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  1. I feel that all 3 allegiances are good and have their selling points. It depends upon what you want to do with an army list as to which allegiance in the book you will choose. In regards to purely bonesplitterz I feel that both the Big Waaagh and the Bonesplitterz allegiance offer good tools and allow for more diverse army builds - which is a good thing.
  2. I was always a bit lukewarm on the Rogue Idol previously. I love all big stompy things and the Rogue Idol was never a bad monster - but he just fit oddly into any army I previously had for his cost. That said, I love the concept behind the Idol. He changed very little aside from gaining the orruk, ironjaw, and bonesplitterz keywords but those allegiances changed in a number of significant ways and now the Idol is fully a part of every allegiance in the Warclans book. That has a significant impact on him. It goes to show you the simple power of keywords in the way that AoS is now designed. I don’t think the Idol is the best unit available to Warclans but he is now by far my favorite. Stand alone units that don’t have much need or ability to get outside boosts or alterations are fine, but I personally enjoy units that can be altered or changed by army construction and outside abilities and the Rogue Idol is the single unit available to Warclans that can both give and receive abilities from all parts of the book and even from allies. There is a lot of very interesting and fun stuff to do with him no matter what portion of the Warclans book you are using and so I find myself constantly thinking about including him now - and often in multiples.
  3. For a small force like that I would build the boyz as Morboyz with 2 weapons. I think that is probably the safest equipment option for a hypothetical new book. Morboyz are already a decent unit within Bonesplitterz and it seems very likely that they will remain so. I think a commonly held opinion is that it is likely that a new book will move Bonesplitterz back to being a rather melee heavy horde army. It is hard to say how good Arrer Boyz will be or if they will even remain as a battleline option. It is also hard to say what GW will do with the standard Savage Orruk unit (the ones with shields) as that unit needs a rewrite to be useful. They might nail it, or they might end up as niche as they currently are. Morboyz are sort of a middle-ground unit right now and I expect that if the book makes melee builds more prominent for this army that Morboyz will be a big part of that. Arrer boyz are the better unit right now, and the Kunnin Rukk is the strongest current build, but we don't at all know how viable those things would be in a new book. They could be amazing, or they could completely remove the Kunnin Rukk. If you look at the current version of the Kunnin Rukk it has half of it's abilities dedicated to movement and it could very well be the case that they keep the battalion but reduce/remove the shooting bonuses and make it more about movement shenanigans. Honestly we just don't know. I think your safest bet is to not go too fully into building a specific niche force and rather just pick up a small "sampler platter" style force. That will most likely minimize the impact that a drastic change to how the army works would potentially have on your force.
  4. Looks like I will need to get some more Ard Boyz then. I only have about 120ish right now.
  5. Well not a big deal then. The only real use for a Dwarf is to scalp their beards to make belts or capes anyways. And to feed the rest to the squigs of course.
  6. I called it before that Bonesplitterz is the next Destruction book and that we would probably also see either a combined ogor or just a Gutbusters book as well this year. I think this article about the GHB nailed down this rumor/suspicion. Unless GW just wants to troll players there is no realistic reason to not adjust the points of Bonesplitterz and Gutbusters as those allegiances are down around the bottom of the pack. Not adjusting the points for any of the units only makes sense if they are dropping a new book and making some big changes. I expect warscroll changes.
  7. Priest is simply a keyword that a few things interact with. Prayers are simply a mechanic framework for a different way to give non-spell buffs. Some armies have priests that use prayers, but not all armies that use the prayer mechanic use priests. For example the Gobbapalooza non-wizard models all use the same rules as prayers for their special buff abilities. They simply named them gobbapalooza-know-wotz rather than a prayer. But if you look at the basic mechanic it is the same. So there is no reason that they could not use the same mechanic for a “Ju-Ju” dance buff ability. And there is no reason that a wizard model cannot have another ability.
  8. They may have seriously overhauled the dispossessed allegiance in the book and that may warrant the slight increase. I am pretty sure that Dispossessed was listed as one of the couple allegiances with a large allegiance overhaul in a previous community article. The point adjustment article is just a teaser. We will have the full picture next Saturday when the book releases.
  9. Sure thing. I have bought Orc/Ork parts from just about every 3rd party manufacturer out there - so I have a fair bit of experience with the different sizes, styles, and quality. One thing to note about Spellcrow is that the products that are named "bulky" are basically designed for a 40k Ork Nob. I am sure you could get away with using them on Ardboyz as they are a bit bulkier than standard orcs, but those heads are probably somewhere in between the size of a standard unhelmeted Ardboy and a Brute. They may be a bit closer in size to the Brute. So suffice to say, they use the term bulky for a reason. I am sure they would work fine but I just wanted to point that out before you purchase just in case. In regards to quality, I have a lot of heads from different manufacturers and Spellcrow are one of the best ones in terms of quality. There is usually not much clean-up required and miscast parts are rare in my experience. So they get a thumbs up from me in terms of quality. Kromlech and MaxMini have some really great sculpts (both of them make really excellent alternative tribal heads that work great with Bonesplitterz), but they can sometimes have more flash and clean-up. I still recommend either of those manufacturers as well if you like any of the styles they offer.
  10. I also like the concept that a unit might not just get strictly worse as it takes casualties but may gain some abilities and potentially shift roles. For instance, a unit that has increased combat bonuses for larger size might gain some speed and maneuverability as it gets smaller and so maybe early on a unit like this is better used to attack the enemy or hold a critical position, but after sustaining casualties it becomes better suited to quickly hunting down other small units or running off to secure distant objectives. This reminds me a bit of the concept used for the Mangler Squig where his degradation chart is the worst in the middle but then goes back up the closer to death he gets as he begins to frenzy. There seems like a lot of interesting ways to use an idea like this.
  11. This is a pretty interesting idea I have to say. I don't think it could or should apply to every unit, and you would probably want to make sure that adding benefits like this makes for compelling choices rather than simply becoming the default/preferred/best choice. But on the whole I think you have a pretty good idea on your hands here.
  12. The things they mentioned in this article all sound like fun additions to the game. I am looking forward to trying a number of these out.
  13. To be fair, in 40k they are already rolling out codex 1.5 versions in order to add extra units in a new splash release wave. That is what they did for Chaos Space Marines. I would not rule out GW possibly starting to do that in Age of Sigmar once they get all of the armies updated with a book.
  14. If your main issue is the heads on the Ardboyz, and not the rest of the model, then it would be pretty easy to replace the heads with something from a 3rd party or just get some from another orc/ork kit from GW via an online bits seller. The company Spellcrow makes a large assortment of alternative orc heads. They have the widest assortment that would work for a fantasy game. You could also look at offerings from MaxMini, Kromlech, or Puppetswar. The other good alternative is to just buy some heads from other GW kits as bits from another online bits seller on ebay.
  15. I honestly don't really know what people have been using in regards to endless spells for Ironjawz as I have not been playing them much lately. However, the spells I would consider using would be cogs, geminids, qjuicksilver swords, or the burning head.
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