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  1. I'm very happy with the AOS lore the aos world and the places it can go. The new lumineth book shows gw have very long term plans to read like one of the very early books a lot of stuff hinted alluded to but no model rules yet. Much more to come. Very exciting. But the state of order humans as a faction is a massive low point. One model in 5 years. One discontinued model at that. Order Humans have infinite possibilities in AOS but we just got out third aelf army instead .
  2. The realms are still hollow at the moment. Aos is basically 40k but it's missing the entire imperium save the space marines. Yes you have your weird wizard elves and your fire dwarves but the cities of sigmar are clearly but a shadow of what should be civilisation. Azyr is an entire realm of humanity and apparently still a few aelfs and duardin though the list of those latter two races will eventually I believe be culled I to nothingness. And yet we have seen nothing. Weve seen chaos through a thousand different prisms cultures and beliefs and yet the entirety of normal order humanity as represented in AOS in the tabletop is still the best selling line of old german, feather toting moustache boys from an entirely different era and planet. I mean sure maybe sigmars religion causes people to dress in puffy shirts and grow strange facial hair. But the lore is showing me a game the tabletop does not represent. Until this problem is resolved any and all grand alliance order units are ripe for the chop at any moment. This new gh I think will prove it.
  3. Its want to keep selling those models but not elaborate or update the rules and eventually phase them out completely
  4. Soul bound proves as well cities will be very very different in the near future. Every class and character in that book has a model available right now on the gw website expect the human sigmar warpriest. It's not long before order humans stop existing in AOS.
  5. I'll quote you on that in a year and we shall see. It's almost certain giving the new lumineth tome that cities will not be around much longer.
  6. Without the grand alliances every old faction and every bit of lore since about 2019 has become a retcon or just worthless. Aos seems to get smaller and smaller everyday. Do white lions actually exist in the mortal realms? I have multiple pieces of fiction that say they do. Do freeguild knights? Multiple stories mention them. All the mercenary companies have now ceased to be. No cannons for anyone now. GW seem intent on purging the lines down to small factions with 6 kits each. Well apart from stormcast of course. Sons of behemat is a two kit army. This is clearly the future but it's taken away so much freedom the game used to have.
  7. The idoneth can only be a desperate coalition with the lumineth. But the lumineth can be good friends with quite a few and yet lumineth can only ally with idoneth in their own battle tome? That actually makes no sense
  8. I'm loving the team play I'm imagining the freeguild captain approaching a mega boss and lady olynder to team up against some rats with high opinions of themselves.
  9. Well a big thing lately is narrative campaigns and creating a story through linked games. And when one guy can just say All my army was magically healed back to life it does detract somewhat. The aos rpg will have the same problem. Anyone playing as a stormcast never dies. The fyreslayers not so lucky. I mean spoiler alert but I think everyone thought the end of that everchosen book with katakros was a way big cop out. I get the big gods and demons never die. That's fine. Always been the case. But when every single liberator and ballista crew can all just be resurrected it is a hollow experience. I mean gw are never going to make a zombie unit of too many reforged stormcast so it's just always invincible supermen vs thing about to get killed.
  10. The more new factions released the larger the world becomes but also the amount of area chaos actually claims must surely get smaller. How much of the teclis nations is claimed by chaos cos that's half of hysh they dont have at least. Chaos is competing with grots, orruks, ogors, giant order cities, advanced aelves, the entirety of the undead which would never stop expanding, sky dwarves, fire dwarves, sea aelves, forest spirits and each other and an army of golden giant warriors designed and used specifically to kill them who are immortal. This idea they still rule 95% of the realms is starting to sound pretty foolish to me.
  11. Well the cities of sigmar forces are far more out of stock than most of the new order factions so unless they purposefully only make one unit of freeguild for every 10 fyreslayers I think it's safe to assume what gets purchased more. Also I know about of many cities of sigmar collectors. The vast array of units make it very attractive. All the new factions are two or three infantry one monster one cavalry armies. It gets old. Gw are mad to still not have a human faction out and it can only because of how well the current ones sell otherwise they would for sure try something new. See every aos army released. Elves dead? Idoneth and lumineth. Dwarves old hat? Fyrelsayers and khatadeon. Skeletons clogging the shelves? Ossiarchs and nighthaunt. Its clear the old empire models dont have this problem.
  12. It is always hard to discern how many there are meant to be but their numbers must be pretty vast. The mortal realms are meant to be gigantic and yet in almost every aos story there will be a stormcast somewhere in there. Everyone has heard of them they seem to be a very large force which is constantly expanding. And the whole not dying thing means eventually they would grind death down. And would exist in empty realms Immortal ever living robots.
  13. They are ok but still fragile I feel like this army is actually hyper fragile. Like I'm imagining squid hoppers running over them. Or just anything that does mortals. I mean they are clearly not a big blob army they are all one or two wound. I'm worried. It's a good translation of the classic toughness 3 elves but in the hyper killy world of aos2. I think they might really suffer.
  14. I've been listening to a lot of the audiobooks of stormcast lately having read the majority of non stormcast aos books and these guys really need some stakes. The fact they cant die begins to bear down on the reader as you make your way through the books. Like a couple are captured or trapped and basically all the stormcast cry about it because of how sad it is. But that's not interesting I mean space marines die. Grots die. Aelfs die. The whole Losing their personality seems to make them better soldiers and less human. So what? surely that is absolutely ideal for waging war against innumerable hordes of madmen. Sigmar should be delighted. They need to lose the immortality completely even fighting them on the tabletop its hollow because of this. The legions of death with their grinding inexorable undeath are a classic trope having them fighting unearthly godlike sigmarines means realistically sigmar wouldve already won. Stormcast need to be bought down. They just dont fit age of sigmar anymore as they currently are.
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