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  1. Oh I agree it's in a better place than it ever has been. As a system though I dont think its remotley elegant or well designed, but it's not why I hobby nor do I think its GW's focus either. It's a million times better than Warhammer ever was as a game as well. I've not played since Feb but I have lots of everything so I tend to take a slightly different list each game, I was trying to come up with something shooty with lots of bow hunters and some sisters of the Watch at that point with an allied waywatcher. That was all secondary to my main passion project though which was modelling and painting my Kurnothi army, some pics below. Creativity is 80% my hobby focus.
  2. Rough spot is massively over stating it. There are things that could be improved, certainly. But Sylvaneth prior to the second book were notoriously unfun to play against and quite exploit rich. These things come and go. In the grand scheme of things the nerfs or the essence of Sylvaneth with a second book is comparatively minor compared to how other powerful factions offen end up. AOS is a lousy game to play if you want balance and consistency though . The majority of armies struggle against the armies that Sylvaneth do. That's because those armies are imbalanced and over powered and require very little "playing". At least with Sylvaneth can you still compete for most of the game, if you play to your strengths. If you want to win or compete at a high level in tournaments etc in AOS its always been the case you need to be prepared to buy a new army every 6 months or so, realistically. The concept of favouring one army at multiple tournaments and winning with it simply dosent apply, so Sylvaneth's failure to remedy that is moot.
  3. The issue with this is that you have a very good player who has convincingly made the case for them not just with words but through tournament placing. The Sylvaneth are a lot of what I like about AOS at it's best, as above, but their current position exposes for me a lot of the issues with AOS too. I think the best Sylvaneth players demonstrate that there is real objective skill to the game and its systems, through the use of clever movement, placing, counter play etc. They aren't weak but they're sort of a neutral gear. To make them work *you* have to make them work. Profiles and allegiance abilities are not enough. But the over powered factions also illustrate that any nuance and elegance in the game is frequently just obliterated by smothering it all in the million dice re-rolls in one turn easily facilitated by the crazy profiles and allegiance abilities of other factions. In short-every mechanic matters when playing Sylvaneth. Whereas with Petrifex et al you can simply ignore most of them if so inclined.
  4. Sylvaneth are for me exactly where AOS should be rules wise- good internal balance, excellent thematic playstyle, engages with all phases of the turn, no -auto win or auto-pick options,requires synergy and strategy to win. I wish all other factions were as well designed. But Sylvaneth can still do well precisley because of the above qualities, they're not weak at all, its just that, as has always been the case with Warhammer, there are deeply imbalanced and over powerful factions where players dont have to play in nearly as considered or thoughtful manner to win with them. But as someone who would like to win because they played well, Sylvaneth are still a very fun option for me.
  5. If you fancy Sylvaneth you can take 3 x 5 Revs or Spites then fill out with a combination of Kurnoth Hunters, Tree Monsters and Alarielle. Surprisingly degree of variety and mechanics available within those options.
  6. That was 6th. Best edition in my opinion. 5th was Brets and Lizardmen.
  7. Those Space Marines are more AOS than much of AOS is, as are the Sisters and Ad Mech. At this rate 3rd edition is just going to be 40k and AOS meeting up in the middle
  8. The counterpoint is that from a playing perspective games dont really become redundant unless they have a server requirement. I can still play games I bought a decade ago, whereas a lot of armies people bought for GW systems dont have even half that shelf life if they're interested in the competitive side of the hobby.
  9. I dont mean literally that they will reduce start collecting prices. I mean those are an example of GWs ability to create lower entry products and options if needed while still charging a premium for the majority of customers who continue to invest at that level
  10. All armies at a GW tournament are GW minis though. GW dont care what those minis are so long as they made a profit off selling them, and that wont be affected by this.
  11. I mean this is sort of what happened before though so they can throttle back. They didn't reduce prices per se but they introduced things like Start Collecting, Shadespire and Kill Team minis etc, that is to say things which were very good value, and that brought in a lot of people who were put off by the cost of individual kits. There are other ways of off-setting a reduced customer base due to expensive purchases if they need to, basically.
  12. Why, you got a lot on at the moment?
  13. Cowper of Secrets (Keeper of Moocrets?) aside, I actually really like the Aelfish stuff I have to say. I identified the move away from classical Greek influence to a War of 3 Kingdoms/East Asian aesthetic at the original reveal as obviously being a big influence on the Lumineth, and I'm pleased they went all out with that side of things. As with the Namarti I'm all for GW evolving through established Tolkienesque fantasy archetypes and going for something completely different to what came before. I still find the general lore in AOS to be very imprecise and abstract but the visual narrative in the races themselves and the stories that they tell through how they look is superb. It's also enjoyable to see a robust and extensive interpretation of Enlightenment and progress which isnt tied to a western Classical Antiquity or Renaissance influence in a Warhammer race. Real world Monocultural influence in most " Order" factions was definitely a weakness of the Old World and I'm glad they arent afraid to challenge that with AOS.
  14. I thought similar re Wraithknights. Similar to how Durthu is Eldar Avatar of Khaine in tree form.
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