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  1. certainly the right direction for an rpg-lite vibe, which is what I've been after myself. Limiting wounds would be a start. there are some files on this site where folk have combined skirmish with mordheim ('Shardsfall') too - which is quite a good approach I think. feel that the sturm and drang, volume up to 11, of Warcry was the wrong direction - but it's what people want I guess. Just feel that the original skirmish rules, then refined into things like 'Hinterland' (together with a seasoning of Mordheim), were really starting to get 'somewhere' in terms of skirmish / rpg-lite. Could have got to the point of 'scenarios' and campaign books being produced (i.e. finished commercial products). Warcry is just too dumbed down in this respect, as things stand.
  2. guess this probably stated above ad nauseum, but ... I'm utterly bemused by the timing and nature of this anouncement ... I mean, apparently years in advance, without any real detail as to what's planned? My immediate reaction is 'they're trying to stem something / head it off at the pass - AoS must be finally deemed a failure etc, etc' - but this clearly isn't the case (at least in terms of AoS being a failure). So ... ultimately it's probably going to be something great etc, etc , but it's just the nature of the announcement I can't get my head 'round, and hard to kick the feeling it's undermining AoS somehow, at least with info as it is currently ... ** d'oh, so there's some more info which points more towards it being a luxury (i.e forgeworld) niche product for those that are unwilling to give up on WHFB. In other words an opp.' for GW to sell some particularly expensive models ... and in annoucing it, perhaps encourage others to try AoS in the meantime ... I guess that makes more sense (?).
  3. great effort, thanks for sharing. just in case you're not aware of them, Grand Exemplar has put up his 'Shardsfall' rules which go further with the Mordheim vibe and might help out with your own project:
  4. fairly pointless, 'rain on your parade' post, Criti. that may be your experience, but is hardly a comment on the quality or effort put into the Shardsfall rules on their own terms. Thanks very much for sharing these Grand Exemplar - the rules are great.
  5. somehow I've not seen a technique quite like yours before it seems - extraordinary velvety, textured quality. Some of the best stuff I've seen. Absolutely love it. Don't think I've seen more convincing looking cloth etc. Can't really work out what you're doing! I've run out of likes today - so am putting this message up 😀
  6. gosh, majoring in threadomancy today - apologies ... But: I guess there hasn't been anything more forthcoming for Hinterlands ... just had a look at Aos28: Warband, which looks beautifully done and will certainly be printing that out ... but I particularly like the 'Realm Master' aspect of Hinterlands - does anyone know of any further work specifically in that area? * should add / edit that I've finally clued on to 'Renown or Ruin' above in the thread and look forward to looking through that - again, beautifully done. But also, again, looks to have gone very quiet ... ?
  7. 'Forgotten Heroes' - not sure , is this the 'Heroic Play' supplement? I have the latter; can't find the former by name...
  8. Anymore thoughts on this from the OP or others? I'm looking to go this way - Warcry isn't for me after much rumination. I have Hinterlands 2.2.1 (was there a later one?), and the original skirmish rules... If going with Hinterlands - does it have to be based off the original 4 page AoS rules - or can the updated core rules currently available be substituted without issue? Same regarding which General's Handbook - I don't have the 2019 flavour - I guess it doesn't matter too much which is used for this purpose?
  9. hmm, I'll have to check my copy of this - bought from an independent shop 2-3 wks back ... notice it's out of stock at GW UK (again).
  10. agreed - one of the best looking armies I've seen ... and that's with your cam.' issues! not read all of the above- have you tried 'decent' diffused daylight (even a lightly overcast day if you can set up near windows and have the light coming from behind you [but obviously not so as you block the light yourself!] as you take the pics?).
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