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  1. Archregent Pontiff Fodderbite and Akhelian King Valentournos had both discovered the location of the Relocation Orb and both new they must be the one to recover it and harness its arcane energy as they strove to march upon the Grand Stormvault. Neither commander knew of the others plans nor did they know that soon they would come face to face on the battlefield. The armies met with the Blisterskin Court making the first move. A Royal Terrorgheist worried the left flank, shrieking at the Allopex, whilst a large unit of rabid Flayers charged headlong in to the Idoneth battleline. The Aelves stood strong as two of their number fell to the Flesh Eaters Death Scream. In the centre the Horrors failed to keep up with their winged brethren and instead took control of the Orb. The Royal Terrogheist turned its attentions to the Tidecaster who had taken cover in the Warscryer Citadel, it smashed in to the building tearing through the walls and swallowed the Aelven wizard whole. The Namarti Thralls are dauntless as they brave the Flayers and manage to take two down, their courage is short lived as they all die as the undead reply. The Aspect of the Sea unleashes a Purple Sun, exploiting the extra eldritch power derived from the Realm of Death. It destroyed a Flayer before decimating the Terrorgheist, leaving it close to death. Another Flayer was killed by the Leviadon’s harpoons but the Deepkins greatest victory came as the second unit of Thralls slayed the Crypt Infernal Courtier, leaving the rest of the Flayers stranded with no hope of return. The Orb relocated further in to Flesh Eater territory but before the Terrorgheist could take advantage of its vast reach, the Purple Sun chased it down and took it down for good. Archregent Fodderbite reacts by casting Lauchon the Soul Seeker and a unit of Ghouls ride his ethereal vessel to claim the Orb once again. Lauchon claims one of their number as payment!! Fodderbite continues to use his realmstone wand and powers up the Abhorrent Ghoul King riding a Royal Terrorgheist, who then procedes to charge in to the Eidolon, Leviadon and Allopex. Back in the centre, the last of the Thralls are charged by Ghouls and Horrors and its clear these Aelves will never find the souls they need to extend their wretched lives. The Ghoul King orders his mount to take out the Aspect of the Sea first and he easily dispatches it with the power of its fanged maw, the Allopex also dies in the exchange. The remaining Thralls take a last stand and manage to damage the Terrogheist, although a miraculous Deathless Courtiers roll kept the ghouls in the fight. The beginning of the end for the Idoneth was prompted by one moment where the Leviadon was unable to finish off the Terrogheist and was then killed by its Fanged Maw. As the Orb moved once again to the Undead’s advantage, the Purple Sun followed drawn by its power. The Archregent continues to produce his prestidigitations and the Realmstone wand’s influence increases. The Blisterskin run for the Orb en masse avoiding Valentournos and his Akhelian Guard who have arrived from the Aether sea on the right flank. Despite it being high tide the King and his Fangmora riding companions are unpositione dto take full advantage and instead only take out the disposable ghouls that Fodderbite had placed in their way. As the Orb moves once again and it’s apparent that there’s no way for the Aelves to retrieve it, Valentournos charges in to Fodderbite as the Eels charge down the Crypt Horrors. All the Horrors are destroyed and Fodderbite yields to the Akhelian King but this is not a victory for the Deepkin as the Orb is in the possession of the Crypt Flayers summoned by Fodderbite to retrieve the magical artefact and ensure its safe passage to Castle Drachmir…..
  2. My project for 2020 is my Living City Starting with a battlemage
  3. The Underguts Mawtribe passed through the Gate of Whispers, entering Stygxx on the behest of the Flesh-eater Courts. Charged with raiding the Stormvault discovered at the Hookfort, Slaughtermaster Bufolg Bloodbelch led his Ogors from the realmgate situated on the Coast of Loss and headed inland to see what treasures awaited them… Vandus Hammerhand himself, along with a retinue of the Hammers of Sigmar had received word of the incoming Gluttonous nomads and were guarding the Stormvault as the Ogors approached. The Lord Arcanum and Knight-Incantor failed to harness the magical energy that runs amok since Nagash’s Necroquake and the Stormcast gunline didn’t fare much betterm killing only one Iron gut. A unit of Sequitors dropped in the from the Celestial realm to take an objective but lost their heads, charging some Ironguts and Mournfang – only to be completely destroyed in the process. In return the Ironblaster nearly killed Vandus with a precise shot as the Ogor horde hungrily marched forward. The second round saw Sigmar’s finest fare much better and as the Lord healed the Celestant General, The Incantor’s spellcasting was also successful as he brought the Everblaze Comet down hard on the Underguts. More Stormcasts appeared from the Celestial realm as the Retributors and Evocators both dropped behind enemy lines, unfortunately neither unit was able to make a charge. The shooting fared better too as more Ogors began to fall to the lightning bolts of the Stormcast. The Ogor shooting was not nearly as productive as the Leadbelchers failed to make a dent in the golden armour of Sigmar’s first host. The Ogors on the frontline made several charges with the most important battle taking place in the centre as the large Irongut unit decimated the Fulminators. On return the Evocators very nearly killed the Beastriders on Thundertusk but they held on by a wound. This combat phase also saw the highlight of the battle for the Hammers of Sigmar as some Mournfangs took out a unit of Liberators only to see them reappear on the otherside of the battlefield, right on top of an objective. Unfortunately for Sigmar’s men it was to be of little consequence as the third battle round proved decisive for the Undergut tribe. It started with Vandus hammerhand and his Lord Arcanum countercharging the Ironguts and decimating them. The Incantor’s Celestian Vortex and some headshots from the Vanguard-Raptors saw more of the Ogors fall. In the Ogors rearguard the Retributors all die after some miserable rolls, the Evocators however are more successful as they finally take down the thundertusk. With both sides vastly reduced it is the central fight that decides the battle, starting with the Ironblaster finally getting the better of Vandus Hammerhand. The Legendary Lord-Celestant goes down and it’s the beginning of the end for the Hammers of Sigmar. Some Mournfangs join the fray and take out the Lord Arcanum. With barely any Stormcast left on the battlefield to stop them, the Ogors are able to take a primary objective and seal the victory.
