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  1. "Fly High: Instead of making a normal move with this model, if there are less than 7 wounds currently allocated to this model, you can say that it will fly high (it can retreat and disengage). If you do so, remove this model from the battlefield and set it up again more than 1" from any terrain features or objectives and more than 9" from any enemy models."
  2. I prefer to use time I would spend on accounting and tracking and writing about painting and building models on actual painting and building models. When I want to see the progress I made, I look at the models on the shelf.
  3. Why not both? A friend played a list including an ironclad, a frigate and two gunhaulers (a liste I made for him, as he was playing with my miniatures and had never played as Kharadron before), and tabled my Skaven in three turns. A ship heavy kharadron army has a crazy amount of mobility and firepower.
  4. In the core rules words "fight" and "fighting" are only used for close combat. The subsection on attacking in the combat phase is named "fighting".
  5. I have an Ironclad named Kolgrund ("Black Hammer" in Khazalid), three frigates, named Drek ("Enterprise), Zulbak ("Iron Fist") and Miluzdron (" Thousand Thunders"), and three Gunhaulers, Karin ("Shield) , Krozaki ("Crazy Crow") and Uzkul ("Death").
  6. AdBlock is your friend. I don't see a single advert.
  7. How can you have both to hit and to wound rerolls in the same turn? Beautifully painted miniatures by the way.
  8. I haven't played against them yet, but I'd use a unit of 6 stormfiends to kill harvesters from distance, and LOTS of warpfire throwers to melt Mortek guard. Something like this:
  9. Do you have any data to support this claim? Specifically that players that win their first game in a chess match have a higher win rate in the whole match?
  10. You misunderstood. In a chess a match tipically consist of more then one game. For example, the world chess championship finals of 2018 between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Cariana were played in the best-of-12 games format. Carlsen played the first game with black, the second one with white, the third one with black and so on. You are not stuck with one "army" like in a AoS tournament. As players alternate games with black and white, the fact that white has an higher win rate doesn't give an advantage to one player, as in greater chance to win the tournament. Hence, the competition in chess is balanced.
  11. Chess is perfectly balanced because you alternate playing with whites and blacks, so it ultimately comes down to the skill.
  12. One iroclad, one frigate, two gunhaulers at the moment, but I'd like to expand it to 10-12 ships in total, in order to have a more impressive fleet to behold. Another reason for wanting a larger fleet is that I'd like it to be theoretically capable of transporting all of my Kharadrons.
  13. It's easier to win a tournament and to pretend to be a serious player when you can just buy an army that has a competitive edge over the others. This kind of posturing is not possible in chess.
  14. I agree wholeheartedly. As irrational as it may sound, the number of combat heroes on foot is one of decisive factors for me when deciding whether to start collecting a new army. So no Bonereapers for me...
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