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  1. Doesn't mention it in the new tome's Commentary or FAQ, so I can't take it on fact. Unfortunately this is something that could have used clarification when the book came out.
  2. They have to be wholly within 12" to use the buff. If they walk out of range they no longer benefit. Pick and shield. The rend is worth the 4+ wound.
  3. I think a lot of people undervalue bravery debuffs. It can really force your opponent to think about whether they want to guzzle up their cp's for inspiring presence or their pivotal command abilities. Remember every cp spent on inspiring presence is one less to be used on anything else.
  4. I commend them for their restraint on more spells that do X mortal wounds.
  5. What if it's like a nautilus/Jules Verne-themed Death army---part steam punky, part skellingtons.
  6. I don't want to resurrect old factions. I want new and creative ideas.
  7. I love the idea of endless spells being their own monsters. I just want them to be good enough to warrant using (unlike the Infernoth, which is a dope model with meh rules that'll likely never see the table).
  8. Blood Stalkers are dreadful, and I don't really know how anyone can defend them. A 5-stalker unit can (at max) do 5 wounds per shooting phase...and this assumes every single one of them hits and wounds their target. Statistically, they'll do 1-2 wounds per shooting phase. For 160 points. As I said, these would be terrible stats even at 100 points. They were clearly "balanced" during the time when GW was stamping down on shooting in general, and they desperately need an overhaul. Morathi doesn't need balancing in that way. Characters already have the disadvantage of not being able to use artifacts or command traits. In the current world of DoK, you would NEVER want Morathi as your general because she wouldn't get the Hagg Narr command trait (which is part of why temples need to be revamped and she needs to come down in points). Secondly, Blood Sisters aren't going to be considered op just because they're battleline. People use them as battleline already with Medusae. DoK players NEED more ways to play than just spamming Witch Elves, I think everyone will agree on that, and more options is not a bad thing.
  9. Been playing DoK for a year, here are my suggestions for bringing down some things that are overperforming and lifting up things that are underperforming (or not being played at all). Hag Queen goes up to 100 points. Witch Elves go up to 120 OR take away the horde discount. Blood Stalkers go down to 100 OR revamp their warscroll to make them decent (they're one of the worst units in the game cost/damage output) At least at 100 they wouldn't feel like as much of a tax for the Temple Nest battalion. But hell, I would still regret taking them at 100. Please fix these lasses. Cauldron with Hag and Slaughter Queen go up to 320/360 respectively. Make it so Slaughter Queens don't have to be the general to use their command abilities (right now SQ's on foot are useless). Bloodwrack Shrine could come down to 200 to be slightly more appealing. Avatar on foot goes down to 160 to be slightly more appealing (it's a 180 point beat stick that has to be activated each turn just to do anything). Completely redo the Temple abilities, traits, and artifacts (maybe even give us some command abilities to use, because damn we've got none that are reasonable, plus this fixes the biggest problem of Hagg Narr being the flat best). Otherwise, just make the Hagg Narr ability wholly within (this doesn't really fix the issue, but is at least a sloppy band-aid until a new battletome). Melusai should be battleline if Morathi is general Morathi comes down to 440 (probably controversial, but I think she's a tad overcosted for what her role ends up being). The least important change in the list. I unfortunately don't see GW changing many warscrolls or battletome rules outside of a new tome itself. Which is a shame, because the BIGGEST problem with DoK is Hagg Narr. So much could be resolved if they just fiddle around with those temples a bit.
  10. Maybe the picture implies they'll just re-release the same old Varanguard so they aren't roughly $5,000 per box.
  11. It feels fair, because remember the enemy can't do anything about our prayers at all. We at least have the option to spend an artifact to deal with their spells, which they don't have to deal with our prayers. Now, I could go on about how Khorne kind of ruins this whole thing by being amazing at everything prayer/spell-related, but I'll save that for now.
  12. Most things nowadays are bursting with rend or mw's. It's probably why our little beardos have to be so tanky. Never forget a Skaven cannon can ZAP any of our heroes from across the board.
  13. That sounds hilarious, I'll have to give something like that a try. But I don't know where I'd get 15 Grimwraths!
  14. Anyone else find the small section about rare Fyrequeens "who hold mighty powers" interesting? Love to see a model for that (not that we really need more heroes, but it still sounds cool). Give me a Fyrequeen riding a winged Magmadroth any day of the week.
  15. Probably two runesons on magmadroths. Keep them within 6" of each other and they're rerolling all hits. Until you have 3 or 4 magmadroths, Lofnir isn't really worth it, and it'd probably be better to go with Vostarg until you get more droths. I'd wait until you get the book to plan out what you want your eventual list to look like. There are a lot of considerations to make with battalions, who to make your general, etc.
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