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Found 31 results

  1. Hi all, I am currently in the works of heavy conversions for an ice troll theme I am going for. In this case, the trolls are bigger and... well uglier than normal. It is my hopes I can still use them on the tabletop. Currently the only things I can see them being are Great Unclean Ones (or something big and Nurgley) and something Troggoth. Size wise, the Troggoth hag. Making four of these models, would it be possible to make them 3 or 4 Troggoth hags into a playable (and actually decent) list? Here is the one I have so far: 2000 Points - Matched Play Allegiance: Gloomspite Gitz Realms of Battle: Ghur Leaders: - Fungoid Cave-Shaman /w Low Cunning, Hand of Gork - Troggoth Hag /w Gryph-feather Charm - Troggoth Hag x3 Battleline: - Squig Heard (6) x3 Endless Spells: - Mork’s Mighty Mushroom, Scrapskuttle’s Arachnacauldron, Emerald Lifeswarm 2000 points I am no AoS pro, i just like the lore and making/ painting however I do like a decent list. Does this list stand a chance at all? If not, is there any chance to make it decent with a minimum of 3 Troggoth Hags? Thanks for the read and any help!
  2. Hey! Maybe you can help. I’m Tom and I’m on the hunt for a part from the Dankhold Troggoth sprue — the hand squishing the centipede. It’s one small part from the sprue and if you built him with the club, you’re unlikely to have used it. My next project will depend on me being able to find several of these. 🙏🏻 Please could you check your Gitz’ bitz box and drop me a DM? I’d be willing to buy it for a price you considered fair. 🤞🏻 I’m UK and I’d be so appreciative. Thanks in advance for helping, Tom
  3. Oh geeze it's been a while since I last posted anything here... there's likely a backlog to catch up on. Ages ago I picked up the original Underworlds box and it has sat unplayed, though the models have sat on the painting table for a while. Recently we decided that lunchtime boardgames in the office were called for as people were being a bit antisocial. Underworlds seems like a good option, so I started putting paint to models... starting with my favourite looking set, Zarbag's Gitz. Can't go wrong with a bunch of Moonclan grots! Along side the Underworlds project, I'm starting to rebuild my old Warhammer Quest collection, so the Gitz will be doing double duty in the dungeons. Rather than working through the monsters by level, I've decided to go by faction and grots have always been entertaining little blighters with some fun models.
  4. So this is my first real attempt at devising an army list for Age of Sigmar. It's largely a fluffy/fun/casual list based around the ridiculous lore I've been writing for my grots, hence every unit being named, rather than an attempt to be overly competitive or whatever, intended for a points-using narrative game rather than the stricter limits of pitched battles. That said as I've no experience with the system, I'd like some advice on how it would perform, and also if I've made some mathematical blunder somewhere (I hope I got the points values right- I'm used to 40K's "per model" costings rather than AoS's "per unit" system). (EDIT: List obsolete, read the properly pointed and amended list below.) WURRKLOPZ DEFFGAZE BADGOGGLA DA THIRD'S EVIL EYE KOALISSHUN From the Realm of Ulgu Boss Wurrklopz Deffgaze Badgoggla Da Third, Herald ov da Evil Eye- Loonboss with Da Armour ov Many Eyes (Wristbands of Illusion): 70 points. (Trait: Tough 'n' Leathery) Razzagog da Spider-Speaka and Charlotte- Webspinner Shaman on Arachnarok Spider with the Headdress of Many Eyes: 280 points. Spell- Venomous Spiderlings. Da Poison Rainbow- Spiderfang Skitterswarm: 160 points. [Scuttleboss Kriksnik Venombludd and Poppy- Scuttleboss on Gigantic Spider: 100 points. Muzgob's Maraudas- 10 Spider Riders: 100 points. Nazkrag's Jabbas- 10 Spider Riders: 100 points. Yezzik's Robbas- 10 Spider Riders: 100 points. Snaggafang's Skreechas- 10 Spider Riders: 100 points.] Grubnukkle's Hakkas- 40 Stabbas with 34 Stabbas, 6 Barbed Nets, Gong Basher, Flag Bearer and Icon Bearer: 130 points. Skwisheye's Snikkas- 40 Stabbas with 34 Stabbas, 6 Barbed Nets, Gong Basher, Flag Bearer and Icon Bearer: 130 points. Wiggear's Wakkas- 40 Stabbas with 34 Stabbas, 6 Barbed Nets, Gong Basher, Flag Bearer and Icon Bearer: 130 points. Spindlespike- Skitterstrand Arachnarok- 200 points. Flowerfangz- Skitterstrand Arachnarok- 200 points.
