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  1. AaronWIlson

    Gaming Tables

    It has a very slight dip in the middle of the table because of the way it folds up but it's a awesome table.
  2. AaronWIlson

    Most sporting opponent......

    Our of interest what army do you play? some armies like LoN are just less "fun" to play against (who knew bringing back 30 Grimghasts wasn't going to be fun) and most of the time don't go votes.
  3. AaronWIlson

    whatsapp groups

    I got my invite to the Sylvaneth one yesterday indeed
  4. AaronWIlson

    Most sporting opponent......

    You sound like a great guy to play and a good laugh, I don't think there's anything more you can do as you sound like a very decent opponent. Few things to keep in mind when sports scores come to mind - You can only affect the vote so much, If a person is in a bad mood in that game for whatever reason you're not getting that vote. It's a subjective thing and there's so many variables! On top of that you only get one vote, so by the sounds of it you're a lovely guy to play but if everyone was also some people might just dice roll it, pick someone who is local or at worst tactically vote there sports. Peoples memories are also fickle, if people play you early in the event they might simply of forgot the game. Basically you sound like a top game, keep doing what you're doing
  5. AaronWIlson

    AoS Xmas Battleforce Box theories

    I'll be grabbing the death guard one to add to my existing force for sure
  6. AaronWIlson

    whatsapp groups

    Would love to grab a invite please to the Sylvaneth WhatsApp group is possible
  7. AaronWIlson

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Hey guys, if anyone has the link can someone send me a invite to the Sylvaneth WhatsApp group please?
  8. AaronWIlson

    New team event format at WHW

    This sounds like awesome fun
  9. AaronWIlson

    Ideas for a new AoS gamign store name.

    I would like to host Friday night magic, as well as other card games so I wanted to avoid the word "Tabletop". Gaming Empire could work but doesn't quote have the same ring. Edit : Gaming Empire is already a license business.
  10. Hi everyone. I know this might not be strictly AoS discussion but there wasn't a "This place is for everything else" section so I've put it here. Gaz, or any of the mods feel free to delete is needed. I my self am going on a personal journey and I opening a LGS in my home town in Harlow, Essex U.K. I won't bore you with why etc but It's been something I've wanted to do for a long time and It's something I will regret if I don't ever give it a go. That said, I'm closing in one the final steps to the plan and very close to taking the first steps in making it happen. Before that I need a name and I would love to pick your guys brains for a name, as so far I've not landed on anything that I've really thought "Yes, that's the one". So far ones I like but again not enamoured with are Dice Down Gaming South East Games Gauntlet Games None of them are bad but none of them make me go "Yes!". I want something short, punchy and encapsulates something fantasy. I'd love to have a name long the lines of "Dark Sphere" or "Lost Ark" which are both gaming stores in the UK whose name are short, snappy and have the feel of a gaming store.
  11. AaronWIlson

    Tournaments with High Stakes Prizes

    Please let us know how it goes @Dead Scribe, I hope it goes as well as possible mate.
  12. AaronWIlson

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    I don't think it's a bad list, though sadly I think it would be made much better by dropping the Azyros into a Branchwraith as her spell is just awesome and using the spare 20 points to make your two units of spite revenants tree revenants, as it would give you a much better scenario game. That said you want the Azyro so it looks good enough
  13. AaronWIlson

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    I run gnarlroot with 6 spells slots and 12 hunters & 3 endless spells, Feels like I just have enough slots each turn between dispelling my own endless spells to re-cast them, verdant harmony verdant blessing, roused to wrath & regrowth (Wych has Throne of Vines for turn one cast).
  14. AaronWIlson

    By Sigmars Beard....

    Sigmar would be ruining fools, one swing a time.
  15. AaronWIlson

    By Sigmars Beard....

    This is amazing, you can tell the weight of. Can totally imagine it just taking apart people with the right swing!