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  1. This may have already been pointed out but the Witch Hunter and Aelf are absolutely Mortal Realms proxies for their respective characters in Vermintide. I wouldn't buy much into a new faction release on the basis of a narrative one shot. Blackstone Fortress was tauted by the designers as an opportunity to play with aspects of the 40k Universe that don't necessarily befit mass tabletop representation but still deserves some miniature representation and TT focus , I think it's going to be the same with this.
  2. I predicted the Slaanesh stuff a year and a half ago,including that there would be two factions, an initial release building on what existed and then something more radical as Slaanesh's release became more focal in the lore. The main themes are pretty broad, its not hard to identify them. AOS is driven by the personality and relationships of the Gods, and there's not many of them, and over the past year and a half it's revisited Warhammer lore pretty strongly too. A lot of people on here have made educated guesses which panned out pretty much by connecting those dots and a few bits from Shadespire etc .
  3. Yes although since the Hedonites they've been really pushing the aelven aspects of Slaanesh, especially in the physiology. The Masque and associated demons are very reminiscent of Aelven stuff, they dial in on the same more primal aelven aspect that the Tree Spites do for Sylvaneth, and the Nemarti. Sigvald could easily be an aelf too. Lot of shared themes between Slaanesh and the Aelven lines-lithe, muscular torsos, lots of hair, tall, dynamic poses, skirts and robes, horns, good gender representation, mutations between nature and Aelf.
  4. Doubt it, they wouldnt risk saturation like that I don't think. Malerion Elves vs ? is my strongest instinct. I predicted the Slaanesh arc about a year and a half ago more or less exactly, I'm pretty sure I know where it's going in the grand scheme of things and although Slaanesh is being released I dont think on the tabletop that is going to manifest itself beyond the Mortals and Hedonites for a while. Slaanesh is trapped but its followers aren't. The release will be big in the lore but along with Nagash it's been the main hype/teaser line for all of the second edition. They will introduce a new mystery patron questline for 3. Pretty sure Malerion is going to pop up after the other Aelven deities are spent and Slaanesh is released. To do what- I dont know. Probably something with Sigmar though as hes been quiet for a long time. Most likely will coincide with Shadespire or AOS warhammer quest in Ulgu. Then I expect some form of Grungni presence I think because over the next few editions of Shadespire Chamon and Aqshy have to come into play.
  5. Campaign Books, Endless Spells and Dual boxes/Limited release models are clearly GW's DLC model by now, a way of setting up a seasonal hype cycle for an already existing product. There will be more of this sort of stuff, not less, for the foreseeable future,so long as it sells
  6. Games Workshop don't release things on the basis of fairness or equality for their ranges though. They sell what's good for the IP, and the Slaanesh centrality of that has been obvious since the release of second edition. Storytelling and Lore will always sell more for GW than equal representation on the tabletop. Always has been the case, always will be. Theres zero reason to ever expect in either 40k or AOS for there to be anything approaching parity in faction representation. The fiction is what drives the product and no popular story has ever been about 15+ protagonists equally. The basis of Warhammer is that Chaos is the narrative centre, so its model ranges are always evolving and involved (although again, never equally) and the main protagonists are those close to it at any point. You have your side factions who have their own stories which are explored in off-season moments but basically if your narrative dosent place you close to Chaos, you dont get to come off the bench as it were until that changes.
  7. Only thing I would add to this excellent post is that I feel as though the Lumineth are basically the Elves Circa War of the Beard, which is to say, at their zenith. Which lore wise is interesting and all but it does break the balance somewhat, as Elves are just too good pound for pound to exist in any great number without it seeing pretty absurd. Their decline and scarcity was part of their supernatiral prowess being believable and not egregious. With the Lumineth that isnt so much the case and I think it adds a tension to the other aspects that you mention which makes them feel somewhat implausible. I suppose you could point to their splendid isolation on Hysh, as with Ulthuan, as being a corrective to that though.
  8. People pay for what's in the box. If those added value aspects you mention are removed or changed, the consumer is not entitled to a refund or to say what they bought has changed. Because what they bought is the same. It was never offered as part of the product. Now I will grant that many people might deem that the price they pay is as you say because of that attendant value of other aspects of the hobby and that such inflates the price. But it's not an explicit part of the product. What you actually buy is what's in the box. And the box explicitly states what is in the box which is a plastic model(s) instructions to put it together and a war scroll as part of that . No more, no less. As with anything, people will pay what they think is fair, or they won't, that's all relative. But what people are buying is not.
