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  1. Sorry man. The new models are excellent nonetheless and am sure the rules will make collecting them a much more enjoyable and rounded experience than has been the case up to this point.
  2. More Stormcast, done I asked for a Shadespire Warband called “The Butts” so look forward to seeing their interpretation of that
  3. Anyone willing to paint that many shirtless men deserves to win
  4. Nothing more there than there is in the Lore section of the rule book
  5. Sureheart from the Top Rope! Maybe he dosent drop from the Heavens per se. Maybe he’s just too fat to stay up there.
  6. Give him a helmet? He’s a little chunky for my tastes I must admit but he’s grown on me since owning him. The knight errant Questor from Warhammer World is a similar model but a bit more dynamic
  7. I have started to take non optimised SC lists to most games for this reason. Loads of First edition units, just rolling for artefacts, Stormhost etc. I have a 90% win rate with majority Sequitor lists and I don’t teqlly need to think about what I’m doing anymore, I can play massively suboptimaly and get away with it all the same. Just not satisfying winning for its own sake. When I win withrqndom set ups I know I’ve properly marshalled my resources and won through at least some skill.
  8. Lucy from the first video you posted does all her armies pink/purple, it’s like her trademark. They all look great. If it’s done well any colour scheme works on anything, in my experience.
  9. Is it considered Matched Play legal? Very nice at any rate
  10. DOK are an expensive army to buy, leading me to conclude that it’s largely people who are pretty serious about the game who own the majority of 2000 point DOK armies
  11. Had my first run in with Skarbrand yesterday with a casual non-optimised list and not understanding how he works. Won’t be doing that again. He’s one nasty one trick pony. An easy fix with Gav and a unit of Sequitors or Evocators but was a chastening and highly educational experience. I remain amazed at the capacity for a unit of 10 Sequitors to quite easily dispatch a greater demon. Despite Skars 16 MW fun the real thing that soured the experience for me was that we were playing Relication Orb. Man is that a dumb scenario. I’m not saying there aren’t ways to effectively play it etc but it’s inherently silly. Also those non-Spells sure as hell seemed like Spells to me. The spells that can’t be dispelled and you get two attempts to cast. Khorne Sold out man.
  12. Fun as hell but stop making me think having another Stardrake is an acceptable and financially mature decision to make please
  13. There’s hardly any competition in any sport or game in the world where a tournament is won by beating rock hard opponent after rock hard opponent. In many instances it’s not even an indication of being the best team/player in the world or region whatever, just one of them. But it is always an indication of someone’s capacity to be good at all aspects of the game and crucially, consistent.
  14. I don’t really care about the abstract nature of the worst offenders once it begins but the latest terrain is certainly an instance (admittedly probably the only one in AOS at present) of GW pushing stuff to sell I think. The biggest issue for me is that it’s increasingly pretty dull in respect to how it simulates the character of a armies. Wyldwoods and Gnarlmaws really enhance their faction and encourage you to think around how to use them and interact with several phases of play. They make Nurgle surprisingly fast and empower their summoning, and Wyldwoods make the board increasingly hostile and ambush prone for non-Sylvaneth. Great! Whereas Idoneth boat gives a 6 FNP to an army with an already strong ressurection element and cause a few MW’s every now and again. Meh. Feels pretty by the numbers.
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