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  1. Gotta say, wasn't expecting everyone managing expectations with, "Fyreslayers/Deepkin battletomes, anything else is a bonus" to still fall short 😅
  2. If they're going to switch to more regular updates to warscrolls- and they should, patching is healthy, especially when they rush updates out and battletomes don't all seem to have been written by the same team with the same vision at the same time- then they have to ditch these expensive books and warscroll cards. Nothing is more irritating than splashing out (and €25 definitely isn't nothing!) on the warscroll cards for an army only to find out a month later that ten of them need you to print something else out or refer to an additional PDF on your phone or tablet, to use them, and for another five to become totally obsolete when a supplement book is released a year after. I love GW's chunky beautiful battletomes but they should be used for things that aren't going to be invalidated.
  3. I feel like, with all armies seen to (some twice!), AoS could have used a period of meta-settling. We've had, what, three years of pretty much constant Battletome releases, and that's good, but we finally get everyone seen to and now we have to start the game of musical chairs all over again because financials dictated that it's time for a new game... I'm pleased everyone got a book, but some of it paled in comparison to others (the varying attention some armies got compared to others was galling- some didn't even get the cursory, "book + hero + terrain + spells" schtick), and now it really should have been time to let things settle down, see where everything landed and then make appropriate adjustments. That sense of rushing to the next thing is combining with the increasingly predatory business practices of GW to make me extremely sceptical.
  4. Don't post much anymore but just wanted to pitch in here and say the Cursed City stuff was absolutely effing infuriating. Them releasing the models is all well and good (it's not because of the hilarious pricing) but I actually wanted to play Warhammer Quest! It's annoying enough having to scour ebay for Blackstone Fortress expansions, but that's my own fault to a degree, I put off getting them for ages. To not be able to play the new one without pirating it because I couldn't afford it that week? And then all the communications nonsense that followed? Not on, not on at all. I'm still deeply unhappy about it.
  5. So it's objectively a good preview, don't get me wrong, and Cursed City looks effin' amazing. Just... still more Lumineth, and another character for Nighthaunt, who are overloaded on (also fairly essential) characters as it is? Not complaining, it looks nice, I just... wonder.
  6. Squeak. So corona, lockdown and everything else actually deterred me from any hobby this year and apparently the last time I checked this thread, @Gwendarwas confidently looking forward to NOVA back in March. So almost a year on, where do we stand, furry compadres? How fares that mighty race of noble rats in the current WarHam landscape?
  7. In the UK at least, the furlough money is a grant, not a loan, and as such is not repayable. GW (and The Spectator spits) are doing it out of what must assumedly be a sense of civic duty or an eye for good publicity.
  8. Hey, don't get me wrong, I've taken girls into Warhammer shops on (almost) first dates after they've asked about my hobby! Tip: shoot for artistic ladies and they'll be much more likely not to give you an odd look and back away slowly 😅
  9. This is the biggest deal to me. Coming at a time when record numbers of people are out of work, and against a backdrop of historic profits, the optics are extremely bad. Perhaps it makes economic sense: maybe it's inflation, maybe this was planned to cancel out a certain expected loss of revenue from X, Y or Z, I don't know. But millions of people suddenly have a LOT less money to spend, and "little plastic soldiers I paint and play dice games with" are going to be first on a lot of chopping blocks, doubly so if they know cost €10 more than before. I can only speak personally, but even though I've been making more money than previously, I've really cut back my purchases this year and limited it to Long Boi the Big Cat. Partly this is because there's just nothing new I want, partly it's because increasingly I struggle to justify dropping half a hundred on a box of dudes and some paint. We'll see.
  10. I am curiously interested, in a "maybe this will help with the burnout" sort of way. I will say HOMEBREW on the grounds that I don't know anything about the Neon thing but I'm easy like Sunday morning.
  11. Guys I'm sorry I'm not letting this go, we need to talk about this.
  12. Not for the first time, any and all lust to hobby has completely gone. It had gone before the lockdown but the last five weeks, which one might have imagined would be incredibly conducive to hobby, have instead just seen me glance from time to time at my Chaos Warriors and paints, then shrug and say, "not today". It's really depressing me, and I wasn't a bundle of sunshine to begin with.
  13. Very good preview, especially Necron Boi and the shadow elves, BUT what is up with that one elf's bondage trousers...?
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