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  1. I ended up not participating last month, because when I sprayed the minis I was intending to pledge, the undercoat furred up. This is a busy month, so I'm only attempting a single hero, but if I can get him done I'll try for something more ambitious next time. Excuse the poor picture quality, it's just a mobile snap of the model in sub-assemblies. That's a pledge of one Slaughterpriest by the end of August.
  2. Love to! The only thing is that I'm all about skirmish and Warcry these days, so I'm not really building a "proper" AoS army. I do have a lot of unbuilt and unpainted models I should work on, though, and this is good motivation to do that, so if you don't mind a fairly small end goal (like a Meeting Engagement force) then I'm down.
  3. Hey I'm not taking part in this thread but I just wanna say I read it all in one sitting and it's the most inspirational hobby thing I've seen all year, so thanks to everyone here. Keep it up!
  4. So, I want to restore the classic Warhammer Quest from the '90s. I have the basics: the boards, cards, tokens and rulebooks (admittedly these are individual pages in plastic sleeves in ring binders, but they're 100% present and correct). I also have the doorways, minus one. What I'm missing is the miniatures, which is... a significant problem. Now, some things are pretty timeless. If you want a dozen goblins the gloomspite gitz have you covered, and the reliable skaven clanrat isn't going anywhere. Skull Pass and Island of Blood, over the years, furnished me with more than enough of those. Some things are more esoteric, though, especially in the Age of Sigmar. Where now does one acquire a humble orc boy? Whence do you source a suitable elf to delve your dungeons? What happened to the snotling? Does anyone have any advice on this? Third-party miniatures or creative solutions for the unavailable stuff would be very helpful. Here's a full list of what I need, links to the original minis for comparison, and notes on any solutions I've got. I'll spolier it so it doesn't take up too much space.
  5. Damn, that's a cool base. It's practically a terrain piece, but it looks excellent. What's it made of, is it cork? Bark?
  6. I was mostly just hoping for a beastman warband out of all this (and I love that new shaman) but wow. I did not expect a whole new aelf faction. Wardancers are back baby. They're good again.
  7. I'm painting ghouls, personally. I really can't wait to get my corpsewrack mausoleum so I can start making bases to match the board in that set.
  8. Oh? Nice. I was on the fence about picking this one up, as I'm not playing anything at the moment so I don't need the points updates etc. If there's more "other stuff" in there than usual, and content that could be useful anytime, I'm down.
  9. That's really industrious work! I like those bases, are you planning to use contrast for those as well?
  10. This set's great for me, and the first of these battle boxes I'm going to invest in. I like the squig range and I'd love a chance to paint some of the minis, but they've been a little too expensive for casual purchases while I'm trying to work on other projects - this fixes that and ships a great new hero as well. Meanwhile, I've been wanting to paint the Sylvaneth range since they came out, but I decided to wait and see if they got a battle box or any new miniatures. As for the squig's foot, I'm not sure what's up with that, but I don't much care for it. In the worst case, it might need rebasing to fix it.
  11. This is very cool. Something I love about AoS is seeing realm-themed warbands like this, and it's always nice to see the non-battletome factions get a good airing. The falcon griffons look great!
  12. Yes, "Rage of Khorne" is just the name of the portal's ability. All you need to benefit from its effects is to be within 18", be friendly, and have the Khorne keyword. Brass Despoilers are fine.
  13. You should get a strong enough bond with a good plastic glue anyway, assuming you're sticking them to plastic bases, but if you need to strengthen it, the best solution is a small piece of thin plasticard. You can cut little spacers out of that to prop the hooves up, and it bonds with the same glue. If you're sticking them to cork o something that requires superglue you're understandably having a worse time, but this might still work for increasing the surface area of the hoof before attaching the mini to the base.
  14. Yeah, I hadn't either; I looked at the higher number of potential attacks and stopped there. I appreciate the perspective, Retro and @decker_cky. Nice to know the options are more balanced than I assumed, because that can only be a good thing fo the game.
  15. I'm guessing there's not a lot of point to ungors with hand weapons when spears have such an obvious benefit? I only really ask because I have 10 or so of them from back in the day. If there's no sense making a whole unit that way, I'll scatter them around in a big spear herd or something. What's the best size for raiders? Is maxing the unit out the way to go? Seems logical, with the bonus, but does it get unwieldy with that many models? Do they become too much of a risky investment with their poor saves and terrible bravery? Are small units worth it for harrassing and sitting on backline objectives, or are they too easy to destroy? I'm coming back to beasts after a LONG absence, so I'm just running some real basics past those of you who've been beasting out for a while before I get stuck in. On that note, while I love everything else about the battletome (it's probably my fav so far) I'm a little sad my beastlord lost his greataxe. He's old enough to be metal, but contempary with the one they're still selling... wonder what happened to that mini?
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