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  1. Kirjava13

    Awareness of the Old World?

    Oh, that's easy. As the Paintymen posited, Sigmar is just this guy gone mad from loneliness who has been getting the humans of the realms to dress up like his dead friends. Perfectly reasonable.
  2. Kirjava13

    Making Soup

    Because "Dispossessed" is just an English word. So is "Wanderers". That's why I doubt we'd see battletomes for either of them without a noun-juggling rename.
  3. Kirjava13

    Making Soup

    I don't know if "Dispossessed" is really copyrightable in the same way "Idoneth Deepkin" are, though...
  4. Poor hygiene is a cumulative issue rather than a personal one, I've found. The local GW can get a bit... ripe, but that's the effect of dozens of adult men in a warm enclosed environment for up to four or five hours (plus!). If GW sprang for a bit of aircon instead of the manager having to have a complicated system of IKEA fans, it wouldn't be so bad!
  5. I have a few, but one is, and I appreciate this is me being a bit odd, being almost too sporting. If you table me in two turns, if I rolled a horrific number of 1s when I wanted 6s and 6s when I wanted 1s, if I failed to cast or dispel anything, if it all went right for you and wrong for me, I don't want to hear, "good game". It wasn't, I didn't enjoy myself and whilst I understand wanting to be polite, it feels like having my nose rubbed in it. Bleh. Paying attention to the game too. It rubs me the wrong way if I need someone to make saves and they're off chatting to someone else. Most of the time I'm really relaxed and chill about games, I swear! This just makes me sound like a grouch ?
  6. Kirjava13

    The Rumour Thread

    why would you do this
  7. Kirjava13

    The resurrection selection...

    Look man, I know that you enjoy a particularly sterile sort of gaming experience where if it's not quantifiable and controllable then you're not interested, but do try and exercise a little empathy from time to time and use some imagination as to why other people might find different things entertaining.
  8. Kirjava13

    Making Soup

    Guys, please, for the sake of my scrolling finger, if we're going to quote an obscenely long post, can we just edit it down to the bit we're interested in or run with the *snip* thing?
  9. Kirjava13

    Making Soup

    The sort of detailed wishlisting that gets me through the day. Great read, thanks!
  10. Kirjava13

    Wishlisting Thread

    I can't put my finger on why but I absolutely lost it reading this ?
  11. Kirjava13

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    I've run out of likes but those are some heckin' beautiful models you've got there buddy.
  12. So what you're saying is the pound is never going to rise again.
  13. Kirjava13

    New Podcast! Comedians talk Sigmar!

    VINDICATION! #Zalbo4lyfe
  14. They're the most successful company in the FTSE250 at the moment, I wouldn't be too concerned ?
  15. Kirjava13

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    I bring spooky tidings of victory! Had a 1500 rematch against my mate's Daughters of Khaine in the first, tentative game in a Firestorm campaign. Morathi and Olynder met once more, both making only minor changes to their forces in light of their last engagement. Morathi led a clutch of Melusai alongside a Hag Queen on a Cauldron of Blood, while Olynder had brought the Grimhailer, Bladegheist Revenants, Grimghast Reapers and Spirit Hosts, alongside a brace of ethereal lieutenants. The two were determined to clash and break into each others' territory (i.e. we were playing Total Conquest) and battle soon began. The Daughters of Khaine formed up into a defensive formation around a magical wood, but were too distant to really achieve anything- even Morathi's magic proved ineffective. In response, Olynder's procession swept forward, Bladegheist Revenants appearing on the Khainite left to steal away a point of strategic value. The Guardian of Souls sent his Mortarch flying forwards on a bridge of shadows he had summoned (i.e. we were playing with Ulgu realm rules). She landed in front of the Daughters' position and began to wreak havoc, beginning a magical assault that the Guardian of Souls, Reikenor and the Knight of Shrouds, reading from the Midnight Tome, followed up on as the Nighthaunt forces seized the initiative. The Blood Sisters suffered terribly before being swept away by swords of the Bladegheists and Knight of Shrouds, while the Cauldron of Blood found itself assailed by Spirit Hosts. In response, Morathi shed her fair elven form and reared up, smashing the Bladegheists to nothing and evaporating the Knight of Shrouds with shadowy magic. The Blood Stalkers and Bloodwrack Medusa piled in to the melee developing in the centre of the field- the Medusa proved surprisingly adept, leading her sisters in a flurry of shockingly effective attacks that saw Olynder leave the field. But now the Grimghast Reapers arrived, having secured the elven right flank, and they charged, their frenzied scythes cutting the Bloodwrack Shrine, the Blood Sisters and the Medusa to gory pieces. Morathi, left alone of her left flank, fought and defeated the Spirit Torment and did great damage to Reikenor, who had been wearing her down as the battle progressed. As he sought to fall back and take refuge among the Grimghast Reapers, Morathi realised she stood alone, and surrendered the field. Victory belonged to the Nighthaunt! So I got a double turn going into the second battle round, and the damage Olynder, Reikenor, the Bladegheists and the Knight of Shrouds were able to put out in those two turns very nearly won the game right there and there, basically deleting his two units of Blood Sisters. Morathi's power and some amazing dice for his Medusa (honestly, I was expecting Olynder to pulp her, but snake girl was shockingly tanky with an artifact and the Blood Shield) made for a bit of a comeback, but he didn't have the ability to play the objectives after that, and it was just a case of watching the victory points tick up, though he put up a spirited fight. Olynder is amazing, but so fragile. Reikenor is damn good, but he's also annoyingly flimsy and I really feel like he should be able to cast two spells. A Skaven Arch-Warlock can cast two spells but not the wizard who claims souls for Nagash? Anyway, my number one irritation in this game was that I hardly had a chance to use Olynder and the Guardian of Souls to keep my army replenished- I think Olynder returned one Spirit Host, and the Guardian of Souls resurrected six Reapers. Nothing has changed to affect my judgment of the Spirit Torment, he's brilliant- great buff and he packs a wallop. Anything else? Uhhhh, playing in Ulgu didn't affect a thing, except for allowing me to cast Bridge of Shadows and get Olynder in range to open up the Mortal Wounds can. I was able to kill his general (his Bloodwrack Medusa), so I achieved my Firestorm victory card. I don't really know what that means yet though. We will see next week!