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  1. Looks fantastic! Hope it plays well at Warhammer World. For the Khadaron idea, instead of an airship, have a landship instead. Basically a bigger variant of the Steamtank with better guns
  2. Lucio

    The Eight Embers Clan

    Been a while since I last updated, have had problems with my hands due to a trapped nerve that's made it hard to paint. Still, got a few more done! My Fungoid shaman and detachable scenic base, plus Zarbag himself and a few of his gits. If you're thinking "that's not Zarbag" he donated a couple of parts to my Loonboss with Giant Cave Squig, but I think my kitbash with what's left feels a lot like a grumpy old Madcap Shaman
  3. Lucio

    Your favorite unit model kit

    Has to be the Gobbapolooza, a set of 5 incredibly characterful masterpieces
  4. Lucio

    Trying to find certain custom tokens

    These come highly recomended https://scenerydice.co.uk/ The document you describe sounds a bit like the one for Hinterlands, a skirmish supplement that was popular on this site. Don't know if you can still download it as rumour has it the author was employed by GW
  5. Definitely like this!
  6. The boards are aimed at casual players, and sized to the "standard" 6 person UK dining table, at about 5.5ft x 3.5ft Basically someone went to Argos and Ikea, checked table sizes and matched the cheaper end of the spectrum.
  7. Lucio

    Carrion Empire Gone Already?

    My local GW store surprisingly got no copies of the warscroll cards, 3 Skaven and 1 FEC tomes and only 2 Carrion Empire. At the end of the day, only 1 of each tome sold (and no one else asked), and no Carrion Empire sold. So all in all, stock levels looked roughly right
  8. Lucio

    Painting Finecast

    It's not the right primer is the issue. It's designed for acrylic surfaces, not resin. Try a spray primer, they usually work a lot better on the resin models, finecast or not
  9. Lucio

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    I'm hoping for it to be the launch of the Darkoath models. Give us a Darkoath band led by a Chaos Warriorakin and a Freeguild opposition force led by a Stormcast. Terrain wise, it sounds like they've got a fairly specific concept in mind. Whilst I'd love an Azyrite ruin set to the same kind if detail as the Sector Imperalis set, I think we'll get something more Chaosy
  10. My only issue with the Grand Alliance is despite being conceptual ideas (pro-Sigmar, Pro-Chaos, Pro-Nagash and Waaaggh), they are very much split on racial lines. I'd have liked to have seen Destruction aelves, Death Duardin, Chaos Orruks etc.
  11. Lucio

    Warhammer Heroes

    There's a typo there, should be Carl F Buttle (obscure joke) 😛
  12. Lucio

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    Warcry certainly feels like it'll fit into the same market, and explains why Skirmish rules were getting updated via WD. It'll undoubtedly be it's own rules system, with a view to tournament balancing because GW have been working hard to displace X-Wing and the like.
  13. Lucio

    Carrion Empire

    Got to ***** those ***** ****** auto edits ****** from S****horpe
  14. Anything with a -1 to hit is your friend here. If you can stack -2 even better. It'll weaken their relatively cheap tactic (I'm assuming they deepstrike to use the Rapid Fire) Off the top of my head Gloomspite Gitz and Plaguebearers both can do this, plus a Lord of Blights can boost another unit.
  15. Stupid as it sounds, using the point of the brush will *always* cause the point to go because you're putting presure that's bending the bristles. To get a straight line you need to apply the brush at an angle to the surface and get the edge of the bristles along the surface. Easier on the edges of a model, than on the flat surface but worth practicing.