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  1. On Sunday I attended a local tournament, the third of three (though I missed the second). I used the same list as last time (Warpseer, Arch Warlock, Bombardier, Clawlord, 2x40, 1x20 Clanrats, Warp Lightning Cannon, 6 Stormfiends, warp lightning vortex, suffocating gravetide because I had an extra 20 points left over) because I couldn't be bothered to get anything else ready. Drew one, won one, lost one, so... fairly average, and I didn't learn much new that I didn't already know. Stormfiends buffed with MMMWP!, Vigourdust and a spark will melt literally anything. The Warpseer is amazing for keeping those big blobs of Clanrats in the fight with his command ability, and for generating more command points. The warp lightning vortex is brilliant for gradually wearing down enemies if you can get it out in spite of its range. Game 1 was against Nurgle, and though almost all my Clanrats died, well, that's what they're there to do. I chewed through more than 80 wounds of Blightkings and killed the Glottkin, all by turn 3. Wasn't able to claim his objective and so it was technically a draw, but I felt like I'd won all the same. Game 2 was against Mawtribes, and it went my way. His Thundertusks and Mournfangs trampled most of my sacrificial Clanrats into paste, while I melted them with lightning and bullets and gas. It was horrible seeing the amount of damage they put out though. If I had been a little less lucky, I think I would have lost. Game 3 was against Ironjawz, and I got to see what it looked like when I'm not lucky. This was the worst game of the bunch, and not just because I lost- I don't mind losing. This was almost the most uninteractive game I have ever played in my life. He gave me first turn, my gunline sort of shuffled around awkwardly and then he got a double turn. By the start of his second turn the game was basically decided. With their ability to move or fight twice, and the amount of mortal wounds and damage they dish out, his two Mawcrushas just completely destroyed me. I had tried to deploy carefully to stop his Arachnarok from attacking my rear, but even screening everything quite cautiously with Clanrats, by the end of the second turn I had lost: 40 Clanrats, my Warlock Bombardier, my Arch Warlock, my Warpseer and a Stormfiend. Everything else followed. The only redeeming feature was the Stormfiends, who, even unbuffed, took out his general Mawcrusha and the Arachnarok, and almost killed Gordrakk. Nevertheless, though after defeats I try to think of what I could have done better to avoid it, this time it was really just the fact that I got double turned, and all it has done is make me loathe this feature of the game even more. Even when I get it, it doesn't feel good making the opponent sit there and eat my damage output for two turns in a row. Anyway, ultimately I had a good time with good people and had fun. Now to prepare for a Meeting Engagement event in January, which means I might be able to actually field an all-painted army!
  2. Very pleased with the Slaves release upcoming, but boy, those Warcry warbands being so monopose is... bad, from my perspective. I wasn't fired up about them anyway, never have been, but having so many doppelgangers would be (is!) annoying.
  3. Well let's see now. Skaven, Skaven or... Skaven!
  4. They're... Stormcast. They're all "badass". Is there something you want to say about how you feel about women...? This comes up a lot, dude.
  5. Are we sure it's not Idoneth endless spells...?
  6. Just brainstorming, but what would a big kit release that could hypothetically be used by every faction in a fantasy game look like? If we're measuring by Knights, well, they already appeal to almost all 40k players except the pure xenos ones- there's an option for every Imperial and Chaos player to slot one into their army, which means a bigger market for them. The same situation does not exist in AoS, so I feel like any release would have to be available, at the bare minimum, to an entire grand alliance. How to mimic Knights' modularity? And their customisation options with posing? Is any of that possible, and within a fantasy context? I thought a new dragon kit might be an option as dragons are iconically fantasy, and GW could release extra smaller sprues to customise them to your army (storm-decorated armour for Stormcast, I dunno). I don't know if this addresses the posability question and the more I think about it the more dragons from different realms would probably look nothing alike but nevertheless!
  7. They really ought to have been reclassified as a unit in groups of 3 so we could use them as a cavalry substitute. Without that, they're too dinky.
  8. What did I say I would do for October September that I inevitably failed catastrophically? So let's scale this back drastically, given that we're already more than halfway through the month. I promise-promise, on my lack of honour, that I will - finish those 20 Clanrats - finish the Arch Warlock Anything else is a bonus! All that said, I did finally put the finishing little touches on the bases of my Doomwheel and Warp Lightning Vortex, so tiny paw pat on the back for that. If I get the airbrush out then I might have a look at the Gnawholes as they'd be relatively easy to get done...
  9. What about if Tyrion's horse was like the horse from Bravestarr Just think about it
  10. He's a GW employee having to beg for more stock because there's almost no supply of stuff guaranteed to sell. Austrian retail culture is different to the UK- not so much stuff is bought online, people like to be able to have something in their hand before they make a purchase and if the only way to do it is online then that's going to engender a lot of ill will. Well, I say "going to"- it already has round here. The store is getting a few hard copies delivered, but they're already reserved. So nobody is going to be able to actually walk into the store and buy one.
  11. My local store manager is pretty livid because he was going to have a midnight opening for the release and for people to pick up their orders but precisely nobody was able to get anything, and he had to spend the day telling everyone who came down to preorder that they were outta luck, which was literally everyone given that he didn't open til 1130, and it was sold out in minutes. Absurd, especially as we're going to be seeing a substantial number of them scalped on eBay for ludicrous prices in next to no time.
  12. Some sort of scenic base design for the two of them could be cool. Imagine Katakros and then imagine what could be done with the twins.
  13. It could be a great opportunity to keep designing some more low fantasy design models and keep the lines of the armies ported over to AoS (Beastmen, Skaven, Wood Elves, Empire etc) topped up. Let's face it, we are probably never going to see a redesign of Gors or Skryre Acolytes- for AoS, at least. But if there ends up being an Old World release of something Beastmen-y, then AoS Beasts of Chaos can buy them too to refresh their armies.
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