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  1. King Taloren

    Balewind and arcane sac with endless spells

    Just as a quick note a nonwizard who can unbind spells like a wizard can still attempt to unbind the endless spell as it is being cast but not after it is in play.
  2. King Taloren

    Balewind and arcane sac with endless spells

    No. There was an FAQ regarding this in the Malign Scorcery that stares any abilities that extend range of spells so not extend the range you set up endless spells.
  3. King Taloren

    Can you decrease the range of an Endless Spell?

    @Isotop I’m aware of the FAQ but it is only in regards to abilities that extend spell ranges and not setup ranges but it doesn’t say that circumstances that decrease a range are not affected. A realm/scenario rule is not the same as an ability. As it can even override warscroll switch their rules. Eg Total Commitment completely removes reserves from even allegiance abilities like Stormcast. It could be such a case that endless spells have no impediment on their ranges though it just makes Sigmar Comet way OP in realm of shadow and other game settings where spells and shooting are restricted. It’s pretty potent as it is but then in this situation it’s a alpha strike bomb that you can’t have any counterplay or a chance to strike back in your following turn. And also as a side note there is nothing in the FAQ or rules that dispell range is decreased either which means one can dispel the comet from30” and cast it again on the next turn.
  4. King Taloren

    can abhorrant archregent be the ally of the legion of blood?

    As long as it doesn’t say that you have to be the general you can use any command abilities from any models in your army. as far as the actual allying the arch regent I believe you can unless they changed the ally lists in the new book
  5. King Taloren

    D6 Movement profiles & Running

    You are doing it right. Random movements always add another D6 because it does not change the randomness of the movement. you always move each unit with separate d6 rolls for each unit.
  6. King Taloren

    Objective Victory Points

    Majority of the scenarios do have players score points at the end of their own turn but there are a couple that score both at the end of the battle round instead. Always read the scenario rules to make sure which one you are playing.
  7. King Taloren

    Hysh command ability vs turn 3 Deepkin

    In FAQ regarding about Idoneth vs Idoneth the one who’s turn it is strikes first so I would assume this goes for even times someone has a similar ability.
  8. King Taloren

    Can you decrease the range of an Endless Spell?

    I would say yes at least as far as setup is concerned. Though someone might have a good counter argument for it. Since the realm features does restrict the range of spells and shooting to x” I don't see how endless spells would be any different
  9. King Taloren

    measurements for scoring

    You are right to a point and by that you could possibly get a single model in range of the objective with that argument. But only one exactly 6” away. Which if you are having to take a late game objective like that is probably not going to happen if the enemy has at least two models there.
  10. King Taloren

    Can you self-ally?

    I think the main reason is so that if you are trying to run any named heroes in stormcast but running a different faction from Hammers. You can ally in the Heroes without losing the tag for the main force because once you choose a named Stormcast Hero you are automatically forced into being Hammers otherwise.
  11. King Taloren

    measurements for scoring

    The fact that to be wholly within the 6” line puts you exactly outside the 6” radius of the objective that is 12” inside the table edge. To be wholly within the model in its entirety must be inside the 6” line from the table and therefore cannot be within the 6” line that can be drawn from the objective. The objective is always measured from the center of the marker per the rule for matched play regarding objectives. So to be within 6” of the objective it would have to break the rules of being wholly within 6” of the table edge with the small defining line drawn straight across starting at the point the models base would end and unable to cross to make the within 6” mark it is .0000001 Inches away but that is still too far away to claim the objective
  12. King Taloren

    Can you self-ally?

    Yeah only way you can get another stormcast subfaction ia to play team games and have your teammates or bring a whole extra army to play stormcasts too.
  13. King Taloren

    Loonshrine rules question

    RAW yeah it looks like you can return them in anytime after they are destroyed. And since he game doesn’t actually end if you get wiped off the board yes you can during your turns. Though it is only one unit and at the end of your turn do they come back so it might not be worth it to keep fighting unless you have a really important objective you need someone standing on right next to the shrine
  14. King Taloren

    Drop counts using magmic tunneling

    The way it is worded sounds like it could count as one drop. At least that is what it looks like RAW since it says “and” instead of “and then” which would count as two drops.
  15. King Taloren

    In a doubles game are command points shared?

    I haven’t seen anything either so you can houserule it. Usually way my group has played it is that each army has its own command points and cannot use anyone else’s for balance/fairness. you could go with shared which could create some interesting moments of trying to balance the need with your teammate.