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  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHA wtf that giant stone cow with a hammer I'm dying
  2. We could have had Idoneth, Slaanesh, Bonesplitterz, Seraphon, Slaves To Darkness...
  3. Does anyone remember how long it took for GW to release the double boxes of Cultists after their main Warcry release?
  4. This is... one of the darker examples I've heard to demonstrate a grammar problem.
  5. I can just picture the Warhammer Community article telling us that the Balewind Vortex is going away, but don't worry, there's a whole new set of Endless Spells you'll be able to B U Y very soon!
  6. Dude phrases his thoughts politely and soberly as part of an ongoing convo, but we gotta have someone sticking their oar in to tell someone else why their opinions are wrong and they should stop. 🙄
  7. AoS, as I think Chris said on an episode of Minis Monthly, is where you become your brand. Bloodbound Bloodmaster Bloodthirster Bloodletter Bloodthrone Bloodreavers Bloodwarrriors Bloodcrushers Skulltaker Skullcrushers Skullgrinder Skullhammer Skullcannon Skullreapers Whoever Khorne got to do his PR (which, in all likelihood and fairness, may just be him) is, at the very least, on-message, though Sigmar help you if you ever want to take any of this seriously.
  8. Are you counting Telepathic Dread and Dominate Mind as one "UoS" then? It seems like two according to your criteria.
  9. Precisely. Putting aside the points efficacy of the Warpgnaw, the whole fiction of him is that because he's spent so long tunneling through the cracks in reality that he can act as a guide, albeit a mad one. With his rules now, he can... come out of the same hole everyone else does. Great. On the table, his utility is limited to letting you use the gnaw holes twice, except it has to be him. There's some use to him but way less than there was before the battletome release. His damage profile is nice, sure, but something as big as this boy isn't going to stay undamaged for long- he'll hop down his damage track before you can say "splinter-scream".
  10. I would really, really love the Warpgnaw to be worth taking... it's hard to justify bumping him up the production queue when he's been nerfed to his current point.
  11. I am going to get L O N G B O I one way or another and I'm no StD expert but his abilities make him quite useful, I think. Making someone fight last plus a Bravery debuff seems really handy to me.
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