  9. Absolutley. You buy what's in the box, which is a model, that's it. You dont buy a model that is guaranteed to perform well on the tabletop consistently or at all, or that will even be guaranteed to be legal on the tabletop in 3 years, or even within a rule set or system that will continue to be supported.
  10. GW minis are a luxury product. They are completely unnecessary for anyone to buy. They do not need to be sustainable.
  11. I'm pretty sure at this point that GW have eyes on prizes outside of minis. Obviously that will be their main focus for the immediate future but pandemic permitting I think they'll be looking at becoming a media franchise proper- cinema, tv, merchandise etc. Their trademarks and IP and most importantly their capacity to reinvent and add to it and keep pace with commercially woke/acceptable diversity trends (to clarify, I am not dismissing the importance of either of these, but clarifying the existencev of a specific commercial expectation for what that means, which Disney have established very effectively the past few years) are now commercial strengths which are too big to be maintained to a niche hobby. If GW do not see themselves doing this independently, I expect an astonishingly expensive take over by one of the entertainment monopolies who already have that structure in place. They will continue to make and create games of course in the same manner that Marvel continue to publish comics but they will become more an expression and means of interacting with the media output than a self contained hobby. Unless the pandemic fundamentally disrupts the global economy to the point where Disney et al are in trouble, I think this path for them is both intentional, logical and inevitable. I also expect 40k Lore to be continued to be re-written for expressly this purpose. AOS will be safe given that it was/is basically the test case of blowing up the old lore and moulding it into something more contemporary, less globally problematic and more profitable.
  12. I agree with you entirely in that morally speaking I think the efforts to speak into serious subject matters in the way the Community Space has done is at best crass and at worst deeply disrespectful. But in respect to anyones expectations as to what *literally any GW space* will be doing besides pushing product, ever, well. It only exists for that purpose. As with all social media or community platforms, they exist to make money. That's it. They are not your friend, nor are they your enemy, but the only relationship they are interested in fostering with you is one that results in you buying as much stuff from them as you can, regardless of how that leaves you feeling. They really dont care about you or your feelings besides being in a position to buy stuff. That's where your relationship with them starts and ends. That goes for the team on camera too, by the way, Peachy and co. They dont care about you. How can they, they dont even know you. That dosent mean they dont like you or want you to be happy etc but I suspect that applies to most people who also haven't met you, that's just a default of not being a psychopath. But they dont care about you. They're doing a job for money which has the sole aim of getting money from you. What I personally am more upset by is the amount of times on Twitter or other hobby Community spaces which are not run by GW essentially offering more or the less the same empty mentality. People responding to people's heartfelt expressions that they are finding it hard to invest in the hobby in the same way given the current circumstances being met with vapid nonsense about buying more models or try and paint different models etc. Its somehow inconceivable that there isn't an answer to any of life's problems which can't be provided by painting, gaming or buying more. Ugh. The lack of context and disconnect from real life in those instances is everything that the stereotypes say is wrong about the hobby. In sum though- GW is not your friend and neither is the hobby. Don't look to either for love and value. The people in the community who are good people will be good to you without it being contingent on whether you like orcs etc or not. Invest in people and in communities which invest in people, in whatever form they come.
  13. Bloodbowl looks like a good set. Nice models, a few great ones. Oh hey 18 more books yay GW still very much going with the "if you cant make simple elegant rules may as well add even more guff to the mix" approach First Shadespire models I've seen, (Beastman/woman aside, he/she's awesome) that I'm not too struck by. They're pretty static and they don't communicate much to me really, narrativley speaking. Pretty much all the warbands up to now have a definite vibe or sense as a collective that these guys are lacking somehow. They're just like...a group of dudes The guys working on those animations are really taking their time huh
  14. The price is determined by people who are incredibly talented at selling things, is the bottom line. At heart, GW makes the things it does because it believes they will sell and it prices them in accordance with this, and their year on profit proves they get it right more often than not. I know it's a boring answer but its the answer nonetheless.
  15. Painted or pretty much painted (as in photo) 3 Castigators 5 Sequitors, Mace and Shield, 2 Greatmaces 5 Sequitors, Sword and Shield, 2 Greatmaces 5 Liberators, Hammer and Shield, 1 Grandhammer 5 Sequitors, Sword and Staff 5 Judicators 2 x Ballista + crew (one SW, one easy to build) Unpainted but assembled, (not pictured) 5 Judicators 5 Evocators Relictor Cellestant Exorcist Incantor (SW boxed set) Lord Ordinator (2 Hammer guy) Plus GW Skirmish Case to carry (most) of them in, £120 posted UK
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