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  1. Skabnoze

    The Rumour Thread

    The boxed game? I think it is great. However, it is a bare-bones one-off game that probably will be discontinued before too much longer - especially now that the exclusive buggies it contains have been released as individual kits. From my experience all of the different vehicles have good rules within that game. However, lets not pretend that the main target of those kits is not the main 40k game and that this game was simply a way to package up the initial models and get some extra cash out of them. I like that box. I bought it. I think the game is fun to play as a quick little game and thankfully all of the vehicles seem pretty well balanced within it. However, the rules in 40k for each of those vehicles is drastically different and they did a poor job carving out a useful niche and effectively costing the various vehicles. Sadly the squig-launcher trukk rules are just plain bad. Thankfully the dragster, trike, and rocket engine all pretty good. Overall it was a mixed bag for a release. They really should have done a better job on the rules for new models. Model-wise I want to have big squadrons of all of the vehicles roaring around the table while I yell "Witness Me" and call my opponent's stuff "Mediocre!". But sadly the rules make it hard to pull the trigger on spending that much money. I love Orks enough that I just may do it - but I do wish GW rules team had put in a bit more effort (kudos to the miniature design team for those models though).
  2. I mostly just care about whether people can pick the army they choose, build a fairly standard army with stuff that appeals to them, and then have a fun game against most opponents. That strategy does not have to lead to winning, but you should not get completely tabled early or else be totally ineffective. At the end of the day this is a game that is meant to be fun for the players and that should be the primary measurement. A poor example is back in 6th edition 40k. My friend and I decided to play a game and we both made semi-decent lists using a lot of stuff we liked in the army. I played Orks (and have since Rogue Trader) and he was playing Tau. This was when the Riptide first came out and of course he wanted to use it because it is a giant stompy robot. I can't fault anyone for that line of thinking. I took a relatively standard ork list with a bunch of guys and some specialists & vehicles mixed in. The result was that I basically ran an army ineffectually straight into a wood-chipper. It was one of the most pointless and un-fun games I have played and my opponent thought much the same despite winning. I put my army back into the closet for the rest of that edition. If I had run that list into a competitive tournament net-list that would be one thing. But when it's just two people playing for fun and selecting units with "rule of cool" as their primary motivation then a game system should not lead to such lop-sided experiences.
  3. There was something wrong with using metal squigs in the past? I never got that memo...
  4. Skabnoze

    The Rumour Thread

    That Ork update was ok - and that is pushing it. They dropped the new various buggies and that was it despite trying to build the hype train for a Orktober and a huge release. The buggies are all nice mocels, but half of them are fairly DOA due to lack-luster rules. They made 6 completely different vehicles but were unable to create 6 sets of compelling roles for them to fill - so half of them are simply outclassed by the other half since they are vying for the same role. The models all look excellent though. And then they ignored half of the existing range that is either missing options or could use updates. Tankbustas & kommandos are still expensive old resin kits that don't fit the aesthetic for the rest of the range. There is no mega armored warboss option. There is still no Deffkopta kit other than the old character GorkaMorka model. The Weirdboy model was terrible when it was first released, is resin, and has not at all got better with age (at least the Weirdnob makes a good base for a conversion). They could have done a lot better with the Ork release.
  5. Skabnoze

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    That is pretty wacky. I'll just stick with letting people ignore that order of operations and stick the things close together if it ever comes up in any of my games.
  6. Skabnoze

    Who Fights First

    I did miss that. Thanks. That said, I think they should still just clean up the wording on those specific abilities so that it lines up. But this specific clarification was what I was looking for. Now lets get back to bickering about something else. My main original complaint is that I don't like the binary choice where the player whose turn it is has everything with the strikes at the start of the phase rather than selecting the first unit and then alternating for any others with that ability. It probably won't come up a whole lot in actual play - but it still irks me.
  7. Skabnoze

    Who Fights First

    @Requizen I expect you are correct. But they should have changed the wording of other abilities to remove the second clause. One ability says fights at the start of the turn. The other says fights at the start of the turn before any units are chosen to fight. If we go with the 3 timing categories that they created, you still have to select units to fight in an order during each of those categories. One of these abilities says "before the players pick any other units to fight in that combat phase" - and even units that strike at the start of the phase are picked to fight. I would not fault anyone for saying this ability fights before other units that fight at the start of the combat phase - because the wording of this ability pretty much says exactly that. My point is that they could have easily clarified this in a definitive way and they did not do so. I don't really care which way they rule this to work. I just want them to completely settle the issue and I disagree with you that they have actually done so.
  8. Skabnoze

    Who Fights First

    Maybe. I can accept that it works the same as any other "strikes at the start of the combat phase ability" - but they need to make that clarification. I play Grots and I am easy going enough that I don't mind playing it either way depending on my opponent's interpretation. But if I played against a Gloomspite player and that person argued based on the wording that it strikes before even other strikes-first abilities due to that clause I would not argue against them. Honestly, they really should have cleared all of that up at the same time. It is not like these books are old at all and not many of these abilities exist. They could have brought them all in line at the same time and then issues their clarification article. This unfortunately strikes me as a lazy effort since it still leaves some abilities unresolved.
  9. Skabnoze

