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  1. Jetengine

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Do we know anything about points yet ?
  2. Your essentially talking about removing choice which is never a good thing in a game frankly.
  3. Jetengine

    Examining The Stormcast in Light of New and Pending Releases

    To put it bluntly GW have no reason to create balance because the Tournament scene pays silly money for bragging rights. I mean GW themselves admitted that they didnt intend this (WFB or AOS) to be a competetive game because their not hugely interested in that. They added matched play back simply because people were rioting without it and it was killing the game.
  4. Jetengine

    The Rumour Thread

    Its certainly interesting
  5. Jetengine

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    I'd just use them as Rockguts. Their great models.
  6. Jetengine

    Sentiment about the new releases

    Effectively Carrion Empire, sans a new unit which was possibly added due to the leak.
  7. Jetengine

    Sentiment about the new releases

    While they CAN has there ever been an example of them doing so ?
  8. Jetengine

    Sentiment about the new releases

    This. Like I'd expect this kind of update for all AOS forces (book, terrain, ES) but older stuff that needs more work should of had it. Now Skaven players will have to wait 'till they get round to AOS3 to get updates.
  9. Jetengine

    Sentiment about the new releases

    Also everyone bringing up 40K are kind of comparing Apples to Oranges, considering most 40k factions (save Eldar iirc) are 90% plastic.
  10. Jetengine

    Sentiment about the new releases

    The FEC release is mostly fine. Some questions have been raised about the quality of the Endless spells but other then the Varghulf its a mostly solid (if miniscule) range. Yeah more models would be neat but as a serviceable faction it'll do. Skaven on the otherhand are a damn joke with GW trotting out 25 year old sculpts in finecast. This was a faction that deserved a heavy release not a 'get you by'.
  11. Jetengine

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Whilst I'm not sure of its exact historical accuracy, I remember in a Sharpe Novel the french set up bleachers for the upper class to watch their victory. Since its a Sharpe novel the french lose.
  12. Jetengine

    GW's Half Yearly Report

    With respect Gaz, I post an innocuous comment then someone comes in and treats me like an idiot then yes, I will be a tad sharp.
  13. Jetengine

    GW's Half Yearly Report

    If your in a thread reffering to half yearly reports, your aware of shareholders and how they work. None the less your point is irrelevant and unnecessary. Customers are aware of when your taking them a ride for shareholders gain, again I point to the trainwrecks that are EA and Bethesda. Putting out low quality goods to string fans along for quick cash is a short term gain long term loss and is incredibly unhealthy for companies.
  14. Jetengine

    GW's Half Yearly Report

    If the point went any further over your head it'd be in space by now. There's no objection to a company making a buck as long as quality remains high. With the HH series it wasnt and was artificially dragging the work out allowing quality to drop to get more money. I mean do you make this argument for Electronic Arts or Bethesda ?
  15. Jetengine

    GW's Half Yearly Report

    Its incredibly clear that they began milking it for money.