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  1. I think that is pretty much what White Dwarf battalions are generally meant to be. I don’t think they usually intend for these to be top tier competitive and when they do end up that way it is probably wholly unintentional. I think these types of battalions are meant to be fairly narrative, explore a concept, and lean towards fun. In that regard I think this one is fine. At the least it is not bad in terms of the bonuses it gives. I would be pretty happy with this if it was about 150 points. But even at the current cost I think there are some interesting, and probably fun, army builds with the battalion. It’s obviously not the top tier choice around - but you can have fun games with this. I’m honestly considering modeling up a second Footboss to play with this.
  2. No. Because a normal move cannot end within 3” of an enemy model.
  3. You don’t have to fit the whole army into the single battalion.
  4. The more I look at Bossfist the more it seems to me that the intention should be to lean into and embrace the use of the bosses. That should be self-evident by the name, but it strikes me that a lot of our discussion about “what it should have been” are somewhat off base because we are looking at the footbosses as a tax rather than a center design of the battalion. Now, it could very well be the case that the battalion could be designed in a different way to make footbosses a more attractive option, but removing them does not seem like the right way to view the battalion. In addition, it could well be the case that the battalion as it stands is just not great - which would be a shame but is probably the case for over half the battalions in the game. I still contend that the base cost of the battalion is overly high - but I think that leaning into the footbosses as relatively cheap units with high offensive potential might be somewhat decent. If you can get artifacts on those heroes you could turn them into pretty decent blenders.
  5. Context means a lot. In English, and many language, words and phrases derive part of their definition via context. Lets try another example. Person A is convicted of a crime and part of their sentence is: “Person A must remain at least 100 feet from any schools or playgrounds” Could this person now go onto school grounds or onto a playground and claim they are following the restriction because there is a different school or playground 10 miles away?
  6. The Mantic Giant is quite good. I am also quite partial to the Heresy Giant - Mucklegeet: https://heresyminiatures.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_109&products_id=389 Giants have always been my favorite Warhammer monster and if there is a decent way to build a full giant army then it is a fantastic excuse to buy so many of the great 3rd party giants on the market - in addition to whatever fantastic models GW produces for this force.
  7. This is very exciting! Ever since this rumor came out old Olaf The Red has been bugging me non-stop for a fancy new round base.
  8. @Malakree That list is not bad. It would certainly be better with a second warchanter, but I might give it a go as is. Although it is certainly not the best list to put together for dual Mawkrusha. The more that I think about Da Boss Fist the more I am thinking that it might be good to lean into the 2 footbosses by trying to get artifacts on both of them and use them as cheap & offensive, albeit slow, units. I wonder if there is room to drop the second Mawkrusha and try to fit in an Ironfist. You could also potentially drop one of the units of Brutes or just move it over to the Ironfist. That would let you give an artifact to all 3 of the mega bosses and a free source of Mighty Deatroyers.
  9. It will be hard for anything to top, or even come close really, to the Ironfist simply due to what that battalion is. It lets you fit just about all of the units in your army (regardless of type) and then effectively guarantees a free command every turn in an army designed around strong command abilities and starved for points. You basically net between 2-5 free command points (not counting the one you get for including a battalion) and the only downside is that you have to use them to trigger Mighty Destoyers. But that is easily the best command ability in the army and one you want to trigger every turn if you can anyways, so it is really not a negative at all. On top of that the Ironfist lets you get access to Mighty Destroyers outside of the Ironjawz allegiance. It would really be tough for GW to design another battalion that would compete with Ironfist. That said, at least all of the Ironjawz battalions are useful. None are particularly bad - even these. Ironjawz are pretty spoiled for battalions compared to many other armies (including Bonesplitterz in the same book).
  10. That would certainly be more interesting, but I don’t really mind the footbosses. To me the prohibitive thing is requiring 2 footbosses AND a huge battalion cost. This battalion seems like a potentially fun way to run Brutes and also include some heroes in the battalion - which normally you can’t do. This currently just does not seem like more than a 150 point battalion to me given the need to run 2 footbosses. I may still give it a try since it does look fun to me.
  11. I quite like Da Bossfist battalion. I would easily use that one except for the cost. It seems very overpriced. It already has somewhat of a tax in the 2 Footbosses. I could make that work since footbosses are quite decent apart from being slow, but 220 is just an absurd cost.
  12. So has anyone had any experience with the new Bonesplitterz army and fighting against Ossiarch Bone Reapers? A friend of mine from the days of Warhammer Fantasy has finally decided to come around to AoS and he picked up the new Bone Reapers army because he thought the models look cool (I can't ever argue with that line of thinking). So far I have only played a quick & dirty 1000pt battle with him to show him the rules. I did not bring a very optimized force and we only played the basic kill each other starter scenario - but it did not go well for Bonesplitterz. Does anyone have experience playing against OBR with Bonesplitterz? Our overall lack of rend seems like in general this is just going to be a pretty unpleasant match-up.
  13. So I was reading through the various errata that they put out the other day and the general rule about battleline behemoths not counting toward behemoth limits in general got me thinking about Spiderfang a bit more (along with the point adjustments). What would people think about having the non-character Arachnarok options becoming conditional battleline options with a Spiderfang general? I don’t know if it would necessarily be good - but it seems like it could be a lot of fun. Anyone else have thoughts on that?
  14. Yeah I am with you about the rules ambiguity being an issue. There is a lot of crusty spots like that in the rules. For instance the whole activation wars thing is problematic given that they did not design the combat phase with clearly identified sub phases that rules could key off of. Hopefully they rework that whenever AoS 3 comes along. But on a positive note I would say that with AoS GW is doing a better job with crafting an altogether well designed rule-set than they did in the past. Hopefully they look at how other companies build rule systems and take some of the better ideas.
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