  5. My planned Gloomspite force is going to be heavily based around spiders of all shapes and sizes, because 1: I like spiders, 2: the Grot Scuttleboss on Gigantic Spider is a great model which I want an excuse to paint, and 3: an army of grots on all manner of arachnid beasties is an awesome idea (I've got an idea for an Arachnarok converted and painted to look like a Nephila spider). However, as much as I like the Spiderfang Grot line, it is somewhat limited, and as my FLGS permits non-GW minis, I'm considering using some other manufacturer's models to diversify the look a bit. So basically, what are some good spider miniatures (of any size) for use with the Gloomspite Gitz? I'm aware of the Heresy Miniatures Giant Spider, and from GW (albeit a different line) the Shelob miniature, but that aside I'm a bit clueless. Any advice? Thanks!
  6. Hello all, it's been a while since I posted here. My local group is all excited about Warcry and I thought I would post a couple of WIP. I feel with a small game like this it best to make your models as characterful as possible to avoid "guardsman with spear #3" syndrome. For years Mordhiem was my groups go to game and I loved kit bashing and converting minis for warbands. Really looking forward to making up a few warbands in the coming months. Any hope you like the pictures.
  7. Hi guys, so I’ve been contemplating on how I should convert my boingrot bounderz and squig herds, so far I’ve decided to add more mushrooms to the squig bodies and give one a litttle mushroom hat, any other ideas would be appreciated and we can just chat conversions in here!
  8. After Bolet Ghosteater parted ways with the Rotmoons he continued his search for potent mushrooms in the gloomy forests of the Harrowmark. On his travels through the dark and tangled woods he started to encounter more and more Moonclan Grots with similar goals. Most of them came along with him as he seemed to know what he was doing. Before he knew it he had a warband of his own. They started calling themselves the Mushloonz and he just went along with it. - 🍄 - The Bad Moon spoke to me! Inevitably.... This is the start of my small (maybe!) Moonclan warband. I got the Warhammer Underworlds: Nighvault Moonclan warband when they first came out and I have been painting them very slowly between other projects since then. The Gloomspite Gitz announcements spurred me on to get them finished! Bolet Ghosteater was already painted during Malign Portents but I have repainted his base-edge and his skin to match Zarbag's Gitz. Zarbag the Shaman Drizgit the armoured Squig Herder, Bonekrakka (the one with the bone between its teeth) and Gobbaluk, Cave Squigs. Prog Da Netter and Snirk Sourtongue the Fanatic Shootas Stikkit (arrow through hood), RedKap (mushroom hat) and Dibbz (shooting “blind”) - 🍄 - Viktor has very kindly given me 6 Moonclan Shootas (from the "Battle for Skull Pass" Warhammer Fantasy 7th edition starter box set). Update: I have already assembled (with a few small additions of stalagmites and mushrooms on their bases), undercoated black and zenithal-sprayed them grey. I hope to start painting them very soon! I found this git in my bits box, with no face. So I added a 40k Grot face and sculpted his hood around it.
  9. Found that list somewhere and wanted to give it a try. The results: a very fun list to play. A squig army is not only based on alpha strike, it can be very hard to counter, and was still working at turn 3. Mangler squig is a real beast agains hordes, but the real MVP are Boingrot bounderz. Do you want something dead? Send them that way and watch it disappear. Also, regular squigs act as a dissuasive unit. They seem pretty weak, but once they start doing mortal wounds to an enemy unit, they are treated with more caution. Give it a try! Allegiance: Gloomspite Gitz Mortal Realm: Ulgu Leaders Loonboss on Mangler Squigs (300) - General - Trait: Fight Another Day - Artefact: Doppelganger Cloak Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig (110) - Moonclan Stabba - Artefact: The Clammy cowl Fungoid Cave-Shaman (90) - Lore of the Moonclans: Squig Lure Madcap Shaman (80) - Lore of the Moonclans: Itchy Nuisance Battleline 18 x Squig Herd (210) 15 x Squig Hoppers (270) 10 x Squig Hoppers (180) Units 15 x Boingrot Bounderz (300) Behemoths Mangler Squigs (240) Battalions Squig Rider Stampede (140) Endless Spells / Terrain Chronomantic Cogs (60) Total: 1980 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 154 I'm not sold about the moonclan stabba of the Loonboss on giant cave squig, 2" are great if you stay at the rear of a unit, but taht 4+ to hit is a bit troublesome (specially if most special rules improve to wound only). Also, I may change something to add a unit of fanatics, to give the army some surprise factor. Thoughts?
