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  1. The only pain I feel is that the mortal realms are a far hollower and restrictive place than the old world. In the old world humans were in every flavour. Every race and creed.in aos we have chaos humans and the few sets remaining of the free guild.thats it. It is a tragedy that give years down the line aos still doesn't have a human faction. Stormcast eternals are the hollowest of all.
  2. So warcry cards for armies not yet released and armies not even mentioned.and yet nothing for cities of sigmar the evidence is mounting up .no other army is getting this sort of treatment it really is leaving a lot of people out in the cold. Enjoy the aelves and giants shame there will be no humans to fight.
  3. I believe aos already has too many armies. They could easily roll certain armies back together like they've done with orruks and ogors. Beasts of chaos should go back to slaves to darkness. Wanderers back to sylvaneth or squat Squat legions of nagash. Realistically they may squat cities of sigmar when a new human faction is released. How many extra elf and dwarf do we actually need?? I mean do flesh eater courts, fyreslayers and daughters need their own books there model lines are so small they would have been sub factions in old warhammer. I think next edition either all the soup times are got rid of and squatted and each faction is hyper focused or the factions are rolled back into more varied armies.at the moment there is a big divide.
  4. I'm not sure how I can be called out for trolling when hollow hills is literally calling for peoples armies to be worse be cause they aren't fish aelves. Without the old fantasy armies when this game released it would have just been stormcast eternal.that would have been it.if we look at totally new concept armies you would have got kharadron, idoneth and ossiarch bonerepaers. Everything else had representation in the old world. The claim that every other army should be worse because it is old is utterly ridiculous trolling. If the old world armies had been wiped out aos would be a game of about five armies.
  5. It's the adoption of 40k into meme and popular culture that's driven gw profits in the recent years. Not eel elfs and fyre dwarfs. Aos is popular due to stormcast and chaos all other armies are crumb sales just to give these two armies something else to fight. That's not me trolling that's just the very obvious and harsh truth.
  6. It's well documented the poor sales suffered by the new aos factions everything but stormcast eternal have sold poorly. Fyreslayers,kharaadron, idoneth have all been very slow sellers.ossiarchs have had some better success. So maybe yes they should receive worse rules.but they don't try winning a game with cities of sigmar it's entirely impossible against new armies. In a few years the old armies will clearly not exist in aos and will be resigned to the new warhammer old world game.but believe me there is a reason they are releasing pointy aelves and its because all the new elf and dwarf factions etc. Have had very very low sales .
  7. Models when they are released are great no one can deny that at least but the discarding and ignoring of the main human faction of the setting is just tiring me out and disuading me from buying any gw products.how can they keep producing these great armies and completely ignore the biggest faction from warhammer fantasy.without a true human army the realms are a hollow and lifeless place to fight .the fact the terrain is all ruins and nothing else while 40k has hundreds of kits of a living breathing human society shows that gw don't realise without that base grounding the realms are becoming more hollow and less interesting with every release.
  8. Well if ever we needed proof of the city of sigmar great squat that is coming those watery cards pretty much confirm the faction as stone dead. Every army covered but cities of sigmar. What a true tragedy for the hobby and the game.
  9. Teclis and tyrion have been ubiquitous twins through out AOS suddenly the new tome is coming out and tyrion isn't even mentioned by name. Hbo swung the axe and tyrion is gonejyst like marvel killed malekith.
  10. Tyrion is the god of nothing hbo have stolen the rights to the name from GW he will no longer feature in lore or cannon of AOS moving forward. Sorry to break this to you guys but its true.
  11. Is no one else surprised that they have entirely squatted tyrion now. I knew it was coming but it does seem odd we just have to forget he ever existed. Especially as teclis is still clearly a magic guy. Tyrion was a good representation of martial elves. Completely getting rid of him just seems weird.
  12. People must be massively naive these clearly broken and awful kindergarten grade rules are written to sell the latest models. It weren't a coincidence the keeper of secrets was the most overpowered unit in the game for its first year of release. And its hardly surprising five minutes after releazing the ancient plastic demon Prince model for std is overpowered it get the nerf bat. How are people so blind do they think this multi million company is some drooling bunch of imbeciles. The rules are made to sell models. It's your bad luck when you buy old beasts of chaos sculpts. GW don't care about you or your battle tome they care about selling new stuff. Let's wait and see the new teclis warscroll I'm sure he will be a shy retiring type.
  13. Worst by far was cities of sigmar no viable builds without buying two new whole armies to go with your existing dwarfs/empire/elfs delete as a appropriate. A total gutting of all entire ranges within the army. A despicable act and heinous money grab. I'm sure the army will be squatted by next year. We don't want normal humans when we can have more storm cast. Best is gloomspite gitz the new stone trolls are the best model kit I've painted and built in an age. And it made old warhammer fantasy units viable and better the entire opposite of cities of sigmar mass squatting and degrading of old units.
  14. Agreed on the maps yes the mortal realms are vast but why can't there just be a map of the local area the story you are reading is taking place in? Another problem that is a foundation of the setting though. It's so big nothing really matters. A city of millions killed there, a billion chaos warriors destroyed over here, what does it matter in the epic scale of the mortal realms? Very little. The best fluff and lore GW ever did was the end times books. They were amazing. Right up until the entire world collapsed and was destroyed. Oh well...
  15. So people are saying dark harvest is a great read. Real shame that cities of sigmar seem to be the go to faction for all aos fiction now and a real shame the army is almost non existent in terms of support from games workshop. Can't even buy a model of a priest of sigmar, or a witch hunter or any hammer weiliding sigmar human now. They are killing there own lore by gutting the model lines.
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