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  1. hmm, I'll have to check my copy of this - bought from an independent shop 2-3 wks back ... notice it's out of stock at GW UK (again).
  2. agreed - one of the best looking armies I've seen ... and that's with your cam.' issues! not read all of the above- have you tried 'decent' diffused daylight (even a lightly overcast day if you can set up near windows and have the light coming from behind you [but obviously not so as you block the light yourself!] as you take the pics?).
  3. fantastic figure work - and that board is superb.
  4. and those venator wings are great.
  5. any blogpost / tutorial about for your work on the water?
  6. amazing modelling - kitbashing / painting ... everything!
  7. awesome work - both figures and terrain. stream / waterfalls are brilliantly done.
  8. gosh, and I've just started looking into the original Mordheim, so this is timely to say the least. thanks very much for your work and sharing it like this.
  9. I'd be more than happy with these as my best 'evah' paint jobs tbh. character in the bare face is fab.
  10. good to hear, Greyshadow, and encouraging. hope to give it a go sometime.
  11. interesting to read the positive comments. I bought it s/hand (off one of the mods on this forum!) for a good price (although the postage was ultra-ouch), as a present-to-be for my nephew. Purely on the basisi of the lovely models / presentation. then discovered that the consensus at the time of release was that it was a poor game and that it sold ... poorly. Or so Says The Internet anyway. Haven't done anything with it, and my nephew (who hasn't got in the hobby despite [because of?] his dad's gaming) is non-the-wiser ... should add that the gaming cloth is very good - better than any of the currently available 'ocean' gaming mats I've seen (and bought). If I hadn't thought of the marvel that is crushed velvet, I'd be using it for my current Ghost Archipelago project.
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