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  1. Seems a little daft to have combat range decided by base size.... a dude on a 32mm base with a sword should not have the same range as one with a spear. Its pretty simple as is - check the scroll, and use a combat gauge.
  2. Really looking forward to painting Shalaxi!! Love the model.
  3. I appreciate why people would be unhappy with lack of new mortal units. It is possible however that the strider set will be split into 2 warscrolls, which would mean in a sense slaanesh have gained a mortal unit.
  4. 😂😂😂 not sure why people keep saying this - gw confirmed at the seminar that not all the models were shown in the reveals vid/pics. Far from guarantees mortals or slaangors however, could just be referring to a named kos and herald for example.
  5. Sounds good and well done. I must say however that you might not be so lucky with your opponent or dice rolls in future. Still though, at the moment you gotta take wins against the dirty rats when you can 👍🏻 I did suspect that you’d piled in 6’’ with your second pile in which was why I mentioned it. I apologise for my skepticism.
  6. There is more - gw stated that there were more models on top of what was seen in the vid/pictures.
  7. The chaos/seraphon one looks like the tail of the new kos
  8. You could say the same about spider riders and night goblins, or thunderscorn and beastmen. As we have seen, to say it doesn’t make sense lore wise doesn’t really mean that much because lore can develop and change.
  9. I agree that it’s highly likely that ironjaws and bonesplitters will receive similar treatment to Boc and be thrown in together. I also expect ogors n bcr to receive similar treatment. Moves of this kind make good business sense - it increases the demand of all units involved. Plus it resolves the tactical limitations to both sides of each faction.
  10. No correction needed - I stated you need to end as close to or closer
  11. I’m pretty sure they are yeah haha although I’m doubting myself now. I know that nurgle can take slaanesh allies so I guess I’m making an assumption.
  12. @Mayple about chaos warriors btw. In my opinion, if you’re intending on using warriors as a hammer, you’d be better off with daemonettes. But if you’re intending on using them as a tank, then it could be an idea allying in 30 plaguebearers instead.
  13. Marked chaos warriors are battleline for the respective chaos gods army. Not 100% on the second question, because I have no experience with using the beasts of chaos god-specific battalions.
  14. The command ability only activates from 3’’. Plus you need to end a pile in as close to the closest enemy unit. So if a unit is within 3’’ that then allows the command ability to activate, but you’d still need to end the move as close to or closer to the closest enemy unit. This means that unless you’re in combat with an enemy on a massive base that the 6’’ pile in trait is almost redundant in the 2nd pile in. You can make use of the extra inches for the command ability but it’s situational.
  15. How far away were the cannons placed to the initial units you charged? Sounds like pretty poor play that they placed the cannon so close to the screen knowing you had 2 pile in capabilities.
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