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  1. @CrashStacy The Mirkwood spiders are nice models but they're huge, they're on 60mm bases. The spiders for WHQ are actually very small, the original minis were on 25mm bases. It's hard to get spiders that size these days. For the rats I'm using some old metal ones from the Skaven range, they used to come with a packmaster. I got mine for Mordheim originally. I have a few plastic rats of various sizes from different Skaven sprues as well, some of which are big enough to do the job (or can be paired up on 25mm rounds to make them a bit more imposing).
  2. @Xil Those dryads look great! Can I ask what colours you used for their wood and bark?
  3. So uh how about that Dol Guldur scenery anyway. It seems like it's years too late but it also looks absolutely incredible and if it's like the Osgilliath ruins it'll be big enough to use in AoS and Warcry as well as Middle-Earth.
  4. Nice bases. Suitable amount of skulls for the knights' patron deity.
  5. I don't think it's a good idea to pour anything in your wallet. Is there a rumour of a cavalry unit? I haven't seen it. I'd like us to get one! (and it would make the "great" gnashtoof make more sense if there were regular size ones as a unit..)
  6. Yes, they did a short (and poorly advertised) AoS run of those models as "Spire of Dawn" in some territories before disappearing them back into oblivion. It's a shame, because that set is the only place the skaven mortar has ever existed, the clanrats are pretty nice, and the engineer is very good for a starter set mini of his era. If TOW means they want people to start stacking clanrats into 40-strong rectangles again, bringing back those sprues would make it a lot easier.
  7. Very excited about the new edition of Kill Team. I wonder if we might see some of its features migrate over to Warcry at some point in the future.
  8. Whatever it is, it looks like they missed a mould line on it.
  9. @Megaboss Badgash They look really nice in a unified colour scheme. Do you have a thread or blog for these ladz?
  10. The temple range from Gamer's Grass will get you ruined flagstones like this in every size, but you'd need to add your own roots and leaves to them. Leaves are pretty simple to make, so this wouldn't be too taxing if you did them in batches.
  11. Whoa, that Ironjawz display is quite something. Also, I know where all the old boarboy kits went now! (rip)
  12. There's a drum and a horn, yes. They only have pictures of two of the three hobgrot sprues on the website, for some reason.
  13. BoC and S2D currently have too many units between them to share a book, I think. I'd rather see a refreshed and expanded BoC line with coalition rules allowing them to work with Slaves to Darkness. If they were crammed into the same book, I'd expect to see a lot of old Beasts stuff disappear.
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