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Found 52 results

  1. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    I’ve enjoyed being inspired by so many of your works, I figured it was time to start my own painting log. In general I just paint what strikes my fancy. I’m rarely concerned with performance on the table, because I play very infrequently. Generally I just try to get a good solid paint job, nothing too fancy. I’ll kick off with my Khorne. I paint them more than most my other stuff. Anyway, hope you enjoy!
  2. Hi all...... I have ironjawz units and use Ironjawz alliance in the battles, but recently bought one Fungoid Cave Shaman for his command hability but says "If this model is your general and uses this command ability, then you can charge......." and new rules don't allow use one allied unit as general. Also, the new rules allow use command habilitys the others units. If i use de ironjawz alliance and fungoid cave shaman as allied, i can use the command hability this unit?..... or some one know if fungoid cave shaman have some upgrade? Thank for all.
  3. ChatBatFun

    Grot Scuttlings

    I absolutely love the Grot Scuttlings, the models are just amazing. I was wondering what faction do you think they fit the most? moonclan or spiderfang. I really hope gw builds on this idea and releases them as a full unit with an updated warscroll and of course points. They could be a great unit as they move fast, are annoying to kill due to those webs and could be brought in large numbers. Could they be a good ally for ironjawz? Like a vanguard unit sent ahead of the brutes and ardboys to secure objectives and harass the enemy with missile fire.
  4. terrainguy


  5. terrainguy


  6. terrainguy


  7. Milandro

    Moonclan 1k list help

    Hello all here is a 1k list I’ve fully painted. Any thoughts on how it will play and where to go next for 2k? Plan is to use fanatics to delay a bit and toss spells around as much as possible. Bad moon curses etc. I haven’t had much AoS experience so it’s mostly theory-hammer Any feedback appreciated Fungoid Cave-Shaman: General (80) Moonclan Goblin Shaman (80) Moonclan Goblin Shaman (80) Moonclan Goblin Shaman (80) Moonclan Grot Spears (130) - badmoon icon, 3 nets Moonclan Grot Bows (130) - Grot flag fanatics x3 (100) fanatics x3 (100) Aleguzzler Gargant (160) Endless Spell: Spellportal (60)
  8. Edit: Now there are complete allegiance abilities for all things green. Check out this post further down. That being said, the original Greenskinz allegiance abilities are also around for those who want to peruse those. Hi fellas, So I enjoy coming up with rules in my free time, and have particular love for the old world factions that have wallowed a bit in the muck for a while. I wrote some Free Peoples allegiance abilities a while ago that I never quite fully got out to the public (Apart from the battle trait part), in large part due to the work involved in 'prettyfying' them up. So I've taken a different approach, in a more mundane and boring document without all the prettiness that comes with official GW documents. So anyway, my most recent finished work is on the Greenskinz! I think it's a super shame that Destruction didn't get more allegiance abilities in the GHB2017, I think there are certainly a few candidate factions that easily have enough depth to have their own allegiance abilities. Hopefully that means they're coming soon! But for now, I've tackled the Greenskinz. This mainly is because I have an old 8th edition army that never really saw much play, and I loved the old 'Orcs and Goblins' look. Not Savage Orruks and Moonclan Grots, or Spiderfang Grots, but plain old Orruks and Grots. They never really took off for me, and certainly, I have thought about selling the army, but for some reason... every week I open up Warscroll Builder and write up some Greenskinz lists. Anyway, enough fluff. In the link below you'll find completely untested and 100% fanmade allegiance abilities and warscroll battalions for the Greenskinz. You'll find battle traits for clobbering your enemies, command traits to bulk up your Warboss, magical artefacts to help slay your foes, spells to make your enemies brains burst open with the power of the waaagh, and some warscroll battalions to make the greenskinz even tougher and meaner than before. Overall, please use them if you enjoy them. Feedback is 100% appreciated. Most numbers are pulled out of thin air (or similar warscrolls if I found them). The descriptions will likely be ******, English and creative writing were certainly not my favourite subjects at school. It is unlikely that I'll get to playtest them anytime soon, but who knows, maybe Greenskinz are on my painting horizon. Enough prattling, here's the link, go check it out and look forward to more homemade allegiance rules in future. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NFxA98rO0g2xPS08y1f1BCHcWwGAj-a5HvlBeDo-gkY/edit?usp=sharing
  9. The Traitor

    Uses for the Squig Gobba?

