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  1. There is only 1 gloomspite army/allegiance. Shootas and Stabbas are the battleline. You can then gain 1/2 other units as additional battleline choices depending on what your general is. So with a Troggboss as your general you have 4 battleline choices, Shootas, Stabbas, Fellwater Troggs and Rockgut Troggs. Mollog is a solid pick, he's not as high damage as the other options but all his damage is done as mortal wounds. If you come up against mass -hit he's going to really shine. Fungoid is the basic wizard of choice, the madcap is horrific by comparison while the spiderfang shaman is only worth it if you want a specific spell from the spiderfang lore. Depends on your list, if you have Skragrott and 2 Fungoids you have 4 unbinds a turn with 2 of them at a +1 native. You will never be a Tzeentch or Nagash list but you have enough unbinds to go after your opponents key spells. Dankholds (including mollog) also have a 4+ to ignore a spell on them. We're middle of the road as far as spells go. Amazing, personally I consider her and Skragrott to be the two standouts in our army. With Gryphfeather Charm the Hag becomes incredibly hard to deal with and has a lot of breadth in her kit. EDIT: If you have any other questions feel free to ask in this thread or the standard Gitz thread. Scuttletide is fantastic, the other 3 are situationally but ok for their points. The Loonshrine is fantastic, it provides a 12" battleshock immunity bubble and if you have Shootas or Stabbas in the army then on a 4+ at the end of your turn you can bring one of them back at half strength (once each per unit).
  2. Would love a battle rep, even if it's just footnotes. DoK is one of the top armies atm so more info on what worked/didn't or how you would do it differently is useful!
  3. @dasnation Try and bomb his witch elves with the Mushroom if you can, you need to hack those units down quite a bit before he gets in your face. If you can get hold of his characters, especially the Hag Queens, blow them up. Honestly it depends what his list is like, he will probably try to buff up a single unit of Witchelves then have them blow something up.
  4. There is definitely an Ironjawz tome coming we just don't know when. Honestly I'm hoping that we get a bunch new units to go with it rather than just the hero, spells and warscroll updates.
  5. It varies wildly depending on how you decide to go about building the list. What I mean by this is that Gloomspite can pretty much do anything, our army is broad enough and the allies strong enough that we can tilt to any overall strategy to try and win. I suspect the strongest lists will include a lot of bodies/wounds with which to anchor the rest of the army around. At 360 points 60 stabbas have one of the strongest bodies/wound to points ratios in the game and while Squig Herds don't have the bodies to points ratio their wounds to points is even better than stabbas. From here I would say how you pivot around that central block is really personal preference. An artillery battery should be ok, in this case I'd also what quite a lot of Wizards and Scuttletide for the extra ranged MW potential to go with it. You could also run a bunch of Boingrots which you then strategically deploy to shatter an opponents line or blow his elite units out of the water, with those a Manglerboss and Loonboss on Giant Cave squig are going to be key support heroes to include, you could even add in the Squig Rider battalion if you want to try and make their movement more reliable. Personally I'm looking to use Troggoths with it, just because I love the models. I honestly don't think we have reached the point where we can say "This build is the best". We haven't had the number of games played with all the different builds to really know the specific strongest build. All we can do is look at what seem to be core components, imo those are going to be Skragrott (whether he's your general or not), a fungoid and at least 60 stabbas or 24 Squig Herd. We can't say for sure. Both have their advantages. Given that you're playing the Manglerboss Squig Herds go up in value massively, they love the +1 to wound so much on their already impressive attack profile. 2 attacks at 4+/3+/-1/1 is the same stat line as the Ardboy 2h choppas and you can buff it up to 4+/2+/-1/1!! This also increases the value of a Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig as his +3 movement affects the Squig Herds as well making your whole army deceptively quick. Using the Run Reroll on the Squig Herd warscroll with Squig Lure you are looking at around 8+4 movement with a charge reroll after running, that's cavalry army territory. Again this is just my opinion and in no way authoritative, I'd be looking at either the 3 Squig Herd blocks or 60 Stabbas, 24 Squig Herd, 24 Squig Herd. @RaritanAnon Those questions are all pretty specific rather than the broader theoretical stuff I'm best at. You are really going to need to test them out and see if I'm honest.
