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AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion


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1 hour ago, Malakree said:

SO ****** STOKED. 

Best part is, my Brother sent me a GW gift voucher for Xmas! Guna get me that unique artwork battletome!

Yeah, this is the first one that I am guaranteed to pre-order the super fancy collectors edition.  I considered doing that with the 40k Ork book, but ended up waiting and then it was out of stock.

I have played 40k Orks since the early 90s and they were my first real GW army, but a full grot army is something special.  I have been playing the various grot sub-factions as full armies since the mid-90s.  But it was usually something that was fairly rough to do, but worth it because I just love goblins so much.  

GW finally expanding them into their own full blown army with a dedicated book is something I never honestly thought would happen and I think it is something quite special.  This now cements Age of Sigmar 2nd edition as my all-time favorite version of Warhammer.

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42 minutes ago, Congratz said:

More rumours 


This is pretty much my long-time wish list.  A few oddball characters on foot is all that I would add for Moonclan grots.  But looking at the cover of the book I expect there will be a few on the way.  I expect the guy with three eyes and the fungus basket in the lower right corner is some sort of hero.

Maybe GW had the same idea as me for a fungus gatherer/cultivator/alchemist hero.  That would be awesome.

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8 minutes ago, Mayple said:

@Skabnoze I'm with you on that one! Gonna go all out on this release. Get everything I can get my hands on :D Full grot army. What a time to be alive! 

I have at least one of every goblin that GW has released since the 90s.  I collect all GW goblins.  I also enjoy converting so I often pick up multiples so that I can chop a few of them up.  And then I have far more than I can ever field in a normal game.  I have not counted how many basic Night Goblins that I have but I am sure it easily exceeds 600.

But I am still buying every model they release for this book and guaranteed to get a stupid amount of plastic squigs (been asking for those for so many years now).

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1 minute ago, Congratz said:

Do you think we will get new standard moonclan grots?

I doubt it.  The models have aged incredibly well and they are probably the goblin kit that is least in need of an update along with the Arachnarok.  I’m not sure what GW could really do with a resculpt that would be worth it given that the gobbos are mainly robed and pretty tiny.  The standard gits in the Shadespire warband are quite nice, and they have some fun extra bits, but they are pretty much the same existing sculpts.  That seems to indicate to me that there is not a ton of value for resculpting that kit.

The fanatic kit is one of the first 3d computer sculpts that GW ever did and it was a step down from the fantastic metal versions that preceded it.  That kit is serviceable, but a new one would be greatly appreciated.

The plastic spider riders are the exact same easy-build models that came out in the Battle For Skulls Pass box set for 6th edition.  They have aged quite well, but GW can accomplish much much better with their current level of sculpting.

The rest of the gobbo and troggoth range is pretty much resin kits and while there are some fantastic sculpts there still there is probably more value to GW to resculpt those.

So for me personally, and I expect GW also, the basic Moonclan grot kit is about the last thing I would want redone.

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