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  1. Thank you very much! @Skavelynn @Darkhan Second list it is! I just hope it's competitive enough
  2. @Darkhan, @Skavelynn Thanks for the input! I tried to update the list like you said and i came up with two ideas!: I think i like the first lit most, and are the Ratling Guns really worth it? Thoughts? I have also heard that before the point increases, Verminlord Heavy Lists worked quite well, is this still the case?
  3. Going to a tournament here soon. I have decided to take Skaventide as my army. I have been having some trouble making a list but here is what i got so far, what are your thoughts? Please share them and give me ideas on how to change the list, if you have any Leaders: Verminlord Warpseer - General - Master of Magic - Suspicious Stone - 300 Verminlord Corruptor - 280 Verminlord Warbringer - 280 Arch - Warlock - 160 Units: 40 Clanrats - Swords - 200 40 Clanrats - Swords - 200 20 Clanrats - Swords - 120 40 Plague Monks - Foetid Blades - 280 Ratling Gun - 60 Ratling Gun - 60 Ratling Gun - 60 2000 Points
  4. How does the Skaventide META look like after the nerfs? Is it still worth using WLV and Warpseer and such?
  5. Just saw the Bobo list that used 4 Verminlords. Can anyone explainme how this works? Is it to cast spells or what?
  6. Ahhh i see. Just looking for a competitive list for skaventide. Just haven't found anything yet
  7. Just saw this post! I really like this idea! Just have to ask, do you think its a competitive list? 500 points for stormvermin sure is much!
  8. Another dumb question! best weapon loadout for Stormfiends?! I really like the Ratling gun but what about Warpfire and Gas thingy?
  9. I'm thinking about using 40 plague monks in a list, however i won't have anything else pestilens! Whats best for weapon loadout: 2 Foetid Blades for the re.roll to hit? or 1 blade and a woe staff for 3 attacks per model? (5 on the charge!)
  10. Sorry for all the questions, but you would never consinder doing something like this? dropping the Jezzails down to 6 instead of 9 and still keep 40 Rats and the Aethervoid? Allegiance: Skaventide Grey Seer on Screaming Bell (200) Plague Priest on Plague Furnace (180) Verminlord Warpseer (260) Arch Warlock (160) Battleline: 40 Clan Rats (200) - Spears 40 Clan Rats (200) - Spears 20 Clan Rats (120) - Spears Units: 40 Plague Monks (240) - One Foetid Blade and one Woe Staff 6 Warplock Jezzails Endless Spells: Warp Lightning Vortex (100) Aethervoid Pendulum (40) Total: 1980 Points
  11. Congrats with number 14! I can't wait to attend my first tournement! Just got a few questions. 1. What is MMMWP? 2. I almost run the same list as you and i have considered adding in 40 Monks. Do you think its importent to have a Furnace if you tend to run Monks? 3. Would you consider using Death Frenzy? I have heard it's quite good? or is it not worth it to use on Clan Rats?
  12. What are your thoughts on this list for 2k games trying to be competitive? It's all about casting spells dealing mortal wounds and sniping hearoes with the Jezzails. Arch Warlock will go on the Balewind right next to a gnawhole (+1 casting) while all the other heroes will stand right next to the gnawhole. They will be protected by the Jezzails and 20 Clan Rats while the other 80 Clan Rats will stay on objectives. Thoughts?
  13. What lists have folks used in 1000 point games? What units do you include? I thought about this: 1 Arch Warlock 1 Warlock Bombardier 20 Clanrats 20 Clanrats 6 Warplock Jezzails 1 Warp Lightning Cannon 960 points thoughts?
  14. So does that mean i can use every clan "Alligiance" in one army?
  15. Thanks for the fast reply! But do i not lose my "Skryre" alligiance if i take clanrats as battleline in a Skryre list?
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