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  1. Having fought the good fight from a deck of a frigate last few games, can only agree. Massive shame really. Saving throw is too low, the cannon is too weak... For me, a frigate needs a 3 up save to start, and the cannon needs longer range, albeit happy for the to hit to be worse if that's the case. Or maybe a modifier to say shooting over 18" it has a -1 to hit modifier instead. Gives you the option. Then there's the peculiarity of having a model as part of the ship, but not the abilities: i.e. the Navigator. Why doesn't the frigate have unbinding abilities? It clearly has the model for it. The gameplay doesn't match the concept, which is a mystery. Like with (far too) many GW decisions, there's a disconnect between game designers and model designers. As a player we have to make up for that. At the moment I'm trying out having the Navigator as a bought hero embarked on the frigate as there are no rules for the frigate that reflect him being there. Anyone else tried that?
  2. I’ve also been tempted by the SC as Nurgle is the only Chaos army I’ve not collected. But damn, it just feels like the SC set is, well, underwhelming. Not really bang for your bucks. I mean it’s only just over 500 points, isn’t it? Compared to ... gulp .... 700 points in the Tzeentch set. And Tzeentch is cheaper and has more miniatures! It’s those little that really grate from GW and make me hesitate. 🤨
  3. For me it’s the saving throw, the damage it can deal and the level 2 spell casting that makes the Archwarlock a tough sonova and helpful to have not just for a heavy Skryre force. The warlocks, on the other hand, can be taken out relatively easily can only cast one specific spell, not the range of spells open to other wizards, and that makes them limited. Still, I’m gonna field them both this Friday with a Skaventide force to see how they might work out ... against Tzeentch. gulp 😱
  4. But you’ve gotta get that unit entirely within 8” of the warpfires now rather than up to 8”, which is dicey. Would you run them with Clanrats or Stormvermin to screen them against melee attacks; and to draw enemy units on add a rattling gun or two? I was thinking a tight formation of 2x10 stormvermin on left and right with 2 pairs of warpfires commanding the centre (the vermin will screen against 3” pile-in threats to the warpfires); with rattlings on the flanks along with the vermin to entice and soften enemy units advancing on the warpfires. Would that work?
  5. Love it. It’s great when your kids validate your interest in Warhammer! 😂
  6. I entered with the 1st Edition and still remember the pamphlet with the Empire soldier pummelling the skel on the cover. Jeez, how things have changed... Lead bases with lead minis half the size of the current minis and often not a regular size (I mean, a dwarf the size of skel? Or a gobbo the size of an Orc?). But there was passion, innovation and love. And mystique. Magic too. Some of that has been lost in the machinery of GW. Citadel used to be a crucible of mystery. Now it’s a commercial venture. 3 editions of Warhammer went by and I left the hobby in the early 90s. Picked it up again many years later (and following the end of the world) after my youngest son pressed his nose against a GW shop in Sheffield and said of an AoS display: “Hey, they look so cool.” And I answered with: “You know, I’ve got a box of that stuff in the attic...” That was 18 months and £600 ago ...
  7. Agreed, although not a guarantee. It might be that GW will no longer sell these pieces but continue to have them in battletomes for the sake of older players or eBay hunters. Like you I hope they do. It sets yet another dangerous precedent in AoS to discontinue a perfectly good unit not just from production but from the game entirely. I do like the idea of the rarity of models tho - discontinued or only part of start collecting sets (means that armies are more likely to be unique on the field of battle!).
  8. I tend to agree. And also GW are the go to for GW products, but are not the only show out there and the other manufacturers are doing alright. Our local hobby store has more much more non-GW nights than GW nights (1 in 4 are GW related) and that’s from a shop that stocks predominantly GW stuff. That should tell you something. These days, GW is shining bright but they have competition and the kids don’t just play Warhammer; they got other products to buy. And if they don’t get what they want at GW, well there’s plenty of other distractions they can spend their money on and GW lose out. Not the best business model - and if it is a business model, I’d say that’s far too complacent (and not vfm - the units cost less when you are producing more).
  9. Thanks - that’s great advice. Much appreciated. I’ve got an Oldhammer zombie dragon that’s quite decrepit (as you’d expect but more so) that’s so stooping it’s lower than a SC Liberator. I reckon if I base it appropriately it may be the equal of current zombie dragons and save me a few quid!
  10. Our local hobby store sold out of everything Gloomspite within an hour of opening so it shows its popular, but also that GW are unprepared whilst playing it safe. I say this because the store asked for more than they were sent knowing how popular it would be. GW sent out 80% of what they asked for. It’s likely the bean counters for this endeavour have messed this one thinking there is little appetite for destruction, keeping production units too low. Hopefully this will kick them in the pants to do better ....
  11. Brilliant - thanks. Basing will be a challenge so I’m gonna look at converting the square bases to chunkier rounds of 25mm.
  12. Back in the day, during the World that Was, not content with owning one Regiment of Renown, I was given two boxes of Nightmare Legion - 40 skels in chainmail, with helmets and two-handed halberds, and whole lot of vengeful spirit! The stats for these guys I recall were a little souped up, the equivalent of AoS Graveguard so it got me thinking whether these are legitimate Graveguard models for matched play? Certainly in private games I can use them that way, but are they a legitimate proxy for Graveguard in tournaments? (They’re too armoured for standard skels in my book.) What do you think..?
  13. But then if Greenskinz are defunct in AoS terms, is it a little odd they’re offered as allies for Gloomspite? Makes little sense to me to remove options for a ‘new’ army by pulling a Start Collecting set. That’s more power to eBay sellers - again an odd move for GW (unless Greenskinz were selling that badly as a box). It’s more likely, then, to be a glitch on the website?
  14. Thanks everyone. Priceless advice and some gobbo-lovin’ as well has restored a bit of faith. Will look to the battletome and follow suggestions. Still like the Gloomspite styling so I’m not completely disenchanted. After all, even if you lose with Destruction it’s the manner (and mania) of losing that counts! Can say the destruction of my Desctruction was fun, just wanna make a better fist of the next encounter... 🤨
  15. Lol - not much, even the gargant was overwhelmed and swarmed over. Was hoping for better against Kharadron who speared the gargant like harpoon fisherman and then turned the battlefield like the Somme by volley-gunning the grots. Oh, for just some better saving throws! I don’t recall making many save rolls in all 3 battles... 🧐
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