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  1. I'd prefer more durability and more reliable spells than any rend or melee damage bonuses tbh. Feels more in character and is a less crowded spot (I think?). That is if there's a choice to be made there. I don't think OBR are durable and pump out great melee damage with spells. However they can BUILD to swap the melee and spell damage (mostly thanks to adding in Arkhan or Nagash) and keep their durability. Not got a lot of experience with Nurgle and am looking at OBR and thinking "hey these petrifex mortek really put pbs to shame survival wise (not counting the damage buffs)"
  2. I think if you can use the same armies (big square bases with round or square holes to make up units) it will add variety. HOWEVER and I mean this as someone who played WHFB long ago, liked the setting but just never liked the complexity of the rules (IE an old player but one who mostly painted)... IF it gets dumpstered again, it might be the funniest thing I will have been near to (community wise) in a long time.
  3. Slaanesh says hello. This is why they're top dogs at mo.
  4. I think you've a cache issue, I can see those traits in incognito mode/ cleared cache - not with an older tab I had open though. Can you try with a fresh tab and let us know what else isn't there still (if anything)?
  5. Yep Fyreslayers Magmadroths have no duplicate trait restriction. I don't have the Orruk book but I've CoS and I can't find Mount Traits in there at all.
  6. aha, thanks for that correction And yes it is new (SCE 2.0 tome and the more recent Fyreslayers 2.0 tome do not have the same duplicate mount trait restriction) but I assume it's the way it'll be going forward... Unless this is another subtle nod from GW that no other mount is quite like a Stonehorn (and they need exceptions).
  7. 1 quick note: an army may not include duplicates of the same mount trait (Ogor Mawtribes tome p78) & you only hve 1 until you take a battalion. Same as artefacts. I love new ogors but am worried for any melee army in the current activation wars. Still think the good lists(of which i think there will be quite a few) are greater than 50% win rate. Solid 3 of 5 wins tourney army.
  8. I made this one (butcher with cauldron - now slaugthermaster) when I started BCR like 2 yrs ago and I painted up 1k points. I think I'll finish painting this dude now: He is magnetised to the chest and the idea is I'll use him as a huskard for my planned big beasties if I so wish. Bonus original composition which was just kitbashing (it changed a lot as I worked):
  9. Updates galore for this site at the moment - there are a few dedicated helpers working away! Spells are now added, you can add endless spells too, and we've got StD, Tamurkhan's Horde etc added in as units. I think it's just Pestilens to go (BoC too) - but you can always "ally" in units from a faction too while that's in progress.
  10. The site now supports spells (prayers included) and endless spells! I have added Fyreslayers.
  11. The official lore states that: "Sigmar made the Stormcast in his own image and he was a big boi"
  12. Hey guys, @daviseford's project AoS Reminders now includes Fyreslayers! If you haven't used AoS Reminders before, it's an automated cheat-sheet for your army! Give it a whirl! I added the faction in so if you have any comments about them (mistakes, QoL changes) I can gather those and fix them.
  13. Hey guys, @daviseford's project AoS Reminders now includes Maggotkin of Nurgle*! If you haven't used AoS Reminders before, it's an automated cheat-sheet for your army! Give it a whirl! *So far it is just the battletome units.
  14. Quite a lot of flanking deployments are 6". And most objectives are 12" in. It's either deliberate to allow capping or to prohibit capping depending on your viewpoint on whether it's cheesy or not ... or its just yet another unexpected interaction from GW It 100% depends on an objective being totally unwatched too, mathematically (I believe, I'm terrible at maths) you can only ever get 1 model in this situation - the 1 perpendicular to the objective point (everything else is outside that magic 6" quantum area).
  15. This exact topic caused a furore in the Swedish AoS FB group I'm with letting TOs rule in each case or agree with my opponent beforehand. IE I don't plan to take objectives that way as a suprise to my opponent. If it comes up, I have no strong opinion but if my opponent was trying to suprise me Id let TOs rule and not get involved too much! It's basically too long and complicated to go into with an opponent
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