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  1. So my argument is specifically this. If you are using 2 maw krushas And you don't have 2 artefacts Then Gordrakk is an option to functionally gain a second Artefact/Command Trait for 80 points. I still love him but I'm actually not going to be running any Cabbages at slaughter. They have decided to remove the realm artefacts, my poor aethercrutch broach , so I'm going for a big waaagh! army instead. Especially with the rise of petrifex bonereapers. This is what I'm looking at running, if I can be bothered to paint another 3gg's I might swap the 10 brutes for 6 GG's, drop the Ironfist to a Gorefist and remove The Burning Head.
  2. It's a toss up tbh. I think atm it might be 10s to maximise the Warchanter buff?
  3. @broche @Planar is correct. Breath of Gorkamorka doesn't have any restrictions on it, it just doubles the move characteristic.
  4. You're right that at 1 stack it's only a ~0.4 damage increase vs a 4+ save unbuffed. However at 2/3 stacks it's suddenly becoming noticeable even vs a 2+ save, if you throw the WC buff in there suddenly the scaling becomes far higher. I deliberately didn't add that in because it's situational but yes, it makes him way better vs wizards. The point was to emphasise that the SfV scaling is noticeably better on Gordrakk WITHOUT including the fact he is just better vs heroes/wizards which have a 2+ save.
  5. It's JUST the single SfV stack. So 1 attack with Smasha/Kunnin, 1 attack from the MK weapon. It's to show how much harder gordrakk scales with each SfV stack than the standard MK.
  6. @Planar How did you get the bar graph out? Screen shot+paint or...? EDIT: I SS'd it like a grandpa. This is the damage comparision for a single SfV stack. The difference between the two is pretty massive with gordrakk without the WC buff being the same as the MK with.
  7. An extra dice on his cabbage is really nice. Especially with mean Un putting it up to 3 damage. There's a few things which make his scaling better than the standard boss. Most obvious one being that he gets 2 extra attacks instead of one. This is important if your putting the WC +1 damage on him. With 2 SfV stacks that's 14 attacks from just him. Smasha is basically equivalent to the standard MK attack. It's d3 instead of 2 but it hits on 2s not 3s. Kunnin looks mediocre but again the +1 damage makes it a slightly better version of the unbuffed MK weapon. More importantly there are so many wizards floating around at the moment that a lot of the time it's just going to be throwing out d3 MW instead. He has the +1 wound MK trait just baked into his warscroll and can also destroy terrain cover bonus which is equivalent to +1 rend in some situations. Also in big waaagh! The 6++ really helps his survivability. The way I look at it, you're paying 80 points to get a unique trait and artefact on a cabbage. Given that without a battalion the second cabbage has neither it's not a bad option if you can afford the points.
  8. Losing the trait is a large factor. You're also running him with mean un which with the WC buff makes him really nasty. Also if you look at the list I posted there's no battalion. That means your second cabbage won't have a trait or artefact so you're not losing those for running gordrakk. There's also the fact that gordrakk is a little less dependent on the Big WAAAGH! Buffs. The +1 to hit doesn't effect his own weapons, he does mortal wounds with some of his weapons on 4+ unmod wounds. So him not being the general means you can play more aggressively with him early. Remember that charging with a hero is +1 WP as is being in combat on your turn. If you can start stacking his sfv gordrakk scales so hard and so fast it can quickly get away from your opponent. So Gordrakk essentially makes your second cabbage the early game aggressive piece big WAAAGH! Normally struggles with.
  9. Just as a note, I wasn't suggesting to use big g as your general in the Big WAAAGH! List...
  10. +1 from Master of the Weird, +1 from Morks Boney Bits, +2 from Zap Em. Ahhh, tbh I find it rare that I don't go to round 5 and it drives me up the wall when the game doesn't play out. It is definitely more about developing the board turn 1. 4 from WC, 1 from Wurrgog and burn a CP on 40 Orruks for 4 Waaagh! points. Puts you at 9 before you roll the d6 so you get the 6++ on a roll of a 3+
  11. So I view Ironjawz as ridiculously CP intensive and you're only getting 1 extra with no engine behind it (Mass CP generation or aetherquartz). Compare what you're getting from Mighty Destroyers to a 6++ with +1 hit/wound AND your 20 arrowboys become battleline. Plus you get access to the casting buffed Wurrgog Prophet who is arguably the best model in the entire book. +4 to cast on his fist of gork is disgusting. They just announced that Sheffield Slaughter isn't running realm artefacts so I almost instantly dropped IJ for big waaagh!
  12. You're short 3 battleline since Ardboys are only battleline in 5s. I almost want to say just go Big Waaagh! instead since you're running basically no CP's and aren't using a clan. Lose the battalion but swap the standard MK for Gordrakk which renders the battalion artefact meaningless anyway. You don't have the engine to fuel the Ardfist either so that isn't to painful and you get the disgustingly powerful Wurrgog.
  13. I love him, he's an absolute beast but those 80 points are just so hard to find. I often end up in the situation where I have a massive amount of points remaining I just can't shift well. Combine that with his inability to take the Sunblessed Armour/Rightfist of Dakkabad and it's also costing you both a CP (50 points) while also making him less tanky. You can offset the CP by just taking a weirdnob general instead which I'm thinking of doing anyway. I think if he were to drop to 510 it would be very interesting as he's then exactly 50 points more expensive, which is a CP. As an example on the list side. vs EDIT: Every time I try to make a list with him I just find that I end up with an awkward amount of points left over which I just can't shift.
  14. I don't disagree, if you're running a unit of 10 though...
  15. CP to give +1 to hit (from Megaboss) CP to RR1's to hit (Generic CA). That's how you get them to be solid.
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