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  1. Not sure it’s so simple to just change direction. GW worked for 45 years in the miniature game market to become the giant in that little niche that they now are. That’s where they have a name, that’s what they’re known for. I don’t see them become a major player in a completely different niche (that’s already filled by others, with actually much more money to toss around) just by choosing so and throwing some money. Just not how the world works imo.
  2. BCR still work well as a „pure“ list, rules- and fluffwise. Many say even better than before or in mixed lists. I’d go so far as to name the Mawtribes book a good example of how to (re)combine armies without losing their uniqueness in the process, but with gaining possibilities that can be explored.
  3. No, we get shadowy assassin aelves and snakey assassin aelves. Maybe some flying owly assassin elves to round it all up? 😎
  4. I don’t get the elf stuff in AoS, actually. I mean, they are all Order, they squabble a bit as to who is the most well-liked elf flavor of this god or that, but they can all ally all the same. There is no REAL conflict, which makes them narratively a bit samey. I mean, High and Dark Elves killed each other on sight, and for good reason, while the Woodsies would kill both if they came near their forest. AoS elves seem comparably rather tame.
  5. Which, of course, strikes a more sensitive nerve in a time where comparable narratives are actually endorsed in real-world politics by a growing number of voters. As much as you may try to keep a fantasy world apart from real development, it’s inevitably shaping the way people look at the fantasy. That’s just a fact.
  6. The prices of molds can’t be that much of a problem, considering how many of them were created in the last years for some specialist game warbands, which were surely no big sellers, and which even were relatively reasonably prized individually.
  7. I could imagine that the aim at religious fundamentalists fighting demons was at least in part making fun of the people who thought D&D would teach their kids to summon the devil. 😄 But. With all those heavy themes, it’s really important how they are represented. For example, you don’t see environmentalists criticizing 40k for endorsing the building of industrialized megacities, while poisoning whole planets. Why is that? Because it’s shown as really detrimental to all inhabitants involved. The xenophobia is a bit more complicated, because it’s shown to be generally justified: Many, if not most of the alien species really are a danger to the humans and their imperium, the humans often „only defend themselves from the invaders“. In this day and age, those are arguments that sound all-too familiar, especially in the last 18 months. We should be very aware of that.
  8. I don’t know. A gaming console is a piece of pretty sophisticated electronic hardware (even though such things are easily mass-produced nowadays), while a Gargant miniature or two is basically a piece of pressed plastic (even though well designed etc.). In my mind, they should be priced on completely different levels for me to say „That’s a fair offer“. I admit, I never understood capitalism.
  9. First thought: YAY!!!! Second thought: Omg, Man o War Basic would be 250+€ today... 350+ if I want to play a fleet I like... Sad times, those.
  10. Remember that they definitely don’t hold back to tell you the unpleasant results that such ideologies have. No one in their right mind would want to live in the 40k universe for even a day. It’s never presented as anything anyone would wish for outside the game.
  11. Guess what: Every hobby that needs to have several people of different households in a single room for a few hours has lost a lot of steam this year. I wonder why that is. Must be the prices. 😄 Though price increases may not exactly help, of course.
  12. Currently writing my house rules as a combination of Hinterlands and Shardsfall. Hobby time and money go into terrain pieces. I, for one, have fun. 😃
  13. Short term, yes. Viable strategy. But the whales of today didn’t start as such, I would say. And if fewer people begin collecting, fewer will turn out to develop into the whales of the next generation. Even fewer will begin/make that development if it becomes more difficult to find other new players in their area. Not a viable long-term strategy.
  14. May be that the delivery chains are already changing. But in formal laws and taxes, nothing has changed yet. The big changes will come in January. I could imagine that they build their price structure so that prices don’t have to suddenly jump up with the beginning of next year. Or maybe they build up capital to weather the inevitable blow next year. Just wild guesses, of course.
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