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  1. Thank you more great advice, I'm certainly going to try a more competitive list next time
  2. Thanks it does help and yes this is exactly what i'm looking for. I do have a Scryer and Morsarr so I'm thinking i should deepstrike the heroes and take out as many as I can. I'll couple that with hopefully some massive points hikes for his units come July 🤣
  3. I played my first game against my friends new FEC army last night and got destroyed, so was hoping for some pointers. We don't play tournament lists as our group prefers a to use a range of models and often play narrative battles. Last night was the Guardian Spirits battleplan from Forbidden Power with 1.5k armies My List was: Akhelian King Tidecaster 6 Ishlean eels Turtle 30 thralls Shark He had: Royal Terror Gheist Varghulf Courtier Flayer Hero Horror hero 6 flayers 6 horrors He was able to summon another 3 flayers for free as well as use the 3 heroes to roll 18 dice with returning models on a 5+. My eels took out the Horrors to 1 wound and then his turn he brought back 5 models restoring the unit to full strength so i had to fight them again. Add to this a spamming of feeding frenzy and even in high tide I was left with just the tidecaster on the table. I was a bit unlucky with the horrors so things could have gone differently and next time I'd stay away till high tide but still FEC seem awfully powerful. I really could do with any tips to beat them.
  4. Bit late this month a lot of FEC stuff for a friend Forbidden Powers scenery and spells My new Sylvaneth (Looncurse and Start collecting)
  5. You are better than the 'Eavy Metal team? I would love to see some of your work
  6. For the first time ever i read the Lore before the the rules and I really enjoyed the story behind the Stormvaults and and am genuinely intrigued by the cliffhanger ending Agree with general feelings here about the endless spells and legions being ok Penumbral engine will probably only be used by my group when it's free with the battleplan, I think the campaign looks interesting and we'll be starting it very soon. Mercenaries seem ok too and am looking for more companies in the GHB as my group play a mix of narrative and matched play i don't think they'll be too game breaking.
  7. Having read the story of FP and the battle of Lake Lethlis this is purely a fluff reason. As people have stated the GHB will contain more Mercs. and I'm guessing these will be more varied.
  8. Blitz Bowl - Elfheim Eagles Continue my Dok battleforce Hopefully make a start on Looncurse Oh yeah my Soulscryer need finishing too so I've got a fully painted IDK army
  9. It's IDK discussion so talk about what you like. In fact in that vein here's a pic of my Eidolon I just finished yesterday, I now have about 2400 points fully painted.
  10. I will be at Warhammerfest, what will you be showing there? and is there any chance of me finally getting my hands on a WFRP 4th starter set??
  11. I'm back on after a couple of days with the 'Community not available' message. I got my weekly community digest email and got on from there
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