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  1. Ooohhh thanks Well I was dead wrong about it then 🤷‍♂️ mea culpa
  2. Have you seen the sprues? Is there a picture I've missed?
  3. Not particularly impressed that you as a moderator chose to punch down on me in public, not even private message, to defend the honour of a global corporation over an entirely legitimate opinion you happen to disagree with. The wider discussion has been around the accessibility of GW systems, mu comment was entirely in keeping with that wider discussion. At no point did I attack Andy. I very specifically mentioned GW. I didn't even attack them. I said that I think they don't care about rules. They can't or don't need to care about everything. They're clearly thriving with the focus they have. Subjectively, were you in the same situation, I'm quite sure you would feel the same. Delete my post if you want, thats your right, it happens, or if you want to talk to me or I would suggest any member about their behaviour, then have the courtesy to do it in private. Don't treat me or others like a naughty child in front of the school assembly for having a difference of opinion.
  4. This explains GW rules process to a Tee, I think. If designers, or competitive players at the highest end of the game find it straight forward and accessible within playtesting, then that's what they consider straight forward and accessible. If GW care about rules for the average gamer (which I maintain that comparative to models, they don't at all) they would test and design them with at least a reasonable percentage of input from said people
  5. There's loads of AOS figures with little dudes who aren't on warscrolls. So dosent necessarily follow. SC tomes have also made a big thing of how birds are like their best friends and stuff and how they fight together. Also there's nothing in the book that relates to this guys load out except a gutrippa with spear, which this dude literally is, just with a bird. Sometimes a bird is just a bird. And GW have *never* released full pictures of a model without announcing it first, and I highly doubt it was just a mistake. 90% we'll find out he's just a gut rippa.
  6. Just seems really short sighted too. I know the purpose of Underworlds is not to make models for AOS, but a lot of them are pretty compelling hero or champion options. With these you can have two orcs who have no statline- not a Killa, not a Murk, not a shaman, can't have snatchas on foot- who also dosent remotley fit with any of the existing units to act as a champion or even generic member, unless you want to add the flavour of one of the unit being on a Stag Do or something One (1) Hobgrot to add to a unit of Hobgrots, wooo 2 f***ing grots, who can't be used at all. It's just a pack of useless runts.
  7. I still think he is. They said on the GR set there's a choice of 2 banners and musicians, we've only seen one of each. We've not seen all the set options basically. But he's got a shield and a helmet and there's literally no profile that fits him in the new book. So from a game perspective he *has* to be a Gutrippa. That's the only profile that exists for that loadout.
  8. *sick noises* I'm just so terribly dissapointed
  9. Hard pass on those Kruelboyz. Like...with the exception of the hobgrot they look like broken umbrellas brought to life by way of an experiment with Oscar the Grouch. Literally look rubbish.
  10. Biggest sucsess for the Mortal Realms for me is Underworlds. I'm amazed they haven't done it for 40k to be honest
  11. Certainly for the first two editions there was lots from designers of Underworld gangs saying that it was a place for them to practice and let their creative juices flow outside of major projects . Quite a few of the warbands at least at that stage were just Mortal Realms concepts that were not intended for release until Underworlds became a sort of vehicle for it.
  12. They objectively do have to contend with a new paint range. Literal fact.
  13. The fundamental undeniable way to make progress on positive and creativley original and exciting concepts surrounding non Eurocentric cultural Influence is to *give authorship to people from or affiliated with those cultures*. GW is frankly atrociously behind on that front. GW are basically no longer insensitive of cultural representation but thats very much a stagnant place to be. Imagine the potential of an AOS faction created by a team expert in Afrofuturism, for example.
  14. If everything is dark, nothing is dark. You need glimmers of light to demonstrate how bleak everything else is.
  15. Troll the Second Made him a bit more pink than the other guy cos he looked agitated.
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