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  1. @Dan Heelan Hi mate how much will the tickets be?
  2. For me the best books are Orruk Warclans & Cities of Sigmar, excellent depth in both books, lots of viable warscrolls, makes for just so many potential armies that can all compete and all ave there own flavour.
  3. There is obviously a factor of new book syndrome (Though changehost isn't new) but it's very clearly above the curve. Almost a guaranteed first turn, being able to tag the majority of a opponents army with no retreat, a lot of powerful shooting, total board control. It just have too many things.
  4. The real question - what will people be playing!? I'm going for some sort of elves, Dark elves are my current pick!
  5. For me the sad thing is there is no reason to not to take pettrifax, a army wide +1 to save on a incredibly resilent army is far better then any of the other subfactions.
  6. https://throughtherealmgate.blogspot.com/2019/11/to-interview-with-ady-ffrom-sheffield.html Today we have on @adymc2650 on THRG blog to talk about the Sheffield Slaughter, it's roots and it's future. Check it out on the blog
  7. I really thought we were going to see something in the age of chaos, age of myth but rank and file to keep the IP related to AoS. Really did not see this coming at all, nonetheless tentatively hyped as I LOVE the old world and rank and file games.
  8. Attack sequence is spefically rolling to hit and wound, saves etc. To be targetted for a attack (prior to the attack sequence) you need to be in LoS.
  9. https://throughtherealmgate.blogspot.com/2019/11/a-interview-with-darren-watson-whoes.html Today on THRG we have @PositiveVictim speaking about the exciting new area of tsport coaching! Darren explains about himself and his recent adventures into tsports. Really interesting interview, check it out
  10. https://throughtherealmgate.blogspot.com/2019/11/today-we-have-tom-lees-part-of-6.html Today on THRG we have @FuneralDinosaur from the 6N/ETC committe on to talk about a bit about the events, the application proccess and why you should apply! Really proud of this one and thank you Tom for being so kind to come on.
  11. I like having the digital copy so I can read the book whereever I want I like having the physical copy with me when I go to play events.
  12. I think the best thing about AoS right now is how the game is all about scenario play and I don't think that aspect needs changing
  13. https://throughtherealmgate.blogspot.com/2019/11/to-interview-steve-curtis-from.html Today on THRG I have @firebornminis on to speak about Bloodshed in the shires 2019. To get a insight into the TO team, the reasoning behind the pack and to learn about the future of the event check it out! Thanks again to steve for this one.
  14. Never seen a model from either collection actually on the table.
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