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  1. Well it's hard to glean anything at all from this data really. It is only for these forums, people could pick multiple selections, and it does not even cover the entire user-base of these forums. Also Gloomspite & Sylvaneth just had a combined box set that sold quite well - so a lot of people that bought that probably marked down both. I bet you the number of primary Gloomspite players is much lower than what is represented by that poll. Goblins have generally been an fun army that a lot of people dipped a toe into and had some of, but not that many people usually used them as their primary faction.
  2. I see lots of classic goblins and squigs in there. Good man ๐Ÿ‘
  3. Yep, that was when I began my goblin obsession - except I started before you by at least 5 minutes... ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Man, if there was ever a unit that I would love to return to the game - it is this one. This is the goblin unit that I miss more than any other. The original rules were admittedly a bit of a mess since the unit itself activated at 2 different initiative steps and you generally had to really micro-manage the unit composition & model placement, and they often were not even very good, but boy was this unit so much fun. I still have somewhere around 20-30 of these guys although over the years I did convert up a few heroes from some of the Clubber models. It was just the most fun unit concept. For those that don't know about this unit - it was basically the goblins that go deep down in caves and hunt & capture squigs. The method they used is to lure squigs out of their holes and then a few goblins would toss nets on the squigs and the rest of the goblins would bash them senseless with big clubs. Then they would drag the unconscious squigs back to their goblin lairs to then use as either entertainment, food, or herd into combat. On the table they worked similarly in that the netters would attack first and then the clubbers would attack second and just bash whatever enemy was caught in the nets with their giant clubs. This unit was the precursor to netters being added into standard units of night goblins. If this unit were to be brought back to Age of Sigmar Gloomspite Gitz in some form I would try to make a full army from them.
  5. I don't recall the exact dimensions of how tall it is, but the footprint fits onto a large 170mm x 105mm oval base.
  6. I was just being silly. I have played primarily goblins for over 25 years now and my enjoyment of the army has nothing to do with anyone else's opinion - or even how good it is. In fact, prior to the Gloomspite Book there was never really a full Goblin army and they were generally just a niche way to play a small portion of the broader greenskin army. The fact that they have a full book, which I never thought would happen, makes me ecstatic. More people liking the army is great and does not bother me at all. From a selfish standpoint - if the army is more popular then it is likely to get more updates in the future and the more goblin, squig, and troll models GW makes the better it is for me (although not my wallet). And the more people that get into the game, regardless of what army, the better for everyone that plays the game.
  7. I have made my own using cheap metal roofing shingles from the hardware store (less than $1 each) and cut them with metal shears (~$10 bucks). Draw the outline you want on them and then just cut. Metal shears cut through those things like butter and it is basically like working with slightly tougher construction paper. It takes a bit of time is the only negative. I started using those a long time ago in Warhammer Fantasy for movement trays, then adapted them to 40k, and now for AoS. That said, I might look into getting some of the precut ones from miniMag since I don't mind paying a bit extra for convenience and quality. I have not used their product, but it looks pretty much like what I have been doing for years and I can say that I prefer that far more than any other solution I have seen. The nice thing about magnetizing bases that you plan to stick to a metal tray is that you don't need to bother messing around with magnet polarity. Both sides stick equally well to metal. So it is better than trying to use a 2-magnet solution.
  8. Obnoxious band-wagon young'un gitz... Get outta my cave an off my fungus lawn before I sick Chompaz on you! No respect for elders and them that was here first...
  9. Sure, although if I had one thing to change on his warscroll I would probably make his Crazed Charge ability not laughably awful. But on the bright side, at least his warscroll is good overall and worth using.
  10. Within the context of an all Trogg army I am inclined to say they could possibly use a price cut for min units. If you are playing all Troggs then having enough units to contest and hold objectives is really tough to do. However, 160 is a pretty good price for including small Trogg contingents to other facets of Gloomspite. Since GW has not created a good mechanism for variable point costs I am not sure the standard Trogg price should really move much. I think I agree with you that 9 is probably the best spot to max out Troggs and add a horde discount and I think that would make large units an interesting grab for the entire Gloomspite book - but work especially well for all Trogg lists. It would give you a good anchor unit or two and the point savings could act as a broader discount and make it easier to squeeze in supporting min units (which an all Trogg army is forced to have). It also makes it more compelling to stay in the all-trogg theme and not feel that you NEED to go grab grot units. There is nothing wrong with grot units and they would still be a compelling option, but it would be a nice boon for people who prefer the Trogg theme. In my opinion the more diverse builds a book supports, and that find their way to being actually used by players, the better that book is. EDIT: On a side note, it would be really awesome if GW figured out a good way to create variable point costs. Basically some mechanism to adjust the cost of units based upon army composition. They have the conditional battleline mechanism, which is a great feature and the core piece that lets us field fun armies like all Squigs, all Troggs, all Minotaurs, etc. But it would be nice if they also had a mechanism to tweak the costs for some of these niche builds. There are a bunch of possible ways they could do something like this if they wanted to and I think it would be quite neat to see.
