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  1. Another dumb question! best weapon loadout for Stormfiends?! I really like the Ratling gun but what about Warpfire and Gas thingy?
  2. I'm thinking about using 40 plague monks in a list, however i won't have anything else pestilens! Whats best for weapon loadout: 2 Foetid Blades for the re.roll to hit? or 1 blade and a woe staff for 3 attacks per model? (5 on the charge!)
  3. Sorry for all the questions, but you would never consinder doing something like this? dropping the Jezzails down to 6 instead of 9 and still keep 40 Rats and the Aethervoid? Allegiance: Skaventide Grey Seer on Screaming Bell (200) Plague Priest on Plague Furnace (180) Verminlord Warpseer (260) Arch Warlock (160) Battleline: 40 Clan Rats (200) - Spears 40 Clan Rats (200) - Spears 20 Clan Rats (120) - Spears Units: 40 Plague Monks (240) - One Foetid Blade and one Woe Staff 6 Warplock Jezzails Endless Spells: Warp Lightning Vortex (100) Aethervoid Pendulum (40) Total: 1980 Points
  4. Congrats with number 14! I can't wait to attend my first tournement! Just got a few questions. 1. What is MMMWP? 2. I almost run the same list as you and i have considered adding in 40 Monks. Do you think its importent to have a Furnace if you tend to run Monks? 3. Would you consider using Death Frenzy? I have heard it's quite good? or is it not worth it to use on Clan Rats?
  5. What are your thoughts on this list for 2k games trying to be competitive? It's all about casting spells dealing mortal wounds and sniping hearoes with the Jezzails. Arch Warlock will go on the Balewind right next to a gnawhole (+1 casting) while all the other heroes will stand right next to the gnawhole. They will be protected by the Jezzails and 20 Clan Rats while the other 80 Clan Rats will stay on objectives. Thoughts?
  6. What lists have folks used in 1000 point games? What units do you include? I thought about this: 1 Arch Warlock 1 Warlock Bombardier 20 Clanrats 20 Clanrats 6 Warplock Jezzails 1 Warp Lightning Cannon 960 points thoughts?
  7. So does that mean i can use every clan "Alligiance" in one army?
  8. Thanks for the fast reply! But do i not lose my "Skryre" alligiance if i take clanrats as battleline in a Skryre list?
  9. So i know i asked this quite recently but what works best for us? What is our streangths and weaknesses? My friend told me that "pure" Pestilens is quite good and "pure" Skryre is on second. Is this true? From what i have gathered: Plague Monks does insane amout of damage equipped with A foetid blade and a Woe staff. 100 Clanrats are a must. Verminlord Warpseer is an Autoinclude and so is Warp Lightning Vortex. Warplock Jezzails are really good along with WLC (Which is best?) Thoughts? Thanks before hand!
  10. Clanrats in units of 40. What weapon? Spear or Sword?
  11. @Skreech Verminking I wanna win as much as possible, i have heard Warplock Jezzails are quite good, and thats all... So i need abit of help
  12. Any competitive lits out there? Thinking about starting an army
  13. Do you guys use any battalions? Are they good or bad?
  14. Which of these lists do you prefer?One list is about stalling the enemy, and just sit on objectives (2000 points)The other list is a more "normal" list with boingrot Bounderz (2000 points)Thoughts and ideas?
  15. What i some of the best 2000 point competitive list at the moment? I have heard Skraggot is a must, and Bounderz are just crazy! Thoughts and lists?
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