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  1. That Fyreslayer wall endless spell is literally just the Prismatic Palisade with some runes on top.
  2. Sacred feth, that's €300 of models!
  3. Always good to have more battle reports @Kramer, cheers!
  4. Well like I say, I'm going to ignore that particular bit anyway because it's dumb, and none of my regular opponents care very much, so I'm in the clear.
  5. Yeah, save his addiction for later in the game when he will probably be wounded and away from a Gnawhole, so his natural casting bonus won't be as high.
  6. The restriction to 'all the units must be [CLAN]' only applies to the Skaventide army, not to allies, which means Pestilens armies can take Nurgle allies and still have Plague Monks as Battleline. But they might as well have just stated that, given that Nurgle are the only possible ally choice, and only with a Pestilens general... I am going to continue to assume that Skaven can actually ally with themselves, as not to do so is nonsensical.
  7. It wouldn't be a bad thing if they actually advertised them as being limited, especially given that they previously weren't. Sneaky, again.
  8. You are, unfortunately, correct on both counts.
  9. There are usually limits to how many can be placed. Skaven Gnawholes, for instance, come in three- no way you're getting more than that. The Deepkin aquarium decoration piece lets you take maximum two. And so on.
  10. I would be tempted to drop five Acolytes (they're all going to die or run away in one go, with five or ten) and upgrade the Warlock Engineer to an Arch-Warlock- the extra wound and the 3+ save to keep your general alive is worth more than those five extra rats might be. Otherwise I like this!
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