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  1. The old empire aesthetic is slowly fading from the realms never to return that is for sure. As it it is the worst unit are chaos knights these should still be the elitest cavalry in the game. They are at the moment okay but nowhere near the threat level they should be. Chaos warriors and liberators as well are pitiful. Run 10 liberators and 10 chaos warriors into each other and watch as you roll hundreds of dice and no one dies they just lightly slap each other.
  2. I'm having a hard time imagining a full slaneesh mortal release. I think it might end up being fewer units/kits than we think. It does seem a bit unfair that tzeentch and slaneesh dont have their own versions of chaos warrior chosen. It would be nice to see specific armoured mortal worshippers again rather than another round of loincloth wearing guys.
  3. Exciting until your 5000 point mixed dark elf freeguild anvilguard army gets squatted? Ongoing narrative is very exciting when it's not your army being destroyed I mean I remember nagash and glottkin coming out during end times and i was estactic. But looking back brettonia and Tomb kings both got squatted in those books. It doesnt always work out so well. The biggest problem AoS has with the ongoing narrative stuff is all the new army releases mean they keep having to be shoe horned in later or what were they just sleeping? I mean malekiths mummy just became a twin souled god and yet lord of ulgu god of shadow doesnt even feature or have an opinion on any of it. It's a bit odd.
  4. Going to call it now definitely no battle forces they have so much stuff out of stock online at the moment I just cant see it feasible they have mass produced hundreds of sprues of thousands of discounted boxes and havent told us what they are yet . I mean the mega gargant is brand new and has been out of stock for weeks. They cant sell this stuff fast enough
  5. Its cos this stuff should have been released probably in september or early October they are a few months behind at least. It why I think there are no christmas battle force boxes this year.
  6. Its between the calathar or that underworlds kairic acolyte female. It's a shame neither have hair though.
  7. Dont worry next warscroll release they will probably lose those two options and it will just be sword and shield
  8. Dont think there are any this year. Hopefully due to pandemic manufacturing woes rather than theyve just stopped doing them.
  9. People always say it will be so easy for Gw to update cities all they need is a few new units and some terrain. Let me tell you not once in Aos has that happened to any army. Not once. Not one old army has received a new unit. Not one. When cities book came out entire product lines were squatted we got no terrain and about half the option were lost for most units. If people are really crazy enough to think GW are going to release a new box of handgunners and spearman with realm sprue I dont know what to say. It isnt going to happen. Tomb kings could have had redone skeleton troops with realm sprue and brettonians could have had some plastic grail/ questing knights with realm sprue but they didnt and they got squatted. Aos only releases brand new armies freeguild will never get a new release and neither will cities. Something new is coming on the horizon that's for sure but the freeguild model range and the cities of sigmar faction is on it's way out the time to update it would have been when its book released the fact it hasn't is very obvious. I'm sure I will get modded and banned possibly for this but it had to be said.
  10. The easy evidence is model availability. Old dark elves box is being sold in new packaging the other good guy city faction is all stormcast. The druchii shall survive this purge but mark it now by the broken realms end the city model line will be at an end. I can dream that this will mean aos 3 will release with a human faction box vs skaven or something but that probably wont happen yet. New humans are definitely arriving broken realms has confirmed it Once full spoilers are out and allowed people will see how the old cities book is already obsolete now.
  11. Rumours abound now that cities are definitely going to be gone as an army come the new edition broken realms is the end times but specifically for old dwarf and human models the dark elf models are going to be kept and rolled into the new morathi faction. What a shame. I guess phoenicum will be the next city to go that will get rid of phoenix guard. It's actually pretty good news because it means GW MUST has to will need to release a new human faction at some point in aos 3.0.
  12. Dude cities was always going to go the way of the dodo its exciting to see where humans of the realms end up after this. Cities are finally finished I think and I'm sure what comes next will actually be something new at least. Whether it's actually good is something else entirely.
  13. No new miniatures but the old ones are technically lore dead. Hammerhal could be ashes tomorrow and it would make little difference. Sigmar would still have azyr. Archaon would still be undefeatable nagash would still have shyish. The cities could all fall and tbh at this point of it works lore wise why not. Something new is needed now
  14. I think we all see where this is going one city of sigmar already removed they are going to be destroyed one by one as this series continues. Hopefully as in beyond my Hope's it ends with the azyr human forces emerging from sigmars realm as a new human army or it's a mass squat. Even I have to admit this is a good way to get rid of cities of sigmar and start something new narratively. We shall see.
  15. 100% cities is still the best selling aos army just look at gws own bestseller selling fast page every single time freeguild units will be present and yet we still dont have a single new model release. I guess when we do they will all be 120 pounds per unit lol so i guess careful what we wish for right
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