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  1. Well it is kind of a buff though there are a couple of drawbacks. Flying units still can reach you on a 9” charge if they are summoned. If you have taken a upper story above the objective it’s easier for the enemy to take it from you provided they can get enough models in the 6” radius on the ground. As you probably can’t put enough models on the upper area to stop him. And if you put non flying models up there you are also stuck having to take a turn climbing down to react to anything.
  2. I would go with 9” straight line ignoring height if any models are up on terrain. Main reasoning for this is that vertical distance is ignored when measuring if a model is in coherence with its unit. (Which I found quite surprising) I would assume summoning and deep striking work the same way. Depending on how high up he was if the unit isn’t flying it probably can’t make a charge since you do have to end up in actual range of the enemy model though you do get the model’ Height to measure from. I’ve always considered Objectives to be a cylindrical that extends up to eternity. Both of these rules are also how it is played in ITC rules for 40k.
  3. Depends on all the wording of the ability. If it says along line of any model with this ability within x” then it does not stack. In the case of the nightmare lantern it looks like it might stack as long as you can fulfill the requirements of wholly within 12”.
  4. I do believe it was a buff given to a unit that was kind of trash without it. I am ok with them having it because it fits the theme of Skullreapers being a murderous bunch of crazed elites. They also cost enough to warrant getting to reroll everything against hordes because that is what they are supposed to be taken against. We just got out of the reroll everything from 1.0 it’s a backstep to the power creep that was just being lamented. A -1 rend does nothing to a squad of Sequitors, especially if played right and either in cover or the lantern is pointed at them. And if they aren’t in cover. with reroll saves they go from rerolling 50% of their possible save rolls to 66% or even 75% at -2 rend. They go from having -2 rend giving 33% saved roll average to 48.6%. Sure there are mortal wounds but now it’s just turning into an argument of “Well this can be broken because this is broken too so it balances it all out” This makes Hag Naar Witches reroll 50% of their hit ills on -1 and they now output 75% conversion of rolls to damage. A squad of 30 now consistently deal around 90 wounds a combat even if you debuff them. Its nice to see a reroll that isn’t 1s or failed but throwing it out for everything is stepping into 40k level damages.
  5. No it just makes the reroll much stronger and removes for army’s with a -1 hit protection part of the protection that reroll before modifications have them. All those 3+ to hits now can reroll all the 1, 2, 3 and even 4s if someone stacked a -2 on those units with reroll hits instead of reroll failed. Someone in Rules just asked if he could reroll all his hits for a chance at getting more 6+s for mortal wounds which RAW is legit. Imagine if they applied the same to saves. Sequitors would go from a tough to destroy unit to a nigh impossible to remove if they could reroll all saves not just failed saves before modifications. You rend means almost nothing anymore.
  6. Fight first is not that rampant... There is one faction that gets it for all units on battle-round 3 (or 2 with a Tidecaster General but then you are losing out on part of the high damage and unable to run eel battleline.) All other factions have most of the time a single model or unit that can fight first, and most of them are restricted to the general. Slaanesh might be the only other exception.
  7. If they have to move over a wall, any units in the way, or any piece of terrain that any non-flying unit would have to climb over to get anywhere then yes it would technically reduce their movement that way. As they would have to move around or over reducing their effectiveness in how they can move but not the actual measure of their listed movement.
  8. It all depends on the tournament officials. Some run realm rules and others don’t. If the tournament is running realm rules they usually choose ahead of time what realms you will play for all your games. Sometimes you will roll for the effects and most times they will even have that chosen so everyone knows what to expect.
  9. Yes you are allowed to reroll all hit rolls with trial of skulls as long as the enemy unit has over 5 models even successes if you wish. Since it says reroll hit rolls instead of failed rolls.
  10. I actually saw Azgore in the list of what sigmar factions you collect you might have overlooked it.
  11. I think it’s more an example that the majority of posters who are participating in this thread are playing matched play. If you want to voice an opinion about balance in open play and narrative please do. I think insight of how balanced the game is on the other side would be somewhat informative. Though if it involves a bunch of house rules that might point out a problem...
  12. It’s an optional rule. You don’t have to use any of the realm rules if you don’t want to. If you and your opponent want to use the realms you can then decide which realm and rules to use then. Edit: wtf am I getting downvoted for a legit answer......😡
  13. Bronze rune is also your friend against magic heavy lists. Force all wizards to reroll all successful castings within range. Then you still have your deny to use afterward. On other hand the spell caster can’t stop blood boil at all so all those spammable D6 mortals against him if he is close enough to magic snipe your priests. Morathi would be the only one that could snipe out of range of both and if she is doing that she might not be doing her job at buffing her units.
  14. Khorne now has Judgements that work like endless spells with better benefits for Khorne’s players and all slaughter priests can deny spells and dispell endless spells as if they were wizards so that weakness isn’t a factor like it was previously. Also Khorne are almost as fast as Daughters of Khaine with a Bloodstoker and a few other combos. They don’t really need much for ranged support.
  15. It should be a hard fight but it doesn’t mean that it’s an instant loss or victory for either side. It also depends on factors outside of choosing Rock Paper Scissors. Dice rolls the movement and generalship of the armies. If there is a way to stop the enemy from shooting it can swing things in favor of the other army. Balance should mean an army has access to a variety of tools to help offset weaknesses of other units with their own counters and strengths. Though as an army while there would also be counters and strengths as well. A good example is Idoneth Deepkin vs Shooting armies. Idoneth have the best anti shooting rule outside of not shooting at all. But some units in the army will die quickly if they are in range to be shot without support so there is a small counter right there internally.
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