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  1. Just plugging in a raptors with a few aetherwing units might be real nice. Yeah, I think it's too early - Saturday we'll know more! Might try my traditional idea, might try out Kroak for the first time (if he's the same or near enough the same cost).
  2. GA:Order is another angle I think would be nice for sure, but I would rather it's a new thread (that I could link in the first post. As ppl with a bunch of SC models might feel super betrayed jumping in here and seeing "take a drake and a prime, a caster and a comet then everything else from other factions"
  3. OK so I've had a thought and, maybe, the first list I built forgets bout Kroak (I'll get more interested in him again if we hear his points are still 400 or lower), we're going traditional and shoring up some weaknesses whilst keeping roughly the same model and wound count: Bear in mind that I'm not 100% sure on the points leaks at the moment. What do we think? Also, what, in general, do people think Starcast's biggest weakness is? Delicate characters? Errant Questor perhaps. Casting? Kroak was great but if he's gone Exorcists are pretty cheap now. Incantors are there to guarantee unbinds as well. Bodies? Use the points over in traditional lists for the cheapest chaff (once we know the points of all Order units). I also think LRL as allies makes things interesting as well. @Marcvs (I believe) has already written about that above. His lists are sound.
  4. I like this too, I've been looking at what the points reductions can bring. The d6 heal sounds fantastic - until it whiffs and that's my only concern with those 200 pts. Plus taking an Lord Arcanum always makes you ponder Sequitors HOWEVER, new points on liberators mean they're really quite a cheap battleline tax. Plus without ignax, a general with 8 wounds (or is it 7 even?) feels risky.
  5. Yeah I played against Eels and Gotrek and I would have had a better chance if I hadnt made 2 silly decisions which was against my own strat when I set up - under pressure at the streaming table My opponent was a great player too. I think the most fun I had during the game was when I took out his Akhelian King with the prime. It was a "you can't target him to shoot him!" moment countered by "Well I'm targetting the ground beside him here actually". We played competitive but understanding which I love! No hard feelings, no double checking the opponents measurements for charges/ deepstrike blocking etc
  6. RE: synergy SC are weird - kind of cool. The synergy isn't often 2 warscrolls buffing each other which can be common in other armies. Buffs from traits or hosts (battletome) are more the order of the day. & I find the most synergistic play with Stormcast comes with how you play. To some extent all armies are like this - it's the game. It just feels like a lot to bear in mind with how the units move and trigger effects - even though they've no rules like CoS or Lumineth for standing in a type of unit formation. Everything has to be deployed right, played right or you have a bad time. If you stick with Stormcast you learn how to play to their (and your) strengths. You have to or you get very disheartened. I think what I'm mainly getting when I play against some of the tougher list matchups, is a feeling of stretching every bit of fibre of a faction - squeezing juice till there's no juice left - just to play on equal terms. That is, for me, kind of fun. I earn nearly all victories I have (even with a B.S. support hero elimination list like Starcast :P) because if I mistakes victory turns quickly to defeat. It would be much easier to play a low model count army with say, terrorgheists but I dig a lot of SC. I've played them in almost every tournament I want to enjoy because they stretch the brain so much - plus I'm a slow painter
  7. To clarify, that new rule is referring to negating wounds allocated - allocation of wounds comes after failed armour saves.
  8. My group has stopped using malign sorcery artefacts anyway so I'm not super fussed. Points drops pretty much across the board is quite nice. Lots to fiddle with before the new tome
  9. OK, ok... hear me out: No please! Don't leave the topic just yet. I can explain lol. Remember, Libs are getting a points drop ... plus em... hahaha I got nothing. I'm not so sure it's a bad idea, though 4 drops will still not outdrop the 1-2 drop power houses. PS: Come the new tome, if they buff the hell out of liberators, this is the kind of list I'll play lol.
  10. Also, this is good news: "while other options have gone down in points (looking at you Liberators and Putrid Blightkings)"
  11. Yeah Im gonna get him done. I mean, in fairness, LRL - following from Seraphon - aren't going to end pure SC lists. If you have to play pure SC you have a few options and Starcast is one of them. It may be that it's tough against LRL with Starcast (I think the list has a few tools to make it tough in return mind you) but that applies to the rest of the factions in the meta too. We shall see.
  12. Are we leaning towards me not cleaning up, gluing together and painting my Lord Kroak model then? 😛 Teclis and 10 new archers might be simplest experiment (quickest to paint). Ofc one can boot up tabletop simulator again - but its not like I found time for that either haha. I usually find 1 - 1.5 hrs every 2 nights to paint andthen play tournaments when they pop up
  13. The more you play in scrollbuilder the more it feels like when trying to add CoS units to SC - and they HAVE the 1 in 4 SC unit perk. Seraphon worked because you took Kroak and he was a perfect piece in the list. I think, so long as he survives GHB points cost adjustments, that's probably still the best Starcast list we have. To even say "starcast" I think we'd need this. Though the list can be totally new, Stormcast separated and just "Starsplash" lol Exactly, that's the core ideology of Starcast as a list. The extra tools (for me when I use it) are the beef of 2 dragons against hordes (combined with the maw attacks for hard to shift models of like 3 wounds and under). I love this except for painting 50 non SC models (when we really hope for a SC reboot soon) I'll be done by the time SC battletome arrives and it's square one again So I think there are two things to do - if one is bored: 1. build the best new list in light of LRL with as many SC models as possible (so that SC players here with no budget, no time to paint etc) can field a force relatively quickly with a few choice models. 2. Leave SC behind apart from those elements (if any) that support a "Starsplash" way of life.
  14. If some people are interested in taking the spirit of starcast to a mixed order list, I've a few questions for you: Is it worth taking Teclis AND Kroak? If the best list chooses between, which do you take? What battleline is strongest? LRL can lock down 2 with Wardens and and sentinels (I think). Would you take Prime? Stardrake(s)?
  15. The unfortunate part is that fixing warscrolls is time invested in minimal returns. Creating new warscrolls sells models. I'm not saying it's impossible that they'll fix warscrolls. I just think it might not be the grand change ppl are hoping for. Maybe a rebuilt series of faction rules and stormhost rules would accomplish the same - then ppl would at least need to buy a tome to unlock.
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