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  1. Any rumours about the return of chaos dwarfs? Does anyone think they will mount a comeback.
  2. Has there been any mention of a new faction of duardin in any of the books or lore ??
  3. Loads of people care about grots, stop crying because chaos didn’t get a new warband
  4. Hi guys, so I’ve been contemplating on how I should convert my boingrot bounderz and squig herds, so far I’ve decided to add more mushrooms to the squig bodies and give one a litttle mushroom hat, any other ideas would be appreciated and we can just chat conversions in here!
  5. It’s just 2 units, one of 5 bounderz and one of 5 hoppers, so 10 riders in the box all together.( presumably you can make them however you want)
  6. I’ve been thinking about the sneaky snufflers looncap mushrooms ability, can you effectively do an unlimited about of 2d6 mortal wounds to friendly moonclan units?
  7. I’m still just sooo happy that the hoppers come in boxes of 10 not 5
  8. Although hoppers have a superior stat line, I think 20 squigs and 4 herders would do well with the added attacks of the sneaky snuffelers, but the squig hopper’s random movement means they r unlikely to be within range of ur snufflerers
  9. Yeh, I think stabbas is the name for both the hand weapon and spear grots
  10. Nice Allegiance Ability, love how it’s fits with the lore
  11. Wow those lads look awesome, where did u find the image?
  12. I usually bring a 40 man block of spears, however I am going to assemble 20 grots with stabbas, as they will be my dedicated troll guards, they will sit in front of a unit or trolls or a squig gobba, the trolls and gobba both have 2 inch range with their melee attack so will be able to fight over the grots.
  13. Fanatics and shroom fanatics are the same kit, and I’m not convinced they will do armoured grots but that’s still a lot of new models which is great
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