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  1. After the battering my wallet has taken lately with the new wave of Lumineth, Blood Bowl and Broken Realms books - I’m actually happy there’s nothing new till May 😂👍
  2. It's going to be a Lumineth month (possibly some Blood Bowl)
  3. Finished Volturnous and and even though I started my Idoneth Army first, completing him means I now have the full Aelven pantheon.
  4. January is a loooonnnnggg month so I guess I'll have time to do all my new Blood Bowl stuff whilst also preparing Morathi and more for a Broken Realms campaign. (I won't mention my new Blood Angels army here 😉)
  5. Getting ready for a Morathi Broken Realms campaign in the new year, here are Keiser Van Brecht (I didn't have a Lord-Veritant), Vatheira Seris (Melusai Ironscale) and Taras Nightscour (Fleetmaster of the Black Ark Agoniser)
  6. I pledge to actually take some photos of the stuff I have painted recently 🤣
  7. Continue with my Lumineth and maybe some Blitz Bowl
  8. Exactly what I do. I’ve always looked in to get my Warhammer ‘hit’, get excited at all the great new models. Hope that there’s something new about a faction I play or am thinking about collecting. However this year has seen a massive shift between the information and planning side of the hobby with the actual playing/tournament side of the hobby. So while we’ve all been stuck at home and not going out/ having friends round playing, we’ve not had much else to do but browse the website (what else are we going to do? Actually paint and finish all those grey projects??). This imbalance
  9. Making my way through my Lumineth Realm-Lords. Attempted the sheer dress for the Cathallar.
  10. I’ve recently subscribed to White Dwarf again and today’s release should be my first one. I’ve noticed subscribers often get it days before it appears in the store and was just wondering if anyone had theirs yet?
  11. I've had this miniature lying around since buying the Collegiate Arcana set to give my pre-Sacrosanct SCE a much needed magic option. I also wanted to make my own hero using the Anvil. So after a bit of research I found the Order of Chained Flame in the Cities of Sigmar battletome and I thought it was perfect for this guy to be a Spell Hunter from the Order. As he was Aqshyan as well as a spell hunter I felt he needed to be equally competent in battle as he was in magic so I gave his weapons an upgrade as well as a ward save to make him last a little longer. I gave him a black wash to his skin
  12. Finish up the Lumineth army box and with the news of new Blood Bowl, I've been inspired to finish my Blitz Bowl teams.
  13. I'm from a large family and the oldest of six children, who all have 1-2 middle names. By the time my mum had my youngest brother Sean she's lost interest and allowed us to give him a middle name. We named him Kevin, after the gerbil 😃
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