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  1. Someone has to be the best, and like everything in life it's a combination of luck, practice and genetics. As long as he's not a ****** about winning all the time, who cares?
  2. Ask him if you can write his army list for him, and he does the same for you. Narratively you're both generals newly appointed to the army so have little idea what you have to command
  3. Sir Snagboing de Splatt, a Loonboss on a Giant Cave Squig had a vision once in a fungus brew induced haze. He saw a horde of knights with fluttering pennants and big crested helms ride down a horde of Stabbas. The Madcap Shamans told him it was a sign from Da Bad Moon Now he and his Knights that go Booooinnnggg all wear similar helms and practice this shivalry (stabbing people in the front not the back)
  4. If you want a really orange sandstone, then instead of Tallarn sand, start from Doombull Brown or Ratskin Flesh. You can also try washing the early stages with a 50/50 mix of Sepia and Fuguan Orange
  5. Really? By that point why bother? A new Warhammer Quest set will be out which'll do the job just fine.
  6. This is the Squig you want for a Bloodthirster body https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Grot-Warboss-Giant-Squig Resin, so easy to cut away to shape.
  7. Edge highlights are a fairly advanced option What I would do in your case is to start with one of the two routes 1) Base, Shade, Drybrush 2) Base, Layer, Shade If you download the Citadel app there's videos detailing both approaches, and it'll help you learn and practice your brush control necesscary to get to that level. Finally, try watching this video for some ideas
  8. Amazing work, love the vibrant colours and themes
  9. Showed these pictures to Phill Kelly at WarhammerFest whilst we were chatting about the AoS community, he thought they were amazing.
  10. Agree with your general consensus that it's certain build ideas that are problematic rather than the entire army. Flesh Eater Courts issue is that Gristlegore armies are almost entirely Behemoth's and has command tactics and allegiance abilities to allow 2 or 3 activiations per combat phase.
  11. See, I'm reading the Mercanaries as "Dogs of War", specific units you can add into most if not all armies
  12. I'm very happy with what they're trying to achieve. It takes the first 2 or 3 steps if a normal painting job in one go. Personally think they need washing and or drybrushing afterwards to bring them back to a normal colour
  13. Yup, those are visually distinct from the front but so feel like the same creature. The darker one feels older, the more ornate howdah befits it's status as the veteran. The younger, lighter one is still settling in, it's crew yet to win many treasures or accolades, they decry the symbol of their master because they're brash upstarts.
  14. See this is where my mind went too. Your favourite elements of the World that Was appear in Shyish, the inhabitants unaware that their world ended. In fact, take it a step further, the souls there because they won't accept they're dead, so they move through their motions of thier lives, tortured by half remembered dreams of their demise until they face up to what happened and can move on.
  15. Would an Aleguzzler or Bonegrinder Gargant work in a Troggoth-heavy list? Had an idea to convert one up as an overly large mutant Dankhold Troggoth Also, Troggoth Hag, useful or would a couple of slave Shamans work better?
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