    So, I love the Squig Gobba model from FW, it is one of my favourite model ideas ever, and was thinking about sculpting one... or an army centered around them, eventually, so I downloaded their rules to see how they worked and, at first sight, I discovered that they simply don't, they seem to be a horrible unit to take. However I might have missed something and there isn't too much about them on the internet (and in the few places that talk about them they also regard him as lacklustre and a bad choice). However there are a lot of creative minds on this forum who may come up with something, so I thought that it was worth to post. I don't know that much about AoS yet, but I made a pros and cons list about him: PROS: - He's dirty cheap at 60 points - He doesn't count against your artillery limit as he doesn't have the artillery keyword - The two first pros mean that he can be spammed (to the point of bringing 10 at 600 points) - You can't snipe his crew because they all count as a single model - Having FW rules people might be scared about him or don't expect what he can do CONS: - He has a 4d6 range... wich is an average of 14"... definitely bad for artillery - He can't move and shoot in the same turn - The two first cons means that he will have big problems to shoot things, and can easily be outmanoeuvred - His shooting profile isn't even impressive, with only d3 attacks which hit on 5+, wound on 4+, have no rend and make d3 damage - He is very easy to kill with only 5 wounds and saving on 6s So, can anyone think of a good reason to field them, they might be cheap and spamable, but that's worth nothing if they don't bring something to the army. Edit: they actually do count towards the Artillery limit, so they're not even spamable...
  10. Hello there, I am looking for twp Moonclan / Night Goblin heroes from the mid 2000's. Please message me if you have any of these you are willing to part with. Based in the UK. Alasdair
  11. MidasKiss

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    Hey everyone, I'm about 5 or so months in to Warhammer now. I've been playing Sylvaneth the whole time and love them. Our group is going to do a slow grow after January, we have a tournament here in Australia (we don't have many) and people want to mix it up after prepping so hard for their army. I don't mind, as I used to have a few goblin models as a kid and have massive nostalgia. On the podcasts (not as much scene here) it seems like Moonclan are pretty big, most popular allegiance at Warlords and everyone seems to know someone who plays them. Here it's not quite as nice, I haven't seen a single goblin army at all. I was lucky enough to have the Sylvaneth thread on here as otherwise I'd have no idea what is possible with Sylvaneth given that I've not seen any one else play them (not that I pull of the tactics to any high degree...). Although I'm not the best person to start it, and I can only contribute small things I was curious if any discussion could develop to even close to the same level as the Sylvaneth thread. I guess at the moment grotz are limited by few formations which limits things, and it seems people are holding off for new battletomes atm which is probably wise. I'm not sure what else i'd rather slow grow though, and I guess I can hope for a Moonclan release in particular soon (with hopefully some formations to chuck in some Gitmob warmachines). Would anyone be keen to have a bit of an ongoing discussion? I'm curious what lists people take, I'm not sure if it will be more or less diverse without the formations offered in some of the other armies. Seems like you could mix in various Gitmob grotz for a mixed grot armies, or bring in various other destruction choices while there is no allegiance abilities. I've seen Gorrdrak moonclan mixes, and I'm sure a thundertusk, Gitmob grotz with bows (+ a shaman), or various other combos could work really well with Moonclans impressive stalling and melee combos they can pull off. I'd love to see what you play, how you play, things you think might be good, and etc! Which gitmob warmachines are the best, are warmachines still worth it given the weakness of the crew these days? I have a lot of questions! Cheers, Samuel
  12. AthlorianStoners

    Faction advice

    I’m finishing up a project now and always like to plan ahead, so the anticipation for my next project builds. With that in mind I’m looking to start a new army based on one of the following: -Nighthaunt -Disposessed -Moonclan -Clan Skryre My current armies are FEC, BCR and Freeguild, so something a little different to them would be cool. Customisation and conversion are also a big deal to me. If anyone has advice or suggestions I’d love to hear from you
  13. Grendel

    Starting a Moonclan.

