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  1. This is basically the list you just said right?
  2. Big waaagh! Mixed rogue idol lists are really solid. It's a great warscroll at a solid points cost which can be buffed by IJ and BS buffs. Honestly it's just solid.
  3. If you add 6 gg's it reduces it down to 60 Ardboys
  4. Yes you can combine with bonesplitterz in big waaagh. To be honest BW is probably the best way to run pure IJ. Ironjawz lists are built in the subtleties rather than the overarching unit choices. You're battalions, whether you take specific heroes and what weighting you give to each of the units will change how the list plays. GG's make your list faster but harder to keep in range of buffs. Ardboys make the list tankier at the cost of speed. Brutes do add more damage but without the speed or sustainability. Cabbage adds a massive CA user that can hit hard but costs you on wounds/bodies elsewhere. So this is ~what @Skeekrit ran at slaughter. vs what I ran vs another list I ran previously Those are 3 lists made up of the same broad components but each of them plays very differently. One is built around the grind, one is magic MW output and the last is blitz/hammer and anvil.
  5. It's ****** awkward to explain but the short version is no, the reason is you can't actually go far enough not that you're not allowed. I'll go into a more detailed explanation below. Terminology Within α" means under OR EXACTLY so a unit which can be placed "Within 6" of a board edge" can be placed EXACTLY 6" from a board edge. This also means that if an objective is 12" away from a board edge then there is a single point on the board that is Exactly 6" of the board edge AND exactly 6" from the objective. So a model can be placed so that the very edge of it's base is on that point and it is within 6" of both the board edge and objective. Conversely the term more than α" is equivalent to not within α" DOES NOT include EXACTLY α" Hence In order to use Mad as Hell you must be more than 9" from an enemy unit. Hence you are (9+β)" where β > 0 You trigger Mad as Hell and move 6" (9+β)" - 6" = (9-6)"+β" = 3"+β" Since β > 0 ==> (3+β)" > 3" Thus you are more than 3" from an enemy unit Hence you are not within 3" of an enemy unit. You are not in combat.
  6. No you couldn't charge, you could however still run in your movement phase.
  7. There are a few other reasons I do it but they are much more complicated to explain. Realistically though I would go banner, banner, icon, icon, banner, icon. For increasing unit sizes. It means at 10 I go double banner and at 15 I go double banner single icon.
  8. Screen it. Protect it until you can unleash it on a meaningful target. At the moment Ardboys will mince through any other screens without requiring a hammer to do it. So you screen out deepstrikes etc. while your Ardboys slowly meatgrinder their way through the opponents screens. At some point they will have to commit something meaningful to deal with the Ardboys which you then want to pounce on with the MK, preferably in such a way that it's protected from retaliation. In other words, practice practice practice. I've been playing my IJ for 3 years now with maybe 200 tournament games. I cannot tell you how many times my MK died for absolutely nothing, there was a rather embarrassing game on THW stream for chrimbobo game 1, chucked one into 6 kurnoths and lost it to kill 2 which were instantly regrowthed back....So yeah, practice.
  9. @Kasper @brattenbergus On the banner glyph point. Personally I would recommend just building double banner for your unit. The glyph is really situational and very meh, you won't notice it not being there. On the otherhand a unit without a banner is significantly worse, to the point if I have to choose between the boss and banner as the last model ~70% of the time I choose the banner. Since you may choose to split your units into 5s and there are several different abilities which allow people to target/remove specific models that Redundency is crucial.
  10. @VonSmall That's actually a really nice variation on the list I've been building/working around. Dropping the wurrgog for to have 15+15+15 rather than 15+15+5 is something I hadn't thought of. I'm not sure how you deal with fyreslayers or petrifex would be my issues. I'm definately leaning into massive mw output to get round the problem...
  11. I recognise those realmgates haha
  12. Because I need to do it for most of the game against a whole bunch of different armies? KO/Changehost get teleports everyturn that I'm screening out. Also IJ based big waaagh! isn't going below 4/5 drops which means you're not getting to choose a large portion of the time anyway.
  13. @tripchimeras You're actually slightly misunderstanding why I have them. In every list I build I always consider how I'm going to screen any teleporting etc. into my backline and how I'm going to protect isolated objectives. The Arrowboys aren't there for their shots or damage, that's just a nice bonus. They are there because it's a massive amount of wounds, bodies and more importantly coverage. Take a scenario like escalation. A single Arrowboys unit of 20 is covering my entire board edge and a large amount of my territory just by existing. I'm paying 30 points more than a unit of 5 Ardboys to get double the number of bodies AND they are also a reasonably strong ranged threat which is important in the current meta. I don't actually want a unit of 30 buffed up arrowboys. In the first list it's the Savage Orruks I would be buffing to act as a massive and very dangerous anvil in the middle of the board, the hammer is two highly mobile units of 6 GG's which are going to be supported by a warchanter each. For the second list I have an Ironjawz core which is terrifying to deal with, they can easily push forward and threaten anything I want. The arrowboys are there to sit behind the hammer and take potshots while stopping any/all shenanigans. If you look at basically every list I build they all run at least 2 min sized units to provide screening/space control for deepstriking and to provide presence on outlying objectives. This is a trend which goes back to my 2017 lists which ran a unit of 20 Gitmob with bows for exactly that purpose. My gitz lists still run 2 units of 3 fellwaters for outlying objective holding AND at least 1 unit of 20 shootas for backline screening. My preference is always for 3 backline screening but 20 arrowboys is way better than 10 and doesn't negatively impact their potential. EDIT: I got some example pictures previously of me doing it in game. They show how I'm using cheap min str units quite well I think. 120 points to stop the eels coming on in my deployment zone. The black dice in the middle represent the only area he can get his tunneling hero and 30 Irondrakes in the picture outside of his deployment zone. Even then Mollog and the giant are zoing his deployment zone hard as well. This particular one won me the game by putting them so far out of position that they never became relevant.
  14. Maybe something like this As a starting point. Using the savage orruks for bodies etc. rather than Ardboys and the GG's for the hammer. Arrowboys for even more reach. I'd play around form there but I don't have the experience with savage orruk units to properly judge. Maybe this instead. EDIT: The arrowboys providing a massive amount of bodies/wounds along with their ranged potential so they can sit on objectives and still contribute.
  15. Don't have the models but yeah I'd run a proper mixed if I could.
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