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  1. So, classic armies + long neglected =popular? Aelves and Dwarves, I see you coming 😎
  2. I would just buy a base of the right size, then fill it with a cooking device big enough that the base doesn’t look too empty. 😊
  3. Thank you for motivating me to finish painting the model 😄 Maybe with some yhetees he should be a reasonable objective holder in smaller games. I’ll try and see 😎
  4. Aw, man. So it’s back to basics. Tyrant not worth it, single HoTT not worth it. Hunter&.Sabers yes, Gluttons only if 12. Butcher rebasing. And I thought I almost had an army. 😅
  5. Actually, I always thought that the Warcraft world was in wide parts... eh... inspired by Warhammer. As close to copyright infringement as they could get. 😎 Oh, and Schlusselschloss was just weird. Or Leicheberg.
  6. Sometimes it works fine. Stonehorn and Thundertusk may not be exotic, but it gives you an immediate idea of how the mini looks and works.
  7. Actually, in Germany there are six towns called Altdorf. Plus several in Switzerland. 😅 Reikland sounds like Rheinland for a german. Named after the river Rhein/Reik. Makes perfect sense.
  8. Name=word1+word2 does make it easier for fans to name their own things. And they needed some distinct world-internal convention to bind it all together, just like the badly written German names in the old empire. That said, it’s getting on my nerves too. 😅😎
  9. Something like this, with a stonehorn Horn as arm, should be relatively easy to build as cauldron:
  10. I use the app for reading through warscrolls of armies I am not playing. Of course, warscroll builder for experimenting with possible builds. Everything else has to be paper for me. Just personal preference.
  11. Maybe there is another way: Diversify possible builds for each army. If, say, a pure Stonehorn force becomes viable, people will be interested to buy more of the existing models. When hordes became a thing, people had to buy more basic troops etc. That’s one reason why I think artillery is coming. I‘d also be very interested in the number of sales for old and new armies. I can imagine that for someone new to the hobby it doesn’t matter, since everything is equally new to them. Many veterans may be more interested in adding to their existing armies. And those who come back after a pause may still like the old armies more. Thus, I wouldn’t be so sure that new armies necessarily sell better than new-made classics.
  12. Maybe more like anti-horde artillery? It’s the direction they recently took with the Thundertusk changes.
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