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  1. Ointagru

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    If you want to deepstrike your Ironclad, you'll have to replace Great Endrinworks : The Last Word with Atherspheric Endrins.
  2. Ointagru

    Name Your Hero (if you like)

    Orik Zantromm, Admiral of Barak Drakkwyr (a terrible quality photo in the spoiler)
  3. Ointagru

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    I intend to paint mine with the same armor as the rest of the army but with different color for fatigues (my arkanauts have blue-gray armor, white fatigues and black belts and gloves, thunderers will have blue-gray armor, black fatigues and white belts and gloves).
  4. Ointagru

    A Bad Rule for the Bad Moon

    From the warhammer community preview: "Enemy Units anywhere on the board are bombarded with meteors from the Bad Moon, and take damage." So you are right.
  5. Ointagru

    A Bad Rule for the Bad Moon

    And that is assuming the hero stays 18 rounds in the same quadrant as the Bad Moon.
  6. Ointagru

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    If the ships are the lynchpin of the army, then the arkanauts are also the lynchpin, given they man those ships - logically, they go together, and it wouldn't be thematic to field ships without their crew. I'd rather like to see new heroes that would enhance units and ships (an arkanaut lieutenant or an artillery officer for example). Also some new units: mechanical birds (a bigger versions of the thunderer's Drillbill) as a cheap screen and a fast objective taker and a melee oriented version of thunderers, with some staying power. And a Khrundhal-class battleship...
  7. Ointagru

    Awareness of the Old World?

    Yes. The Beasts of Chaos were present in the Realms from the begining - even before the Age of Myth, which started with the arrival of Sigmar (source: Beast of Chaos Battletome).
  8. As far as Dwarfs are concerned, they kept their language from the Old World (the names of the Kharadron skyports are all in Khazalid, for example).