  10. So I finally got started on my Gitz. Just some highlights to apply to the wood & metals and to base them. Quite happy with how they came out myself.
  11. Every army needs a leader right so what better way to start things off than with my Loonboss on Giant Squig. Now I wasn't too keen on some of the bits the finecast version comes with (that said I'm not too keen on finecast in general) so I decided to use some leftover Boingrot Bounderz bits to try to make it look a bit closer to the Loonboss on foot, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and it's helped establish a colour scheme for the grots going forward, one thing I might do differently is add some patterning to the hoods of unit leaders just to add a little more colour in there but I didn't think it was really necessary for this one since the face is painted yellow. Next up I'll be painting Zarbag which I'll be using as a Madcap Shaman and I might as well paint the rest of his gitz while I'm at it.
  12. Hi all! So with the Gloomspite release I went absolutely squig mad pre-ordering 5 Hopper boxes, 2 Squig Herd boxes, 4 Mangler boxes and a few other Gitz that took my fancy, one of the Mangler boxes I am butchering to create 2x Loonboss on giant squig (not a fan of the finecast model and don't want to buy two copies of the Forgeworld 3 model set). So quite a lot of squigs to work through but it's going to be fun! With most of the minis built now I am beginning to paint them up! so thought I would post my progress here, I have decided to go for the classic colours with the pale grot skin shown on boxes and I want to try doing the armour plates in yellow when I get to those. So far I have fully painted one model, I felt compelled to do the Squig Gobba as my first Gloomspite model and I must say I am very pleased with the results, I've had my eye on that model for years... it's so full of character! Next up will be my 24 Squig Herd. Hope you guys like the Gobba!
  13. I've always had an undying love for greenskins, my first army was Orks for 40k 3rd edition, and when I got back into the hobby again with 8th ed Fantasy after a hiatus I collected an Orcs and Goblins army with heavy focus on Night Goblins. Now with GW having announced Gloomspite Gitz, I'm super stoked about starting a new Grot army for Age of Sigmar. I've always loved the Night Goblins/Moonclan the most, they're so characterful and mischievous and these new models are fantastic. So to get me prepared I went out and got the Zarbag's Gitz warband box to use as test models for the new army. I painted up this test model last night. First order of business was to figure out the colour of the robes, I want a colour scheme that is relatively quick and easy to paint as this is a horde army after all. I was thinking of various way of painting black (grey with black washes), but in the end I settled on dark blue robes. Both to do something a bit different from the studio paint scheme but also because blue is easier to paint than black. The recipe I went for is Kantor Blue, highlighted with Teclis Blue, then shaded with Drakenhof Nightshade followed by a highlight of Teclis and final highlight with Lothern Blue. Next up is probably the most important part of a greenskin army, namely the skin! I have a standard recipe I use for greenskin skin which is based on Deathworld Forest, but I wanted to try something new this time so I've based it on a recipe from a fellow on instagram called quarterpaint. It's Waagh Flesh followd by highlights of Skarnik Green and Cadia Flesh on noses, knuckles and lips. Then shaded with Athonian Camoshade with higlights of Skarnik Green mixed up to Ushabiti Bone. The flesh coloured parts are washed with Army Painter Red wash and then highlighted with Cadia Flesh and Whych Flesh. The rest of the model is quite standard, I try to limit the colour palette in my army schemes, I'm using yellow for details as is appropriate for moonclan . For me basing is a very important step of my armies, they help a lot with telling the story I envision for the army. I wanted my army to advance through a deep mossy forest to give them a dark fairy tale feel inspired by John Bauer, Paul Bonner and the forests around here in Sweden. The initial story I have in mind for the army is that they are emerging from the mountains they live in to seek out the bad moon. Nothing elaborate right now, but something to get my mind going. I'm using tufts from a german company called Mini Natur (fantastic stuff) and clump foliage that I pat down with watered down PVA glue. I'm very happy with how the test model turned out. Hopefully it will be relatively quick to paint on a large scale, but it feels doable. A nice thing about Moonclan Grots is that they don't have that much detail and different elements on them, it's mainly robes and skin. Next step of business is to finish the Zarbag's Gitz, I also need to figure out a colour scheme for the Squigs, which is important since I intend to have a large portion of them in the army. Until next time! Ps. saw this on my way to work today, a good sign!
