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  1. I think the GW paint videos are one of the best things possible for getting an army painted. Here are a bunch on greenskinz to see how they are done. Pick the color you like and then use your airbrush. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM7d3BK9PgQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhuDEOOelrs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFpqxHFMZXs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n3lQ-uQ8-M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcAQPZkM9NY&t=1062s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNP7p5smZyQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks4M4Kf-SoE&t=929s
  2. That is a really common question and I think the answer is no. There may have been a time a few years back where the answer was yes or it wasn't covered (I am actually almost certain this use to fall in a grey area). I cited 2 rules from the BS book and 1 from the FAQ of the core rules that I think covers it all. This also means the unit doesn't have fly in the charge phase which can be really nice for hopping units. Someone correct me if I am wrong. I would love our army to be more powerful. From pg 86 of the BS book: That unit doubles how far it can move and can Fly in your next movement phase. From pg 97 of the BS book: The unit you pick can move as if it were the movement phase if it is more than 3"from the enemy (and is allowed to run), shoot as if it were the shooting phase, or pile in and attack as if it were the combat phase if it is within 3"of an enemy. From pg 7 of Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Core Rules, Designers’ Commentary (I have an old FAQ on my computer, it is still on pg 7 but no longer magenta)
  3. I have been thinking a Webspinner Shaman on Arachnarok Spider for 300 points sitting in the middle of the board casting Sneaky Distraction might be really good. He also gets a second spell (lots of good realm spells out there) and gets the self buff of +1 to cast and +1 to his 2 unbinds with the Catchweb Spidershrine ability.
  4. Quite sure there are no FAQs on the Big Boss using the CA multiple times. He is one of the few older units that have out dated rules that let us spend 4 CA from one model to get every hit of a 4+ procing 4 extra attacks. The Big Boss CA stack and the fact our rules our "Within" not "Wholey Within" are what most players exploit when using BS. A unit of 30 arrowz in a Krukk for the extra movement lets us alpha strike something like 270 attacks hit on 4s and 4s from a threat range of about 40inch. If I see a target I want to alpha my standard turn 1 would be to take top of t1; Hero phase: cast Hand, +1 to hit, and cogs from my 3 casters each out of 30in on the unit I want to alpha with, spend 3 CP on the boss CA, roll 3 dice to regen those with the brooch then immediately spend them again. Leave 1 CP for IP. Move 30 arrowz up 7 inches with Krukk and cogs. Movement: 30 arrowz up 12 inches with cogs and hand leaving a tail back to the boss Shooting: Fire 90 arrowz at 18in range with +1 to hit procing an attack*CA spend on 4s Even thou that means you have 30 2 wound models up the board and can be scoring objective points be careful when alpha striking. You leave yourself open to being double turned and the boyz do die in droves to most high damage output armies. Hopefully the alpha strike kill the target you wanted it to, such as Nagash, a ton of witchs, etc.
  5. 100% if you can be bothered. Having 90 magnetized would set you for your bonesplittz life and let you play with 30 of each (boyz,arrows,moar) to see what you like. If my math is right you can build 12 stabbas bases (24 models) and still have enough to make 90 magnetic
  6. I'd build a Kopp rukk with the models you have! I think Bonesplitterz will have a shake up soon in terms of points or a new battletome (But that might be a year off). Kopp rukk is fun and decent. It will let you play in the magic, movement and the combat phase. Are the 6 x Savage Orruks boxes the new ones with 20 orruks each or old ones with 10. Either way build all the big stabbas you can, they are super fun. Wurrgog Prophet (140) 3 x Wardokk (300) 60 or 90 Savage Orruks Moarboyz (600 or 900) If you want to go with 30x2 Savage Orruks Moarboyz throw in 1 unit boars to fill the 3rd battleline As many Big stabbas as you have ( for every 8 orruks you can make 1 big stabba base and 2 bases = 1 unit at 100 points each) Kopp Rukk (200) When gluing on the hands of all bonesplitterz models use just a dot of glue. They may break in game which can be frustrating but it allows you to rip them off and swap out the different options easily. I recently turned 30 arrows into spear and shields and was happy the glue was light.
  7. I could find the citation about the 2 criteria for matched play legally... I think it’s in the section of the core book on matched play called pitched battle. But without clarification it will be messy what happens to greenskinz. I don’t think there is an argument against using GH2018 point if they are dropped from GH2019. But that is incredibly silly. But no less silly then using pdf FW points or compendium pdf points.
  8. Are they gone? I take some issue with that. Did they change the names / keywords on warscrolls to make it illegal in matched play? (Some of the old compendium stuff went that route.) To be matched play legal you need 2 things. 1) a Pitched Battle Profile (points that are most often in a GH but sometimes can be found in a outside pdf) and 2) you must use the most modern warscroll. I'm not sure there is anything stopping someone from running Brayherds as outlined in the GH. I think there needs to be a better system for outlining what is matched play legal. I have seen people have arguments over whether a player can use Tomb Kings etc. Yes their points (Pitched Battle Profile) are old... but they are points and they are the most modern warscroll so they are 100% legal in the current game. Some clarity would be great on the direction GW wants to go. Such as you need matched play points in the most current GH or something.
  9. I’m not sure there was ever an official announcement ( that’s the problem ) but I think they are gone completely from sale. However as long as they have a warscroll and points in the GH they are match play legal and will always be narrative/open play legal.
  10. I have no inside information on this but let’s be real... “I can tell you that release schedules were held close to the vest specifically, in part, to prevent customers from refraining from making purchases.” This is clearly true. Like unarguably. Sure it might not be the only reason but “to prevent customers from refraining from making purchases” is certainly on the minds of decision makers. I'm not even trying to claim if this is good or bad practice. Just to say it is not happening is mind blowing. I have played GW games for over 15 years and if you don’t think the above is exactly how GW practices you are not paying attention.
  11. I personally am all for the removal of greenskinz and gitmob. I collect destruction and am happy to place my focus on IJ, BS, and GS. However, the handling of their removal was misleading, dishonest, and a terrible decision imo. Last ditch efforts to push products to clear out inventory is disgusting. I am already a GW lifer so my purchasing patterns will not alter. But I have stopped recommending AOS to friends for the time being (I am also disenfranchised by the disparity between AOS1 and AOS2 books, I'm not screaming powercreep but rather want GW to pump out AOS2 books quickly which I think are great.). How awful is it to grab a start collecting box then to be told that army will not be supported in the future.
  12. I think every plastic kit for factions pictured on https://ageofsigmar.com/factions/order/ is safe. Any faction/ sub faction not listed and all finecast models are not safe.
  13. If you want to read tea leaves I think the AOS2 picture of each grand alliance is promising. Order: Fyreslayers pictured in the background and Fryeslayers have been announced, SCE in the front and they have an AOS2 book. Chaos: 4 gods: Nurgle and Khorne have AOS2 books, Slaanesh is getting theirs. Death: FEC zombie dragon in the background, LoN skeleton and soul blight in the front, both AOS2 books. Destruction: Moonclan in the back... GUTBUSTERS in the front!!! My guess is we will see Tzeentch and Gutbusters by summers end.
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