to pre-nerf petrifex is that katakros is really expensive support hero. In combat he is actually pretty abysmal for his cost. This means that obr player has to make a hard choice between having tougher to kill guys but with lousy board presence, or easier to kill but with more numbers (and speed/power/anti-magic depending on legion). And let's not forget that no-one is gonna put katakros and nagash in same legion, 'cos there's not gonna be room for anything else. Gaunt summoner nerf was good but damn, I'm really disappointed that those leaks were true. Like I still don't understand those maniak weirdnob and weirdnob shaman increases (or cities battlemage increase but with no touching on sorceress). Does anyone actually use maniak weirdnobs and that weirdnob shaman has always been massively overshadowed by warchanters (and now even more so).
  12. Those std (and other "faq" points) should be taken with a grain of salt. There were some really skewed point changes in that list. KO part of the list looked like someone's wishlist, insane reductions to various good popular KO units, orruk warclans for some insane reason does not touch warchanter but INCREASES the points to maniak weirdnob and weirdnob shaman, 2 underwhelming wizards. Basically if they're true, GW has really lost its brains or faq is changing more than just points.
  13. How is grimwrath supposed to pile in that many times? Grimwrath's own extra pile in triggers only once at the end of combat, regardless of how many times he attacked before. Prayer gives him one extra pile-in/attack in hero phase. He can get 4 only if he dies during the "end of combat phase" but that happens very very rarely as it requires some specific end of combat ability. Greyfyrd Command doesn't also give him extra pile ins, merely allows him to cheat at pile-in order.
  14. All I'm gonna say for seraphon players is this: Don't expect anything new (apart from the pyramid) and you won't be disappointed. Gw does not hide models that they know will make people excited, they just don't. At least there haven't been a single case of that in their recent 3-4 year run. Why would they not show new fancy plastic slann or new sc in one of those seminars? And no, the answer is not "it wasn't ready to be shown" because if that was the answer, then there is even more reasons why there ain't gonna be anything other than the pyramid because it takes long time for finished models to get in production. And trust me, I do want to see new seraphon stuff myself too but I'm a realist, I base my expectations on gw's previous actions. It would be nice if I'm wrong, but so many here seem to be content setting themselves up for a disappointment.
  15. I believe that the "no rerolls" thing is there to eliminate all the "reroll any successful rolls" (like that tzeentch shield artifact, nurgle wither staff/allegiance ability etc.) Abilities. Modifiers I do agree with though, they make the rule unnecessarily complicated.
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