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  1. Well I only collect one army and it's an army that has been forgotten about and not updated for 10 years even though it still the highest selling army in Aos. Most AOS stories contain a human character a human city of sigmar seems to be where a lot of aos stories are set and yet in 5 years we have had one order human released and that was discontinued. No matter what army you collect every single one has had a model released in aos. Apart from cities of sigmar. But I'm hijacking this thread so I'll stop
  2. I think they are slowly removing cities of sigmar as an army so would not be suprised if these were not updated
  3. Another yearly aos event with far reaching consequences for all the aos factions and new war cry and new dire chasm. And not an order human model in sight. Lumineth havent even released as a full army yet and they get an underworlds warband before humans. Not to mention to say seraphim are the most requested underworlds warbands is laughable I've seen thousands of requests for new freeguild models. A real shame.
  4. I would really like to know if this new section is for stuff that's actually selling well or stuff GW is just under producing. I mean it makes for very interesting reading currently 6 of the kits selling fast and running low in stock are human empire figures. The only others for AOS are the gaunt summoner saurus and gotrek three overpowered units. Oh and the arachnok. The fact that the human empire sets sell so well is not surprising the fact they continue to be out of stock half the time is though. Is GW creating the inflated demand by under producing these sets because they are old? Or is that the sets are still there best selling sets in the range and that's why we havent got them updated? Why update models your making massive profits out of? It's a really weird new section to have on the website and I'll be interested to see what else pops up on their in the future.
  5. Gw I used to think did support multiple sub factions and otherrlines but in both aos and 40k its space marines sigmarines andthen all the rest. We havent had an order human army release in 8 years Looking at the website destruction badly needs a new faction but it will come with a caveat of stormcast I think
  6. Small aos games can be worthwhile but I find with smaller armies units really in their raw stats more than buffs magics command points etc. Which is fine until you get something like stabbas or marauders who have innately good warscrolls which are buffed without other factors. Then it becomes a bit difficult. Also a lot of units and stuff at low point levels never die. For instance a unit of 10 liberator backed by a castellant will take all game to kill in a small point game
  7. I mean 100%in current AOS lore there are multiple mentions of human knightly orders riding horses. Now admittedly most of those are I assume to be old empire knights rather than brettonia but within the realms human order cavalry certainly exists. I think maybe it does just come down to being seen as generic which is a real shame. As the brettonians had a fairly decent background yes its was a complete rip off of arthurian legend but people seem to like that story a lot and its still a strong IP so cant see the harm myself.
  8. I was talking more of a redesign ala lumineth rather than just releasing the old models. The fact there are lumineth cavalry and chaos knights still suggests there would be some order human foil to them. I mean in warhammer fantasy the bretonnians living alongside the empire made no real sense just as how in aos it doesnt really make sense chaos warriors arent totting cannons and gatling guns around. They are a strong army concept maybe not the peasant side but the pegasus knights and Griffin riders could easily fit into aos and large special warehouses would look great with updated sculpts.
  9. Having read quite a lot of the novels and background lore of aos now I'm certain now is the time that brettonia type knights and chivalry etc belong back in aos. The age of chaos destroyed entire civilisations and countries were wiped off the map. You could easily justify that the remaining humans were sent back to a feudal like society. In fact the flesh eater courts basically seem to exclusivly come from these feudal type societies and yet none remain?? The loss of brettonia was the single greatest tragedy in warhammers history. People would absolutely lap up a re release of the knights I mean who doesnt like fantasy knights? We have aelves still fighting with spear and bow while dwarves are carrying gatling guns, logic no longer plays a part in how each different army is composed and an AOS style brettonia releases would be a sell out.
  10. This is good stuff the mawkrusha is a great concept
  11. Truthfully if GW went back to doing no mixed boxes of new releases I think it would make absolutely no difference to those boxes sales. Having a mix of men and women in a box pleases no one. I cant make a full unit of male lumineth spearman or a unit of female lumineth it just means constant disparity within units. If you think about all the steps needed before someone even sees a mixed unit of stormcast and goes oh wow representation I must buy that you realise it's almost not worth GW bothering. It's never going to attract NEW people in on it's own. There are so many other barriers to entry in this hobby.
  12. Aelves are taller sure but twice as wide and 2 foot height difference I've never seen before. I mean they are almost as tall as stormcast just not as chonky.
  13. D and d costs almost nothing to begin and play. Warhammer realistically paints plus models plus glue its hundreds easily to get an army sometimes thousands. I know from all the people I've played with and talked to about warhammer that adding more female armies and diverse armies it will not create a sudden influx of people taking up this hobby. It may attract a few more people that arent white and male. But there will be a hundred white teenage guys who take it up in turn that's the nature of this hobby.
  14. Being really harsh to the community within this hobby I've been to Nottingham I've been to warhammer stores up and down the country and there is no diversity. Like let's be truly honest there isn't. We have sisters of battle we have daughters of khaine you've got sylvaneth, mixed stormcast. I dont think it's made a massive difference and I dont think adding more diverse armies will either. The hobby the background the gameplay the price! It's not for everyone and I dont think releasing armies of nuns or whatever is going to do much for people outside the warhammer bubble.
  15. The grand alliances are dead and fallen. Your army is your army. They are a relic of the first age
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