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  1. The keyword is bold, so yes. Both of them have the keyword Butcher
  2. I was trying out yesterday slapping a Frostlord on Thundertusk in the middle of a unit of ironguts and moving them up the field together. He had the range to attack over them, and he also had the 3" giving out always strike last if you didn't charge. It worked out pretty well
  3. Someone will do a full reveal of the book tomorrow almost certainly.
  4. We've already seen the one that brings yeti's back
  5. The Thundertusk is uh, kind of bad now. It is slow, doesn't do much damage in melee and really doesn't do a huge amount shooting on average either. I still think the Stonehorn will be solid, losing run and charge sucks, but the mount traits might make up for it. Basic ogres look really damn solid
  6. I am deeply excited for anything that can buff my beastclaw up, having other ogres in there is just gravy. I do hope that the Huskard on Thundertusk becomes a real priest
  7. Did they go last chance to buy before the book, or the same week it went up for purchase?
  8. You did get the Tzeentch stuff at least, but yeah I get where you are coming from on this.
  9. Ironfists will get better even if the only change is unmodified save roll of a 6 works. But I wonder how much stuff will get changed entirely, I am super sad to see the old resin butcher shown off in the article, I was hoping they would replace that awful model. I am fine with all the old plastic models, I just want a plastic butcher!
  10. What is the wording of the Stormcast/Ironjaws mount traits that will let us take it on a special character? Or is it just that the limit for special characters is only no Artifacts of power and command traits?
  11. It also says May on the top of the FAQ, yet the front page lists it as having an update.
  12. It is listed as having an update, and it is one of the newest books. Will wait and see if it switches over at some point today I don't think there will be point changes, but there very well might be rules changes/tweaks. I am pretty sure they said Slannesh was too new to get point changes yet
  13. The current FAQ that switched to english is still the one from May, so we need to wait to see what the actual July update looks like
  14. They do a pretty decent job in laying it out, I imagine there will have to be an errata on the terrain maybe?
  15. Pretty much yeah, the last time I used them aside from in silly games was the first GHB
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