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  1. Good point (Maybe we can make a statement on "do you think aos rules are badly written"). These new rules are in the Pitched Battles (2019) section of the GH. In bold under Pitched Battles (2019) It says "They [the following rules] replace the Pitched Battle rules of the General's Handbook 2018 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Book. I don't know what that is suppose to mean. Clearly they didn't mean to mess up gnawhole but "clearly they didn't mean to" doesn't cut it. There are rules and there are not rules... maybe this is a grey area maybe it is not. Hopefully the 2 week FAQ will fix it. But honestly there were countless things that needed to be fixed in the last set of FAQs that were ignored.
  2. I think its a list that you can go low 2-3 to high 4-1. If a buddy of mine wanted to run that I would say go for it... should be fun and not bad. For a 80 point swap you can get 1 unit of 60 grots in there which is clearly a good choice but you will be fine with the above imo.
  3. https://warhammerfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/The_Cursed_Company "The most common tales revolving around Richter Kreugar's tragic curse tell of a young mercenary captain, proud, talented, and ruthless. He hired out his services freely, uncaring whom he fought for as long as the price was right. Centuries ago in the history of the Old World, Richer was said to have allied with a powerful Necromancer, aiding him in his diabolical campaign against the Empire, terrorizing the heavy forested area around Wolfenburg." Alot of these mercenaries are reworks of old dogs of war.
  4. I was very disappointed when I read that. Not just for Forbidden Power but for all of these mini expansions. Next time one comes out I'll be thinking... okay cool but this will probably be reprinted.
  5. Maybe one day but we don't play even close to enough to justify a podcast! We burned out hard after making our ITC run and then we lost some local TOs who were running regular small events. There were about 10 of us who were playing all the time. Now there are only 2-4 who play sometimes. I'm super excited about this picture thou. Hopefully the tournament templates and meeting engagement make it easier for TOs to run events and then maybe the small 16-24 monthly tournaments that kept everyone energized will come back.
  6. I only play tournaments with a players pack. This pack needs to layout things like models must be on rounds and what to do if there is a dispute, cheating, slow play, etc and how to call a judge. It then falls on the TO not the players to enforce this. It should never fall on players to shame/punish each other. Everyone has a different personality and get different kinds of enjoyment from the game. No one is right and no one is wrong... but in a tournament the rules need to be enforced. Here is an example of a long winded sportsmanship section from a players pack (it doesn’t not need to be this long).
  7. Justsaying has us at T2 fellow loonbosses! time for us to all build 160 grots and win some events Last 2 episodes have been very good. If podcasts are your thing, give them a listen. http://podcast.justplaygames.uk/5-0-at-bobo-gloomspite-gitz-list-tech-with-ritchie http://podcast.justplaygames.uk/ritchies-5-0-fyreslayers-at-6-nations-slaanesh-chat-and-current-tier-list
  8. I consider myself a matched play player and bought this. My 2cents is it’s fine... this is much better than firestorm imo that I literally have no use for outside the few pages on cities. This box at least has some army rules, mercenaries, terrain, and endless spells that can add to my games. Big bonus for me is that I can set up the endless spells (and I put in purple sun and shackles) + terrain and use them as scenery at home. I get the price argument and it might not be worth the money for everyone.
  9. This ^ . In a friendly game I would not mind you using any model you want (as long as it is on the correct base). If it’s a tournament then it’s not up to me... I’ll play the players pack so see what the TO says (I’d probably not attend an event that allowed proxies or had houserules but that’s my choice and that would have no effect on you) Last bit is that matched play is not “competitive/tournament play”. Matched play rules are simply rules on list construction/standard battleplans in order to play a semi balanced game ( relative to open/narrative). Since you are looking to modify matched play list construction you are not playing matched play as presented in to book. You are playing Open play.
  10. I normally say Kunnin Rukk is boring but that is probably the wrong word. If you don't use a dice app the rolling is awful for both players. It's too long, slow, dull; tiresome and monotonous. With all the buffs and broach you are throwing like 200 dice (afterrerolls and procs) for 20-40 wounds. FEC are more "fun" since its so quick... clearly "fun" is the wrong word.
  11. Imo England's 6nations lists are the best templates to net list off of since each team has the restriction that they can not duplicate warscrolls across the team. This forces each team to come up with what they think are the 8 best archetypes for lists. It is a team event so teams will try to pair lists into good match ups and avoid poor match ups... but if you want to go undefeated in a singles tournament your going to need to get a good draw as well. This year Byron Orde is taking the Bonegrinz Kunning Rukk. This is a very good list and you can easily place at the top end of an event with it. It has been shown to be a good list for a while now. You can also drop the Bonegrinz and just take min krukk, you'll do just fine with that as well. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sDFjpW6lG6avTPW2-VNzOsnPmpMUX6ah/view
  12. I hate playing on them. I really dislike the feeling on my knuckles when I pick up the dice on these boards.
  13. I love it. That will be a sick army on the table. Won’t be amazing but def won’t be awful imo. Add skittertide or geminids with those last 40 points. If you don’t already own all the fellwaters and want slightly more bodies for objectives I’d swap 3x2 Fell for another 24 squigs. But these are all marginal changes. The core of the list is functional and should be a blast to use.
  14. The angle is poor but maybe this helps. It’s big but not huge. Fits on a standard book shelf fine. Twice the height of an Arock. Fits on a 170mm x 105mm oval base. I’ll finish painting this army one day...
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