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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys, so I’ve been contemplating on how I should convert my boingrot bounderz and squig herds, so far I’ve decided to add more mushrooms to the squig bodies and give one a litttle mushroom hat, any other ideas would be appreciated and we can just chat conversions in here!
  2. Hello! Im italian fan (sorry for bad english) of all gw universe and miniatures game in general... but mostly gw . Greenskin since the start of this passion more than ten years ago, with the release of orruks in aos my happines raises a lot and i felt like glorious old time, i were literally impatient for that release! So now here we are; im always been very slow to paint a personal army but little by little i hope to raise a modest orruks force to smash some heads in mortal realms! May i present you my orruks tribe: the Ice Klaw Klan. For now i painted 4 gruntas, one missing because i try to heavily convert it and now i need some bits to fix it, but we dont care. The next in processing are 3 gore gruntas and the megaboss that ill show you in next days, im converting it at the moment. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! EDIT: due to link error must repost all pics argh A little intruder:
  3. Melcavuk


    © Ricki Smith

  4. Summoning in AoS mostly involves literal "summoning", like opening portals or raising the dead. So thus many factions tend to be locked out of that mechanic (whether meta defining or not) purely for fluff reasons. However Beasts of Chaos have a very specific summoning description. They don't literally open portals and materialize daemons or spirits (well mostly, I'm sure ones involved with the chaos gods can do that). Their primal energy and violence (and poor ungors they toss into a fire) attract neighboring beasts into the fray like sharks to blood. That sounds suspiciously a lot like the power of Waaagh where more fighting and violence attracts other greenskinz. Plus this wouldn't be the first time orruks could do this, if you rolled lucky you might end up with the "Reinforcements" with Stoneklaw's Gutstompas (albeit a replacement over a destroyed unit). So should Orruks/Grots gain some sort of Waaagh Point/Level system where some effects you could gain new or replenished units? Either gaining points for particular actions, or a Turn Level system like Daughters or Deepkin. Honestly this isn't a "destruction should get summoning to stay competitive" thing, it's just that the fluff seems to back orruks and grots at using massive overwhelming numbers especially when the waaagh mentality spreads, and how BoC summoning was described.
  5. Hi all...... I have ironjawz units and use Ironjawz alliance in the battles, but recently bought one Fungoid Cave Shaman for his command hability but says "If this model is your general and uses this command ability, then you can charge......." and new rules don't allow use one allied unit as general. Also, the new rules allow use command habilitys the others units. If i use de ironjawz alliance and fungoid cave shaman as allied, i can use the command hability this unit?..... or some one know if fungoid cave shaman have some upgrade? Thank for all.
  6. The "Common Goblin" has already been the odd one out of all the grots/goblins. Sure they have the ever useful artillery, but I'm pretty sure that they're never going to get any significant updates. So I wanted to toss some ideas I had brewing, not that I have any intention of anyone really using these things, I just wanted to have some fun (I did this as a hobby a lot back in WFB). Main inspiration is melding the current army with the more mongolian Hobgoblins which probably are never coming back. Lots of "Risk Reward" type rules where your backstabby grots might stick their knives in their fellows! Many of these rules are just ideas rather than concrete numbers. I'm far more used to making more complicated rule synergies common in WFB/40k than the more self contained AoS! The Gitmob Khans Allegiance Abilities Leaders Units Warmachines (basically unchanged) Behemoths Da Big Tribes (sub factions) Still cooking up ideas on traits and items. Let me know what you think! Rules probably all over the place really!
  7. What with Legions of Nagash being more-or-less an allegiance wide battletome, what say you about a similar treatment being possible for Destruction? We already have tomes for a few factions, but goblins are feeling noticeably left out at present, and a book with allegiance abilities for a themed "Gordrakks Great WAAAGH" army would revitalise the left-behind factions and provide some newer and more interesting allegiance abilities tailored to each race. Sneaky for grots, smashy for orruks and chompy/stompy for ogors. Of course this is likely wishful thinking, but an ogor warlord can dream about things other than meat right?
  8. Hi guys, A little request from me. I want to see pictures of your Grot characters, particularly up close! A little bit of context: I'm the TO of a tournament called Gobbocon in our local area. It starts the tournament year for us with a more casual tournament, and usually has a fun rule or two to go along with the Gobbo (or now Grot) theme. This year I've decided on a theme and special house rules around armies paying allegiance to one of the three Grot factions. So for my flyers and poster, I want to add pictures of heroes from all 3 Grot factions onto the flyer to repesent this. So if you've got some Grots, I'd really like to see front on mug shot pictures of them. In particular Gitmob Gitboss, Moonclan Shaman, and whatever from Spiderfang (But probably the Boss model as opposed to Shaman). If you can help me out, it'd be super appreciated! As I don't particularly have many Grots myself (really only 10 Wolf Riders painted).
  9. I am a noob an i have a question about fanatics. Rules says: "Release the Fanatics!: Instead of setting up this unit normally, you can place it to one side and say that it is set up in hiding. If you do so, secretly note down one of your units of Moonclan Grots with at least five models for this unit to hide in." "one of your units of Moonclan Grots" means: 1. Only units of grots wchich belongs to Moonclan Grots army (Unit has a name Grots, not Moonclan Grots) - then you can hide fanatics only within grots. 2. Only units which have keyword Moonclan and keyword Grot (keyword Grot not Grots) - then you can hide fanatics within grots, squig hooppers and squig helders 3. Any unit of army Moonclan Grots - then you can hide it within grots, squig hooppers, squig helders and cave squigs. "at least five models" points that 1 is not an answer - "A unit of Grots has 10 or more models." In rule there is no 'keyword' mention so i think is not 2.
  10. New to warhammer and miniatures in general. For my first army I decided to choose a grot based destruction army. I'll be posting picture updates as well as backstory. So far my list for the 1250 point army is: 1 unit of 5 cave squigs 1 unit of 2 squig herders 1 unit of moonclan grots (x20) an arachnarok as wel as a goblin warboss(skarsnik character) (if anyone has any feedback as to good grot army's and or yachting and or tips and tricks to painting them please feel free to reply, all comments are welcome) The finaihed results of my cave squigs shown below, please give me feedback
  11. Giuseppe gdb

