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  1. What’s more Destruction than big ragtag war machines? We Ogors do have them, but they have weak rules. Maybe Stone-hurling Gargants will make up for this? Hobgoblin mounted archers would also be a nice addition, which would fit in all the destruction armies. Maybe as mercenaries/allies only?
  2. Looking at an app takes me out of the direct experience in any context. If I’d spend actually more time with looking at an app than looking at the table, I’d really rather play a computer game in the first place. But I’m old, and surely the next generations will have a very different point of view. Which is ok. The only problem I see is that complexity can (and, thus, maybe will) be added and handled, complexity that you don’t even have to be aware of the whole time. Which objectively does divide you from experiencing the game as it works.
  3. There are lots of possibilities to build plants and trees from different materials. Not saying it could be done easy or quick, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.
  4. Ogors Gluttons are still tough and fast, have a devastating charge, are good to buff and due to multiple wound models good to heal. Not bad for an unconditional battleline.
  5. I immediately thought „WoW Blood Elves“. In a good way. 😃
  6. I often wonder why the being invested in losses issue seems to work better with 40k. Maybe because the whole Grimdark one minute til midnight trope makes the loss of each planet count? The Imperium is shrinking, while it feels like the Realms are expanding. Also, the planets often fully depend on other planets in the vicinity, just to be able to feed themselves.
  7. It’s actually a risky strategy of GW, I think. People quickly get suspicious toward everything new if it gets ended after a short time. People learn from experiences, especially bad ones. As far as I remember, the whole idea of the last GHB was that it would last for years and only the booklet with the points would get updated annually? Wasn’t this even officially stated?
  8. You mean historically crazy snake elf women went to war in armor?
  9. Actually, I have no idea what gender anyone here is. Doesn’t interest me either.
  10. At least in Dark Heresy rpg, among the members of the Tyrantine Cabal (a group of high ranking inquisitors) several are women and one is dark-skinned. The Inquisition has different problems, it seems. 😎
  11. In the Warhammer online pc Game, there was the possibility to play most characters as female. And many players (predominantly male, I assume) used this opportunity. Maybe the players are much more advanced than GW thinks?
  12. In the case of Mawtribes it’s not that many. And since it’s mostly miniatures which have a niche that’s fillable with other units (and which don’t have the strongest rules anyway), it’s not really a big problem for most players. That said, I’d be the first to order new plastic yhetees. 😁
  13. I just think Zombies and skeletons make the perfect ship crew. No food problems, can row and pull sails around the clock without tiring, don’t fear to climb the mast in the worst storm, can not drown, do not get sick. Not prone to mutiny or alcoholism. All the usual problems are just not an issue for them.
  14. I’m more in the Luthor Harkon Team. Go, vampire pirates! 😄
  15. It certainly stirs the pot. So, yes. I’m all for it. 😃
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