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  1. Fellwaters If you want board coverage take 2 units of 3 fellwaters. They are reliable in 3s due to their 12 attacks. Against a 4+ save, with no rerolls for anyone, they will reliably melee for 6-10 damage. Three shooting attacks are horrific against small skirmish type units of equivalent points. Against a 4+ save, with no rerolls for anyone, they will reliably do 2-4 damage. -1 to hit, with 4 wounds and regen makes them horrific for small units to deal with. In a straight up fight with no support they kill basically everything on their points value. They depreciate linearly as they lose models due to their reliability and the fact they don't care about unit size. Rockguts Are mediocre in 3s. Unreliable due to their small number of hard hitting attacks. Against a 4+ save, no RRs, they should reliably do 3-9 damage. The shooting attack is very low damage when used against a skirmish unit. Rock Throw will do 0-2 damage. The 5++ save with 4 and regen makes them about as tanky as Fellwaters against skirmish type units. In a straight up fight it's 50/50 for them to wipe equivalent units or do nothing. They depreciate exponentially due to their unreliability and dependence on unit size. Usage Fellwaters in 3s excel in unsupported skirmish situations Fellwaters in 6s are reasonable but suffer against focused fire from shooting/mortal wounds. They still don't need support. Rockguts desperately need the RR1's support and are are very hit or miss in 3s. Rockguts in 6s still need supporting but are absolutely devastating against everything, can snipe support heroes and the 5++ makes them tanky vs shooting/MW End result is that you take fellwaters as small unit size skirmishers for taking out of the way objectives and fighting your oppnents skirmishers. Rockguts on the other hand are your massive hammers who want to be in the middle of your line where they can be easily supported and focus fire down enemy support heroes. To give an example list. You have the Stabbas for zoning, screening and holding backline objectives. Two blocks of fellwaters function as your flanking forces. They are reasonably fast, pretty tanky and will kill Skirmishers, Light Cav and Medium Cav. Also a threat to small units of Heavy Cav, even bloodknights on the charge aren't guarenteed to wipe the unit and if they don't attack first are going to suffer some solid damage. Blood Knights who are 50 points more expensive than the fellwaters. Your dankhold is built to be a ****** to kill making your support block hard to snipe out. A 12 wound hero with lookout sir, a 4+ save and a 4++ vs mortals is hell to kill BEFORE you consider his regen. Finally your 4 blocks of 6 rockguts are terrifying. It's 96 wounds with a 5++ after save, any character who comes within 12" of all 4 units is taking a MINIMUM of 4 mortal wounds. Each individual unit has an expected damage output of 15/18 against a 4+ save, that kills most monsters without batting an eye, and you are rolling 4 blocks of them down the centre of the board. Hopefully this gives you a solid perspective on why we(I) generally say fellwaters in 3s and rockguts in 6+.
  2. If the answer is no then that's perfectly reasonable
  3. Have you got any other options to drop the troggherd. You really don't have enough stuff in it to make it cost effective. Even another gargant would be considerably better.
  4. IJ suck at meeting engagements in my opinion, we're a combo army and just die to other armies which are able to be more independent and faster than we are. As to 2k, I mean you're really limited as to what you can run. Probably that? If you've got the realmgate you could also run Bloodtoofs. Use the Hag and Ardboys to screen while you setup for the bomb. Try to minimise CP expenditure. Cast Bash 'Em Ladz, drop the bomb and try to clean them off.
  5. There are still bits which I would always magnetize no matter what. The banner being the big one.
  6. @Seihoff pictures as promised. Tried to get a variety of angles. I used a LOT of stirland battlemire over both bases over both the cork, base and most importantly around/in the cracks and joins of the cork. Makes it look more like rugged cliffs, rocks and ledges. The extra decorations are just from the shattered dominion large base kit. I did the smaller one (with snow) first as a test/experiment with the cork. Honestly with the 8mm magnets I used it's by far the more stable base, the other will occasionally drop off if I move it to violently. One of the big advantages is that I can just remove the cabbage and get a proper measurement from the base itself. The second one is a "work in progress" essentially I got it up to the point it wasn't odd as I intend to do some way more adventurous stuff I haven't gotten round to get. Base of the wings showing magnets on the bottom and inside the right wing. As I said the ones inside are a real ****** to do. The 2nd picture also shows the "foot imprint" I talked about, you obv can't see them but there's a pair of 6mm magnets inside the cabbage there for the mb feet to stick to. Bottom of the megaboss/cabbage feet, hopefully showing the magnets. Megaboss and his banner. I used either 2mm or 3mm magnets for this. I would say it's the most important bit to magnetize. It gets knocked all the time and would be broken as hell if I hadn't. Showing the whole thing put together. My bases, showing both the holes for the magnets to sit in under the top layer and the built up cork layers. It also shows how I've really pushed both the stirland babattlemire and vallhalan blizzard into the edges to hide the joins and make it look more like a natural cliff edge. Holding it up at an angle to show it does all hold together. Packed into a gw carry case. The other body is in with my realm gate, while the bases are between the two layers. So that my whole 2k list goes in one of the crusader (? One with 4 foam insert things) case. Hope this is useful.
