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  1. Cowper of Secrets (Keeper of Moocrets?) aside, I actually really like the Aelfish stuff I have to say. I identified the move away from classical Greek influence to a War of 3 Kingdoms/East Asian aesthetic at the original reveal as obviously being a big influence on the Lumineth, and I'm pleased they went all out with that side of things. As with the Namarti I'm all for GW evolving through established Tolkienesque fantasy archetypes and going for something completely different to what came before. I still find the general lore in AOS to be very imprecise and abstract but the visual narrative in the races themselves and the stories that they tell through how they look is superb. It's also enjoyable to see a robust and extensive interpretation of Enlightenment and progress which isnt tied to a western Classical Antiquity or Renaissance influence in a Warhammer race. Real world Monocultural influence in most " Order" factions was definitely a weakness of the Old World and I'm glad they arent afraid to challenge that with AOS.
  2. I thought similar re Wraithknights. Similar to how Durthu is Eldar Avatar of Khaine in tree form.
  3. If that were my argument fair play, but it's not. My argument is that after Chaos having had the monopoly on bovines, they should have done something to differentiate between an Order Faction utilising the form. Not make a more kid friendly KOS. Note that I've said nothing about the cow helmet dudes, no issues there. The Baphomet inspiration is a great point by the way, think you're correct there. But in which case all the more reason to come out with something completely different for a "Light" faction.
  4. Yes I've seen reptile tails, as I said. I've seen them on Seraphon and Dragons and drakes and Cold Ones too. Is Slaanesh in their backstory somewhere? I haven't denied that the lore had influence. I just know that from what GW designers have said elsewhere in interviews, including John Blanche who heads up the entire team, that like most concept artists they begin with real world inspirations around themes then Warhammer-ify them. I simply cannot imagine how someone can see lore tidbits as being more central to the visual language of a Warhammer race than the existing cultural influences on which they are manifestly based. But thats opinions eh. You think you're right, I think I'm right. I have the grace not to call you silly though.
  5. Precisley, they created an interesting fusion of real world cultural inspiration to provide a narrative which allows them to tell a visual story of corruption. I completely get that. I really enjoy the Slaaneshi shorthand in all the Aelf models. Heck I've been painting some Revenants and even they have that sort of angelic/demonic androgynous thing going on, especially without hair (see below). It's one of my favourite bits of new Warhammer lore, even if it's borrowed wholesale from 40k and the Eldar. Which is why I dont like the Bizzaro Aelf Keeper of Secrets. It's not subtle in the slightest. It feels like a clumsy attempt to communicate the whole thing for people who didnt get it up to this point. I've said my piece so not interested in arguing for the sake of it with anyone.
  6. No that's how she looks because her designer made her that way, white clearly riffing on the existing Gorgon aesthetic established with the new Khainites before AOS even existed. Models come first with GW, always. Wheres this Slaaneshi serpentine inspiration then, besides a few snake tails? There is nothing remotely bull or oxen about the model besides its head. As you correctly bring up yet another chaos association with bovines to somehow disprove that they arent monopolized by chaos (?) , something I had already pointed out, you can nonetheless differentiate a different take on the bull with Chaos dwarves. They having had their design influenced by the tapestries of Assyrian and Bayblonian Empires have quite a different representation of bull forms-stocky, powerful, muscular, stout. The Lumineth monster is a complete replica of a Slaaneshi cow-form though. If it was something different , a differnt interpretation of a mythological cow beast, I wouldnt care. But it's not. Its exactly the same. I mean even just put it on 4 legs, you know, like a cow, not another twisted cow human creature (as befits Slaanesh or beastmen). But no. Apparently the Lumineth are so in awe of this beast and its character that the only part they're interested in is the head? Yeah, that's compelling .
  7. As I said in my earlier post- Cow people or Slaanesh. Both pretty removed from Aelves. Or indeed the powerful, muscular redoubtable cattle of the mountains that supposedly are the aspect that the Aelves are imprinting here. A more noble and stoic form of Great Beast could totally work. But not another athletic statuesque human form with cow head.
  8. No but they do have a monopoly on the very specific 2 storey Anthropomorphic Warrior Monster with Cow Head. It's a pretty specific thing to replicate. And it's not even like a stocky muscular oxen. It's a lithe androgyneous cow. If it had been released last year as the actual KOS no-one would have thought it out of place.
  9. I think theres a difference between an easy verbal retcon and a deliberate aesthetic choice. DOK existing models had a Gorgonesque theme before AOS even existed and the Dark Elf range from which they came also had a strong serpent aspect. Especially given their release date I personally dont believe for a second that Morathi and Melussai were snakey because Slaanesh. They were snakey because Medusa and Gorgons and related mythology and Dark Elf/Drukhari influence (see also Warpfire Warlocks). But it's easy to go back and explain it as a Slaaneshi taint. Cool, even. But theres not been much of snakeishnes to Slaanesh. A tail to a hero here or there, but nothing prevalent. Namarti again are clearly aborted/corrupted as befitting their lineage but again they're not incorporating anything exclusively Slaaneshi in their make up. But the bovine thing has been synonymous with the Keeper of Secrets and Slaanesh basically since Slaanesh has existed. The only other cows in AOS are actual cows and people and monsters formed from cows. I just find it a stretch that despite Cow basically being shorthand for chaos in the whole of AOS the Lumineth see them as being great. I mean the cow thing certainly fits very well with the more East Asian cultural influence in the range but as someone who has done Warhammer for 20 years it's weird to be told that cows are now something different. Not least because one if the reasons Slaanesh has the whole cow thing was because it too was very influenced by East Asian cultural archetypes. And that's the other thing; the shared Aelf aesthetic has usually been reserved for, well, the Aelves, it's been primarily a racial tweak among the Aelvish members eg Namarti. Whereas Slaanesh has an armoured warrior cow headed monster which is an incarnation of an aspect of their religion. And the Lumineth have an armoured warrior cow headed monster which is an incarnation of their religion. I like the idea behind the shared heritage as I said, and I'm willing to wager now there will be some sort of "their symmetry and zeal and belief in their own beauty and superiority belies the dreadful belief to those who can seee it that there is perhaps not so much that separates them from their hated kin" type plot going on. But to have literally the same kind of avatar feels clumsy to me.
  10. The cow angle is weird. I liked how new Slaanesh incorporated a lot of Aelf, given the genesis of that whole arc. But Aelf incorporating Slaanesh the other way round seems a weird choice. Cool model though.
  11. Meh it's just drip feed marketing stuff, always is pretty soulless.
  12. Oh aye good point, he said something similar in the interviews, not so much about travel per se but more that being the "face" of GW more or less around the world was socially exhausting, that he was always being recognised etc. Even though 99% of engagements were positive and rewarding it was just too much after a point, especially for someone who isnt a natural extrovert.
  13. They wont be able to stay open for much longer anyway. Difficult to justify calling people into working next to others in a factory making toys essential. They will either have to close or run at greatly reduced capacity to enable appropriate social distancing on the premises.
  14. I've heard him on two podcasts since leaving being nothing but effusive about GW and his time there. On leaving, basically said he felt it was time for a change and essentially had been mission accomplished In respect to his initial aims, and wanted to spread his wings and promote other aspects of the hobby he also enjoys. He said in both he still believes GW make the best toy soldiers in the world and loves them. I take his own words as being more reliable indications of what happened than total hearsay.
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