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  1. That base is racist-offensive, yes-yes.
  2. That just means it was a disappointment. @RexHavoc didn't say who to, and presumably meant himself or people he knows.
  3. That is... the most unexpected sideways pivot into a 1984 reference I think I've ever seen.
  4. I have a lot "on the go", at least, when I'm not too depressed to hobby. So chalk one up for Skaven, Nighthaunt, Idoneth, Daughters and Seraphon.
  5. ...at least they put him on a round base for the picture...?
  6. Go and read the Warhammer Community blog, it has most of the pertinent information there.
  7. We can't specialise our Stormfriends now, so the best we can do is try. My rule of thumb is that a melee unit should have: Grinderfists, Warpfire Projector, Doomflayer/Shock Gauntlets. A shooting unit should have Ratling Guns, Windlaunchers, Doomflayer/Shock Gauntlets. Put Vigourdust and More-More-More Warp Power on a big unit of six "shooty" Stormfiends and watch your enemies die-die.
  8. The cat's helmet-tiara-thing looks very reminiscent of DoK Melusai headgear, so I'm leaning that way.
  9. They mentioned it in the Warhammer Potting Shed video or whatever. Props to them for being straight up about it.
  10. So... no actual Age of Sigmar models? Just a book and stuff for two skirmish games? Yay, that was worth waiting for.
  11. So I gave him first turn, he moved forwards, I plopped down the WLV and that was the game basically. Between that and Stormfiend shooting, he lost his entire army and I took one wound on a Stormfiend from vigourdust. Dude got so salty about WLV that I said sure, I'll just being a Warlock Bombardier instead, and so we reracked and played a second game, which went about as I expected. I lost everything except the Bombardier and a Stormfiend, he lost his Witch elves and Sisters of Slaughter, with an untouched Cauldron, Medusa and five Khinerai by the end. I never enjoy one-sided games but being made to feel guilty for bringing a strong (arguably overpowered) choice against DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE, no less, really spoiled it for me. Sorry, I won't bring the 100 point thing that can be denied, can hurt my own guys and is largely ineffective if you don't bunch up. You carry on with your army-wide FNP and rerolls for everything, it's cool.
  12. Ok, going with the Arch-Warlock, 2x3 Stormfiends, 20 Acolytes and the WLC. I'm 20 points over but my opponent doesn't care. Plan is to focus the characters down and use the vortex and the warpfire projectors to take out the inevitable blob of witches. If he goes snake-heavy, I have plenty of mortal wounds to take his expensive two-wound models off the table. Trying to mentally prepare for the dice going all 1s...
  13. 1k against Daughters of Khaine later today. Not optimistic. I'm thinking ranged Stormfiends to try and vigourdust/MMMWP the witches to death at range, cc Stormfiends to warpfire thrower them to death and then some spells to plink off the characters. But if he goes Khailebron my shooting will be neutered by the -1 to hit... uncertain. I wonder if the vortex is worth it in such a limited points environment? Also is it me or this forum about as reliable as a Skaven friendship? I feel like 3/10 times I try to get on, it's down.
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