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  1. Yes except warchanters don't have an artefact in the book. You'll have to take from malign sorcery instead.
  2. That's what fixin beat is for!
  3. So this is mechanically this is slightly unintuitive due to how damage and wounds are calculated from that perspective as compared to how we think about them from player perspective. Short hand answer, you are correct. Long answer. Mechanically there is no "wounds remaining" characteristic, this is never measured or even referenced in any of the rules. The only number which is ever measured is "damage taken". When the "damage taken" is equal to the wounds characteristic of a model, that model is slain. So you are half right. It doesn't have "11 wounds left" what it has is 5 damage assigned and a wounds characteristic of 16. Running through a few examples. Example 1 A Blightking has a wounds characteristic of 4. Due to the Nurgle Wheel it has +1 wound characteristic for that turn so it's wound characteristic is now 5. It has 4 damage assigned to it, as it has a wounds characteristic of 5 it's still alive. The wheel moves, the blightking loses it's +1 wound characteristic. The Blightking now has 4 damage asigned and a wounds characteristic of 4. It is instantly slain. Example 2 A character has a wounds characteristic of 10. When a damage is allocated to it on a 4+ it deals a mortal wound to the attacker Some how the wounds characteristic is raised to 15 for a turn. It is allocated 14 damage. You roll 14 times for the mortal wounds Next turn the wounds characteristic is reduced to 10. The character has 14 damage assigned and a wounds characteristic of 10. The character is slain. Strength from Victory A Maw-Krusha has a wounds characteristic of 15. It takes 5 damage. At the end of the combat phase it's wounds characteristic is increased by 1. It now has 5 damage taken and a wounds characteristic of 16. It takes another 10 damage. It gains another wounds characteristic. It now has 15 damage taken and a wounds characteristic of 17. It takes another damage. It has taken 16 damage and has a wounds characteristic of 17. Notes on Damage Tables This is why the damage tables track how much damage has been taken NOT how many wounds are remaining. So if you cabbage has 5 stacks from SfV it has a wounds characteristic of 20. If it takes 14 damage it's profile only checks that, not that "it has 6 wounds remaining" so it's on it's bottom profile. Hopefully this helps without being overly complicated.
  4. Fair enough. After trying to think why I wasn't keen on your list I came to the conclusion it's the massive block of ardboys. It feels so expensive to me in terms of wounds/impact which is a perhaps an unreasonable bias on my part. I think it actually comes from a few games after gbh2019 dropped where I tried the 30 ardboys teleport pin/alpha and was really not impressed with it. There's also the quickduff on the cabbage which I REALLY dislike. From that perspective I'm not sure I could ever play bloodtoofs without a Footboss to carry it. Combine that with my borderline obsession over Big G and that's probably why I'm list building them the way I am. So some interesting things to think on from my perspective. I might have to try running a variation of your list at club sometime to see how I feel about it in game.
  5. @broche @svnvaldez Honestly If I'm going for an alphastrike list it looks more like this. So this list Big G as the General has no downsides, you don't have to take the ****** trait which doesn't even work. Quickduff on the Footboss to catapult him up the board, essentially bypassing all the normal problems with him. Footboss is actually one of the hardest "Power Drop Units" to screen out due to how small his footprint is compared to his damage output. Gorefist means your standard army is moving 18" base on turn 1. 5 Drops isn't great but the list can comfortably screen. If you screen and your opponent gives you first turn you can still easily alpha. A ton of Impact hits should let you crack some sort of hole in your opponents line. Fixin Beat for healing Damned terrain damage. Couple of cool little strategies. Damned the Footboss, Fixin Beat him, Quickduff into a gap the opponent left, you now have a functional 3d6+2" charge with RR1's to hit. Quickduff the second Warchanter with Either Killa Beat or Get Em Beat. Lets you utilise the bonus despite the fact your entire army left them behind. Walls and Walls of impact hits. You don't have to alpha turn 1 if you don't want. Instead use the Gorefist to spread out across the board claiming objectives and zoning using the +1 to run. Damned the unit of 6, pop a Mighty Destroyers, teleport with Get Em Beat. Enjoy 27"+d6" movement followed by 3d6+2" charge. That's 29+4d6" charge range...that's an average of 43"! Realistically I think this is what your high end alphastrike list will look like. Way more flexible, not reliant on gimicks but has them as an option and can play both the alphastrike or the objective game using the ridiculous movement. Personally I regularly used the +1 run with the Bloodtoofs battalion despite the fact it seemed nobody else did. It's way more important than people give it credit for. A running unit of GG's is now base movement 11" rather than base movement 10", that adds up quickly in terms of moving around the board.
  6. I think the term I would use for the Waaagh! is "mediocre" so sacrificing it for a good reason isn't terrible. In this case, with that list, you would be using run a lot to increase mobility. Also don't forget the free d6 move per phase, that actually really adds up if used properly. The cheesiest example of this is taking a damned for the RR1's and d6 move in the hero phase then moving next to deadly, pulling the 1/6, then moving another d6". That's a potentially free 12" on your movement, sure it's much more likely to be an extra 3/4" but that takes you from movement 4" to movement 7" which is quite respectable. There are definitely things you can do with them, that was the point I was making, even a pure Brute list. If you have a unit of 10 and 5 die your damage table still looks like this with a WC and +1 to hit vs a 4+ save. That's very respectable for a unit which has taken 50% casualties!
