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  1. Of course instead it will be the next storm chamber. Vs powered up bloodbound.
  2. I actually need tomb Kings back GW were blind fools to squat them. Settra is THE character. His absolutism and sheer belief in himself is awe inspiring. A repowered Settra vs nagash would be the ultimate battle royale. Bring back necrosphinxes and re do the bone giants. Truly would be amazing. The actual soul wars.
  3. If you use two megabosses and nothing but brutes you can win with ironjawz but that's a very boring army.
  4. I have heard that sylvaneth definitely getting new scenery and three new endless spells with their battletome. Source is not saying anything about kharadron overlords which makes me suspicious it might be something good.
  5. The same will happen with kharadron and sylvaneth when the night vault warbands release
  6. Hi guys hopefully now someone will actually believe me. I saw carrion empire last year was told the battletome was coming and wtobgly assumed the book was the battletome. My bad. I can confirm though that when the night vault warbands for sylvaneth and kharadron release they will release alongside two new. Battletomes for their respective factions. I would say this may be may late April.
  7. But what do we do now if in two months lizard men and their spawning pool is released???
  8. Think about how many hydras, how many units of bleak shards are being sold daily? Monthly? Does anyone know anyone right now who is starting a brand new eldritch Council army? A darling coven army? They are very small fry. And GW have plans for the elves no doubt but the new concept do not fit the old armies at all. Like AT ALL.
  9. The reason is that most of the old elf kits sell in very low numbers. And they are being removed to avoid competition with dok idk and the NEW new elves next year. Wanderers are staying as is.
  10. All high elf and dark elf resin and most plastics will be gone by the end of the year. The phoenix and the phoenix guard will remain. As will for some reason white lions as a single kit and the scourge privateers. Everything else will go that's including all order seprpentis cold ones and dragon. . This is a no rumour. I have seen actual evidence of this.
  11. What I don't bt understand is why they don't just release there books in paperback straight away I've never bought a hardback and I never will. Same exact product twice the price. There ebooks are a large con and I prefer the real books.
  12. I am not completely out of the loop and I have stated many times. Skaven are coming a book definitely. And the dwarves will ascend.
  13. Without a human faction the realms of sigmar are largely a strange vaccum. The literature serves the setting a heck of a lot better than the models at the moment. Callis and toll. The red hours. Even the core book containing interesting and exciting fluff centred around human armies. The game itself has a few plastic kits from ten years ago. A new human faction is definitely the most wanted and most requested missing factions bar maybe skaven. Lots of people I have played with comment on the fact there is no human army. Its a big community bugbear.
  14. It's a real shame GW have not updated the freeguild faction in time for this rpg. Without a proper human order faction to collect and follow in age of sigmar am rpg playing is one will feel almost historical.
  15. The sad fact is the highest selling new release GW could do would be a proper order human faction. Without that age of sigmar is a dull and lifeless setting. Their refusal to update freeguild or evolve them into something new is very perplexing and lessens my care about the wider world of the eight realms. Its a totally ungrounded setting.
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