    Who Fights First

    I am glad that they are making clarifications, but I have to say that I am not completely thrilled with this decision. My personal opinion is that I don't care for one player being able to choose for every unit he has with the ability to fight first to do so before his opponent. If both players have units with that rule then I would prefer to see the player whose turn it is gets to pick one of his units first and then the players alternate - the same as it works in the standard phase of combat. I also wish that they had clarified how the "whirling death" ability of fanatics works in regards to this change. Their ability still states "fights at the start of the combat phase, before the players pick any other units to fight in that combat phase". That second clause does not exist for the Deepkin Tide ability - so how is that resolved? Do fanatics fight before Deepkin units due to the second clause? That is a reasoned argument to make. Or is the Fanatic ability mean to be the same as other "fights at the start of the combat phase" ability and in which case the player whose turn it is decides which unit goes first. Hopefully they clarify this.
  10. Skabnoze

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    Unless I am after the extra relic for the battalion I am of the opposite opinion. I personally think the squigalanche battalion has too many requirements since it is a sort of mega-battalion and I am not totally sold on the ability it grants. Being able to be selected to fight from 6” away and also pile-in 6” is a fantastic ability. However the battalion bonus is conditional upon the badmoon and that generally means you will probably only really get the ability for one turn and it is hard to plan when that turn is unless you have Skragrott. I am prone to making the opposite choice and when playing with a large contingent of Squig Herds to forgo the battalions and instead go for buffs that you can use when you need. The Squigalanche is neat, but to me that battalion really funnels into a fairly specific list. For Squig Rider Stampede I generally prefer if I am going heavy into hoppers and Bounders. To me, a list that has at least 2 max units of Squig herd and also a shaman with the mommet is going to heavily function around those units as the core and I like the snufflers to make those units even more dangerous. For hopper heavy lists the snufflers are not that useful since they won’t be able to keep up and in that case I like the battalion. But it’s a personal preference thing - play whatever fits best for you.
  11. Skabnoze

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    That is a pretty decent starting point for an all squig list. I might take this one for a spin although I will probably swap out the battalion for 2 units of Snufflers. I like the battalion, but I think in a list like this I would prefer to buff up the cave squigs a bit more. But that is just a personal preference thing.
  12. Skabnoze

    Adepticon Predictions

    I expect that there will be AoS announcements, maybe even big ones, but my comments was mainly that I don't think 40k is going to be ignored or have minimal news at one of the biggest 40k events. Whatever they announce for 40k is going to be a big announcement for that system. Hopefully AoS gets something meaty as well. But if I was to make predictions then I would say that we will get real details about what Forbidden Power is and probably just a teaser about something regarding new models for an army. I am not sure that they will steal the thunder from Forbidden Power by also making a large new model reveal for a faction.
  13. Skabnoze

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    This is my personal preference. I like when armies can be built in multiple different ways and when people can really go outside the box and do weird things if they so choose. But my first desire for any army is for it to play effectively with the general theme that the army is presented and designed with. For Gloomspite that meant that I wanted playing a bunch of grots and shaman to actually work. I also really love squigs of all types and so I wanted the book to help facilitate playing that and it also being fun. It sucks when an army does not play effectively in the way that the main aesthetic GW pushes for that army. I don't want to have to play my army sideways to have a good time. I don't need the army to be amazing and win against everything. I don't need games to be ultra easy. But I would prefer for the army not to be awful and probably a loser before the game even starts. This is one my biggest complaints about the last few editions of 40k and most especially 8th edition. So many of the armies play sideways now - especially if the place you play at has a lot of tournament influence. Chaos Space Marine armies generally don't use chaos space marines. Death Guard often skips using many Plague Marines. Imperial Armies are often a mess of cherry picked items from multiple books. I am glad that AoS generally does not have this issue.
  14. Skabnoze

    Adepticon Predictions

    They are already rewriting the 40k 8th edition Chaos Codex with a v1.2 and a physical book release to correspond to the new models. It's great that they have managed to release all the major books for 40k within a short span in an edition, but don't for a second think that means they won't start reissuing those books with changes. It seems to be the only way that they will voluntarily change actual rules & stats for units and it is pretty much low-effort guaranteed sales. Also Adepticon has traditionally been one of the biggest 40k events and while AoS is growing at events you still have to expect that Adepticon is going to pull in more 40k players than AoS - so it is really one of the premiere events to create hype for 40k. I highly doubt they ignore that chance and it is not like they don't have plans for more 40k releases this year. They will pull the lid off something big for 40k I expect.
  15. Skabnoze

    The Rumour Thread

    Some guy with a new model to show off!