  7. Tbh this is more or less where I am. Primarily my point was that they are competing against the 5/10 Ardboy block, in that regard they are a damage output that sits at a happy medium between the two. When I look at them I definitely feel "eh they're alright" but my gut is telling me that they are pretty solid and have a place. Something like this list is going to be quite a ****** to shift while having serious potential. It's a heavy infantry list which is capable of laying down a horrific amount of pain. The extra bravery from Checked out is going to make those battleshocks way less painful, the Fixin Beat is much better on Brutes than on Ardboys because of the extra wounds, the combination of Get 'Em Beat with Vandal Hordes makes their threat range way better putting your charges at 3d6+1 with a free reroll. Equally Vandal Hordes and Brutefist should give you more than a few impact mortal wounds. Even better Da Choppas command Trait can go on any hero meaning you can put it on the warchanter who is moving with the Fist of your Brutefist. Oh and Big G plus Rabble Rouser is such a great synergy, put +1 damage on 3 brute units and Big G then give +1 to hit on three of them. Not to mention that you have free choice on both your artefacts. Sure you lose out on the Waaagh! but honestly it's not exactly great and I keep forgetting about it with how meh it is now. In summery, I think a Brute list can definitely work and has a nice snug list from which to start. Are they the be all and end all, gods no, are they a pretty solid unit which works for it's points cost, I feel like they are.
  8. Ironically I now view them as the cheap frontline infantry unit. 90 points 5 Ardboys - Backline space control and objective holders. Cheap bodies unit. 140 points 5 Brutes - Frontline space control and objective holders. It's a reasonably high damave infantry unit that has ok wounds at it's points cost. 160 points 3 GG's - Easily our best unit. Low on bodies but great in ever other regard. 180 points 10 Ardboys - The heavy frontline unit, great for soaking buffs and hard to shift. For their points Brutes are one of the best units to target with buffs. A unit of 5 is making 12 attacks with it's choppas, 3 attacks with it's gore choppa and and 4 attacks from the boss. That's 19 attacks at 140 points, a unit of 10 Ardboys is 22 attacks by comparison so for things like the Warchanter buff or +1 to hit they are very good receptacles for it at their points value.
  9. Savage Orruks. 5 points a wound if you max them. The sheer quantity of wounds and bodies makes them much stronger in that anvil role. For back line screening/objective holders possibly MSU arrowboys actually, or MSU Ardboys. Maybe a 20/20 Arrowboys Kunnin Rukk, gives a lot of bodies back field to screen who can still contribute to the fight. That said I actually really like either of the Boarboys for back line screens. The oval bases allow for a lot of space denial, they have the wounds and are less susceptible to battleshock. More importantly they are a massive threat for point sniping, especially at high Waaagh! levels. You're opponent leaves a point under defended and they are moving 12, charging +3 with a ton of attacks from their model count.
  10. I'd actually go the other way with mount traits. Ironclad, ignix and weird un. Make it super hard to do anything to while at the same time being "less threatening" giving it time to build up. Skirmish with it right from the start rather than picking a real fight. Pull it back if the hammer comes towards it. Then have the other one with destroyer and mean un. Keep it hovering around the middle And the moment a key target comes avalible buff it and throw it in to explode stuff. Its the kind of thing which would mince basically anything and your opponent either skirmishes, building up your general, or commits at which point you unleash the beast!
  11. This is going to sound a little conceited but I think unless you were running my Gordrakk Bloodtoofs list I think the book is more of a side grade rather than a nerf. The new WAAAGH! Is mediocre but a guaranteed +1 attack on everything wholly within 18" isn't terrible. The only bit which can fail is the +2 which needs a roll of 12+ The 3 warclans are each reasonably solid, pending the errata to fix the bloodtoofs trait. The generic traits/artefacts are a bit meh and I can't see many people not taking a clan for them. The lack of extras definately annoyed the hell out of me. We got second fiddle to the cities book which got new boxes etc. We beat KoS the same way we always did. Buff up, smashing and bashing off something else and blow them up. In that regard the Warchanter made it easier. GGs charging on 13 attacks at 2+/3+/-1/2 is way more likely to kill a mid size unit than it used to and a buffed cabbage is horrific now. 8 attacks on 2+/3+/-2/4 is equivalent to the old bomb turn.
  12. Personally I would say yes, arrowboys bring several things to the table. First is pure bodies, while they aren't quite as cheap (no massive regiment) or have the extra save vs melee they are also the only ranged unit that Da Big Waaagh! has access to. 30 Arrowboys and a Maniak Weirdnob is 480 points for a ridiculous amount of ranged firepower, around 23 hits +/- 5, all with -1 against monsters. It's a solution to always fights first/slaanesh which doesn't involve hoping you survive their attacks first. It also gives you some pretty solid hero sniping potential giving you ~60% odds to kill a 5 wound hero with a 3+ save. You then add on 30 Savage Orruks for more bodies and a second target for the Maniak buff and you have the solid start to an army. 126 wounds, 60 bodies and 2 of your battleline with 1220 points remaining.
  13. @Gareth 🍄 Cheers dude you are an absolute star.🤩 @Chris Tomlin can we get the thread locked please 😁
  14. Does anyone have the digital images of each of the warclans icons. I can get pics from my book but I need a more clear version. So those 3 pictures.
  15. RAW the Malign Sorcery artefact rules override the Allegiance rules. Specifically it states. Hence You select Da Big Waaagh! as your allegiance. Ironjawz Heroes now select their artefacts from the Ironjawz table. Bonesplitterz Heroes now select their artefacts from the Bonesplitterz table. You now select a realm which you army comes from. Any of your artefacts can now be from that realm in addition to previously mentioned artefacts. So due to the ordering in which these things happen the realm rules override a portion of the allegiance rules.
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