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  1. Yea I think it’s awesome you can take them in the army. They make cheap battle line which is cool! I just don’t believe they are that great. Which I think is a good thing. Use them if you want, but they won’t be tabling people.
  2. His CA use to be stackable which made him amazing. Yesterdays FAQ made it non stackable. For 140 points there are better options but he is still usable. The perfect place for old units imo.
  3. I think all their rules have been adjusted so that they are a sub par generic army. No real tricks and slightly overpriced. Which is great imo. Literally zero people should have a complaint playing them. Same with TK, they are legal now (in GH) but don’t do much. This was not the case 2 years ago. TK were really good and that was a problem since imo it’s not great for the game to have a squatted army on the top tables.
  4. If you were playing a very large game an had allies? Ironfist is... 90+90+90+110+160=540 maybe there is a size that allows that. Maybe open plan has no ally restrictions? you can’t use it in 2k thou.
  5. The Orruks book did not remove any warscrolls. However, there were only 3 warscrolls with finecast models (the 3 savage orc characters). Would have been pretty infeasible to remove all of the heroes for BS. Cities removed a ton of warscrolls with models who were either old plastics or finecast. The difference was that for each unit type they removed there was a similar unit with a newer plastic which was kept. All old plastics and finecasts are always on the chopping block. Just a matter of time before they remove or replace all of it. I would think that the butcher and the firebelly are pretty safe this time around. I worry about yhetees and hunters. But who knows. I had thought they would remove gnoblars but it does not appear they will.
  6. For about the last 6 months yes. Before then no.
  7. I have the same question... I know it is way to early for a definitive answer. Also how do people like to arm the pigs? the spear or the choppa. My gut says go with rip tooth for MK and go with spears for pigs... literally the opposite way I have mine built. I'm a firm believer that GW just rotates the optimal weapon set up so people who don't want to magnetize, yet play WYSIWYG will go out and buy duplicates lol
  8. Hahaha I love the thought. I tried multiple times to make 3 FLs work. 2 was better. Also Ardboyz need to be 10+ to be battleline. I missed that as well on the first read.
  9. Forget the discussion of whether AOS is balance / should be more balanced / Etc Those two principal problems imo lead to a non interactive game. Non interaction does not lead to a fun game in any setting i think. AOS seems to have had waves of non interaction with slaanesh being particularly bad currently.
  10. Should be monday (10/21) morning. Generally around 10ish am PST.
  11. I think you will do very well with it
  12. I'm not sold that the HoG spell is all that good. Casting value seems high with limited ways to get + to cast. If you plan to HoG something I much prefer taking the artifact from bloodtoofs. I think 1 Warchanter will be auto include in every list (even at 700 points). Are you guys playing a Vanguard pitched battle (pg. 54 of the GH19)? rather than a Battlehost or a Warhost pitched battle or say a meeting engagement (pg. 72 of the GH19)? Vanguards only require 2 battleline. maybe think about something like this? Allegiance: Ironjawz Leaders Orruk Warchanter (110) Battleline 6 x Orruk Gore-gruntas (320) - Pig-iron Choppas 15 x Orruk Ardboys (270) Total: 700 / 1000
  13. No one should make any generic statements whether or not something is good or bad. We all should only be providing our personal experience. My personal experience with AOS prior to matched play / points in the original GH was not positive. I also think that GW has been clear Matched play is here to stay. It has been in every GH since the first. So has Narrative and Open.
  14. How is it helpful to make generic statements about how a whole population felt about a topic? I for one was not sore about End Times. I bought the starter set at launch. Sure some people might have liked it. I did not. The game was only enjoyable when I played with a buddy and we played a form of what you would call narrative now.
  15. This exists... it's called 9th age. I don't understand what you want. 9th age is community 8th ed. If you want this for AOS why not make it? call it 9th realm or something. All the power to you. I won't be interested in this game but would your efforts not be better served starting this project then complaining about GW matched play on TGA?
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