    I'm a long time fantasy player, but have never played AoS, I'm looking to get into it with a Moonclan Grots force and would like to call on your collective wisdom.. I've always loved the theme of Night Goblins, and playing the Skarsnik campaign in Total War got me inspired again. So I'm looking to build a 1k force, which can be expanded to 2k later on. So what's hot and what's not? I definitely want to use the Skarsnik model, with squigs in there. I'm open to the use of allies (200/400pts). I hear spears are better than cuttas? Why is that? Any general advice or guidance is useful.
  14. Velonge


    My cave shaman for Malign Portents 2018 He is painted to match my Ironjawz (red & white) he was a blast to paint. Also one of the fastest models I've ever painted (in about 16 hours). I hope you guys and gals enjoy him as much as I do.

    © Velonge

  15. Oldmanlee

    moonclan squig

    Hi all ive been looking at new armys as I'm not enjoying my kharadrons I like the look of moonclan grots my question is can you make a semi competitive list using the squigs?
  16. Was just curious after watching Warhammer Weekly last night talking about what to expect from Malign Portents and particularly from the various factions and when they came to Destruction they said something I found to be very interesting. They briefly mentioned how Moon Clan and The Bad Moon could tie into all this as The Bad Moon being a possible portent and since Moonclan are basically always hoped up on mushrooms that they in particular might see things that other races don't. So what are your opinions on if and how they might be tied into all this
  17. Killacat

    Gob Nob's moonclan waaaaaghhhh

    New to warhammer and miniatures in general. For my first army I decided to choose a grot based destruction army. I'll be posting picture updates as well as backstory. So far my list for the 1250 point army is: 1 unit of 5 cave squigs 1 unit of 2 squig herders 1 unit of moonclan grots (x20) an arachnarok as wel as a goblin warboss(skarsnik character) (if anyone has any feedback as to good grot army's and or yachting and or tips and tricks to painting them please feel free to reply, all comments are welcome) The finaihed results of my cave squigs shown below, please give me feedback
  18. Sheriff


  19. Sheriff


  20. Sheriff


    WIP of my grot army.
  21. jake3991

    Trying to Pick An Army!

    So I used to play Fantasy and I have recently returned to gaming to find Age Of Sigmar in full swing at my local store. I have an awesome tomb kings army but would love to start a new army from the destruction grand alliance! I plan on doing tournaments/competitive play, I've done a ton of research and settled on two ideas. Most of the info I was able to find online seemed to be pre-generals handbook 2017 which seemed to have changed quite a bit as far as points costs, so I'm not sure if the lists I've cooked up are still a good idea for a tournament list. Both lists are written for 2000 points, let me know what you think! Any input is great! Also what is the feeling on destruction? How does it tend to do? I List 1: Mixed Destruction This one has got some awesome monsters and a solid blocking force of gross with some basic battlelines to grab objectives and the like. The grot unit with the fanatics is definitely no joke but my major concern here is depth, if I lost one of the monsters to early it could be all over. It definitely revolves around the 3 monsters and I'm not so sure that after the 2017 points increase this still makes sense. Frostlord on stonehorn-460 Huskard on thudertusk (x2)-760 Moonclan Grots, mob of 60-360 Savage Oruuks, 10-120 Savage Oruuks, 10-120 Grot Fanatics, 6-200 List 2: Ironjawz I really like this one but I am concerned with lack of mobility and I'm not so sure how this would do against a kurnoth hunter heavy list or the flesh eater courts I played against the other night. Megaboss on Maw-Krusha-460 Warchanter-80 Warchanter-80 Shaman-120 Ardboys, 10-180 Ardboys, 10-180 Brutes, 10-360 Brutes, 10- 360 Gore gruntas, 3-140
  22. Sheriff

