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  1. King Taloren

    Bloodclaw Starhost: Strategic Mastery

    Well FAQ actually says they are flat out not used anymore. All have been replaced by the battletome and the subsequent GHBs. So guess that might be what takes it out completely for matches and open play.
  2. King Taloren

    Bloodclaw Starhost: Strategic Mastery

    They are a bit slow with updating the app a lot of the time FAQ says ignore all battalions in GA Order for seraphon now.
  3. King Taloren

    Bloodclaw Starhost: Strategic Mastery

    All the Grand alliance Seraphon Battalions have been removed from matched play now so there is no need to worry about the ability anymore
  4. King Taloren

    Sword of Judgement and conflicting 6+ rules

    FAQ as of today states abilities only trigger once. You can get both abilities to work. You do get D6 hits but only one of those hits is D6 mortal wounds from the sword of judgement the rest are normal hits.
  5. King Taloren

    Warchanter stacking attacks

    FAQ as of today states that a 1 is a failure and failures do not proc any ability that trigger what a modified roll could.
  6. In Azyr the Arachnarok is listed as a single model it does not say anything about the goblins riding him so I think it is safely argued that in this case the grots are the mount not the spider. This will be fixed either way very soon with the Moonclan book coming out next couple of months. in fact the grots are listed under an ability not as a part of the model normally.
  7. King Taloren

    Briarstorm Question

    Yeah I’d have to say it does until GW changes it to say normal and charge moves. They themselves have stated any move means any movement of models. Is that a Sylvaneth spell?
  8. King Taloren

    Sword of Judgement and conflicting 6+ rules

    I agree. The Sword of Judgement is not looking for number of hits it is looking specifically for hit rolls of 6+. It does not care if the roll would be a miss or give additional hits with another dice roll. The damage is dealt immediately after the 6+ is determined at the same stage the 6 would cause the additional hits with an additional dice roll. There has been other artifacts that GW has stated effects on weapons that make you pick and choose which effect you wish to use because one takes precedence over the other. (I believe it was using a artifact that causes mortal wounds on 6s on a character who does mortals on 6s and they ruled that you pick which mortal wound proc cause you can’t have both.) So you have to pick which you want more. Additional hits or D6 damage.
  9. King Taloren

    Sword of Judgement and conflicting 6+ rules

    No cause the damage is d6 for every 6+ On the hit roll not for every hit that is rolled.
  10. King Taloren

    Archmage question

    It refers to any model in range. A more complex answer is that the unit doesn’t have to be wholly within the 18” range but only the models who are in that bubble get the benefit of the aura. But for each failure you must remove one of those models and can no longer make saves when there are none in that 18”. this save is taken at the damage step instead of the main save step so you are already allocating wounds to models in the unit not the unit itself
  11. King Taloren

    Archmage question

    Yes because it says any model within 18” of him that is part of your army. It is not allegiance specific on who is targeted by the spell’s aura.
  12. King Taloren

    Kharadran Overlords Embarking rule and deployment.

    Yeah they revamped a lot of the rules from7th to 8th. Made weapons skill and ballistics very similar to sigmar a over the old WS9 Lellith days.
  13. King Taloren

    Kharadran Overlords Embarking rule and deployment.

    Transports in 40k are supposed to be the same deployment style it’s been discussed in a warhammer community article back when they released 8th Ed. To lessen the number of drops for a better chance of initiative just like battalions in sigmar since there is no equivalent in 40k. and all transports are purchased individually in 40k now.
  14. King Taloren

    Demon Icon Bearers and special unit members

    Thinking of this from a TO position. I would rule it as WYSIWYG on your plague drones that are added. You can’t put additional command modelsunless you have specifically built them for this. I think the one exception is that the plague ridden cannot be more than one. So if you plagueridden dies and you proc the 1 on bravery I would have no problem with it being brought back. Having more than 1 though I would need to see a good case for that since there is nothing in the rules to indicate that you can have more than one leaderin a unit at the start of the match nor add more of them in on any warscroll that can be summoned/revive/added during the game.
  15. King Taloren

    Kharadran Overlords Embarking rule and deployment.

    He is correct. The rule for the arkanaut ironclad and frigate is declare what units are on board when the ship is setup on the battlefield instead of separately. Much like transports in 40k when they are deployed. You deploy them all in one setup instead of setting them up as if they were separate units. This is one of the only special rules that allows for more than one u it set up at a time outside battalions