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  1. I also can't help but think, long term, GW will realise that one aspect and weapon choice is like 4 times the damage of anything else and bring it all back down to where the falchions are an "elite" better choice again. That could take time though and I still plan on building my next 3 without.
  2. I heard it different, I heard GW are running with the popularity of GoT combined with another IP inspired by Tyrion and Teclis: My source says GW is making Tyrion the Devito one (ofc) and Teclis will be about double the size a la Arnie. Because Hysh is the realm of light, the sunglasses make perfect sense. Plus Tyrion is blind so double logic right there.
  3. Correct and on top of what @schwabbele says, it means that if something does 16 wounds to a drake (after saves etc) then it doesn't matter how many healing 6s are also made. Drake's dead yo.
  4. This is exactly how I feel with the lists I would take to a tournament too. You learn little stomping someone playing "just what they have" or something friendly.
  5. Holy ****** as a balding guy with glasses this hits home. F you Teclis! You're not the boss of me
  6. Aww now I feel bad. I was imagining the worst kind of player instead of being a happy mushroom. In my experience playing with a bunch of armies and lists (reasonably competitively or with "consenting amateur adults" lol) there is no "cheese" ppl get angered by. It's all a learning experience.
  7. The bracket that likes to take netlists but doesn't like to think about it. Sore losers
  8. Y'know, that got me thinking... What if they do a boxset that's just two different Stormhosts against each other each led by a stardrake? They could call it "Serpents Entwined" and have it loaded with innuendo. I'm 100% ready even if I've already got multiples of nearly every Stormhost unit and I'd have 5 Stardrakes after buying it.
  9. ...I'm too old to be messing with these stupid memes...
  10. You should pursue a career in politics
  11. Thanks for the info! I think left as I remembered from the original book it was a bit weird. But I got to thinking about the interesting places you could go with the remembered ppl being given form angle. It could have been wild! At the same time I did like the old aztec angle for the lizards and well, if dedicated seraphon players are happy good stuff. Were i to buy up some Seraphon I can always make mine old school new school One lizard remembered as many times as the models I field (in different stages of life), Jeff - best pal to general Hank the Slann
  12. Why do you guys have a stiffy for spawning pools? Hehe Age of sigmar shouldnt be national geographic - you can read about lizard on wiki if you want to. Physical permanent Seraphon are 1 trillion times more boring. Oh well. Preferences differ. What lures me into Seraphon turns off Seraphon old guard from the old world
  13. If you mean this as a derogatory explanation for the new lore it fell short. It sounds awesome! Makes me want to paint up Seraphon
  14. Did anyone check this for unidentified rumour engine pics? The boot looks familiar: Scratch that, the boot is ofc different:
  15. Same! I think I understand their rules more now after this round of faqs
  16. Locus is 5+ instead 4+ and greater daemons still get 2 added (so 3+). Or am I missing something
  17. I hear a rumour* that Arkhan is back to 340 so this would be "fine": Allegiance: Death Arkhan the Black, Mortarch of Sacrament (360) Liege-Kavalos (200) Mortisan Soulmason (140) 40 x Mortek Guard (440) - Nadirite Blade and Shield 5 x Kavalos Deathriders (180) - Nadirite Blade and Shield 5 x Kavalos Deathriders (180) - Nadirite Blade and Shield Mortek Crawler (200) Mortek Crawler (200) Kavalos Lance (120) Total: 2020 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 117 I'm happy to test that out I think * We'll see when the great FAQ flawed rollout is complete
  18. It's a bit early to say but bks are very much improved with this small change. Means my demons are still meh. Guess if I want to continue with nurgle I get me many more bks. Maybe blightlords? Speed is all that's needed. Armies with good saves still a problem so who knows how this will pan out. Definitely an increase in nurgles attendance and an improvement in performance on the cards
  19. This is also 100% valid when buying an army. Stats show tournament lists. Some fun lists get taken there but they may draw down the average win rates only. Again though, when tiering should we discount the fun factor?
  20. This is a very good point. This topic is about tiering and stats are King there (but analysis of those stats are important). However if you're buying based on stats and tiers you might end up disappointed. Not all your games will be tournament games against tournament lists. A faction with a 50% win rate where the losses are all close fought might be much better than a faction with a 55% win rate where the 45% are all being tabled. Is that separate from tiering though?
  21. Most of this thread doesn't give any valuable information that could be used to build an AoS tier list. There is however plenty of anecdotal listing going on, based on: What people feel the relative strengths of factions are Their biases What they've read (a majority of what is available to read is anecdotal) Their own games played It's like a bunch of football fans talking ****** in a pub while drunk. They may be right on a few things but it's no way to build something that, say, the bookies will use to establish odds for teams and player performance. https://thehonestwargamer.com Has the most accurate data available (it's not something that's "complete" but there's nothing else that compares). Here's the latest (and this is match win % sorted, not top 10s, not 5 wins > 4 Wins): Now that's not the whole story, but it's data. Impartial. It means more than opinion (when trying to work out tier listings). Seems like ppl often get the top tier right but when it comes to everything else, I'm guessing the faction they collect (and lose 50% of matches with against their gaming group) is shoved to the bottom. They are fishing for faction buffs. Everyone wants faction buffs. Case in point: Kharadron, with a 48.3% win rate they are 16 of 34 in that listing (albeit, some of the factions at the bottom shouldn't really be counted imo), 4th best Order faction. Better than CoS (which includes Tempest Eye). That's based on match win %, the other breakdowns on the honest wargamer site give a more complete picture. I personally value match win % over top 10 finishes and 5 wins > 4 wins (by those two metrics, CoS beats Kharadron - taking Kharadron as an example again) but that's my own bias. I like that stat.
  22. Some extra stormcast were added during the year... but 2020's project is going to be OBR. Here is my latest test model: I want to do 'em quick and I'm going dark with a very bright desert like base. It's quite different from everything I've done so far!
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