    Moonclan Squig Hopper question

    So I'm strongly considering putting a load of hoppers and the hopper boss in my army, but one bit of the warscroll concerns me. Basically the way its worded suggests that the warboss buff only lets the hopper units in range reroll for movement stuff such as moving and running, not for charging specifically, which would in turn increase the likelihood of doubling the damage from the bitey attacks. I don't want to invest in these units if the damage does not scale with this ability. The hopper's scroll states the following [my emphasis in bold]: ABILITIES Boing! Boing! Boing!: Once in a while, squigs get so much bounce in their springy stride that they become hurtling toothy meteors. If a unit of Grot Squig Hoppers rolls a double for its charge move, each model in the unit can make 4 attacks with its Massive Gobs Full of Teeth instead of 2 in the ensuing combat phase. The Warboss on squig scroll states: COMMAND ABILITY Even More Boingy: If a Grot Warboss uses this ability, then until your next hero phase, all Moonclan units from your army that are within 10" at the beginning of the movement phase can move and run an extra 1". Grot Squig Hopper units that are within 10" at the beginning of the movement phase become even more boingy instead; you can re-roll the dice for these units when determining how far they can move or run in that phase. Any advice appreciated!
  23. Grot Bigboss on Giant Spider (general) [100] Grot Shaman on Arachnarok [280] Grot Shaman [80] Moonclan Grots x20 [130] Fanatics x3 [100] Moonclan Grots x20 [130] Fanatics x3 [100] Moonclan Grots x20 [130] Fanatics x3 [100] Spiderfang Grots x10 [200] Spiderfang Grots x10 [200] Rockgut Troggoths x6 [360] 《 Spare 90 points for 2nd shaman, 5 hoppers, whatever 》 Broad strategy is for the 3 units of Grots to spread a long front line and ensnare enemies before they can attack my spiders. The fanatics will wreck the high armour chargers. The trolls provide a load of tanky wounds to my front line (staying in range of the netters for extra tankiness). Hopefully the above protects the star of the show, the spider riders, who will be doing quadruple damage with the buffs from the general and arachnarok. They charge through gaps in the front line when my Grots heroically flee from battle, dealing a ton of mortal wounds. They spam arrows at squishy horde units too, missing mostly. The general hides at the back. The arachnarok gets stuck in scrapping with high armour monster or hero stuff ideally. Bit worried about battleshock...
  24. Sheriff

    Moonclan lore?

    So I'm just getting into the game, reading the End Times books, and painting my Moonclan & Spiderfang army. What I'm struggling with is understanding the world my army lives in. Can anybody summarize what's going on with this faction, where they live, how they survive, how they ended up in this world at all? I have searched around but found little other than they survived the End Times somehow and now live in caves in a magical realm floating through space. And thats fine, I just want to understand their lives a bit better - did they pick this particular realm for a reason? What sort of environment is it? Perhaps there might be new types of monsters and squigs to tame there? I'm hoping that by understanding them better, I can understand my own army better, and even come up with some inspiration for painting them and playing them.
  25. Hello everyone Recently purchased myself an army and slowly painting them before starting playing properly. I live in Stockport so hope to play at the store there and at Element Games depending on where other players are available. Also around Bury/Bolton. Hit me up if you fancy a game! I purchased a large force of Moonclan and Spiderfang and trolls from which to pick various 2000 point lists to experiment with. I played fantasy as a kid but have long since forgotten the rules (I played Chaos Dwarfs back then). I also play Total War Warhammer, which is what inspired me to get into Age of Sigmar. For those interested here is my army thus far, let me know if you're brave enough to face them! Skarsnik Boss on giant spider Arachnorok with shaman Boss on squig 2 shamen 40 moonclan grots 20 spider riders 6 rockgut trolls 6 fanatics 15 squig hoppers Mangler