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  1. King Taloren

    Warchanter stacking attacks

    So then bring up another instance of attack sequence ends that can support your claim. There are a bunch out there. Point out where you then go on to modifiers with those rules of unmodified 6s
  2. King Taloren

    Warchanter stacking attacks

    The rules were already posted. A Roll of 1 is an automatic fail and the attack sequence ends immediately. Right there at the roll of the 1. Do not modify do not use any other abilities so not pass go and collect 200$. The only thing you can do with that 1 is reroll it if you have an ability that allows you too. Though if we want to posit some comparisons to this discussion I point out bloodletters and the many unmodified 6rolls that end the attack sequence at the same point.
  3. King Taloren

    Warchanter stacking attacks

    Alright I haven’t found it but with so many of the new battletomes having 6 and 6+ in the same book and not saying unmodified 6s. (Deepkin my prime example of this) I’m pretty sure they changed it since so many of the old 6 are now unmodified 6s I’m updated scrolls. Onto this sword of judgement thing. 1s CANNOT be modified for any reason they are an automatic failure and cannot be changed into anything but a 1.
  4. King Taloren

    Warchanter stacking attacks

    As a quick point out though the ability is only on a 6. Not a 6+ so it it only works on an unmodified 6s so the plus 5 to hit does nothing for this attack. Core rules state treat any rule that says 6 instead of 6+ is to be treated as an unmodified 6
  5. King Taloren

    Neferatas twilights allure multiple times

    No because it is an aura ability so it does not stack. This is a limit GW has placed on even ones that do not use command points. Anything with a range that affects all units within it don’t stack.
  6. King Taloren

    Battle Traits...

    Welcome. Hehe sounds like you have been playing hard mode there. ? Things get better with full access. Yeah the only restriction is on the general’s trait and if you choose a specific sub faction within the allegiance.
  7. King Taloren

    Battle Traits...

    If you are talking about the one you choose for your general to have as a command trait. Yes you pick only one of those. (Like General has +2 health) If you are talking about the allegiance abilities that affect your entire army you use all of them. (Such as Idoneth deepkin can only be targeted by shooting attacks if they are the closest model to the enemy.)
  8. King Taloren

    Doppleganger Cloak: Activate vs Attack?

    Yeah that is the proper way to use the cloak but in this scenario the cloaked model was the last one standing on the field
  9. King Taloren

    Doppleganger Cloak: Activate vs Attack?

    You have to attack per core rules. All models in combat must pile in and attack if they are able to and have a viable target to attack. There is no avoiding the combat with the doppelgänger cloak. All models in combat must pile in and attack. So the opponent charges the hero and cannot activate because the cloak doesn’t allow for a legal target so then the cloak has to activate and attack, there is no passing allowed until you have no viable combats. Then the other player can attack the cloaked player because the cloak had to activate and attack first to make a viable target to have a combat. There is still hope the combat won’t be enough to kill the cloaked hero but he’s still going to have to eat all the attacks piled in on him first
  10. King Taloren

    How do I make beasts of nurgle good?

    There really isn’t a secret to them. Nurgle on a whole isn’t really that good at dealing damage without certain combos and even then it’s most often than not going to be on the lower tier. The beasts have a cute set of mechanics but they have a big fault of random number of attacks and 0 rend. Your best hope is to keep them leashed near a hero and hope you roll high on attacks. Trying to go for that 2 damage hit but don’t expect to kill hero’s with him alone, even with his equally cute 4+ D3 damage on retreat. Though he isn’t likely to do much other than stall anything with a 3+ save for a turn or two. And a couple of 4+ saves hero models can just flat out erase him. for your 100 points you are getting a very fast 7 wound model with disgustingly resilient that can play pinball with enemy units with a chance to deal mortal wounds as it runs around the table
  11. King Taloren

    Units with horns/banners

    The models with banners and musical instruments, icons, etc., are all treated as carrying the same weapons load out as everyone else in the unit barring the ones who might have a different weapon or shield if that is not something everyone else is carrying. they just have a representation of carrying the special item atop their main weapons. I dk t know the Tzaangors very well but with witch aelves we can choose betweeen two daggers or dagger and shield for the entire unit, the banner and musician carry whichever is the choice for the entire group.
  12. King Taloren

    Attacking Up a Cliff or Ledge

    Yes you can
  13. It’s an interesting idea but it does have the issue that some (ie most) are only scored at the end of the game so it isn’t really that useful to allow someone to pick new ones after completion of one. And depending on how close you are to succeeding one already it would be too easy to choose certain ones qhen you are almost there like linebreaker or attrition. If they were closer to the triumph and treachery objectives then it wouldn’t be that much of a problem. Like put a wound on the enemy general, or steal an objective.
  14. King Taloren

    Bonesplitterz: Wurgogg Prophet Command Ability

    No. Abilities cannot activate outside of the phase stated on the ability. Even when though you are able to attack like it is the combat phase it does not allow you to use an ability that only works during the combat phase.
  15. King Taloren

    Woods and trees

    But there is nowhere in the rules that state treat the tree as a separate piece from the citadel woods terrain. The rules I believe are very specific as to treat the entire piece as a singular piece