  6. @dasnation so it's less to do with having played the list and more general game experience. What I'm suggesting is going to 60/60/20 instead of 60/20/20. It's 230 points for a huge amount of bodies and wounds. The classic example would be 3 objectives. Your list holds 1 and lightly contests 2, as a unit of 20 stabbas is so easy to blow through. For 230 points you can get a second unit of 60, that lets you swarm 2 objectives then contest the 3rd properly. It also gives you a much more solid base for your other tools to play around. The 60x60 can form a pocket with the 20s guarding your artillery and screening for the boingrots to ensure they don't get pounced on. Your also chronically short on characters. The Loonboss is easy to blow up so you have to spend so much protecting skragrott because if he dies you lose IP etc. When tons of command points is one of our strengths. So when we look at your list you have some ranged character sniping, some ranged unit damage, the loonsmasha bomb, a little bit of shock cav. 110 points of endless spells with only 1 wizard who gets 2 casts. Essentially your spending a ton of points try to do everything. If you cut one or two of the errant strategies out of the list you can focus on strengthening the others to a good level. For example, if you cut the boingrots, loonsmashas and the mushroom you can beef up your line, add in some more cheap characters (a fungoid and second loonboss) grabbing call da moon for some map range mortals and then potentially add in another gobba. You now have a proper artillery battery which your crazy tough line can protect while it does it's job. Alternatively drop the arti and loonsmashas to go up to 3 blocks of 10 boingrots backing your beefed up line. This gives you insane shock potential which can be applied safely because your screening is so strong. This is what I mean by doing to many things. Sometimes a lot of a little is better than a little.
  7. If you're doing something like this you want call da moon in your army. It's sight range d3 mortals. Not sure about the gobba and chukkas, feels a bit to much. Either just 2 chukkas or 1/2 gobbas imo. I like the concept, i had something similar at throne of skulls, but I think you might be doing to much. Fanatic bomb and double chukka and squig gobba and 15 boingrots. It's cut heavily into your heroes and battleline. Drop any one of those for another 40 stabbas and you're looking way better off. No. Everything in the book says "On a 5 or 6". It doesn't matter how many of those effects you put on they are all making it a 5 or 6.
  8. I basically always include Scuttletide for Gloomspite. It's really good at 30 points both as a block and zone control.
  9. Two different options. One is dump it on as much of your opponents army as possible. Second is area denial, put it down where your opponent wants to move through and will have to sit in to try and fight through your line. This forces them to either not engage you or sit in the shroom for an extended period of time.
  10. Would the quantity of balanced kings on skillgheists floating around make a teef rukk potentially worth it? With good position you could ensure it doesn't get to attack them but is in range if it charges you. Was it a one-off local game? If so that's a hell of a tech item which you will basically never see at tournaments.
  11. Part of the fun that comes from the whole endless spell mechanic is that you end up picking and choosing, that it can come back on you. It's a balancing mechanic for going 2nd vs going 1st. The endless prayers just ignore all that for no good reason.
  12. I said considered (I meant treated as) "spells" not being spells. Mechanically the predatory Khorne/Fyreslayers prayers should be moved just like Endless Spells and things which affect Endless Spells explicitly and only should also affect Endless Prayers. It really annoys me when they introduce mechanics with checks and balances then go "oh except this one"
  13. Uh the silly is much more limited now. You're really only looking at the Gargant, potentially Loonsmashas and the random move elements on squig riders. If you want a silly goof game the best way to do it is include a ton of wizards and endless spells. I killed a Verminlord with my opponents own Quicksilver swords on sunday! Something daft like this, you can't cast more than 4 a turn (1 per wizard) but you have a fair bit of range on at least 2 of them.
  14. I guess my issue is that if you're going for the Ignix Scales you're crippling the Troggboss potential to the point where he's probably not worth it. Really need to see how the Meta shakes out on that one. The prayers really need to be considered "spells" for the purposes of everything other than dispelling...
  15. I always call it his Hand Cannon he's just so good. At 220 points I think he's amazing for any Gloomspite army that can fit him whether he's your general or not. Remember that he rerolls 1s to hit while under The Bad Moon, he's also the reason you run the Gobbapalooza. He makes Brewgits reroll hits completely worth it and even spikers reroll 1s to wound is fantastic on him. With those two buffs I suspect I'd try to split his fire a little bit, see if I could get the MW debuff running on multiple enemy units asap. When you think that dealing a damage to a model on the first round makes it functionally 6 damage over the course of the game. It's horrific. EDIT: So a full Moonclan Grot list would look something like this I think. You have 50 points spare to take another endless spell if you want or just sit on it for the CP/Triumph. The artefact on the Loonboss depends on how you want to use him, the spiteful prodder is pretty horrific with this list as the Sneaky Snufflers both contribute a dice and the 20 shootas are easy to keep near him which puts it at 3 dice without the stabbas. Don't forget that you can put the Snuffler buff on the Sporesplattas aswell.
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