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  1. I think what's important about list building is to direction in a list and make sure everything inside the list has purporse.
  2. AaronWIlson

    hello from italy

    Welcome to The Grand alliance @rion82 What army have you decided to play in AoS?
  3. AaronWIlson

    Sup from the Netherlands

    Welcome to The Grand Alliance @PhallusDominus Excellent forum name, what sort of size is your collection right now, what sort of paint scheme have you gone for it?
  4. AaronWIlson

    Hello from France!

    Welcome to The Geand alliance community @Crashnarf
  5. AaronWIlson

    Hello from Costa del sol! Spain!

    Welcome to THe Grand Alliance @Portochelo I hope you find some like minded people to play some games with.
  6. Yeah they are @Lord marcus
  7. AaronWIlson

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    This has been covered in the FAQ and changed so it is now 10 mate.
  8. AaronWIlson

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    Yeah I just had no room for a Balewind at 1990 I have 0 wiggle room. I could drop down to only have 3 heroes, but with two scenarios being placed with need wizards and heroes I'm a fan of having more then less.
  9. AaronWIlson

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    So in light of trying different lists for the Throne of Skulls in October, especially now the Spelll Portal change I'm a bit lost. So here's the next test list Allegiance - Tzeentch Tzaangor Shaman Gaunt Summoner Magister Herald 30 Tzaangors 6 Skyfires 3 Enlightened 10 Acolytes 10 Acolytes Tzaangor Coven It's 1990, starting with a command point. I'm not sure I totally like it but I'll try it on the table.
  10. AaronWIlson

    Hello from New Mexico!

    That's a really nice core of players for the Ironjawz, what sort of paint schemes are you going for?
  11. The army contains LoC Curseling Blue Scribes Changeling Herald on foot 2 Tzaangor Shaman Gaunt Summoner Herald on Disc Ogroid Magister 40 Tzaangors 40 Acolytes 20 Pink / Blue/ Brimstone Horrors 9 Skyfires 6 Enlightened 3 Screamers 3 Flamers Burning chariot 2 Chaos spawn
  12. AaronWIlson

    'Ello from the Midwest

    Welcome to The Grand Alliance @Groundsw3ll Khrone have SUCH a fantastic range to build from as well! It's a very good time to get into the game, what sort of size is your army?
  13. AaronWIlson

    Hi Nice people.

    Ahhh very nice, make sure to upload loads of photos of your stuff ;D
  14. AaronWIlson

    Hi from Italy =)

    Welcome to The Grand Alliance @Fablo What sort of size if your army right now, do you have any photos?
  15. I think the best thing about the game we play is the pure cinematic expereince we get and I don't think that escapes any player. Two 2000 point painted armies on the table will always trigger our nerd senses and make us think of what is going on the table. Regardless of what type of game I'm playing, I love to imagine a Lord of Change ripping a tear in reality and pouring our warpflame, or cackling pink horrors taunting my enemy etc. I think it's almost hard to get caught up in the visual expereince the game provides.