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  1. I’d say the answer is Plague Monks. They are one of the cheapest boxes per model, and you can convert almost anything from them with some Cities/40k bits: Acolytes, weapon teams... Stormvermin are also great for conversions, but they are a bit more expensive. Example:
  2. Interesting, but I don’t get it too. Wintertouched is not really worth it with such small units.
  3. Somewhat divided about a possible new dwarf look. I like traditional looks in general, but on the other hand those Lotr dwarves seem soooo bland. Another lotr trend I hate is to give them more humanlike proportions. If I had a wish, I’d love something in the line of the gun crews of the FW Azgorh legion: Babylonians, some heavily armored, some less so. Very dwarven, but with a slight cultural twist to set them apart from that little Viking look. .
  4. Was really shocked about the prices. Then I saw the link is showing them in Australia 😬
  5. I think that’s more to do with the overall structure of the game. Agreeing on a number of points, then setting up models up to that point limit is, on the surface, the only balancing mechanic with which the player actually interacts. Setting up some more points of models after the game begun feels like cheating, obviously. It’s not what was agreed upon.
  6. I really like those „cleaner“ models (=not overloaded with ornamentation on every surface area). Here it lets the eye focus more on the (great) pose as a whole. 🥰
  7. So we got to kill them quickly. Shouldn’t be too hard. They are elves, after all. 😁
  8. I get the feeling that when they got a cool fluffy idea how an army or unit could bend the basic rules, they just run with it, balance being an afterthought. Main goal is that the gameplay doesn’t become stale.
  9. But the tournament experiences do trickle down even to the most casual player I think. Even when I started out with a bit of list building and fantasizing about an army, my choices were formed in part by what I read on the internet about those units. And a big part of discussions about units is how they perform in a tournament environment.
  10. I don’t know. My own hype is mainly dependent on the question if and for what project I could use the minis. A new faction that I’m not going to collect anyway only interests me tangentially, just as single models that don’t really fit into anything I plan. No matter how „new“ they are. I see them, think „yeah, nice“ and that’s it. And I see many here that already have similar invested interests.
  11. Planescape already did this in 1994, just better. With more substance right from the start than AoS managed to accumulate in 6 years. But, granted, they didn’t do miniatures.
  12. A timeline for comparison: WFB was introduced in 1983. First edition Wfrp came in 1986. Literally the first Wfrp campaign was Enemy Within, which came out 1986-1989, and was (still is) widely acclaimed as a milestone in RPG campaign writing. So, at least in RPG circles, the Warhammer world pretty much was an instant and lasting success. It didn’t take decades of world building to be acclaimed.
  13. It’s been 6 years now, and it still hasn’t. No notable PC game, a few books, one RPG that’s all but unknown to anyone without a tabletop background. I’m beginning to think AoS will never get much traction outside the TT game before Oldworld comes around again.
  14. You could say we are the Skaven of Destruction 😄
  15. We know us humans for sure are quite happy to go to war with each other. Why should this be any different among orcs, dwarfs or skeletons? 😄 There are also so many ways to build an army, play and paint and style it that optical and tactical diversity on the table should not suffer too much from some mirror-match once in a while. It may be a problem though if half the players would play one single distinct faction with limited competitive builds. But that’s not where we are in the current AoS.
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