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  1. Slaves to darkness warscrolls would probably need a total re-write to be a successful battletome.
  2. One thing I feel is that there is a big disconnect between the GW & FW rules writing team.
  3. I don't know much about Shadowkin, but Uglu based shadow like elves would look awesome.
  4. I've decided to keep the collection due to lack of interest / being able to use the old wyldwoods. This thread can be closed down please
  5. It's crappy, but eBay / your own conversions really are your best friend in this situation.
  6. I like the lighter touch from this FAQ if I'm honest, rather then smashing things to pieces a lot of things have been nugded slightly up, a lot down and massive outlier (Savage Strike, WLV) toned down!#.
  7. Alarielle 2 Treelord ancients 1 Treelord 1 drycha 1 durthu 3 branchwraiths 2 branchwychs 1 arch revenant 112 dryads 30 tree Revenants 20 spite Revenants 24 kurnoth hunters 8 wyldwoods Total list of things.
  8. Was wicked to meet you mate, yes 520 points over 5 games is somewhat a achievement in it's self!
  9. Personally don't think the horde meta is the right term, some very potent top tier armies are using very few models (Slaanesh, FEC) with big very powerful monsters. Fyreslayers don't bring enough models to be a proper horde, Skaven & Gloomspite certainly play the horde game but I don't think it's fair to call the meta "horde" for two armes.
  10. I went Aqshy, i can just imagine the roaring fires and brutal landscape the closer you get to the edge.
  11. I like the ease of knowing your things hit / wound on X/Y and not overly fussed about a grot wounding on a set number as to me it's a very abstract setting.
  12. Big shout to Jon and the Essex Gt team for a absolutely wicked weekend, the event was really smoothly run, my games were all awesome and the general vibe was just wicked. Roll on next year!
  13. This is still for trade, I'm looking for a trade for a death army primarily, would consider Tzeentch or Seraphon.
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