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  1. No he will still fight in sequence instead of fighting last because the two abilities cancel each other out. Even if it is your turn the ability to fight first isn’t ignored but just cancelled by itchy nuisance as usual.
  2. No the Stormcast do not count as ally points when they are included in a battalion for another army. It’s in the core rules FAQ under allies. You will still have 400 points to ally in something else if you wish.
  3. Idoneth Deepkin: We will be faster than everything else outside of anything that can always run and charge. Half our stuff flys too. Don’t try to outrace us instead limit our places to move with broad coverage of units. Don’t let us go where we can do damage to you. The more damage you do in turn 1 and 2 will limit the return damage if turn 3. Unless you can outmaneuver us, you will only be allowed to shoot my 3+ save Ishalen Guard because they will be in cover always unless they charge. And then they will still have 3+ save. The faster you either kill them or hit me with a scary unit into my Morrsarr Guard the faster I will pop my mortal wound ability and save you from worrying about something else getting zapped. Charge my eels, don’t let me charge. Things are worse for me when I can’t charge them. Because my bonuses don’t get to be used. Leviadon is a underrated melee monster that will wipe out chaff units like a boss. Fear the Massive Scythed Fins! Volturnos is the lynchpin of my army. Kill him and my turn 3 fizzles our like a wet firecracker. But you have to shoot everything in front of him, hope you can use magic with his 3+ ignore spells, or try to charge him with something that can live through 5 3+ 3+ D3 that can be -5 rend on 6+. If he survives the attack. Don’t fight me on turn 3. Just run and try not to give me two turns to attack you first during high tide.
  4. Well cool I’ll be happy to put my Ethereal Vortex within an 1” of any terrain feature and on top of objectives again. Since that overrides the rules.
  5. In my area all the games stores heavily stocked up on 1.0 Sigmar starter sets.... 100+ sets at each location. and then then the majority sat there for months. The stores even broke all the starters in half just to try and sell the models and pieces for cheaper but no one wanted to play. It remained like this until the 1.5 rules came out. And then popularity skyrocketed that when the 2.0 set was released the stores sold out day one even after stocking the same amount as last time.
  6. I think would be a very hotly contested thing to say considering that Sigmar didn’t actually start selling explosively until 1.5 rules were introduced and brought back Matched Play and points back into the game. Some people played Open but it wasn’t selling the game as well as when they brought in what their base players wanted. They gave it a shot and the people said they wanted something more solid rules wise with their voice and their wallets.
  7. It actually sounds like it is working as intended. He’s already 6 attacks 3+ 3+ -1rend rerolling 1s to hit. And he rerolls wounds against heroes. The idea is that he’s creating a buff aura to all the other units by showing them how you kill someone first. Then it’s just if he kills a normal model or a hero/monster you get a good buff or a great one. It’s not as bad as Ironjaws. Call waghh in Hero phase, move and charge everything and hope you stay in tight enough formation to make the rolls needed to use the bonus attacks the waghh grants you.
  8. Balewind Vortex does not push units when it is set up. You must set it up 3” away from enemy units and within 1” of the caster or the spell fails. There is no ability to force enemy or any of your units to move with the balewind. You May be reading the old rules for balewind vortex which are invalid and have been replaced in Sigmar 2.0 rules.
  9. On the plus side Wildwood spam just got a bit harder to use.
  10. I can expand on this if someone wants. But for a d6 game it does do things very well and overall is one of the better systems I’ve played with its core rules. Really the only way to improve is if they upped the sides of the dice to make the game easier to balance.
  11. An interesting part. The Warscrolls for the judgements do not say there is any restrictions on allegiance they just state that a friendly Khorne Priest May summon it.
  12. Yes. All you need is a Khorne Priest to use them there is no restrictions on the allegiance that can take it like all the other faction endless spells. Only on who can cast them.
  13. This section of the forum is more suited to discussing the actual game rules, abilities and interpretations more than anyone’s custom rules. You might have better luck in narrative open play section asking about this. The rules sound interesting but there are a couple of factions which have no priests. destruction has no priest units at all and Death only has Nagash with the priest keyword. Khorne’s, Pestilens and the Chaos warshrine are only priests in chaos. So this might turn out very unbalanced when you see how many factions could actually use that kind of rule. The biggest problem is the factions with endless spells and no priest to cast them. Which is everyone but Stormcast, skaven pestilens and Nagash. Because Khorne and Fyreslayer have priests because theirs are cast by priests already.
  14. The rules are actually written that you roll every attack dice individually and settle each one before moving to the next dice. So one 6 is d3 mortals and the other three that are 5s are now to wound rolls. Most people tend to fastroll instead which is rolling all dice at once. So just treat each dice as an individual attack that has no bearing on any other dice rolled for this attack sequence.
  15. Yes. You can use it as many times as you have Command points and units that are in range and not already affected by the command ability
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