  7. Ok so some tips on building which will hopefully delay you enough to allow the new Orruk Warclans book to come out, which will undoubtedly mess with all the best loadouts etc. Build your 2 Warchanters, paint 1. Build your Weirdnob and paint it. Start to build your Mawkrusha. Once built the left wing/front of the arm on the cabbage can be slotted into place. It takes a bit of getting used to but saves you gluing it. Magnetize the right wing/front of army so that it can be taken off and put back together. This is a complete ****** to do. Drill holes in the bottom of each of the Megabosses feet and put magnets in them, it will really help. Before gluing the belly/underneath of the mawkrusha to the scales/top half place magnetise the cabbage-MB feet points. Place the Mega bosses feet into the points where it's supposed to glue. Then hold them there while turning the scales over so you can access the inside of the cabbage. Superglue the top of the magnet then use the magnetic force to correctly position underneath the megabosses feet on the other side of the scales. Glue a small magnet into the banner hole on the top of the Megabosses armour. Superglue the same size magnet onto the bottom of the banner. The next bit is the real ******. Get some corkboard, build up 3 layers of cork on the GW base so that you have a sizable platform for both feet and the fists/wings. Cut/Peel out all 3 layers on approximately the right size for your magnets where both feet and each of the fists rests on the top of the cork. Glue the Magnets into the bottom of the hole. Replace and glue the second layer of cork so that it sits ontop of the magnet and connects with the surrounding cork to form a more solid casing on the magnet. Align the cabbage so that it fits comfortably over the holes and covers them from sight. Glue a magnet to each of the feet and fists so that the magnets comfortably rests in the hole and is hidden from sight. You can now do build a cabbage which makes it considerably easier to transport, move around the board and makes it more resistant to breakages since if it's knocked it will come off at the magnetised point rather than actually breaking. Then paint the cabbage before choosing the MB weapons etc. Hopefully that should take you long enough for the new book to be out and we can revisit this discussion! I'll see if I can post up some pictures of mine tomorrow showing the various points.
  8. Ok so just checked the Errata. So yes it's a normal move, no it is not considered a run. No you cannot run with it. The Hand of Gork spell, and other teleports, all say "you cannot move in the following movement phase". The Ironfist is not in the movement phase so ignores this.
  9. Aetherquartz is the go to at any and all levels for IJ. It's just to good. Split Brutes into 2 blocks of 5, split the GG's into 2 blocks of 3. Add a fungoid (for 90) and buy your extra CP, your extra 20 points go for a Triumph. As you're playing on 4x4 it's easier to setup a throw down having everything within 10" of the footboss if you do want to drop a Waaagh! Bomb, you also have the 6 units to take advantage of it if you still have everything alive. Even if you can't Waaagh! bomb the CP generation from the Fungoid and Aetherquartz is still super important because of mighty destroyers, it's why IJ aren't garbage tier anymore. It gives us both mobility and threat potential, an example being that if your Footboss is tied down in combat with 2 dryads or something like that you can pop a Mighty Destroyers to kill them in your hero phase, then still be free to move him in the movement phase. MSU Waaagh! bomb is still our premier tactic, just because of how vicious the Brute Boss becomes with even 2/3 extra attacks on his Klaw/Smasha.
  10. It's more that in a straight comparison the Fungoid is just better. Doing a quick comparision 10 points more Madcap can use Madcap artefacts Both have the same stats Both have mediocre spells Both get access to Moonclan Lore Both can use a Mushroom once per game for a second spell Fungoid Mushroom doesn't do d3 mortals to it on a double Fungoid has a 4++ after save Fungoid has a 4+ to gain a cp each turn Fungoid has a better set of melee attacks So for 10 points you get a massive amount of benefits at the cost of 1 negative. You will almost never cast Night Shroud anyway because the Lore spells are so good, end result is that if you have the 10 points then use them to upgrade a madcap to a fungoid.
  11. It's your call. My comment was due to the fungoid being almost always better than the madcap. Only exception would be if the madcap has a madcap artefact as fungoids can't take them. Given that you have 10 points spare the straight upgrade for your second madcap is just good.
  12. Inspiring Presence from the core book. Make one of your madcaps a fungoid for extra CP.
  13. Some combination of Big Choppa and Shields. Currently I'm running 5+5 and 10 with two choppas, for model reasons rather than anything else. I normally designate "If it's part of the command squad it has Big Choppas, if it has a red shoulder and a shield it's a shield" The reason for the 10 two choppas is because I don't have the 10 shields or enough command squad models to go 5+5.
  14. Pretty sure it's not in keyword bold so sadly no.
  15. I felt it was essential in that case because it showed just how lopsided the matchup is. At a more casual glance it might seem like tyrants are a fair or even negative matchup which completely not the case. Without some form of strikes first they get absolutely ruined. Anyway it was a great weekend and I'm super pleased to get both my first 4-1 and first trophy 😁
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