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  1. I remember a lot of people used various things like this in my area back when I played more Warmachine. Most people that I know picked up appropriately sized metal rings that they could lay on the table to define an area rather than a big flat marker. You can often find them in craft stores and they are pretty cheap. Here is a quick amazon search for some: https://www.amazon.com/Sntieecr-Macrame-Wedding-Catcher-Hanging/dp/B07Y87FPLH/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=12"+metal+ring&qid=1585081821&sr=8-4
  2. If hoarding a stupid amount of miniature kits for decades is wrong then I don't want to be right!
  3. What will I do without a constant and regular injection of new plastic kits? Don't tell me I am going to have to start digging into the model-kit reserves that I have been hoarding in my garage for the past ~30 years...
  4. I am ok with Gordrakk’s invasion being fended off by just about anyone - except elves. Especially elves fronted by Teclis - the most incompetent buffoon in both the old and new world. Seriously. Anyone but elves.
  5. What mixed list would you like to run if you had the models?
  6. Yeah, there are arms for each of the torsos and a few extra in the kit. However, the torsos for these models is a bit weird in that most of them have at least one arm on the body and then the weapon options are hand replacements. That said, this kit has a ton of parts in it and you will end up with spare heads, weapons, and arms for days. You won’t have a shortage of pieces to convert with. In addition, if you want to convert some extra big stabbas you should google big stabbas conversions. There are a lot out there and they are not hard. I have seen the banner/totem in the kit turned into a big stabba conversion and it can work pretty well depending on your skill. I made some extra ones myself and I bought a bag of like 100 random real shark teeth off ebay for a couple dollars (maybe $5) and they made great alternate spear-heads. So the conversion is pretty simple.
  7. I’m only disappointed because I was hoping for some new Bonesplitterz models - preferably an alternate hero sculpt (wardok please!). The entire bonesplitter range is from Warhammer fantasy 8th edition or older. The current wardok is one of the oldest sculpts that GW sells. He is from 6th edition Warhammer fantasy (possibly older). It is still a decent model, but wardoks are now a hero you are likely to use more than one of and I was hoping for an updated model. That said, it is easy to convert wardoks from the plastic savage Orruk kit so it’s not a big deal. These Ironjawz look great to me - so I am happy to have them.
  8. I agree. These guys all look great and to me the shirtless one with the bird skull mask is quite a stand-out. I’ll probably buy a couple of sets of these and convert some of them into alternate warchanters or weirdnobs.
  9. A single box currently contains 20 torsos and then enough bits to create 2 bosses, 2 musicians, and 2 standard bearers. In addition, you can also create 2 big stabbas but those use 2 torsos each. So if you build all of the stabbas from the box you can then also build 16 infantry of whatever type. So every 2 boxes gives you a unit of 30, 4 big stabbas, and 2 extra bodies you can do whatever with - such as convert them into heros like Wardoks. It is also possible to get the individual torsos on eBay for relatively cheap sometimes and use those to make the stabbas.
  10. I really like these models. I’m happy to get more Brute models. Having said that, I too was hoping for a Bonesplitterz warband and I am disappointed there is not one. My reason is that these Underworlds warbands usually have a hero model in them and I would really like a new plastic Bonesplitterz hero sculpt - preferably a Wardok. But alternate Brute models in more dynamic poses is great also. And each of these guys looks like they could work well for fun Warchanter conversions.
  11. I think that is pretty much what White Dwarf battalions are generally meant to be. I don’t think they usually intend for these to be top tier competitive and when they do end up that way it is probably wholly unintentional. I think these types of battalions are meant to be fairly narrative, explore a concept, and lean towards fun. In that regard I think this one is fine. At the least it is not bad in terms of the bonuses it gives. I would be pretty happy with this if it was about 150 points. But even at the current cost I think there are some interesting, and probably fun, army builds with the battalion. It’s obviously not the top tier choice around - but you can have fun games with this. I’m honestly considering modeling up a second Footboss to play with this.
  12. No. Because a normal move cannot end within 3” of an enemy model.
  13. You don’t have to fit the whole army into the single battalion.
  14. The more I look at Bossfist the more it seems to me that the intention should be to lean into and embrace the use of the bosses. That should be self-evident by the name, but it strikes me that a lot of our discussion about “what it should have been” are somewhat off base because we are looking at the footbosses as a tax rather than a center design of the battalion. Now, it could very well be the case that the battalion could be designed in a different way to make footbosses a more attractive option, but removing them does not seem like the right way to view the battalion. In addition, it could well be the case that the battalion as it stands is just not great - which would be a shame but is probably the case for over half the battalions in the game. I still contend that the base cost of the battalion is overly high - but I think that leaning into the footbosses as relatively cheap units with high offensive potential might be somewhat decent. If you can get artifacts on those heroes you could turn them into pretty decent blenders.
  15. Context means a lot. In English, and many language, words and phrases derive part of their definition via context. Lets try another example. Person A is convicted of a crime and part of their sentence is: “Person A must remain at least 100 feet from any schools or playgrounds” Could this person now go onto school grounds or onto a playground and claim they are following the restriction because there is a different school or playground 10 miles away?
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