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  1. I've voted to like both this post and the previous even though they are - slightly - at odds. Mainly because they are both impassioned and informed, and that leads to healthy debate. Though I will say that generally, people are not raiding other sub forums to spread disdain about factions. It doesn't serve anyone to start flame wars over faction choice. More likely people are offering opinions on design not out of devilment but as a comment on their hobby. Many players here jump aboard other factions so comment on design or rules is kinda valid. It's ok not to like certain factions. Nurgle was the last Chaos faction I collected as I wasnt a fan of all the sculpts (horticulous slimux is one model I do not personally like if I'm honest, but hey that's just me), but there are others who love the plague aesthetic which is fine with me.
  2. Blatant repetition of criticism aside (and repetition can be a valid kind of criticism when there is further evidence to support it), forums exist to field criticism as well sharing the love. I've read posts from many contributors to this thread who have been critical of rules, lore etc on other threads and yet they are as valid as any criticism of this range so far. What is not valid, or acceptable, is where one person thinks their opinion whether positive or negative is right over some one else's. Those who love this range need to accept that it will be marmite to others. Those who are disappointed will need to accept this wasnt the range they wanted and collect something else. Neither are right or wrong opinions. My own opinion is that I've expected better for the last 2 new factions. Not everyone agrees, and that's ok, even healthy (and tbh I'm glad as at least GW wont lose money on these attempts). There are other ranges I can spend my money on, after all What is important is that GW gets honest feedback (and we know they read this forum). A business or any organisation cannot succeed in the absence of criticism, after all.
  3. I agree. And without sounding too 'snarky' and hopefully constructively critical, there are a number of issues with this model as pointed out, and a general feel that it all looks botched together. The head of the mount looks like a superimposed Buddha head, and Teclis looks like a puppet at best, at worst a constipated Jack in the Box. If GW werent well known for their sculpts I reckon such criticism would be unjustified. But, you know, they've spoiled us for years. The Slaanesh new sculpts, for example, are elegant and monstrous. My first reaction on seeing a new Keeper of Secrets was 'wuh-ooh'. I just don't get that same reaction with any of these new Lumineth models and I'm more an aelf player than Slaanesh. I want my models to inspire awe, not head scratching on how or what possessed the sculpters to go for this rather than what is suggested by the art work. Again, we can only wonder how these were tested and who approved them, when GW really can do better and have set a high bar. I dont think this is anything more than a blip, but regardless of the next new faction allegiance, I await with interest the quality of the design, crossing my fingers that this isnt the direction of things to come.
  4. I am warming(ish) to the new faction too. Although still tepid at the moment. Still cant reconcile the cow stuff, but it has me thinking of Monkey Magic. If I could stick a hero on a cloud, I'd be sold. Pigzee! Sandee! Ututuh!
  5. As someone who was hoping to build an Aelf army, I'm with the 'disappointed' group. To the extent I've now gone for an aelf-themed CoS army over the Lumineth, with Wanderers and Phoenix Guard. I have the same issue with the Bonereapers. GW tried so hard to be different (to keep us buying) but remain within the spirit of Tomb Kings, they created something that looked odd to me, even cartoonish. The Lumineth are trying so hard not to be high elves that they are now high elf-cows. As with the Bonereapers, it seems GW are driven to make profit on the product at the expense of the range. With both Tomb Kings and High Elves, the originals were great, even classic and proven. Yet the GW philosophy focuses on making that range incompatible with the new range, no matter if the aesthetic is compromised in a way the Idoneth and Kharadron werent. I reckon the new rules for the Lumineth will carry the range and I expect an obligatory over-powered sub-faction ala Petrifex Elite to sell models, but that isnt a good way of creating and selling a new range of product. And anyone who has played against some PetElite armies, will know its frustratingly dull too. Hopefully in the future, there will be less misjudged new ranges to come. GW are still the best at making minis, and their not-so-good ranges are still better than the rest. But GW wont persuade me to buy elf-cows or scary clown-skeletons, when GW already have better minis out there deserving more attention 😄
  6. So, if this wasnt an aelf range, would this still be cool? I mean, I know it's rude but I cant stop staring at those cows above the Stoneguards' heads. Maybe that's the unit's ability: "Hypnotised by Cow!"
  7. Our local WH Smith's are still stocking these so lucky enough to cherry pick issues. Don't expect this to continue so will limit purchases to must need/bargains. (Picked up 2 chaos spawn for £10 plus p&p via Warhammer Conquest. So bargains are to be had if you look closely enough - I've got my eye on the Lord Ordinator)!
  8. I agree - I think the ingredients are all there, I just think the management of BL need to decide on what they want to achieve. There are fundamental problems within BL that stop it from being successful. Publishing fiction is very different to selling games and the models and rules we use with them. The editing and house style is poor and turgid, but only if you compare it to quality genre fiction published by other houses. As fan fiction, or tie-in fiction it's fair to middling; it does a job. It will appeal only to the game players, but not all AoS players. I've admitted before I struggle to get through BL books; it's like eating week-old meat-loaf: first bites are interesting enough but then... And it's not like I wont persevere either - it's why I'm adding my two pence here following another 'go' at one of the newest books (alas after a few pages I had to put it down again; page turners they are not!). That's not to say they couldn't be good even great. They have talented writers willing to work with BL, just get in experienced editors, and copy editors who are not just fans and who are not precious about the content, and edit the heck out of the books. You gotta kill your darlings to make good works. And GW have plenty of experience in that department, so that should come natural to them 😜
  9. Any further views on the new book? Anyone picked up a copy? Just been trawling Ebay for used copies of the third Realmgate Wars and been sighing wistfully... 😊
  10. Me too. As I recall there was an Eightpoints campaign book wasnt there? (I could only afford the first 2 Realmgate Wars books, and Godbeasts and The Allgates are now both going for silly prices on eBay). I look at Firestorm and even Malign Portents, and these were also good campaign books (Firestorm was a fantastic way of gaming naratively IMO). Even as a Chaos player (with 3 factions of 2k points each), Wrath really doesn't excite. (Forbidden Power did tho, and is on my 2buy list which I've curtailed following so many post-Christmas purchases!) Happy to be corrected when this book lands and when someone (anyone) can give an honest (and warmer) review of whether it's worth £30 (or $84 AuD)!
  11. Most reviews of this book seem to be luke-warm at best. It's not a campaign book in the same mould as Realmgate Wars (which was a great way to introduce factions), but just an extension of StD, a holding reply for a new Nurgle tome, and an apologetic love-letter to Khorne. What that means even to a narrative player is little more than a shrug. What it means to a matched-player using Chaos is even less. Every review is in agreement you can play Chaos much better without what is offered in this book. And as a narrative player, myself, I'll probably avoid this until it's on ebay for half the price I think. Such a shame.
  12. So the epub is £24. Wow. No idea pixels were so expensive to print. Wrath of the Everchosen might be the AoS content we want to see, but it's far from essential. For this price (and the price of a decent model or two), I'll be giving it miss. A bit of a fail really.
  13. Lol - I did wonder. Does GW use China to print their books? I know some publishers do!
  14. So Wrath of the Everchosen is finally up for pre-order. But what the heck is with the pricing? It's a 104 page book, @ £30, pricier by £5 than the much thicker battletomes. In fact it ain't much cheaper than the massive Realmgate Wars books. This has gone from a curious purchase to a 'heck no' purchase. What's GW playing at? Have printing costs suddenly gone through the roof or do they have no faith in the book?
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