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  1. I'd merely re-release Golflag and then give varying army buffs depending on if your General is a firebelly, tyrant, butcher or maneater
  2. GW Spent 20+ years pushing the 'matched play' tourney scene, then suddenly said "Do what you want"* and wondered why everyone was confused. You cant train your customers to do things one way then expect them to think another. *Not helped with destroying the universe, comedy rules and no fluff.
  3. I remember the last time GW made "Enough product to meet demand". It was called Dreadfleet. You can still find copies in the backrooms of some GWs. Similarly Gorkamorka nearly broke them.
  4. I dont know if their 'exact' replacements but Army Painter do multiple colour sprays
  5. I'm intrigued by the Alien RPG, especially what lore theyll use since theres so much.
  6. Wargaming is like Roleplay games. Its all about finding what kind of group you want to play with. If your current group is hard-core competetive people and you just want to roll dice then maybe you need to find a more chilled group, vice versa as well fgor those who take the competetive scene seriously. Alternatively you need to have a frank discussion about what kind of game you want to play and be aware of what your faction can do.
  7. I think the issue is more of a release kind of thing. Stormcast have had more releases and books then any other faction, whilst other factions just gather dust. AOS players want better balance then 40k where half of the range is Space Marines
  8. No, he legitimately DID have rules to have a dragon as his steed. It was whether it was during 7th (The era of "Do what you want, we cant make models for everything") or 8th (Which started like 7th but as soon as Chapterhouse becamea thing it was "Rules only for kits") which will influence if the kit was meant to be a kitbash or a new model. If the kit was made during 7th to be released in 8th then the thought would have been "Eh they can just glue Franz on one of the several dragons we make" if it was made during 8th however then they would have intended to make a new kit for it which would be odd
  9. Did Franz even have rules for his Dragon in 8th ed ? Cause I know thats when they bought out the Griffon kit that could make Karl Franz and GW dont like doubling up kits.
  10. Just with the plastics.... Tomb Guard w/Halberds Tomb Guard with Sword Sepulchral Stalkers Necropolis Knights Tomb King on Foot (from the Sphinx Kit) War Sphinx Necrosphinx Thats 7 units from 3 kits. You could make more by doing what the FEC did and make unit Champions heroes. In which case you could get up to 10.
  11. From a buisness perspective bringing Tomb Kings back using the 8th ed plastics is a smart idea. Much smarter then making all new models. Skaven literally have 1 new model yet sell like hotcakes. If GW are unsure about Tomb Kings then throwing out a Battletome, Endless Spells and Terrain with reboxed kits is easier then making new ones and if they dont sell well ? Then next edition they get absorbed by LON.
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