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  1. Yep, that's what it looks like. Makes an SoJ Corruptor a real threat that can alter the way your opponent plays
  2. Well a couple of reasons. I run a Pestilens list, so a Deceiver just isn't an option for me. I run a Warpseer as general, but I only use 3 other units apart from that (Corruptor, Furnace and Monks) so my battleline can be Plague Monks. Even if I did want a character killer, I wouldn't go with the Deceiver. His average wound output isn't the best, and he doesn't have anywhere near the same odds of one-shotting a character as a Corruptor with SoJ. And at 300pts, there's very few characters he will be killing that will get his value back. Teleporting within 6" of your opponent seems good at first, but then he's out on his own, with no screen and an average wound count. Could be a decent shout late game, or with a gnawbomb, but he's a lot of points for a niche role. Corruptor with SoJ is cheaper and a better all-rounder. His spell is like an atomic bomb to hordes.
  3. More than well. Have only suffered one loss out of 15+ since the tome dropped. In my list, its a toss up between SoJ on my Corruptor and Liber on my Furnace. The extra prayers and possibility of a great plague are nice, and can deal some damage at range, but the reliability of the SoJ and it's sheer character killing potential is nice to have, especially for cutting through ethereal ZDs and such. And because he's not my general, and his 5++ makes him deceptively durable, I can afford to be a little careless with him when I stomp him up the board. He kegged an FEC general the other day, was nice
  4. I run both. Corruptor as a horde and hero killer (Sword of Judgement) and a Warpseer as my unkillable general with command point farming skillz and battleshock immunity bubble
  5. There's plenty of ways to skin a cat. A net list will win nothing if you don't know what you're doing, so just experiment and see what works. I run a pure Pestilens list that rarely lets me down
  6. Buy 60 clanrats, a Verminlord Warpseer, Warp Lightning cannon, Engineers and some Jezzails. Put whatever you want in after that
  7. The double turn isn't going anywhere. I think if they changed the first turn to a roll off, we'd see even more list diversity, but battallion points would have to change, as they would lose value
  8. A couple of things. I still think they're very good, but they have been weakened in a few ways. The removal of wither and rabid frenzy is huge, and the replacement prayer for the Plague Priest means he's pretty much unusable in a competitive setting. He's a frail priest who offers no buffs or force multipliers to the rest of the army. The Plagueclaws are as overpriced and ineffective as they have ever been. So Pestilens, in effect, have 3 usable units and they have no ally options among Skaven anymore, limiting them further. Of the 3 good units, it was good to see the Corruptor get individually tougher, and his spell is incredible. But his command ability is useless to most Monk armies and he's still ****** in combat. The Furnace became bonkers overnight, no complaint there (though movement is a pain) Plague Monks became weaker. Blobs of 40 are still really good, but minned out units are ineffective now, so our hard hitting screens have taken a hit. With gnawholes and endless spells,(and Warpseer general) there are still very good lists there, but a lot of the synergy is gone, and list options are very limited. We're a one trick pony that will get hockeyed by mixed Skaven. I think all the mono clans have endured something similar tbh
  9. I play Clan Pestilens, and I think there's a case to be made that we got weaker. But regardless, some units undoubtedly got stronger, some new ways of playing have been opened to us, some old ways have been closed. It's too early to say for sure because there's a lot of things left to try. There are always going to be armies with a higher ceiling than others, who are a lot better. But I think people who bemoan it need to get imaginative with their lists, there's infinite ways to play. I saw my friend take down a v competitive 2 day tournament with Gutbusters. It's playing the game on hard mode, you won't win as much as others, but what's wrong with that? Embrace the challenge imo
  10. 1. Pick 160 Skaven 2. Move Skaven up the board 3. Hope you have enough Skaven left to win at the end of the game Subscribe to my Skaven Tactical blog pls
  11. It works well in your head, but in practice, running Monks up the board en masse will lose you a lot of games. They can only move 6" and work better as a counter-punch army. Going second is actually better for them in a lot of scenarios, especially against a heavy hitting army that can lay waste to you with one double turn. Not to mention missions like Places of Arcane Power that are reliant on heroes and wizards for pointscoring. Plague Monks are an unbelievable, heavy hitting unit but, as I mentioned, taking them in the numbers you suggest means they will be fulfilling other roles they are unsuited to and their area of efficiency is wasted in most cases. As with any good footslogging army, it's about balanced unit selection, good screening and zoning, picking your charges wisely and retreating at the right times. A good player would wreck 5 blobs of 40
  12. Tbf, I can see their utility at 1000pts, but I'm not convinced of their usefulness after that. 80pts for a character that doesn't have any way of buffing your own army and only a 13" threat range. I'm going to to throw one or two into my list and see if I'm terribly wrong!
  13. I play pure Pestilens and, while they are powerful, I don't think they are OP and won't be troubling the podiums any time soon (though you will see a lot of Plague Monks podium in mixed Skaven lists). They are efficient at what they do, which is put out a load of pain from up close in large numbers for a very low cost. However, if you are running them in their hundreds, you won't get anywhere close to optimising that function. You will have to screen with at least 40 of them and set aside a few more to protect your own objectives. Clanrats are far better and more points efficient for those 2 latter roles. Some people seem to make the mistake of seeing Sigmar as a purely output driven game, in which case you would consider Plague Monks pretty close to perfect. But you lose all sorts of flexibility. No WLCs or jezzails to take out characters, no tough chaff to hold fiercely contested objectives, v little speed or ability to get around the board and, in reality, we only have 3 good units now. And of them, even the Corruptor is just an amazing spell in an average unit, and the Furnace needs rats to push it around. The Plagueclaw is probably the biggest waste of 160pts you'll find in the game, and Plague Priests have become useless overnight. Wither and rabid fever are gone as we knew them and Plague Monks put out, on average, a fair bit less damage now, particularly in low model units. We're still very good, but far from overpowered
  14. It's also quite pointless. What do you need to wound 183 times?
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