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  1. Think they've done an amazing job on these models, it all looks fantastic.
  2. Thank you that's very kind! I shall pictures of my beasts of chaos when I take them. That's a good core for anyone to grab.
  3. If it redeems me my second army are the true sons of choas.. the goats of doom
  4. Playing in a one dayer tomorrow, running the above. Will let you all know how it goes.
  5. I really hope our old WFB armies will be able to slot straight into the old world, that's my main hope. I don't think they will work in AoS sadly, it'll be a different scale, base size & aesthetic.
  6. Last night I went through my collection of High Elves! I still have 30 Shadow Warriors, 20 Pheonix guard, 10 sisters of the watch & 5 dragon princes new in box! I'd like add a few more regular chariots but bar that I'm happy with it all. Very excited for The Old World!
  7. Don't understand why people are unhappy we're not getting loads of new models. The current nurgle range for AoS has literally everything you'd want. Why do we need a new wave of models? The current selection does a fantastic job of covering both the mortal and daemon side with a gorgeous model range.
  8. Fair enough Eermm well if you hunters + battle regiment that's 4 drop no? I think there was only a couple of times where it became a big deal and I played against a lot of 2-3 drop armies my self so I'm glad I was in the position to give my self the choice as a 1 drop.
  9. They have no champion in the unit so no.
  10. Yes I was very glad I included the crawler in the list. The list struggles to affect the board without having to move the unit to the place to affect it, and my list didn't have that many units to begin with. Being able to clear a unit tagging one of my units, or being able to reach out a little 10 man 5+ save unit on a objective was fantastic. The threat of the one shot keeps people coherency very honestly and it bagged me a cathlaar, a starpriest & a changecaster. MVP is a difficult but I'd say it was the mortek blobs. A good range of buffs to apply to them for what situation you want (endless duty, bludgeon or shield wall) incredibly hard to remove with mystic shield and / or reinforced battle-shields with Arkhans healing and descriptively fast with unstoppable advance and a +1 to the charge roll. LVP... not really sure, I feel like everything in the list contributed to something. The death riders out put is underwhelming, but they're 15" move with unstoppable advance + a 1+ to charge roll was really key in a couple of my games. I suppose they would get LVP because without buffs they don't really clear much apart from a 10 man weak screen, but their speed was key.
  11. He was playing dracothians tail and kept his 6 salamanders in reserve. He put his slann in the top elft corner of the board so I didn't have a attempt one shot it with crawler (needing a 10+ to be fair). It let me bully the board turn 1 & 2, one of my cavarly units burned one of his objecives turn two. Turn three he decided to pull the trigger as he was losing too much board space, I'd kept control of turn orrder so it was my turn after he dropped (i had let him go first into 3). The crawler cleared the skink screen that screened the salamanders, I think I lost like 18 mortek to them (they rolled poorly) but arkhan + the 15 killed 4 sallies and at that pointI was controlling 4/5 objectives and he'd lost most of his output.
  12. He did and my crawler was loving shooting bravery 4 6+ save units.
  13. Hey guys, back from War in the Heartlands this weekend. a 102 players event in Leicester UK. I took my OBR (List is above) but it was in Petrifex - Arkhan, Liege, Soulmason - 30 Mortek, 20 Mortek, 2 x 5 Deathriders, Crawler. I ended up going 3-2, which I was dead happy with. Game 1 - Against DoT, Host Duplitious. LoC, Changecaster, 30, 20, 10 Pink Horrors, Cogs & Bridge. Game 2 - Seraphon, Dracothains tail - Slann, 2 x priest, 10 saurus guard ,2 x 10 skinks, 2 bastiladons, 2 x 3 salamanders Game 3 - Idoneth, Dom Hain, Eidolon, Tidecaster, 2 x 3 Ishalen eels, 2 sharks, 1 x 10 reavers, 2 x 10 thralls, 1 turtle Game 4 - Lumineth, (+1 to cast subfaction), Teclis, Cathlar, 30 sentinels, 20 wardens, 2 x 10 wardens Game 5 - Skaven, Clan skyre, 3 warlocks, 1 corruptor, 3 x 10 acolytes, 4 x 5 acolytes, 2 warplightning cannons, 4 ratling gun teams. I don't think my list had the tools to beat the DoT, I just didn't have the output to chew through the horrors and my mortek were eaten by ranged output and mortal wounds so that was my first loss. Lost game 4 to teclis + sentinels, I think if I had played this differently I could of managed a scenario win. Great weekend, OBR were a ton of fun to play.
  14. Bear Cavarly, Bear Chariots & a avatar of Ursun!? Inject it into me.
  15. I was cautious from the get go with how much free stuff they were offering with the sub, fair to say I'm glad I was cautious. The amount of content is absolutely tiny.
  16. Things I think are an improvement from AoS 2 - AoS 3 - Unit champions being able to issue orders. Think it's a neat change, it's feel thematic, it means units can hang out by them selves without the need of a hero. Elite units also great. - Battle tactics, a great way to make the game feel progressive, every turn has an objective rather then the overall game. Helps games feel closer as well. - Interactivity between players, between heroic actions, CA's in both players phases, etc I feel like you're more "involved" more of the time. - Most of the new scenarios, I like the control 1/2/more scoring.
  17. Heading to War in the Heartlands next weekend, will be representing the bone boys and bringing the above.
  18. Played a game against fairly unoptimized new stormcast last night, wanderers ground a solid win. First time using wanderers, oh man -1 rend in melee while near a hero is so good. Witherstave + Last gift + -1 to hit on the PB is so hard to chew through, I'm fairly sure he did more damage to him self then I did with PB's. Emerald Lifeswarm triggers both hero phases was real value!
  19. The stand out things for the book are the new fellas on dragons, 100%.
  20. Welcome to the gang @Augusto, it's a great place to be.
  21. Yeah this isn't true, you're either playing Ironjawz, Bonesplittaz, Kruleboyz, or The Big Waagh. All of those armies can ally Gloomspite Gitz. You can't include a model with the Kruleboyz Keyword if you're playing Ironjawz allegiance.
  22. Yeah I guess at a push you could retreat in your own movement phase, rally there movement phase & then charge in there charge phase. It just feels like it's too slow? To give another analogy, in trading card games healing spells are often considered weak because you'll spend a turn to regain 5 health for example but don't not effect the board state, while you're opponent keeps pushing. The whole retreat, and then rally in their charge phase sort of feels the same. You take your own unit of melee to rally, maybe given up board position of any chance of damage in return etc. Not saying it's useless but It's another CP used (Two if you want to charge back in) on a already CP hungry army and a rather poor warscroll for the new ardboyz
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