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  1. Lucio

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    That'd be cool if added as a fifth Mark of Chaos, the Horned Rat
  2. Lucio

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    Personally I'm using some Gorebeast Chariots for mine, partially because I've been able to get some cheaply, partially because the Gorebeast is an amazing model and partially because my "theme" is a Knightly Order of Nurgle pledged Beastmen
  3. Worth emailing customer services to ask if you could buy one? If you're polite and explain your situation maybe they can help. Also, don't know about distance, but road trip to the Warhammer Citadel?
  4. It's entirely possible that kits are being kept low in stock in preparation for a new release later in the year. After seeing the Beasts of Chaos release, I could easily see a similar trick to do a "Free Guild" or "Cities of Sigmar" release that combines the Free People, Ironwield Arsenal and Collegiate back into a single army.
  5. Well when a Mummy Sigmar and a Daddy Sigmar love each other very much....
  6. Overall I think Beasts of Chaos is simply a release that was made because there were a couple of cool miniature ideas, a decent sized range of plastic to draw from and options to tie into people's exisiting Chaos God armies or to go it alone.
  7. Lucio

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    No, units of 6 to make them easier to buff with your Shoggoth. With a cunning mix of Saraus warrior and maurauder you could also build some Bestigor or Gors which are lizard legs and human torsos to fit into the army theme
  8. Lucio

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    So, building an Order of the Flies themed army, mixing in Chaos Warrior, Knights and Chariot models to keep the feel of a bestial knightly order (as Gors/Bestigors, Centigors and Razigor Charriots) How could I convert some of the larger models into the army?
  9. What I've not seen mentioned so far, is that the effective exchange rates on the Forgeworld site, appear to be predominately identical to those that the GW site has been using for years. Yes, the overall change is painful if you live overseas, and no, it's not been done for your benefit other than making it easier to plan purchases in advance.
  10. Lucio

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    I'm keen to see how this works out, as I've wanted to an army based on the Order of the Fly, using a mix of Chaos Warrior and Beastmen parts
  11. Lucio

    Warhammer AOS: Champions

    No, pre-order at a discounted £120 However they said due to popular feedback they'd put two play mats in instead of the 1 originally planned
  12. Lucio

    Games Workshops new job page is live........

    Translation of technical documents, which game rules effectively are, is an incredibly difficult job, especially when words in the source language simply don't exisit in the destination language. English has the lingustic distinction of absorbing a large number of words and concepts from all over the world, whereas other languages have tended to grow based on internal needs. Heck, if you look at French as an example, they actively reject English sourced words but often don't have an alternative
  13. Lucio

    Free Cities Scenery

    Won't lie, considering a 3D printer to support my terrain habit. That said, these guys have a good range https://www.4ground.co.uk/ and you can find simliar by searching for Mordheim terrain ideas still
  14. Feels more like that there's an update that's only partially pushed out linked to Warhammer Legends imo
  15. Lucio

    Rules of 1 discussion

    Personally I prefer to limit the real issue, that individually the powers are fine, but stacking the same or similar effects have unintended consequences So instead of limiting their use, put a blanket rule that states each phase a unit can only benefit from a single offensive and single defensive buff