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  1. Skabnoze

    The Rumour Thread

    The community site is already showing previews of new models and rules - this book is getting announced in a week or two. I would not be surprised to see pre-orders hit as early as jan 26.
  2. Skabnoze

    How many editions until...

    But then they would get confused with the Nighthaunt.
  3. Skabnoze

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    So you are saying that I should or should not take a hacksaw to it and put it together in a really weird way? I'll do it! Don't you try to stop me...
  4. Skabnoze

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    I have played it for a decade now. Yes, they do have scenarios and they update them on roughly a yearly basis. However, the issue is that most of the scenarios are not part of the core design of the game. They are in a separately designed competitive supplement. The good thing is that scenario supplement is fairly responsive to changing with the game since they update it about as frequently as AoS does GHBs (it is also a free download). The negative thing is that the scenario rules are constantly adjusting to deal with issues with how the core game plays that stem almost directly from the standard caster-kill win condition. If you play without the Steamroller rules, and just the core rules, then the game plays drastically different and it has some very negative features. They have never managed to get away from this. After playing it for so long I feel that caster assassination should be altered, but honestly that is probably not my biggest gripe with the game. I have a lot of gripes, but if I had to narrow down to a very specific one it is that the game is designed in a way that makes terrain an impediment to playing rather than a desired inclusion. I don't play miniature games in order to play on 2D terrain. Best case you just stack most of the terrain at the edges and a small feature or two more central. Warhammer Fantasy Battles had this same problem to a certain degree - but at least it played on a larger table so the issue was not quite as noticeable. I play wargames for the spectacle of playing with toys on a visually interesting battlefield. If I wanted just pure game mechanics then I will play any number of board or card games (and I do play a number of those). But, that is simply my opinion. For people who still greatly enjoy playing Warmachine I say great - it's just not really my cup of tea after all these years even though I own a ludricrous amount of stuff.
  5. Skabnoze

    How many editions until...

    I propose that we change the statistic name on the warscroll to be "ouchies".
  6. Skabnoze

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    Thanks, I have a lot of brilliant ideas. But, I have a ton of really dumb ones as well. So I guess that balances out.
  7. Skabnoze

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    That is an ability from his old warscroll. Most of the various squigs had abilities that triggered on rolling a double to charge. I think this ability is now gone and they simply did not update the files used for the app correctly.
  8. Skabnoze

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    I think there is a good conversion here with a Madcap shaman standing on her shoulder or something.
  9. Skabnoze

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    He has been that value since they put Gloomspite into the App. I did not get the book until tuesday and previously I was looking in the app. I was surprised when I noticed the difference in the book. I sure hope the book value is correct (my guess is that it is) because otherwise he has roughly the same combat output as the standard Dankhold Troggoth. He is quite a bit meaner when he hits on 3s.
  10. Skabnoze

    How many editions until...

    This is one of the part that I really liked about Malifaux's ruleset. Since every attack is an opposed duel that both players take part in and you actively take part in the defense of your models you can use resources to potentially swing defense in your favor if you really need something to live. I that sort of system works best for keeping players engaged and feeling like they can do something. But, I think you would have to do a whole lot of work to adapt something like that into an army-scale game rather than a skirmish game. I never feel like a spectator in that game and that is usually one of the negative aspects of most wargames. I think the AoS rules work fine for the game as it currently stands though. If they were to change a part of the core rules then I would prefer to see the rounds become full alternate-activation turns rather than the hybrid I-go-U-go that the game currently is. But, that change would require a very large adjustment to the core rules and a full rework of all of point values and much of the allegiance/unit abilities. So it is not something I would advocate doing now. It is a fun alternate way to play the current game though if you don't mind having to deal with a few weird rule interactions and potential point imbalances.
  11. Skabnoze

