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  1. Mutton

    The Rumour Thread

    Sounds like you might be putting too much pressure on yourself and others for perfection. But to each his own. I'm a copy editor and I couldn't give a darn how other people pronounce their P's and Q's, as long as I'm not hired to fix it. Warhammer Weekly is the piece of media I look forward to most every week. The latest bit about Tom's "5th dimensional chess" conspiracy theories killed me.
  2. Mutton

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm curious what rumor engines are left that haven't been 40k. Really thought these two would be from Darkoath.
  3. Mutton

    The Rumour Thread

    She looks like a grandma. We need more grandmas battling in the mortal realms.
  4. Mutton

    Adepticon Predictions

    My predictions are that GW are watching this thread so they can make sure to reveal something completely out of left field.
  5. Mutton

    So what about DoK and Legions?

    I think they're exactly worth their points. Five models with a single wound each, 6++ save, poor combat stats. Their redeeming qualities are their deep strike and the -2 rend on the drop. I'll tell you that every game I've played, they drop in, grab an objective for one turn, maybe do a couple wounds, then get blasted out of the sky. It's actually a poor proposition getting a 5 wound unit for 80 points, but they have that mobility to make them useful. I wouldn't change them, they're fine the way they are, and I'd argue they aren't any better than other factions' units capable of teleporting around the field. Take a look at the prevalence of shooting as it makes a comeback. They get mowed down. They're good, but not amazing. I'd agree with several of the posters above in saying DoK's main (commonly complained about) issues revolve around an undercosted Hag and Hagg Nar being unquestionably the best temple.
  6. Mutton

    So what about DoK and Legions?

    I think KO, Tzeentch, and Beastclaw would all disagree. I don't think we really know what they're going to do, or how far they'll take it in that direction.
  7. Mutton

    So what about DoK and Legions?

    I see a lot of comments suggesting they still need to be brought down to accommodate the older armies. But I was rather positing that if the older armies all get new battletomes of quality (as we've been seeing and is highly likely, maybe even all within the year), then is there still a need for it? The question then becomes: "Are DoK and Legions on par with the updated factions coming out (FEC, Skaven, Khorne)? Pitting these new battletomes against one-another, are they fair fights? Do FEC, Skaven, Khorne, etc., need to be toned down in some capacity as well?" Unfortunately, we likely won't know until the new battletomes have been roaming around out there for awhile; and my concern comes from GW asking for public input on the '19 GHB, well before we had a glimpse of the new books. I have to wonder, what was the purpose in asking for advice to change an ecosystem that was liable to drastically change in the next couple months? It's kind of like asking people how much they should change rock and paper to be fairer, but then add scissors to the game a little while later.
  8. Before the influx of new faction updates, people were screaming for these two armies to be knocked down a peg, and maybe for good reason considering their power level in comparison to everyone else. But that was several months ago. Now we have 3 new tomes and a practically brand-new army (Gloomspite) all toting spicy upgrades and options to what used to be fairly unimpressive/mediocre models. Things like warp-lightning for Skaven and Gristlegore for FEC exist now. And from what I've seen of the Khorne Battletome, they're going to be capable of some awesome murder/anti-magic combos. So my long-winded question remains: what about DoK and Legions? Natural counters to these factions have erupted. Should we even consider these two, once completely dominant, factions overpowered now? If so, how much and why? The current thought of AoS army design seems to be "Everyone gets super powerful stuff, therefore everyone is on the same footing." Several months ago I would have looked at these factions and pointed out exactly what needed to be changed to bring them in line with everyone else...but now, you look at the sorts of things these updated armies are capable of, and I can't say I know whether they'd need to be changed at all at this point. In fact, I'd worry that changing them much might bring them a step behind these updated armies (where they should have been months ago, but places them underfoot of the current market of armies). Maybe we've reached the optimal path, where they don't need to be nerfed much at all because we've lifted up everyone around them. It's what I hope. And assuming all of the other armies lagging behind get their own updates (a pretty reasonable assumption), we might be getting closer to every army having a fighting chance against one-another. (Full disclosure, I collect DoK casually. I don't run giant blocks of Witch Aelves and aren't well-versed in the tournament scene. I only know what goes down at the local shops)
  9. Usually prefer 1500-1750, as that's the point at which I've collected all the models from an army that I'd want to own/model/paint. I prefer more diversity in the armies I collect over having tons of stuff for a single army.
  10. Mutton

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    Remember when people were calling foul on Thundertusks doing 6 mw's on a 2+? I'd say yeah, power creep is a thing. Mortal wounds in general are becoming too prevalent everywhere. Too many abilities aimed at one-shotting models off the board. It's simply not fun play. The game is veering into pure blitzkrieg play, without as many options for defensive strategies. But I also don't think everything should have shrug/ward saves, because then everything becomes homogeneous.
  11. Mutton

    The Rumour Thread

    Can't wake up.
  12. Mutton

    The Rumour Thread

    Wow those Judgements. The axe at D3 mortals to anyone it passed across + D6 mortals to anyone within 3" + -1 to hit for non-Khorne units around it. And then the skulls at -2 to cast within 12", instant unbind on 8's + D6 mortals. And then remember there's no counterplay to these things, you don't get to control them if you take the first turn in a battle round, and you just have to hope the opponent rolls them off the table. Of course Khorne would get the best magic in the game. These are going to be silly.
  13. Mutton

    The Rumour Thread

    I really like those weirdo bearded imp things. I wonder if they're part of a warband or some kind of unaligned threat.
  14. Mutton

    The Rumour Thread

  15. Mutton

    The Rumour Thread

    It'll be the rerelease of an old Stormcast chamber.