    Giant Squig

  12. Hello there. Here's an interesting(?) play that took place last night on a 1000pt Grots VS Chaos game. We were playing the CONSUMED scenario from the Generals Handbook. There was one big unit of 60 grots defending the ritual site. According to the rules these had the following bonuses: +1 to hit plus +1 to wound from being Great Gitmob rule (outnumbering Chaos knights more than 2 to 1) +2 to hit from the Goblins Unruly Rabble rule (unit has more than 30 models) +1 to hit, wound and save from the ritual site rule of the scenario +1 to wound and -1 rend from the shaman casting sneakin stabbin on them every single turn This resulted on this unit having the followng stats: To Hit 1+, to Wound: 2+, Rend -1, Save 4+ (5+ from shied plus +1 from the ritual site) Attaking with spears and being 60 deep without battleshock tests (Inspiring presence) they ripped everything apart everything thrown at them. Chaos Chosen, Chaos knight, Chariots. Everything... Being new players so there is a good chance we did somethng really wrong The funny thing is that we are still playtesting various armies so this was not entirely intentional. Have you seen this before? Is there a known way to deal with it? Or its just bad gaming style to pile up stats like this and hack the game?
  13. An open play game, played over Skype, basically using every mounted model we had available to create a Mad Max-inspired scenario. Two mounted warbands clash, with Chaos trying to drive their vital cargo through the streets of a goblin-infested city! http://woffboot.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/mean-streets-chaos-vs-destruction.html We ended up using some fairly dodgy proxy models (since all my greenskins were on the other side of the Skype connection, but the new snow map, and accompanying scenery, were a treat to play over.
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