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    I love goblins so much that I don't just get the ones from GW either. Anything that looks like a fun goblin model, or better yet something close to a Night Goblin, and I am likely to just impulse buy it. I have a couple copies of most of the goblin models from Avatars of War (looks like they have a new one I need to get), a bunch from Gamezone, a bunch of old Confrontation goblins, and the odd model from other companies here and there. One thing about the new Gloomspite models that I am really excited about is that they have brought over the Brian Froud goblin aesthetic (think Labyrinth the movie) and Confrontation already used that aesthetic a lot. I never did much with the Confrontation models I bought simply because the aesthetic did not quite line up with the traditional Night Goblin look and I had other conversion projects on my plate. But now that GW has already bridged that gap the Confrontation models fit right in with the Bounders and many other new models. So I will be pulling those guys out soon and working them into some of my new projects! I also have two or so copies of the limited edition Grumlok & Gazbag models from the Warhammer Online Collector's edition in a bin somewhere. I'm trying to decide what to do with them. I could use them as a Greenskinz warboss, an Ironjawz Mega boss, an Ironjawz shaman, or try to fit them into a Gloomspite army. Maybe I could use it as another Loonboss with Giant Cave Sqiug - where Grumlok takes the place of the Squig. I think I have more than one, so I can put one together normally and then do something else with the other one. I should probably truck all this junk out into one place so I can sort through it and figure out what models I should build into specific things and which others I would like to incorporate as scenic elements into larger models so that these cool little guys don't just sit around never getting used. Like adding them onto my Colossal Squig.
  12. Skabnoze

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    I honestly have not paid attention to the cost. When you already have about 20 banner bearers (some custom conversions for the old Army Standard Bearer heroes), 10+ shaman, and 4 Bosses riding Giant Squigs then the Forgeworld set is not a high priority purchase. I mainly want it for the collectors aspect. I own 1 copy of every night goblin and squig model that GW has made since the early 90s and some of the Forgeworld stuff is the only exception to that and I should probably remedy that while they are easy to get.
  13. Skabnoze

    Rockgut troggoths sold out

    Well, I already owned over 18 Trolls (not counting 2 copies of Throgg) before AoS even came out. Remember, I played ALL of the Orc & Goblin armies. And I built a full army for Warhammer from each of the Greenskin sub-factions because I really enjoy army themes in games. I own over 200 Greenskin Orc infantry on foot, multiple Wyverns, about 6-8 chariots. I have over 90 Black Orcs. I own about 5 Giants. I simply always liked Goblins more than anything else - and Night Goblins the most. I had over 1000 AoS points in just the old metal Cave Squigs and at least 25 hoppers from over the years when Hoppers were just awful. I think I have 6 stone throwers, ~7-10 bolt throwers, 6 Doom Divers (if you include the originals from the 90s), 5 pump wagons, etc etc. Remember that Trolls were always part of the Orc & Goblin army and they were often included in Goblin lists since they were quite mean as long as they did not forget where they were and stand around drooling. Goblins could usually afford to spare the points to get a hero to babysit them and use his leadership to help them pass their stupidity checks. So I now have a large Bonesplitterz force, a massive Greenskin army, a stupendously gigantic Moonclan force, a large all-squig army, a good sized Spiderfang force, a medium/small sized Gitmob force (I never invested too heavily in the common gobbos - so I only have a few of them aside from the artillery), and a full Ironjawz army although it is all Ardboyz (I need to get some real Ironjawz to play with). And I have a pretty good sized troll force. I have not run the number yet, but I expect that 18 trolls is a pretty decent start to an army.
  14. Skabnoze

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    I think it should have been a single model, like the Nurgle tree, that you can summon onto the table. The issue is that they added that rule before they made army-specific terrain and they decided to use the existing woods kit. They honestly should have made the rules simply drop a single tree from the Woods onto the table as a marker for the army abilities - although the cynical answer there is that they would then sell less tree boxes. Otherwise they should have made a model just for the Sylvaneth. I think they are going to have issues with this decision moving forward because so many Sylvaneth players have already invested heavily into the Citadel Woods kits and that makes it tough to simply produce a specific piece of scenery for this. That said, I really like the woods kit visually once it is assembled. Not many companies make the spooky-tree types and the Citadel makes a nice non-spooky version if you add the leaves to it. I picked up a bunch of the trees because without branches they work well for a spooky goblin forest, a graveyard, dead desert trees, or even for swamps. I like to play Malifaux in addition to AoS and these trees really fit into a huge number of different board themes. The downside is that you can really tell these were early GW plastic kits because they have really bad mold lines and they fit together very poorly with big ugly gaps. Nothing that is not fixable, but they are a fair pain to assemble compared to more recent GW kits.
  15. Skabnoze

    GW's Half Yearly Report

    I did not realize you were in the land that GW appears to despise. Their pricing strategy there seems quite bizarre compared to the rest of the world. My condolences.