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  1. No you’re right, I apologise there. People have the right to feel frustrated about anything I suppose. But the act of frustration does not vindicate the reason for being frustrated I guess is what I was trying to say.
  2. I said I felt as though I were being demeaned, which I did. I didn’t” freak out” and I didn’t threaten to sell my model collection. If I start hounding the poster, digging up old posts and badgering the poster repeatedly about their opinion, which was the reason I felt demeaned, not the mere act of someone disagreeing with me, I would suggest they also would feel right to feel demeaned. Haven't done that though.
  3. I don’t think anyone has a right to be frustrated about any of it. GW are a company out to make money. Not a religion or political party. They’re not abusing anyone, they’re not defrauding anyone or failing to represent the interests and rights of citizens or threatening anybody’s livliehoods. They’re just not making the toys and stories that some people want them to make fast enough for their liking. That’s literally all this is about. To which I would say again: manage your expectations. Expect GW to act in their own interests rather than yours. That’s what I do and I’m never disappointed by these things. At some point their commercial interests and my hobby tastes will align and it will work out for both of us. Up to that point there’s the rest of the other GW stuff I already like/ life to keep me occupied. If GW were making a big thing of Slaves and making it seem as though they were coming soon and to be expectant about it that’s a completely different issue. But they haven’t/aren’t, so.
  4. Or you could manage your own expectations like an adult? You’re not owed an imminent Chaos book. People on here speculate, sometimes with good evidence, other times with none what so ever. It’s up to the individual to parse what’s likely/credible and what isn’t. Keep your chaos, sell your chaos, join a church, whatever. This isn’t a forum for announcing your life choices.
  5. What did the people who went to the Open Day get for their money? Genuinely curious
  6. I get that but it’s manifestly a piece of Deus Ex Machina. If they started AOS from scratch there’s no way they would have all the free people factions looking as they currently do. There would still be racial and cultural diversity between the disparate elements but they wouldn’t look like a dozen armies who have nothing to do with each other. That’s the fundamental problem for me, there’s no cultural dialogue in the concept other than “Yeah they fight together sometimes”. They don’t look anything like groups who have ever even met each other, let alone live in proximity to each other and established new civilisations alongside each other. They look like races more or less hermetically sealed away from each other over the ages. Mainly because that’s literally what they are, conceptually speaking.
  7. Aesthetically speaking I think the Free Peoples are awful, they’re manifestly a grab bag of multiple different factions who have very particular distinct identities. They look like what they are in that sense. Lore and game wise I have no issue with it but you’ll never convince me it’s not a concept borne entirely out of commercial compromise.
  8. Interesting thing watching the Warcry Choose a Warband Trailer just now: just how removed the faction design is at this point from Olde Worlde Warhammer. Obviously they have been moving this direction for a while but it finally feels like the paradigm has totally shifted with this. Aside from the quality of the sculpts you could have shown me the various factions and had I not known they were for a GW Game I could have believed they were from an entirely different company/system.
  9. Looks like that Tomb Kings prediction based on a vague silhouette didn’t work out ☹️
  10. Also some-not all, but a good amount-of Stormcast are essentially pro-human. Whereas all Space Marines are fascists who believe humanity is pitiable at best and tainted and deserving of blanket condemnation at worst and not infrequently commit genocide in the millions at the merest whisper of heresy among a population
  11. I mean- yeah, exactly. GW don't grow AOS and 40k Lore as some sort of charitable creative artistic gift to the universe. They do it to sell their product and get rich. As I've said elsewhere the Space Marine-Stromcast comparison is facile and lazy, but the Stormcast have absolutely been designed as a protagonist for the AOS universe in the same way that the Space Marines have become that for 40k. Not only in respect to lore, but in respect to commerical and hobby aspects as well.
  12. GW want to make money so they make what sells the most. SC will always be by far the most populated faction in AOS for the same reason Space Marines are in 40k.
  13. I mean probably. I took Templar with Tempest Axe to further mess about my opponent on top of all the other non conventional nonsense. The main reason a Stardrake is in there is the +1 to cast, and to have a big foot print to protect the Wizards. The only difference with the Celestant is the Thundershield and Command Ability. You can give both the same artifacts, both have same no of wounds etc. Celestant might have better attacking weapons but it’s marginal. In a list like this where the real damage comes from stupid abilities and spells I’d rather just take more screening units than splash out for an economy class upgrade to the Stardrake.
  14. Very poor mobility in that list. A good opponent will find it pretty easy to isolate units. Even with a Gav Bomb (I’m assuming with the Evos) once you’ve landed you’re not going to be able to do much with that unit past the initial drop. If I’m your opponent: Im guessing you’re going to use the Sequitors with Castellant buff as an anchor. That’s a nasty unit so i’ll Just ignore it, or if I have a powerful unit that gets to fight first eg Gristlegore or lots of MW that’s where that stuff goes. 5 Libs isn’t enough to do anything, just there to make up the numbers. 5 Evos are nasty when they drop but then what are they gonna do? 5 also isn’t going to wipe any unit that costs more than their initial cost either meaning at best they will only repay their cost. A good opponent can make it hard to land them anywhere useful anyway. None of your heroes are much on their own, they’re all about their buffs. As always, if you like the army and just want to run it, go ahead and have a great time. But if you really want to win then unless you’re up against fairly new players or comparatively weak armies this is pretty easy to beat. It’s elite without being elite enough and lacks focus and synergy. It’s very much 3 separate buffed units. Easy to take apart. SC’s biggest weaknesses are small numbers and average movement/poor summoning, and this list kind of just magnifies that.
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