  11. I could maybe see a 10 point reduction for Rock Biters, but I donโ€™t think they really need it. If there was going to be a cost reduction for Troggs then in my opinion it should be horde discounts. Right now I would say that big units of troggs are a harder sell than they should be - even in an all Trogg force. In addition to trying to balance a book competitively I think it is important to try to increase build diversity.
  12. There is a relic that grants that same buff as the moon in a 12โ€ area as well. So you can get a bubble of always-on moon power for Spiders as well. There is nothing that prevents using the relic in a mixed force.
  13. Skragrott is useful in most lists he is added to and he does not need to be the general all of the time. You can make the argument for using him in a non-general role for a Troggoth army and I believe that @Malakree has made use of him that way. An all Spider list might be where he fits in the least and that is mainly because the rest of the army is fast and will leave him behind.
  14. Good catch. I totally forgot that. The allegiance ability for the moon that gives mortal wounds on 5+ To-hit used to be the scuttleboss command ability. The Webspinner spell remained the same but I always got those 2 mixed up for some reason and it seems that I still do.
  15. Well, if anyone has played Destruction long enough (and Goblins specifically) to suffer from this then it is probably me. That said, I would say I probably fall more into some version of masochism rather than being battered. Being battered implies that you are making excuses for someone beating up on you rather than enjoying getting punched in the face. Given that I play goblins & weird monsters primarily because I really like goblins & weird monsters and overall I am stupidly happy that we actually got a full army book I will freely admit to being a GW masochi.st at some levels. Despite the fact that I post complaints and criticisms about portions of this book do not get the impression that I don't love the book. Honestly, I think this is the greatest army book ever written by Games Workshop and the only possible way they could make a better battletome would be to rewrite this one. While I don't think you should evaluate any book in a vacuum and ignore cross-book comparisons, I also don't think direct point cost comparisons hold up well if they are absent a holistic view of the army. Some armies will pay more or less for something than another book will depending on a few factors. How prevalent is this thing in the army? The more of something an army has the less valuable it can become for that army and vice versa. What Skragrott does for Gloomspite is immense and that is even when he is not the general. He is absolutely unique and there is generally a cost of some form for that. Looking at that list I think Skragrott is much more unique to the force than a number of those characters. I would say the closest comparison is Lady Olynder and she is about the same price. I would not complain if GW reduced his cost, but it seems unnecessary to me. I still disagree with you about the Hoppers. As I said in my post, I would prefer 2 units of 10 to a max unit of 20 regardless of cost - and I mean current or discounted. The discount would have to be extremely steep (close to free) for a max unit to entice me. My issue is that the max unit adds nothing aside from some wound buffers. A very cheap max unit is basically a faster squig herd that fights worse and I am not certain there is a lot of value in that. For that role I think a unit of Squig Herd with a Hero on Squig to buff movement is a better plan as you can speed them up enough to get onto an objective and they can hold it better. A really big unit of Hoppers becomes harder to maneuver and harder to get bounce damage by hopping over enemy units. I really like Hoppers and I would love a reason to consider the max unit, but I just don't see one and for me it has little to do with cost. I am fully on board, and agree, with a cost reduction for the basic unit. But I see no gain at all from a Hopper horde discount because I don't see a compelling use for a max size unit. Now, I agree with you about a horde discount for Squig Herd. A max size squig herd is quite a compelling unit and the ability to fight in two ranks because of the smaller base size is one of the main reasons. Their slower speed means it is also easier to be able to position Snufflers near them for when you unleash them into combat than it is with hoppers or bounders. Giving a horde discount to Squig Herd I think makes them an interesting choice versus Stabbas. I already think squig herds are an interesting alternative to Stabbas, but a horde discount would make things even better and probably pull more people on board.
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