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  1. I agree, more often it’s personal life that gets in the way. I was almost done with my 1500 points of Ogors (which were actually quite cheap) and was already looking for shops/hobbying groups to get them on the table (and to motivate me for the last finishing touches) when I got married. Then Corona struck. Since then, I hardly touched a brush. And while I had time to think I began to figure that I wouldn’t have the time to play regularly anyway (or, rather, prefer to spend my free hours/days with wife and daughter). Prices won’t change that. I will paint another miniature every now and then, I think. But if you’re not planning to build a whole army, prices also don’t matter all that much.
  2. I would imagine that very few players started in the last few months, due to Corona. And in the coming months, money will be an issue for many people. Weird timing for a price increase. On the other hand, production will already have a hard time to meet demands. Many online shops are currently out of stock on many items.
  3. That may well be the argument, but is that really the case? I mean, if I bought several boxes of unit xy some weeks ago, and now all of a sudden those same boxes go on sale with 20% off, I won’t be angry. More likely, I‘ll immediately buy a couple more boxes of xy to be able to run a full xy list. 😁 Let‘s face it, wargame miniatures are not collectors items. They are mass products that only possess a worth if you own plenty of the same.
  4. Do they have a policy of never lowering prices? Surely, say, old acolytes would at least sell a bit better if they did? What’s the logic behind this? edit: Maybe it’s like this: People do have their hobby budget (whether explicitly or implicitly) that they spend for GW stuff. That’s, say, 50 or 100 € a month that GW gets anyway. So the only difference that the price makes is how much stuff people get for their budget. So, GW would actually profit from higher prices. Of course, that’s only the case for those customers already on the hook. Years before I delved in I remember actually calculating what an army that interested me would cost me, and decided against it. Don’t know if that’s representative, though. 😅
  5. I find the disparity between cheap and expensive armies annoying. A box of gluttons is 32,50 €, they can be had for 26 €. 6 big models, still quite modern-looking, lots of spare parts and some bonus gnoblars, 240 points on the table. Compare with basic Idoneth Thralls/Reavers: 10 somewhat newer but not much more detailed models, less spare parts, no extras, 130 points on the table go for 40/34 €. Why?
  6. We can still imagine that the authors themselves are only part of the bubble they’re currently describing, therefore being unable to see more than one reality at a time. 😎
  7. I don’t know if powercreep is the right word, since not all new battletomes/armies are stronger than the older. But it can’t be denied that there is some obvious variance in the relative power of different armies. What I don’t understand is that the more experienced players seem to be able to spot these differences at one glance, and the developers obviously don’t.
  8. I still have some left. But in the last weeks I got interested in looking for some new project to maybe try something different. I like the Idoneth, but they still feel half-baked, and no extension of their range in sight. I liked the Lumineth spearmen, archers and riders and had some idea to maybe make them into a AoSified Lothern Sea Patrol, but the cows and hammers didn’t fit at all, and I don’t know if there will be more models that would fit. Now, those Kislevites make me wonder what they may come up with for ToW. Sorry to sound a bit negative today. But I have a feeling that the half-bakedness of much of the current GW stuff isn’t helping with the half-bakedness of my own ideas. Like I said, maybe it’s just me. 😕
  9. You’re right, Sisters was similar. I don’t know if this works, though. Currently, I have a feeling that all those early teases and rumors actually keep me from buying. Something like „let’s first see if there’s something even more interesting down the line, before committing lots of painting time/money“. Is this just me?
  10. I wonder if TOW is really that far away. They are always quick to remember us that this is still sooooo far away... but on the other hand, did we ever see concept art teasers for things that are still 2-3 years in the future from GW?
  11. The big difference to a Tabletop game is, I think, that the players don’t and shouldn’t have a General‘s view over the whole surrounding. So the area of interest only reaches as far as they can see at the moment an encounter takes place. An area of 2x2ft would approximately correspond to an area of 100x100 ft in real life. In many areas, like dense woods, winding town streets or inside buildings, you cannot see that far, so a small board should do. For more open areas you can always switch to narrative time and pure verbal description. ps.: For dungeon fights, I recently made this (actually for Mordheim, but should work in RPGs too):
  12. I think the correct answer would be: It depends. 😄 Seriously, RPGs are veeeery freeform and variable when it comes to scale of encounters , number of encounters and speed of story progression. You can actually play whole evenings without a single fight, or you could play one with a lot of encounters. Many combats start at close distance or in confined spaces, where only the immediate surrounding is of interest. For my WFRP sessions, I had just a block of paper of maybe 60&40 cm (like you‘d put them on a writing desk for scribbling notes) and quickly drew important terrain features on it. But maybe the AoS rpg has more elaborate systems for this.
  13. It’s sad that it’s difficult to buy all the miniatures at the moment. I fear that most things coming from GB into the EU will get quite a steep price increase and a lot of delay in the next year, due to a chaotic Brexit. 😬
  14. Some of these days I will do a conversion with a slaughtermaster pulling a corpse cart. Maybe. 😄
  15. Sadly, I have to work again, and therefore I fear I won’t be able to write a ten-page short story in English (even though I’d REALLY love to write an Idoneth smuggler story 😢). But I look forward to read anything you guys come up with. Honestly, Calderos is developing into the first place in the Realms where I could actually feel at home. 😊
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