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  1. So, instead of asking them to delete the pictures, GW just deleted this whole "quite popular" website and completely erased all evidence of its existence. Sounds convincing...
  2. That's perhaps because people write about it in threads devoted to their armies - there was a post on army lists for ME in "skaventide" thread just yesterday for example.
  3. When you select a unit on the GW webstore, you'll see a "download" option, which will let you dowload the warscroll (stats and rules) for that unit.
  4. "So, given that save value is exactly the same abstraction, why do we need a pair of different abstractions to answer the same question?" I would like to point out that the same reasoning applies to "to hit" and "to wound" skills , which also answer the same question: how likely is this model to inflict damage? In WFb it made sense to keep them separate, because the chance to hit was determined by the difference in close combat skills of the attacker and the defender, but in AoS, where both "to hit" and "to wound" have fixed values, it would be more logical to combine them and thus eliminate unncecessery dice rolls and speed up the game. The number of attacks and "damage" provide enough granularity.
  5. Agreed, but their more recent models tend to be bigger and bulkier. The really tiny models were made before they converted to the 3D sculpting (in 2014).
  6. I am using (bare) heads from my space wolves.
  7. Thanks for the detailed explanation!
  8. Very nice! I like the gritty and realistic look. I find the purple doesn't sit well with Orcs though. Could you share your recipe for the bases and the skin?
  9. The best and the most lore-friendly way to increase usefulness of our ships would be to allow them to be used as garrisons by Kharadron infantry.
  10. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/14/the-generals-handbook-2019-major-points-changesgw-homepage-post-2/
  11. The list looks strong. However, I'd add a frigate, just because a Kharadron army without a single ship makes me sad.
  12. P3 and Vallejo, because they last longer. Many of my Citadel metalic paints have their pigments separated after some time (and when I mix them, the quality is not the same as before). Also, they dry up faster then Vallejo paints.
  13. There is a third possibility: it could mean that you can re-roll hit rolls, failed or not, of your choosing (in some cases you could try to re-roll a successful roll, for example when a higher result would inflict additional damage or a mortal wound).
  14. 1) 1 drop. 2) You have to be within that terrain (in the forest, on the hill, in the ruins etc).
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