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  1. We’ll territories do matter for things like placing terrain, some will say “wholly within your territory” so that area which you can’t deploy in but is your territory is still relevant.
  2. I mean by deploying 9" away enemy territory, there is already a 18" no man land in the middle right or do you mean physically mark it? Just following the GHB where the winner puts down first as well as picking side
  3. Hey guys, we have a small slow grow league having it's first meet next month and I put together a basic scenario which we will play. I thought I'd put it here just incase anyone would like to use it as a introduction game
  4. Hey guys, rules that allow you to pile in 6" (such as the Bloodthirster command ability, sisters of silence) can you do so if you haven't charged and / or have a enemy unit within 3" The core rules state that you can only be selected to pile in and attack if you have charged or have enemy units within 3". I however have seen people using units that can pile 6" simply get within 6" and then pile in, despite not charging or having a enemy unit within 3". Is that correct as per the core rules they can't be selected?
  5. Hi guys, as a second force and something very different to Sylvaneth I'm going to be starting Fyreslayers! For something to get my creative juices flowing I've grabbed my self a box hearthguard, which I'll be using as Berserkers. For those who know a bit more about the internal synergies of the army etc what's the common knowlegde on weapon loadout? The mortal wound potential from the Poleaxes seems appealing but random, while the broadaxes seem reliable but can bump into high armor and get stuck.
  6. Hey mate, I will do my best to get this written up.
  7. https://thehonestwargamer.com/?s=BOBO+2019&x=0&y=0 You can find them all here
  8. Sylvaneth had a good run out this weekend at BOBO in the UK. 192 players, 8 Sylvaneth. Leo went 5-0 with Dreadwood, Placed 6th. Owen 4-1 with Winterleaf and placed 24th, I went 4-1 with Gnarlroot and placed 34th. Really good to see the different style of armies able to compete at the top.
  9. I always think communication is key, tell your own thoughts and feelings and 99% of the time you can come to some happy compromise.
  10. I've been playing the game for 15 years now, from a young age of 11 to 26. I have never enjoyed painting, the hobby for me is playing, going to events, meeting people and making memories. I paint and I try to paint to a good standard as I know it enriches the game for me and my opponent. I will normally prime, basecoat, shade, drybursh and on special models like Drycha, Alarielle I'll go further. These contrast won't make me any more lazy, or make me make "less" effort, it'll just speed up the process I already do. One thing these contrast paints has highlighted to me is there is a LOT of condascending, gatekeeping elitist painters out there that have shown their true colours. Gatekeeping is gatekeeping and this hobby is for all of us, trying to shame people and say "God these paints are so lazy, I'd hate to play against a army painted with them, some people are ruining my hobby etc" is just ******. Everyones hobby is their own hobby, for some people painting is a craft and it's 90% of what the hobby revolves around. For people like me who paint their own armies despite not liking the process to enrich the game the hobby is not that, it's meeting people, making memories, attending events and all that entails. Let people enjoy their hobby and don't push your views onto people. Contrast paints will ultimately lead to more painted armies, will they be winning Golden Deamons or pressuring the pro painted rankings? No. Will it allow people who don't enjoy the process to paint their armies faster so they can enjoy what they best about the hobby? 100%, that in my eyes is a massive positive.
  11. Yeah for me, hits the nail on the head.
  12. When someone says defensive... Fyreslayers & Gloomspite Gitz spring to mind, Fyreslayers are incredibly durable with good armour saves AND after damage saves, as well access to -1 to wound and ASF. Gloomspite can have as many -1 to hit's as you'd like and can camp on objectives with very large numbers of bodies.
  13. Mystic shield is better on some units then others for sure.
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