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About Me

Found 15 results

  1. mcfishstick

    Loony Moonies

    The Loony Moonies! A warband prowling the Varanspire for glass bottles!

    © mcfishstick

  2. A fabled Unisquig and the hapless trapper, Snikka Pincha!

    © mcfishstick

  3. From left to right: Flug Toerag, who has only survived one battle without injury, Toothy the smily squig and Shroomy, the grumpy squig.

    © mcfishstick

  4. The Warband's big boss, Sir Big Git. A colossal coward who rides one of the most ferocious squigs around.

    © mcfishstick

  5. The fairly brave Squire, Lil' Git and his faithful steed, Eye Eye.

    © mcfishstick

  6. Hi guys, so I’ve been contemplating on how I should convert my boingrot bounderz and squig herds, so far I’ve decided to add more mushrooms to the squig bodies and give one a litttle mushroom hat, any other ideas would be appreciated and we can just chat conversions in here!
  7. Hello everybody, I'm interested if it is worth buying into a squig oriented and moonclat allegience army? Is a squig focused list viable? Does anyone have experience in this? Do you have any ideas for possible squig army lists after GHB2017? Is it better to go for the normal cave squigs or the squig hoppers? It may be a bit farfetched, but I'm really interested in if this little guys are playable or not Thank you very much in advance!!
  8. Hello there Just saw the Heat 3 squig army and i loved the blue squigs! Any idea how they where painting and with wich colors? Thanks and have a great day
  9. For inclusion in our Dwarven-Skaven team tournament display board / diorama... the rats are working on a mechanical/robotic squig they plan to present to their Dwarven "friends." Little do they know... The skeleton of this monstrosity is complete. Much to be done yet on the exterior. Googly eyes for the lulz only. Before attaching the top of the head permanently, I thought it might be a good idea to paint the little spy inside, before he is surrounded by brush-blocking teeth. I think he's adorable, but not half as adorable as the squig will be. ;-D
  10. With this model I wanted to make it as different from the original Forgeworld model as possible. So it seemed obvious to have its mouth filled with squigs at the point just before spitting. Looking at the original model it is based on a frog or toad with a lot of loose skin around its throat, which when full would be greatly expanded. So I set about converting the model buy chopping away the mouth and resculpting the lower half of the face. I am happy with how the squig turned out and thought that it still needed some converting so I cut the grot off the top and added him to a flying squig, something that I had wanted to built for a long time after seeing Ricky Fischer's conversion years ago. Sculpting the throat asing lots of balls of green stuff to ensure an even sculpt. Comparison with the original model. Squig faces yet to be sculpted. The finished model with a crew of four which were included on the scenic base as the crew and squig are counted as one model. This was great as it facillitated the narative. Squigs sculpted to look as if they are trying to escape from the squigs maw. I used green stuff to make press moulds from the squigs' faces supplied with the model, these were then cast in green stuff and blended into the Squig Gobba's throat. Thanks for looking. comments and feedback always appreciated.
  11. It's time for those chained up ferocious orange balls of teeth to get some attention. I've used a Mangler Squig, and I'm just not sure if I'm doing it right. The thing it seems best at is dying quickly and horribly. Sure, whatever unit you point it at it's likely to tear through in a turn, if it makes it there before being shot to death. In my experience, this is very rewarding but only for a short time, because your opponent will immediately obliterate it, with 10 wounds and a 5+. So, is that it's purpose? It seems a little pricey for a suicide bomb - though what a bomb it can be (especially if you can land the Moonclan Warboss Command Ability on it - 2D6 attacks dealing 6 damage? Thanks!). That's the only strategy I can conceive of for the feisty little buggers. I wouldn't say with it I've had remarkable success, but I haven't brought one into battle in a long, long time... Anyone else find success? Got stories? Gripes?
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