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  1. Just went to get the digital edition of White Dwarf 465 and realised it doesn't exist. Did they announce they were dropping digital editions anywhere? Looks like you buy the physical copy or you risk having a permanent hole in your series of flashpoint articles when it becomes unavailable. Maybe this is something else they're going to roll into Warhammer+ when it launches, but I'm very unhappy about it at present. I absolutely do not want to have to buy issues in a different format to avoid missing articles, with no guarantee of a return to digital support in the future. This sucks.
  2. Didn't have to wait the full hour. Just got it, everything was still in stock on the UK webstore. Good luck!
  3. In an hour-long queue... guess I'll have to see how lucky I am. I have to say I don't like the lack of a digital edition for the new core book, I hope they aren't moving AoS to a hardback-only model like WH40k.
  4. It's sisters (and the crab) by the looks of it.
  5. Here's hoping for models! I love the gnashtooth and I'd really like to see more. I can't wait to get hold of some swamp-orruks, I'll be reinforcing my Ironjaw warband with these. I hope we don't have to wait long for Warcry rules, speaking of warbands...
  6. "This book, the next narrative supplement in the ongoing Warhammer Age of Sigmar saga, will be available as both a regular hardback and a deluxe Limited Edition release, featuring gilt page edges, exclusive cover artwork, and more." ...are they not releasing this in ebook form? I hope this is just an omission in the writeup because I have the first two BRs as epubs and I don't want to have to switch format halfway through.y I assume they ARE because of the error people got with the BR Teclis cover, but...
  7. I believe the rule about ending your move on terrain that your friend is thinking of is a WH40k rule from a previous edition. It's definitely a rule that existed in a GW tabletop game at some point, but it's not Age of Sigmar (and I don't believe it's anything currently in print).
  8. I always want to type a "B" in "SGL" and I have to remind myself that "Soulblight" is one word so it's not really right to initialize it that way. "SBGL" feels better though. It has a dark power, an evil lure.
  9. It's almost certainly better that they wait for the SGL battletome than release LoN warscrolls for them which could be wildly underpowered or mechanically incompatible when the book is out.
  10. Neither is my freshly painted ghoul, but I don't really rate his common sense or his chances in a duel very highly.
  11. Urauloth

    Treelord Ancient

    This is fantastic. Mind if I ask for your colour recipes for this dark wood and bark?
  12. Oh WOW the alternative builds for them look even better. He looks fantastic with the sword, and her hat is top-notch. I need these minis.
  13. Those look like absolutely stunning models. I wonder if CoS players or WH40k Inquisition enthusiasts are more excited about them?
  14. I don't know how much bigger they are as opposed to just way more upright. The old VC range are all totally hunched over. It actually looks like they reduced the "heroic-scale" overscaling on the hands, which is nice.
  15. I like it as well, having a stripped-down version I can take to my friend's board game nights (when those are possible again) is pretty appealing.
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