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  1. You're making me think that Beasts of Chaos Battletome and Start Collecting box aren't a bad idea after all
  2. valenswift

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    I know, it's only on a 4+ and it probably cost him the battle.
  3. valenswift

    The Painting Contract - September 2018

    Painted this for a friend, now to finally get back to my own armies.
  4. valenswift

    The Painting Contract - September 2018

    Black coach for a friend Continue with my IDK and sacrosanct chamber
  5. We decided to play the variant of the ritual battleplan that was played out a couple of times in White Dwarf this year, where the Aelves are stealing souls from one of Nagash’s Soul Siphon’s. Unfortunately I don’t have a game board like the one they used at Warhammer World so instead I used the ‘chained stones’ objective thing from the recent objectives set and placed it on top of a hill. The IDK started and the Leviadon headed for the centre of the board with the Soulscryer and 2 Tidecasters using him as cover. With the potential threat of units that had been set up in reserve popping up behind the Aelven battle lines, Volturnous and a unit of 6 Morsarr stayed behind. On the right flank a unit of 30 thralls and an Allopex advanced towards the opposing black coach. Nighhaunt began their turn by casting the Purple Sun and Quicksilver Swords and they headed down the centre of the battlefield. Lady Olynder and the chainrasp entered the fray and the ghostly horde descended upon the Idoneth. The ethereals decided to go first in battle round 2 and had to endure the Purple Sun crashing in to the Chainrasp horde who were locked in combat with some Namarti Reavers after a very lucky charge roll. This didn’t prevent the Aelves being wiped out in the preceding combat though. Olynder, Reiknor and the Black Coach went out wide to the left and after magic and yet another high charge roll easily wiped out the Shark. In their turn the Aelves responded with charges of their own despite it being so close to high tide. The Morsarr demolished the chainrasp whilst on the other flank the Thralls formed a meat shield for the soulscryer who was about to start his ritual. Magic had seen the unbinding of the dreaded Purple Sun as well as the death of the final Glaivewraith who had dared to charge the Leviadon. This left the giant turtle open to charge in to a tomb banshee and form another barrier to allow the ritual to take place. The Aelves won initiative in round 3 and opted to go first, everywhere the quicksilver swords went the emerald lifeswarm followed ensuring the Soulscryers’ safety. The ritual began and immediately 7 souls were stolen. The ensuing combat saw the Idoneth go first and again do a lot of damage as several units were wiped out. Another 7 souls were stolen at the beginning of the Nighthaunt’s turn and things were looking bleak for them as they had been decimated. However there was still hope on the left flank where Olynder, the Grimhailer and a black coach were still lurking – plus a gap had opened up where the Thralls had been gradually whittled away. It was now or never as the Black Coach hurtled towards the exposed Scryer. Yet again a 10 was rolled and this meant he could fight in the charge phase where a double 6 saw him defeat the Aelven priest and win the game.
  6. valenswift

    share your booster cards

  7. valenswift

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Had my second battle using IDK as part of a Firestorm campaign and I've managed to win again I had 1100 points to my Ironjawz opponents 1200 so I think i did pretty well, we played the Total Commitment battleplan. I got lucky in that one of his objectives was in a goomtide shipwreck so he refused to take it in fear of taking mortals on his Brutes. I set up with King and 6 eels on one objective to the left and 30 Thralls with a s Soulrender to the right. My Tidecaster sat in the other part of the shipwreck. As my opponent isn't very aux fait with the IDK rules I was hoping he'd forgot about the tide of death battle trait (he had), especially high tide. So I sat back on the left flank so he couldn't get his pigs in for a charge, whilst on the right i tried to use the aelven speed to outmaneuver the orruks and sneak up on the unguarded objective. Unfortunately for me he rolled rampaging destroyers and managed to charge a unit of Brutes into the Thralls. I was impressed with how they held up, especially with the fact that their extra attack/damage ability doesn't work on Brutes. It also helped that I was running Morphann enclave rules and brought back 6 of them in my battleshock phase. Then it was time for battle round 3 and I won initiative. I then charged my king and eels into the pigs and informed my opposing general of the high tide rule, it did not go down well. The Morsarr went first and my King easily finished them off (6 pigs) before the shield eels needed to attack. In his turn he was horrified that I would get to attack first again and his was nearly the end of the game for my opponent, instead he decided to move on to the objective and avoid combat. Although he did manage a to take out the Thralls with a Megaboss and Brutes, he had completely lost the left flank. On top of that my Soulrender made a tactical retreat to the other objective so I racked up the VP leaving him no chance of recovery. As a side note magic was a bit poor throughout except for the casting of the ravening jaws which rampaged through both armies at some point.
  8. valenswift

    8k Mega Battle

    That is very impressive, really like the scenery too (what are you using to make that as I'd really like to make some rocks and hills myself) Yeah a lot of our stuff is still part built and unpainted. Things have changed since we first started playing as kids back in the 80's. Now our spending potential outweighs our time to paint 😆
  9. valenswift

    8k Mega Battle

    Three friends and I played a 2V2 8k mega battle which pitted Stormcast & Legions of Nagash against Khorne & BCR We played for 9 hours, managing to get in 3 battle rounds with Chaos/Destruction winning 8-5 on victory points. Although we also worked out who had killed more and the Order/Death alliance won that one. It was great to get so much on to the table but one regret is not using the gathering of might rules for melee as it ended up with the 'cannon fodder' lasting too long and the big names like Nagash and Archaon not getting in to the fight.
  10. valenswift

    The Painting Contract - August 2018

    Continuing the Silver Tower commission I'm working on and if I'm lucky maybe paint some of my Sacrosanct chamber
  11. valenswift

    Deploying units in gravesites to get the first turn

    It still counts as a drop, same as Stormcast placing a unit in the celestial realm does. Only way to reduce drops is by taking a warscroll battalion. On the other hand deploying them in the grave means they can't be shot.
  12. Picked up the Storm Strike starter set for my 6 year old daughter and myself to play over the summer holidays. She'd already practised building and painting on a some old space marines I had so was eager to take on her first banshee. There's a very simple guide in the book which she followed.
  13. These are replies from a friend of mine that has an online business that this will directly affect. Ultimately case law will decide that. But it is easily argued that a 1mm blade in a slashing motion is capable of causing serious injury. Snips depending on size, can cut off a finger, sever a tendon or artery. No business is going to take the risk Regarding access, some people are obviously fine. Many are not. Consider this legislation will hit woodworking tools badly. A hobby which is populated by many older people in rural communities who may not drive, or even if they do drive they may still find it hard to find carving and turning tools in their locale. Majority of tradespeople are self employed contractors, not businesses. They operate their business from residential addresses. Ultimately section 15 will do nothing to prevent knife crime. It will only serve to hugely inconvenience a wide range of trades and hobbies.
  14. I am asking people in the UK to sign this petition https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/222776 It will curtail your ability to buy any modelling tool with a blade online, snips, scrapers anything really. It bans the distance selling of bladed items to a residential address which is described as anything that can break the skin. Most people will assume that this means knives but it also means many of the things we use for OUR hobby. I understand that knife crime is a real problem at the moment but this misguided bill goes to far and will affect many people who wouldn't dream of committing such crimes.