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  1. AaronWIlson

    If I won the lottery I would....

    I'd start my own gaming store, but a real big one like element game style and sort the family out
  2. Excellent! Date is in the diary
  3. AaronWIlson

    How many editions until...

    To be fair.. you are rolling to wound, because it's no damage until they save the armor save.. which is triggered by a wound roll.
  4. My money is on Ritchie or Laurie. Treebros got to stick together!
  5. So I've been working on my Harvestboon Wargrove for the Sheffield Slaughter coming up in February! Excited to say the actual list is completely finished and for my level of painting I'm happy with how it looks together on the table. I'm not working on 30 more Dryads (I have 60 and starting with 50 mean I need 90 to be comfortable) with I'm nearly done with then it's time to work on my 24 trees for my Wyldwoods. As a cool side note, I'll be playing on the WHTV stream on the 30th January against a buddies Skaven, check it out!
  6. There is certainly two separate points of view - 1) Knowing a opponents warscrolls, allegiance abilities, synergies and comobos is a skill and if a opponent doesn't know your army it's something you should take advantage as they lack that key skill to be a competitive playe r 2) Asking your opponent if there is anything they don't know and explaining anything they want to know / giving them a rundown of the synergies, combinations and / or warscrolls. I don't think either is wrong and it's just how you assess the above.
  7. AaronWIlson

    Rockgut troggoths sold out

    It's only a positive thing for the game, it shows to GW just how well it's going.
  8. As a Sylvaneth player something to do before every single game is ask my opponent "Are you comfortable with what my allegiance abilities are, what my batallions / artefacts do and what my warscroll do?" I try to be as clear as possible so my opponent has all the knowledge they need to so they can try and stop my army doing it's thing.
  9. AaronWIlson

    AoS 2 - Bretonnia Discussion

    When you pick a realm for your army you don't get to pick spells from that realm. When you roll for what realm you're playing in, that unlocks those 6 spells for the wizards in your army.
  10. AaronWIlson

    Do you want to write for TGA?

    Heya @Ben! I'm pretty lucky that in my work I get a bit of downtime and could commit to a post every Friday I'd love to a tactica series, touching on everything from deployment, to list building, screening, hero phase, the realms, just breaking down everything with matched play in mind I've dropped you a PM, hope to hear back from you soon!
  11. AaronWIlson

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    I just hope they stick with the same format, I think GHB18 is a fantastic book and smashed it out the park.
  12. AaronWIlson

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Geminids, Shackles & Swords I think suit Gnarlroot better. Gnarlroot plays a better defensive game, using the Verdant Harmony to outgrind the opponent, Geminids plays to this style cutting the amount they kill down by the -1 to hit. Swords and shackles are very good respestively, 20 points for average of 2 MW/4MW against chaos is a bargain really. Shackles forces a opponent to dispel it and if they can't it can straight up cripple them. Cogs are fantastic for the army but you don't really have anything to make use of the turn one alpha bar Alarielle and you don't want to alpha her by your self. I think your better off trying to leverage the attrition Gnarlroot can achieve via Alarielles healing, regrowth, verdant harmony, alarialles summoning and Households ability to negate a big scary unit (30 ghasts is the ideal target) with a very tough treelord.
  13. AaronWIlson

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    I think 6 spells per turn is the sweet spot when playing in the realms, anything above that you'd need endless spells to really fill up all the slots to be useful every turn. I use 3 wraiths in harvestboon and they work super well, they're all wizards and 2 have artefacts, having multiple cheap heroes which can be -2 hit from shooting and -1 in melee and hard to get to is massive on scenarios like Three Places of Power, Places of Arcane power. The Wizards are also sweet on relocation orb where they count as 20
  14. AaronWIlson

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Yah in matched play Roused to Wrath can only be attempted to be cast once per turn.
  15. AaronWIlson

    Your five year plan for AoS

    That's a real toughy. For my self my early goals would be release a battletome for all existing armies, merging a lot of the very small factions into one larger tome as well as bringing some old ranges (like the old empire range) into the modern game. I think my next steps would be to try and refine the battletomes to as level playing field as possible (there will never be true balance) and I'd look to try and do a "matched play book" which had everything you needed to play matched from the core rules, malign sorcery, ghb all in one ( so like realm rules, artefacts, command abilties, all the battle plans, etc in one place).