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  1. How do you deal with objectives since that was always a loss with my Dispossesed ?
  2. Another question. How does this army play exactly? Like I play Gloomspite Gitz Trogherd and that's pretty simple. Keep your Trogboss nearby for morale buffs, rocktrogs throw rocks, rivertrogs hit stuff etc.
  3. Question. Are Fyreslayers an elite army now ? Or are they still a (irl cash) overpriced Horde army ?
  4. The stitched thing is the cloak for the new Chaos marine executioner dude
  5. I asked for a reduction in the price of Digital Battletomes (as is, their drop isnt enough. A £5 difference is a bit ridiculous when ordinary books can drop from 20 to 7) and a return of the 8th ed Tomb King plastics in some form or another. Their lovely models and its a waste of a good mould.
  6. As long as GW keeps the Warscrolls around its cool. You can use 3rd party models etc.
  7. Freeguild suffer from the same problem that Astra Militarum do. Its a miniscule model range for a nigh infinite variance of troops.
  8. Gitmobz problem was it had 3 plastic kits, two of which were ancient and the rest of the army was resin. Greenskinz had barely any units and those were all old save the Boar riders. Tomb Kings just never sold well and had a range that was mostly old. Its odd that they never made a mini faction ala FEC with the newest plastics but from a buisness sense all the data suggested it would still sell bad* Brettonians had old models and the awkward situation of "You can buy this army at 1/3rd the price from any historical company" *Realistically the reason they undersell is GWs fault.
  9. The problem with the free peoples is similar to the Imperial Guard problem. Theres not enough kits to represent how wide and varied their forces should look and unlike 40k we dont even have descriptions or illustrations for 3rd party sites to work with. So ATM the nigh infinite sprawl of humanity across the realms is represented by....some german dudes with no shoes. An idea I had is for GW to release a free peoples line thats insanely modular but not in the obvious way. You get a almost "skeleton" framework that you add gubbinz (on an extra frame) onto the model to make whatever "regiment" you want, GW then can do quick runs of resin frames for regiments whilst keeping the core 2 they want to focus on in the box.
  10. I'd be fine with standard Greenskinz being fused into Ironjawz . As is IJ are currently a mid-elite army. You can do a 1200 force of just under 30 models by focusing on Brutes and Gruntas. And at 62 models with Ardboyz. Throw in ordinary Greenskinz though as your chaff and suddenly you can REALLY swarm your foes. Go with Greenskin Warriors, Bowmen, Boar Riders and Warboss. Bowmen can be made with Bonesplitter bitz, Boar Riders can open up a all mounted list with a Grunta Megaboss and the Warboss can buff non Brute/Grunta units and also do his Waaagh.
  11. All I want from a battletome. Fuse the Artillery back in Give me some kind of movement buff Change them from a horde
  12. Except kill team didnt start with a bunch of new kits so its kind of an irrelevant comparison.
  13. Alot of the basic Dwarf grumbling is because their kinda frustrating to play
  14. If the non chaos warbands are just old models thats super lame. Dont go ape with new kits then lazily just go "Oh yeah theres 3 other GA, just give 'em some reboxes"
  15. I mean the REAL big issue with Fyreslayers is their horrible IRL pricing. The book can maybe alleviate it by changing them to a mid-elite army ala Ironjawz instead of a semi horde army that they are atm but aside from that you can't sell me them.
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