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  1. You're right, the balance *does* seem off in the data set you've cited, though you'd need to do more than take a single statistic and say "this is too high" The analysis that could be done would look at patterns of winning, number of games played with the army, who is playing them, how do the losses look etc.
  2. Lucio

    Oh god this article...

    The lack of research into the reasons for growth are disappointing, even without an interview it should have been clear when and how the improvements started.
  3. Lucio

    The Eight Embers Clan

    A couple of Squigs. I went with yellow as I figured that the fungus that spawn the squigs would absorb a lot of sulphur, and pick up the bright yellow colour
  4. I'd certainly look at starting a gaming related business, though overall I suspect a "Community Centre" approach might be better, so a shared space for wargaming, LAN gaming, dance classes, hang out space etc. Goes without saying I'd fund TGA's site for the foreseeable. If I won serious money, I'd look to fund some seriously affordable housing in the South East, as in, plan on a 20 year or longer return on investment to try and tackle the housing inequality, without "giving" the money away. Aim would be to get rents down to 50% of the local market or lower (so around £500 a month for a flat or £750 a month for a house), with long term security for tennants who take care and aren't anti social
  5. Lucio

    Painting Competition

    So, I've been an off and on member of Bolter and Chainsword for a few years, and when I was getting started back into the hobby, one of the big helping hands was entering their "Call to Chaos" painting event. In case you aren't familiar, the idea was that the different sub-forums (in TGA's case, the Grand Alliances), work to complete a number of painting pledges within a time limit. If they're completed to a minimum standard, you score the model's points for your forum's score. No prize at the end, just bragging rights Is it worth giving it a go here?
  6. Lucio

    GW's Half Yearly Report

    *none* of the words in your post that I originally quoted gave any context or suggestion that you were making a specific point regarding a narrow focus. Do I argue that all companies are legally obliged to make money for their shareholders? Yes, because it's a matter of fact that many people aren't aware of when they criticise the profit grabbing behaviour of companies. Raising awareness is the first step in working to get lasting change, because I'd rather businesses were freed from the constraints of the stock market.
  7. Lucio

    GW's Half Yearly Report

    You mean, as required by law for any publically owned company? If you object to a company making money, then you need to talk to your MP, because it's a requirement under law that directors of a company must act at all times to maximise their shareholders return, and indeed a company can fire directors and have them face criminal charges for doing anything but that. Now that isn't a carte blanche to charge what you like, because there is a price point where people stop buying, but to complain a company is trying to make money is daft *unless* you think that captialism needs serious examination
  8. Lucio

    How to paint Rockgut Troggoths?

    This'll give you the blending techniques used The blues used will likely be Hoeth Blue Lotherean Blue or Fenrisian Grey Blue Horror and/or Baharroth Blue
  9. Lucio

    Dread Solstice aftermath

    The plot in the Dread Solstice was about the route taken, rather than changing the end destination because it's the only way it can tie into the pre planned and pre written products. Doesn't make it pointless though, as the choices made can and will be refered back to, likely than not via the Black Library and future army books. It wouldn't surprise me if the ones in pre-production had open plot hooks linked to the choices, so it'd only be a matter of picking the right page layout
  10. Lucio

    Rockgut troggoths sold out

    GW have a unique advantage over any many manufacturers. With an effective monopoly, they can afford to sell out of a product, and produce more later on, especially gauging demand via the clicks on "email me when back in stock" So I'm expecting until the new warehouse and factory come online, that they'll be doing this more and more often
  11. Lucio

    How many editions until...

    Is this really something people worry about? Really??
  12. Lucio

    Nurglings Riding Squigs!!

    What's not to love! If anyone asks, they're Snotlings 😛
  13. Lucio

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    I'm looking to build my army a little at a time, so some of my choices might seem suboptimal. How does the following stike people to get going though? Loonboss with Giant Cave Squig Mollog Zarbag Fungoid Shaman 40 x Stabbas with spears 12 x Squig Herd 5 x Sneaky Snufflers
  14. Lucio

    GW's Half Yearly Report

    The report is broadly in line with what I was expecting. Growth has become steady as the impact of Primaris Marines and discount boxes lessen, and the international price rises bite. In particular the handling of the currency changes in Aus/NZ didn't win them any friends, because there was no comment or attempt to explain why, or even an acknowledgement that they'd gone up. The significant drop in FW/BL is worrying, but part of me suspects it's due to the lessening in popularity of Heresy, coupled with the stock cull and the shift to sell books direct via Amazon (costing them at least 30% of the turnover) All in all, the company is more than healthy, but expect a drop in share price over the next 12 months as the market adjusts to the new norm.
  15. Lucio

    Age of Sigmar RPG

    Whilst I love the idea of an AoS RPG, I'm concerned that the product that arrives will share too much in common with WFRPG, which is an outdated, overly complex system compared to the more modern, streamlined systems such as D&D 5th and Savage Worlds. Concerns about the system aside, the game's been in development since shortly after the initial release, has the new setting approaches and thoughts from AoS 2 made it into the setting? It's a massive tone difference from the Realmslayer War to the Soul Wars, and the setting matured a lot. Final thought is how much of a human-centric focus does the game have? The factions most suited to an RPG haven't really been fleshed out, beyond the excellent Callis and Toll novels and the Malign Portents shorts. We know a little about the cities, and the Duardin pop up but the Aelves aren't really "done"