  14. So, here's the thing... We've been playing AoS for a good 14 months now, mostly Order, Chaos and Death armies. With Gloomspite Gitz wetting the appetite, we took the plunge and after a few purchases over the last 2 weeks, rustled up a Destruction mix of Gloomspite with Greenskinz allies, . First off, they look great. But then Orcses and gobbos always did look great. They are the mainstay of fantasy armies regardless of rules, and they've been the staple of Warhammer back from the days of lead bases (I used to have a few of those myself). The new models look amazing, and up to this weekend, I was looking forward to spending a hefty whack of cash on shrines, battletomes and fanatics etc. Until I started playing battles with them, that is. Because - and yes this is a little controversial - the battleline for Gloomspite and Greenskinz suck. And they suck big. The battleforce we have is simple, but it's 1000 points there or thereabouts (and yes, we've gone over on allies before you ask - so it's for a mixed narrative): 40 moonclan grots (20 bows, 20 stabbas), 1 xMoonclan shaman, 1xAleguzzler gargant, 10 orruks, 5 boarboys, 1 orruk chariot, 2 x warboss Not a rubbish army - a little vanilla, but that's 2 weeks of collecting for you. Still, you'd expect them to compete against other armies just a little, wouldn't you? Nope. Not even close. In the first battle against a Legion of Nagash army - they were wiped out. Utterly. First time I've seen every model destroyed by turn 4. In reply, Nagash lost a unit of Glaivewraiths... and that's it. In the second battle, the combined firepower of Kharadron and Freeguild destroyed all the grots by turn 2 (those who didn't die, ran away), and half the greenskinz army. In the end, the result was a little more respectable than against Death - almost wiped out, but doing hefty damage to 2 Arkanaut companies. In the third battle, against Sylvaneth, and one where the strategy was much refined and dice rolls not so catastrophic, it became clear to me that: a) shootas are a pointless waste of plastic and points, even if they look nice b) stabbas are ok against armies with naff-all saving and big enough units to get 'em all in against... but otherwise see a) c) boarboys are fast at getting into battle and being slaughtered d) ditto for the warboss if he thinks it is a good thing to follow his boarboyz into battle e) gargants are... well, they ok if they getz der kickz in first! After that, they're prone to being chopped down by anyone almost as big as them. f) chariots are only good if they get to charge in again and again to get that D3 damage over and over. But they rarely get that chance g) the shaman is a half decent model as long as you stick him on a balewind vortex. He can do plenty of damage for his points, and is much better than any grot or orruk unit for less points (And breathe...) It's such a shame too, because I was looking forward to expanding the army, but really I find them rubbish and I don't know why GW have turned them into the weakling allegiance of the four. I'm sure Gutbusters, Ironjawz etc have better synergies etc and buffers than the above, but other than spending sh1tloads of money on them, I can't see Destruction battleline being anything other than cannon fodder. While mentioning Stormcast here is like soiling another persons underwear, point for point, and pound for pound, their battleline are massively better value than anything green. It's such a shame that GW wouldn't do something more for them, maybe have the option for flaming arrows for shootas or something cos 5 to wound is pants (especially for 16" range, and only 4+ to hit if they haven't taken any damage which they will have from any other ranged units). Likewise the orruks who - considering their brute strength - seem unable to make much rend or a decent wound on the enemy. Not gobbo-bad, but compared to almost every other allegiance battleline, pretty rubbish for the points. But I'm here not (just) to moan, and I'm not ready to give up on destruction completely. I'm here to ask for advice... Beyond buying an army of troggoths etc is there anything good that I'm missing here? I'm hoping the battletome will help, but unless they have better shooting buffs for the shootas, some kind of grenade launchers for the stabbas, and a points reduction on all, I can't see how. Balance is one thing. How an army looks is another, and my Destruction army looks nice on the shelf. It's just a pity I won't be bringing them out much on the battlefield without being laughed at... unless I can be persuaded by the good green folk of this forum they are worth playing with, or GW does the good thing and improve their stats/or reduce their points... 🤢
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