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  1. Oddly enough I have been on other forums. That's why I started coming here. It would be a shame to see TGA go full warseer. EDIT: or Dakka/Reddit/whatever for those with shorter memories!🤣
  2. The ridiculous amount of negativity on this forum is actually putting me off playing AoS far more than anything GW ever does.
  3. New update out today. Done it, didn't wipe my storm forge lists and in fact fixed the issues with the stormcast lists.
  4. Unpopular opinion: Save stacking was better in second (and first!) edition. I miss my dragon's 1+ rerolling 1's, healing on 5's and bouncing mortal wounds on successful rerolls or nat 6's. Good times🤣
  5. All the holy commands specify knight, lord or draconith apart from call to aid which just says stormcast eternal hero.
  6. I've just started on a Khorne army too and I'm going through the same quandry. Currently I think Gorefists are better, but you just know that when we get a new book it's gonna be dual axes all the way!😄
  7. Just reread the abilities and command abilities sections of the core rules, and I can't find this? Can you point me to it?
  8. Not seeing the problem? Issue command in hero phase Translocate in the hero phase Shoot in the hero phase. What's the issue?
  9. Thunderbolt volley let's the judicators fire in the hero phase, it doesn't say they have to do so as soon as the command is issued. Give command with Lord Relictor. Translocate. Profit.
  10. Your opponent can't redeploy away from a translocation as it's over 9" away. Also it's a set up not a "normal move, run or retreat" so they wouldn't be eligible to anyway.
  11. Vampires that are fat or vampires that drink fat? Or both🤣
  12. Use the command before translocating the unit. It just lets them shoot in the hero phase, it doesn't say they have to shoot immediately.
  13. I went 3-0 in a 24 player 1 day tournament today. Played against Morathi Daughters, Kurnoth heavy Sylvaneth and last game was Stormcast - Stardrake with amulet and allied Gotrek. Harsh! 🤣 All great games, and I have to say I'm more than happy with the new battletome🙂.
  14. Me either. No option to update in play store, tried uninstalling and reinstalling... Nothing! EDIT - scratch that, update has FINALLY appeared!
  15. So no more hand of dust/slayer of kings survival 😭
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