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  1. Mostly Lumineth I would have thought, here’s my Iliatha test model I finished today.
  2. It did come across as a little defensive but if it was simply because you are looking forward to the GHB then that’s cool you’re going to get something out of it. Personally, I’m going to give it a miss this year.
  3. Sorry I promise I won’t have an opinion or say anything against GW again 🤣🤣🤣
  4. To be honest it’s exactly what I expected. I’ve always felt that they’d run out of new ideas for the General’s Handbook and this year they finally have. Can the points value booklet be bought separately?
  5. Im not a tournament player and my group play a mix of open, narrative and matches play. But the flying battles has been done before including a new mini game in White Dwarf recently and the narrative play section is for team battles. This has also been touched upon before and can easily be house ruled. Then the rest of the book from page 68-129 is all matched play with a lot of that rehashing battle plans and tournament packs from last year. When they started the General’s Handbook and said it would be released annually I did wonder how long they would be able to keep up with new content, for me this is the year they ran out.
  6. Am I the only thinking the GHB looks a bit disappointing? Apart from the new points values I’m not really interested in any of it looking at that contents page.
  7. This would make sense as it would coincide with the delayed release of White Dwarf which as we already know is at the end of June and full of Lumineth content.
  8. Continue Living City for myself and Gloomspite/FEC/Mawtribes for friends I was hoping to include Lumineth on this list but we'll see...
  9. That can't be true. I started collecting again in 2016 and I've only got Stormcast, Idoneth, Sylvaneth, Kharadron, Daughters of Khaine, Cities of Sigmar, AdMech armies (not to mention a realm of battle game board, lots of terrain Warcry and warbands, BlitzBowl and teams, Underworlds and warbands and Kill Team) 🤣🤣
  10. Hahaha you're much braver than me. I sold off a massive collection of Greenskins and Lizardmen after my divorce in fear I'd never meet anyone again if they saw my collection (Don't worry Warhammer was only one factor of the relationship breaking down 😉). Luckily i then met someone who is as big a geek as me who actively encourages me (to justify her own Lego habit).
  11. To be fair these record profits have been rising over the last couple of years and would be more to do with record numbers of people getting in to the hobby rather than the people who already played buying and paying more. When I started playing (mid 80's) I wouldn't have dared tell anyone outside of my friends who played about the hobby for fear of physical and painful reprisals. When I started again as an adult I would have a been a little embarrassed if any of my work colleague's knew I played with and painted little plastic figures. But now in 2020 I'm embarrassed for anyone who isn't enjoying Warhammer, D&D or board games in some way or other (although I would not beat them up for it 😉)
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