  4. Pretty much what it says in the title. Does the adversary advance in their campaign after they’ve fought in a convergence battle in somebody else’s campaign? Or are they just there as opponents for the aspiring warband and it gets them some extra glory etc. But not an advancement in their own campaign. I’m thinking the latter as it says in the narrative section about the adversaries ‘interacting with the eight points’ and the warband is taking on a new role for that battle but can’t find a clear rule in the book.
  5. Roused by the news of Gordrakk’s breaching of Thunderstone Reach and his recovery of the skull of Hammergord, the savage Orruks of Styggx ventured forth from the caverns of Grotskull Mines and joined the Big Waaagh. Led by a Wurrgog Prophet the small Bonespliiterz force stumbled upon a court of Flesh Eaters. With a vanguard of boarboyz leading the charge, the orruks advanced in to undead territory. It ended badly for the boarboyz, out of position and cut off from the majority of the green tide, they were powerless against the Royal Terrogheist and its commanding Ghoul King. Supported by a retinue of Crypt Horrors, the Blisterskin king made light work of the Orruks before next descending on the large unit of savage greenskins. This time it was the undead who came off second best as behind the Orruks emerged an equally large unit of arrowboys who duly laid waste to the Terrorgheist with a barrage of arrows. Stirred by the slaying of a monster, the Savage Big Boss confronted a unit of Flayers and took down one of their number. However, it was too little to turn the tide and the Prophet deemed the battle lost. He had got what he had came for, making a hasty retreat he was already concocting his next scheme for his Warclan….
  6. In the mid 80's my dad and I often walked past GW in Manchester and back then they sold a variety of games. Eventually my dad got the courage to go in (I think this must have been '87) and he bought Vietnam 1965-1975. Now this game never got played but soon after seeing it I managed to convince my parents to buy me WFRP. From there I bought anything GW and had rules and minis for battle and 40k as well as the boxed games like Dark Future and Adeptus Mechanicus. However the game we played most (probably because it was cheaper than a full army and at 13 it's all we could afford) was Blood Bowl.
  7. I should finally finish my Warcry stuff hopefully some of my friends FEC too
  8. I've not had chance to take pictures of my Warcry stuff but I have finished some other things: Gotrek Larissa Shadowstalker and her Sacrosanct chamber
  9. After the Khorne Daemons had stolen the Hexwraith Pendant from their vault underneath Castle Drachmir, the Blisterskin Court were seeking revenge. Pontiff Fodderbite led his cohort to the Howling Plains, eventually engaging their quarry in the graveyards of Haggrath Plight. Slaughterpriest Karsus stood in the Arcanoscope of the Citadel and looked down on the advancing undead. He ushered a minion to send word to his Daemon Prince, Tarak Skorl would need to summon his Bloodletters if they were to stem the savage force descending upon them. Riding his Royal Terrorgheist, the Ghoul King charged the citadel – sensing the pendants presence within. A unit of Blood Reavers guarded the entrance but many of their number fled after hearing the giant Gheist’s death shriek. The mortals fear was compounded as Fodderbite summoned his faithful knights to his side and three ravenous Flayers flanked the Chaos bloodbound. Unfortunately for the Flesh Eaters, the king was unable to penetrate the Citadels defences and the Priest remained resolute within the battlements. As the countless Bloodletters ran the right flank, Tarak Skorl counter-charged his opposite general and was able to take him out of the battle. In Daemonic tongue he informed Karsus that if they could just hold out a little longer then Khorne would reward their tithe of skulls with a Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury. Skorl then flew in to the Wyldwood to seize an objective from a small band of ghouls, who were no match for a Daemon Prince of Khorne. In the centre a large unit of Crypt Horrors destroyed some Bloodletters as the Death army tried to turn the tide of battle. The Blisterskin heroes descened upon the Wyldwood and outnumbered the Chaos general to regain the prized location. In the Citadel the Slaughterpriest finally succumbed to the Flayers attacks and another Chaos stronghold fell to the Flesh Eaters. The cannibalistic mob was overrunning the grave site as daemons were returned to their chaotic dimension and the battle appeared to be won. Then a guttural roar resounded from the Skull Alter and through the fabric of time appeared the Greater Daemon. It destroyed the Flayers holding the left most objective and without their king to lead the Court knew the battle was lost. Khorne had been true to his word and victory was his…
  10. Warcry warbands and scenery Sylvaneth finish my friends FEC
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