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  1. The honest wargamer is having there stat shows come back this week, show we can look forward to some awesome raw stats from @LLV
  2. To be fair, the new mawtribe dice look super usable.
  3. I want nothing more then a raging gordrakk to mash through the gates of Azyr to cause some havoc.
  4. I agree, but earlier oon you posted "if so many people don't care about balance why are there so many threads about it?" That's because those that are happy don't spend time to go online writing about how much fun they're having, they're just enjoying the game but those are unhappy will vocalise it
  5. I think the reason balance is posted about so much is the point that don't really care about it / accepted it's not balanced are busy enjoying the world of sigmar, enjoying hobby projects, enjoying beer and pretzel games, enjoy the game for it's atmospheric games and community and not posting online complaining about balance.
  6. I had my second game against Tyrands of Blood with my winterleaf on Tuesday. Gave away turn one as had no real viable second wood placement (My new wyldwoods arriving will solve this as I can place a super small one with the 3 smallest parts of the wyldwoods). Turn one portal & meta killed me a Bloodsecrator, used alarielle and durthu shooting to thin ranks etc. In the end I managed to grind a scenario win out 22-16. I was glad to see the list doesn't completely fall apart if you don't get a second wood turn one, to be fair to my opponent had screened decently and not sure I could even get a solid alpha off. Still really enjoying the portal with alarielle and 5 packs of spites in winterlead, 5 of them straight up killed 10 reavers from fresh.
  7. Played a game with the new winterleaf today, what I took was Alarielle, Throne of Vines Durthu, Ghystrike, My heart is ice Arch Revenant, Frozen Kernel Branchwraith, Verdorous Harmony 3 x 5 Spite Revenants 6 Scythe Hunters Outcasts Spell Portal Spiteswarm Hive My opponent didn't properly screen so on my turn one I killed 10 Reavers via shooting with Durthu and Alarielle, then in the combat phase killed 14 Eternal Guard, 19 Thralls & 6 Morsarr guard with a double pile in from the scythe hunters. I won the normal turn order for turn 2 and killed 6 more Morsarr guard, the last of the eternal guard and thralls leaving my opponent with just akhelian king and soulscryer. Was a good showing of just how kill new Winterleaf can be but a good example also of how if one things fail (second wood, spiteswarm spell, 2+ roll on the spiteswarm) your turn one can be a whiff.
  8. Slaves to darkness warscrolls would probably need a total re-write to be a successful battletome.
  9. One thing I feel is that there is a big disconnect between the GW & FW rules writing team.
  10. I don't know much about Shadowkin, but Uglu based shadow like elves would look awesome.
  11. I've decided to keep the collection due to lack of interest / being able to use the old wyldwoods. This thread can be closed down please
  12. @Aandreas Sorry mate not looking to split.
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