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  1. Nos

    The Rumour Thread

    The level of emotion or passion on here about something that may or may not be true puts Schrodinger to shame
  2. Only if you think Battleline should be anything more than reliable pawn type units which are precisely what Liberators are. The Stormcast have about 50 specialist options, they don’t need their battleline to act as another.
  3. Nos

    Armies without Summons?

    Legion of Nagash are repeatedly placing in the very top places of the very top tournaments though suggesting it’s not just about people not knowing how to shut down gravesites
  4. Nos

    AoS 2 - Legion of Blood Discussion

    Shame. I’d love to do a proper Vampire Aristocracy list but looks like it’s still not financially viable
  5. Nos

    AoS 2 - Legion of Blood Discussion

    How are people building Blood Knights these days, Is there a recommended hack or model substitute?
  6. Had a few more SC centric thoughts. With Relictor or Vexillor you can drop a unit pretty much anywhere on the board. If you buff up a big blob of Sequitors or Liberators with Azyrite Halo then stop them in the middle of a central wood and stretch them out a bit you’re massively limiting capacity for shenanigans. Obviously not ideal in all circumstances but especially in objective scenarios where Sylvaneth tend to sprout woods on objectives it’s going to be a pretty big spanner in the works. Far less reliable but pretty funny, if you give a Knight Azyros Blade of Secrets and wound a spell caster with it you can make them forget a spell. Flutter around his casters and make them forget how to do stuff with woods.
  7. Nos

    The Rumour Thread

    Kill Team got hardly any new models. Much of it's appeal was that you could basically buy an existing set and have your gang or whatever. There was the Rogue Trader set later and a few heroes but that was it.
  8. Nos

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I’m surprised it wasn’t FAQ’d as they’re moving away from modifiers for special abilities. Not that I’m complaining as I’ve done this with Ordinator with Hammers (Of Judgement) a few times. Scioned him and ballista behind a unit where the enemy is screening a buffing hero like a necromancer or Tormentor, Celestant and co charge the unit and Ordinator charges the “safe” screened hero. Used Celestant ability on the hero, +5’s on 6 dice usually comes good. Never once considered that you could do the CA multiple times though, that’s clever! Also works as a good monster hunter even without the Celestant ability. Drop ballista in with its high rend shots then go in after the monster with LO and you’ll usually hurt it pretty bad even on 6’s.
  9. Nos


    I think a lot of the appeal/charm of hobby comes from it being analogue. I genuinely enjoy the feel of rolling dice for its own sake. However I also feel that if you ever reach a point where you’re regularly rolling 50 of them something has gone wrong. There’s a fine balance between the way in which dice simulates chance and skill on the battlefield and the battlefield having more dice in it than miniatures and minutes of escapism being lost counting dice. It exacerbates the mathammer aspect of games and often reaches a point whereby the game itself feels secondary to probability. I don’t know the answer but I feel the tendency within GW systems to favour multiple handfuls of dice for multiple exchanges points to poor design at that level. I think the tactical rules are very well done in AOS but they quickly become inelegant at a point of critical mass in combat. A lot of technological responses to AOS are essentially an attempt to ameliorate this but there’s something intrinsically wrong with having such an escalation of numbers in what is otherwise quite a taught and well tuned game I think.
  10. Nos

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Not tried it yet but there was a guy a few pages back asking about how he could make a Fulminators list and I suggested that a LC equipped with the above might be the best way to utilise a Dracoth at present. I intend to try it some point certainly!
  11. Evocators are great for that because of their MW. Get one to cross into the forest, so long as he dosent die it’s immaterial how many others you can pile-in because you’re going to get 10+ shots at a MW. Nearly always takes Durthu down a bracket or two and once he’s maimed as you say you’re largely just lining up against twigs.
  12. Nos

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I’ll say whatever I like thanks 👍🏻 The Gryph Hound impeding a way larger units than itself is an established thing that I happen to find quite cheesey. What you explain as happening is that the massive unit still detours round the single individual, it’s movement is affected by it nonetheless. If you read that in a piece of lore, that a unit of skeletons formed a conga line to skirt past a gryph hound rather than just simply trample over it as though it wasn’t there, you’d find it plausible? But note I’m not demanding it be removed from the game or that other people agree with me. I’m just stating what I think and why. Never once have I told someone to change their behaviour over the discussion like you just have.
  13. From a SC perspective anything with an indirect Area of Effect attack, like Dracoths, Star Drake, Knight Azyros, Comet, Heraldor. Most Endless Spells can obviously nip into a wood without worrying about dying or LOS. You could take Castellant, Heraldor, 2 Units of Libs, 3 units Tempestors. If you just pick the same spot with Heraldor and the Fulminators to shoot that's potentially 8D3 Mortal Wounds a turn that require no LOS, barring any special saves. They don’t need to see anything apart from terrain or where they’re shooting so can spread fire in the wood without issue. And you get 4 goes with 2D3 each so if you say kill the Branchwraith with the Heraldor you still have 3 other chances if you set up right. If anything comes on in reserve or out the trees you’ve got 24 regular shots with the tempestors to whittle them down. Literally just made that up so not saying it's gospel, and it’s obviously very specifically designed to combat the army you mention rather than being multi-purpose but just food for thought. Other big damage bomb is Incantor with comet. Give her Staff of focus which makes comet a 5 to cast and does +1 MW to all MW’s a spell causes so if his units are clumped you could quite feasibly do 20+ MW across them in that turn alone.
  14. Nos

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    In that case why all the realism elsewhere? Why doesen't everything fly, why can't people run forever, why can't I pile in 17" away, why aren't weapons made of cheese, why can't a skeleton eat a Mangler Squig ? Fun game this. It's a simulation and 90% of it's rules follow that basis. It's quite easy to imagine a unit of archers having a component firing in from the back ranks while the front engage the charge. The Mawkrusha can fly so he basically can go where he wants. A stardrake can eat a Kurnoth hunter by biting off it's head, I don't think it literally means it's gobbles it up like Pinnochio with the Whale, it's clearly intended to imply that the Stardrake, having huge powerful jaws, can end the life of something with ease, ditto the Dracoth rule. It's very easy to imagine a unit engaging with a boat skimming over the battlefield with it's crew hanging off the gunwwhales etc. Not only is it easy to imagine these things, it's a huge part of the fun and the spectacle of it all, it's an important bridge between the rules and the narrative of what's going on. Your turn, how does a gryphhound impede 80 skeletons?