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  1. AaronWIlson

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    It's a cyclic thing, I think at the moment they're bringing all codexes up to a DoK/LoN/FEC Level
  2. AaronWIlson

    So what about DoK and Legions?

    It's much easier to make tomes that are on par with the most powerful stuff in the current meta then it is to nerf current ones
  3. My view on gaming as a whole is very much - the game it's self just doesn't matter. I play every game to win but if I lose my partner still loves me, my family are still happy and healthy and the world keeps going round. The only things thats changed is the time on the clock from the start to finish, so enjoy the game inside that time. Dice are a thing, sometimes dice are ******, some times dice are hot, sometimes you make mistakes, sometimes you'll get rolled over, etc etc. Who cares? Share some good times with likeminded people, create friendships and memories and share laughs brother. Don't let a game that is only played ultimately for enjoyment become anything else then that
  4. AaronWIlson

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    oh my god yes.
  5. AaronWIlson

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    I think it's just a bit of a interim period, I think since Gloomspite Gitz we've seen the next "level" of codexes, Skaven, Fec and Khorne seem to follow that trend and I think all new books will be on this new level.
  6. AaronWIlson

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    The angelic part comes from him being from the realm of light... tl;dr I want a high elf battletome please?
  7. AaronWIlson

    Skaven FAQ Confusion

    The intention with the FAQ was to clear up the following - "If I have 4 warpfire throwers, can I make a attack with each one getting 4 dice per model within 8" as I have 4 warpfire throwers" People were attempting to make 160 warpfire thrower attacks etc.. the answer would be no but they really avent done a good job with the wording of this FAQ. They should just re write it.
  8. Okay but for real I would give my left arm to see a new high elf battle tome, called it something so they can trade mark it light "Asurysans Chosen" etc. Who doesn't want a angelic tyrion, god of light alongside his new race of angelic bad ass high elves! I WANT IT NOW
  9. AaronWIlson

    The Ultimate guide to High Aelves in AoS2

    This is true! I suppose with the size of there base the reavers act just a good screen as the spearmen anyway
  10. AaronWIlson

    Are battletomes needed?

    If you can only afford one, I'd go for the battletome mate. The different clan allegiance abilities, as well as batallions etc will add a HUGE amount of variation to what you can do with the army,
  11. AaronWIlson

    The Ultimate guide to High Aelves in AoS2

    Think it's going to be a real pain to hunt down, as it's a model that came with the skycutter kit as a option to build seperately. I've gone a model with a banner and shield which will work for it as it stands anyhow, but would be nice to nail down the official model.
  12. AaronWIlson

    The Ultimate guide to High Aelves in AoS2

    Hey mate, as it stands the only thing I'm currently on the hunt for is the Seawarden on foot model!
  13. AaronWIlson

    The Ultimate guide to High Aelves in AoS2

    So High Elves are going to be my next love in AoS, mainly because of Warhammer Total War 2. I'm going to be playing with some Compendium units, so these will be primarily for casual games and any events that allow compendium (I believe the GW heats do). Here's my first list I'm going to be playing around with in casuals Dragonlord, Lance & Shield, Ethereal Amulet, Legendary Fighter Seawarden on Foot, Seadrake Pendant Loremaster Archmage 30 Highborn Spearmen 10 Highborn Spearmen 10 Highborn Spearmen 30 Highborn Archers 20 Swordmasters 2 x Highborn Repeater Bolt Thrower The list comes in at 1940 for a good shot at getting a triumph and starting with a CP. Certainly not going to blow anything out the water but it has a few great things inside it! The dragonlord for his points is a bit of a boss and can really tear things up, as well as being survivable with the amulet. The seawarden with pendant is fantastic and will hang around with my archers and bolt throwers giving them that sweet +1 to wound bubble. Lore master for his fantastic spell, which can really make the dragonlord or bolt throwers shred through things. The archmage will hang around with the swordmasters, increasing the bravery and putting the bubble of 6+ DPR. Unit wise the Spearmen are there to fill out the battleline, the one unit of 30 makes use of the bonus to attack roll and the other 2 fill the battleline, The 30 archers can be fully deadly with there once per game double shots and the seawardens command ability! They provide some decent range poke and are super iconic. The swordmasters provide some reliable rend, on 3&3s re-rolling 1s with a good chunk of attacks. The bolt throwers have great range and are reliable on 4 & 2s with the Sea Warden on foot near by. This is purely a massive hobby project, and done out of love for the world that was. I cannot wait to throw it down on the table!
  14. Hey guys, I'm after a couple of the High Elf Seawarden on foot if anyone has any