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  1. If Leadbelchers end up being 120 points or less, I'd like using them as small 2-man screens. I'd also like to point out 1) How good Hungry vs. Eating is. It means all of our Ogors move 8" and our Bravery suddenly becomes respectable in combat. 2) How good trample is, even for non-monsters. So any unit gets to roll equal to the charge roll and on 6's do bonus mortal wounds---it's free real estate! Also if Ogor Gluttons end up getting 3's to hit as well...that'd be huge.
  2. Exactly, I don't see the point. I think anyone that's been playing Gutbusters for the past few years would have to agree.
  3. If you spend too much time obsessing over meta and power balancing, it'll rot your love of the game from the inside out.
  4. The quality of the Tyrant's trait relies entirely on how much of a killer he really is. Undoubtedly he'll have lost the ability to 4+ proc his great gutgouger.
  5. I don't know why people are already voting on how good the book is when we have a total of 1 warscroll and a handful of command traits available to us.
  6. These dice have me feeling like I'm taking crazy pills. Everyone is saying they're terrible and unreadable. But I really like the design and think they're some of the most legible ones they've ever made. In fact, they're probably some of the top faction dice that exist out there. I just don't understand how people are so confused.
  7. The newest Stormcast episode reveals some interesting lore behind the Ossiarchs. In addition, some rules were mentioned, like how one of the sub-factions is made up of fiery skeletons that explode when they die, the Petrifex focuses on monsters/constructs and grants a +1 save to all units, and the harvester regenerates units around it.
  8. And the lore appropriate use of the Ossiarch half is to eat them.
  9. Interesting. I assume this is a reliable source? Someone recently showed off the Australian prices and it looked like the boxes were going to go for $230. Perhaps they saw how upset people were about the 230 and decided to notch it down a tad.
  10. We could answer those questions based on how they currently work; but since a new book is arriving, we have no idea yet how everything will shape up. I'd stay tuned for the community previews.
  11. In the video they show the back of the physical box, and it shows 6 Ogor Gluttons and 2 Leadbelchers. I'm willing to bet Leadbelchers are down to units of 2, much like how we can see Ironguts are now units of 4 from the warscroll peek.
  12. The unit sizes are almost certainly changing. The Ironguts warscroll now says 1 in every 4 Ironguts can use a banner, which would make them units of 4 instead of the old 3 (which makes sense since their boxes give you 4 models). I'm guessing Leadbelchers will be in units of 2, because the FoB gives you two, and it'd be ridiculous for them to give you a couple models you couldn't use...especially since the Soul Wars fiasco.
  13. I can imagine a lot of things GW would do without publicly saying anything.
  14. A lot of hero options for this army. It'll be interesting to see what each of their individual roles will be. Any guesses?
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