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  1. Otherwise the word „weekend“ for Saturday and Sunday wouldn’t really make much sense. It would have to be called „Weekend and -beginning“. Which would sound quite cumbersome, even for Europeans. 😄
  2. „Own it for life“ is not very useful in a game where only the latest edition is played anyway. As much as I hate to admit it, for a game like Warhammer a subscription system does make sense (or free rules, but that’s a different topic).
  3. The classic Warhammer trope would be more like magic destroying the mage‘s MENTAL health. Which is a quite influential trope in any Dark Fantasy. And, back to topic, that’s what I think whenever I see dragonriders in exotic armor: Melniboné. 😁
  4. I‘d kill for a small group of characterful Gnoblar Trappers with actually useful rules.
  5. What squidologist has not thought of what it would be like to have a mantle? What squidologist has not thought how much more fun to have a funnel?
  6. Exactly. Humans, I suppose, want to do something meaningful, and want to be successful in what they do. And the only meaning, as well as the only measure of success in management lies in making more money. It’s depressing. Not completely serious here. But whenever I heard people far „up the ladder“ talking about the passion for the actual daily work they do, it somehow sounded… hollow. And I get the feeling that they, just like everyone else, are caught up in a system they can’t control.
  7. Maybe… maybe the people who made a management college degree and are now working in management are secretly jealous of those doing interesting and creative work. Maybe they are just bored out of their minds by endless sales numbers, sales numbers, sales numbers. So, at least they want to get paid better as a compensation.
  8. We pay premium prices for premium design, and the Designer himself is paid at minimum wages? Trickle down myth busted. Again.
  9. To be honest, I don’t think I will ever play one of those games at this point. So, to me, Oldworld just means more not-quite-as-over-the-top 28mm miniatures to choose from for building and converting. Which I‘m excited about. 😃
  10. Chaos Dwarves and Hobgoblins united. It could finally happen.
  11. Conversions and the development of a unique color scheme are the main fields of creativity in this hobby. Discouraging this sucks way more blood out of the hobby than GW seems to be aware of.
  12. I got quite fascinated recently with fan-made material, be it in tabletop games, RPGs or even PC games. The quality that some fans produce in their spare time without getting paid is astounding. I also feel like they are often closer to what other fans want, and they often use feedback from the community and discuss openly the rationale behind their design decisions. I think the professional content creators can/should/will have to learn from that in the future.
  13. Wouldn’t it be quite easy to have a rule like „All models have at least the reach of the diameter of their bases“? I always thought reach is what the bases represent. This way, every unit could attack in at least 2 ranks. And reach could be eyeballed easily for quicker combats.
  14. Will Frostsabers still be battleline with a Hunter general?
  15. That would have to be the size of the old Chaos Mammoth! Otherwise, it would invade the design space of the Thundertusk.
  16. I’m a bit biased: I started collecting Ogors before they were souped. I wanted to create an army like a Stone Age hunting party, so it was clear from the beginning that the core should be a Hunter with his pets for tracking and a bunch of foot Ogors and a Slaughtermaster to do the killing and butchering. It was a risk, if they wouldn’t have been souped later, I wouldn’t have a playable army that fits my idea. So I’m very happy with the souping. To generalize, souping makes thematic lists possible that wouldn’t work otherwise. An important plus.
  17. There is a place for industrial, demon-binding Babylonian dwarfs in everyone’s heart.
  18. I had a similar thought when I was thinking about Mordheim, which very explicitly and deliberately has random happenings occurring in every phase of the game. In my opinion, it’s the heart and reason for all the dice rolling in any tabletop game: it’s so that unforeseen situations can occur that force the player to react and adapt his plans on the fly. Which helps simulating the situation of a general leading an army into Battle: Only part of it is planning. The other part is thinking on your feet and adapting to bad happenings.
  19. I’m actually happy with this outcome. I feared that Soulblight would only get some of the LoN units, making it another small army with limited choices. But inheriting basically all LoN units, Soulblight is now a veritable Vampire Counts 2.0, with a nice big palette of old and new models.
  20. (where’s the edit button?) edit. Found it. 😅
  21. Wfrp was just more grounded because of the chosen perspective (most characters being simple, superstitious and quite ignorant empire humans) and scope (mainly playing in the Empire, no large battles occurring). Everything more outlandish still existed and could be incorporated or completely left out as just some wild rumors as preferred by the players and gamemaster. Which was very clever for an RPG. Whereas WFB was wild and, it seems, did get wilder over time. But it still did have cores of basic, nonmagical troops with standard weaponry in almost every army, and most armies were composed in a traditional Infantry/Cavalry/Artillery style.
  22. Simply put, mortal wounds should have drawbacks, like everything in the game should have. So if MWs are only caused by very expensive units, squishy spellcasters or very special circumstances, and include some random elements so you can’t solely rely on them to take something out, they shouldn’t be a problem.
  23. It’s a large base to fill. What about some more models to fill it? Gnoblars making way for the big one? Or some animals snapping at his catch? Or some bloody leftover corpse bits?
  24. Yea, but it’s basically a wargame. Can’t blame people for wanting to kill at least some stuff at some point. Also, any unit should run the risk of being killed, at least if focused upon by a solid chunk of the opposing army. Where’s the suspense in a technically unkillable unit?
  25. I still have enough unpainted stuff, to be honest. 😅
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