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  1. I think 6 has legs in an everchosen list where you know how aggressive you can be or not. It’s not super competitive and will fall down in some scenarios but in the 2 games I’ve used it in, it did very well (against petrifix and IJ’s). Like I say I appreciate it’s not top of the pile. Saying that though, I think people under estimate how effective a combo of dark prophecy, the dark master and 6 varanguard with spears can be.
  2. I’m not sure you’re right bout varanguard.... 9 attacks hitting on 2s wounding on 3s (esp rerolling 1s) -2 rend n 3 damage a pop will rinse though most horde units. Not to mention buffs from which ever mark/aura you go for. Then there’s the second pile in if you need it.
  3. While this seems decent on paper, surely that will leave you with very few models actually holding objectives. Maybe 2-4 (maybe 6-7) models on each. You’d probably find people winning objectives off your without charging you with this tactic.
  4. Unfortunately there’s no longer anything that can buff Archaon to activate twice in the combat phase
  5. Only noobs lose against them. Only noobs lose against them.... I don’t want to come across as harsh but you’re response is short sighted, ignorant and insulting to anyone who has ever been beaten by them. Please note different match ups and player skill go a long way into deciding games - not just the army itself.
  6. It’s comical how there’s a thread about slaanesh summoning like it’s the only broke thing in the game.... what about Fyreslayers with +2 save and a ++4 ward. So one army brings back what you kill (ish) and the other can’t be killed. Theres always broken builds. Dok held that throne for a good while, then fec and skaven. These 3 have been ‘nerfed’ and they’re pretty much just as powerful. The next 4 battletomes will counter slaanesh, and FS... and the power creep will continue.
  7. Tbh I kinda disagree that a unit of 30 (or 2) daemonettes can’t be competitive. Firstly they’re good at capturing objectives (although not holding them for long). Which forces your opponent into combat with them... and that will seriously hurt you opp even if they send a tank in against them. This is even more key when considering the majority of times they’ll fight first. Worse case is your opp wipes out the unit but takes massive loses also.... and we have the opportunity to summon more units. How fast they are means you will hit hard with most the unit, and there’s not much that can stand that. Also with well positioned hero’s they can take a charge... Ive played a couple of games with new slaanesh, and in the second one, I took a charge from a VLoZD, and killed it comfortably with 30 nettes before it even got to attack. On the other hand, shooting lists will destroy them easily. But then again shooting lists are our bane.
  8. Malerion is himself a god (after becoming the incarnate of the lore of shadows and being consumed by the warp at the end of end times) so couldn’t be corrupted by chaos. Morathi on the other hand has become a Demi god (basically a greater daemon in her own right) and could be corrupted to chaos. Not that I’m convinced it’d happen, but who knows where the lore will go in the next story arch.
  9. Worth pointing out that these videos are not always 100% correct and errors in them are common. 😋 only one of these statements could be correct - the heralds are wizards, and enrapturess warscroll is unchanged.
  10. I agree it was disappointing not to get any mortals, but what is being released is stunning. Some armies have had more new units, some have got less. I feel that people need to accept what is, and move on, because wallowing in negativity is not healthy.
  11. Seems a little daft to have combat range decided by base size.... a dude on a 32mm base with a sword should not have the same range as one with a spear. Its pretty simple as is - check the scroll, and use a combat gauge.
  12. Really looking forward to painting Shalaxi!! Love the model.
  13. I appreciate why people would be unhappy with lack of new mortal units. It is possible however that the strider set will be split into 2 warscrolls, which would mean in a sense slaanesh have gained a mortal unit.
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