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  1. gosh, and I've just started looking into the original Mordheim, so this is timely to say the least. thanks very much for your work and sharing it like this.
  2. like the blue skin - overall colour scheme looks great.
  3. I'd be more than happy with these as my best 'evah' paint jobs tbh. character in the bare face is fab.
  4. harrocks


    good to hear, Greyshadow, and encouraging. hope to give it a go sometime.
  5. harrocks


    interesting to read the positive comments. I bought it s/hand (off one of the mods on this forum!) for a good price (although the postage was ultra-ouch), as a present-to-be for my nephew. Purely on the basisi of the lovely models / presentation. then discovered that the consensus at the time of release was that it was a poor game and that it sold ... poorly. Or so Says The Internet anyway. Haven't done anything with it, and my nephew (who hasn't got in the hobby despite [because of?] his dad's gaming) is non-the-wiser ... should add that the gaming cloth is very good - better than any of the currently available 'ocean' gaming mats I've seen (and bought). If I hadn't thought of the marvel that is crushed velvet, I'd be using it for my current Ghost Archipelago project.
  6. harrocks

    Must paint it all-Idoneth aop wip

    looks fantastic. briliant stuff.
  7. brilliantly done - genuinely disturbing in a blackly humorous way.
  8. harrocks

    Turragor's Progress

    you can tell the figs are great, and I guess it may be the effect you're looking for, but the these last pics are a bit 'blown-out' in terms of highlights? On my monitor anyway ...
  9. fantastic painting - almost needless to say. for my own taste, initially felt the colour palette's were a bit ott, but have started to see that, with the Sylvaneth for example, you really are achieving a very 'otherworldly' look that's probably more in keeping with the bonkers AOS planes fluff than most manage. but ... wish you'd stop saying things like: 'This is a tabletop army, so I'm not doing anything super fancy. Just trying to paint as cleanly as possible ...' ;-)
  10. harrocks

    Celestial Hurricanum .JPG

    It's from the privateer press Hordes range (if you meant the figure - I guess maybe you meant other aspects?).
  11. harrocks

    Kharadron Arkanaut Company

    superb colour scheme
  12. yes really hope they re-release those classic terrain pieces. hope you can put up some more pics of your table and terrain.
  13. I guess I haven't put it very well. I think this thread is great - I don't even see why it would be thought of as off-topic in the first place (although maybe it should be in the painting and modelling forum, thinking about it). I'm talking about the sort of posts / arguments / aggro etc, etc, that you get in actual 'off-topic forums, and which it's nice this site isn't polluted by imo.