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  1. So savage orruks have three big advantages. Savage Orruks are the same as Gutripperz only 15 points cheaper and with a 6++ ward save. Savage Orruks and Savage Morboyz have the best points per wound in the book. They are battleline in units of 10. While these don't seem like massive advantages they have some very important ramifications. When you're choosing between gutripperz and savage orruks what you're really picking between is offence and defence. Gutripperz have the mortals on 6s, or with the swampcaller on a 5+, on the other hand Savage Orruks have a 6++ ward and can get +1 to save from the wardokk. So in that regard it's actually quite important to consider what you actually want out of the unit, do you need them to do damage or would you rather they are able to just sit on a point and stall the opponent while your real damage dealers kill stuff. This then touches on the points differences which is again not irrelevant. Gutripperz+Shaman are 180+105 (285) points compared to the Savage Orruks+Wardokk at 165+80 (245). So opting for the savage orruks saves you a massive 40 points AND gets you that bonesplitterz wizard for the +1. This points difference only goes up as you increase the size of the unit with the Gutripperz costing you 540 points compared to 495 from the Savage Orruks for a total difference of 70 points. For the final point there are 3 units which fill that particular unit type slot, Gutripperz, Savage Orruks and Ardboys. Ardboys are somewhere in between the two in terms of damage and survivability but they are really let down by the fact you buy them in units of 5. That means to get the 10 for 170 points you're actually spending a reinforcement slot which might be better spent elsewhere, this might push you over the 5 unit limit for your 1drop battle regiment for example. Not least you cannot actually run a block of 30 ardboys, they come at most in 15s which means you're only putting half of the wounds on the point relatively. So Bonesplitterz in general do actually fill quite an important position in the book, they do the raw survivability better than any other faction, they put down the wounds and bodies with a native 6++ ward all for a relatively low points cost. Never underestimate the power of pure wounds, Sons of Behamat do so well because there are a lot of factions at the moment that actually don't have the damage output to kill them fast enough to stop them winning on objectives.
  2. Also worth noting that the person whose turn it is does all their end of turn stuff first. It means that Ironsunz charge ability is the last thing that happens in the round with no response possible.
  3. It does show the importance of hobgrot screens though.
  4. The bird doesn't say "a second time" it just says "even if it's already been used". You could have 2 birds to get 3 unleash hell uses.
  5. One of the list ideas I had was 2x(mk+6pigs+3pigs)+warchanter in bloodtoofs. Combine with megabossy and you have 2 independent blocks which are both scary in their own right. With megabossy you can MD all 6 units in one turn giving you an unbelievable amount of mobility. There's also the massive alphastrike potential followed up by 4 charges from the pigs afterwards, honestly pretty fricking horrific. Oh wow, hand of gork is just orruk. I automatically assumed it would be ironjawz only. That's got some pretty nasty implications with it, the thirty gutripperz with a killaboss on gnashtooth rushing up behind for the bs immunity. Welcome to turn 1, I hope you enjoy being stuck in your deployment zone!
  6. I mean, a lot of the ones I want to alphastrike are going to force me to go first... Oh and I don't have the heroes for double warlord or command entourage.
  7. Some notable inclusions. Triple killbow overwatch with potential to have gordrakk replace one if you just want number of shots (6 at 2+/3+/-1/1 is not shabbby) Foot of Gork with reroll for that warchanter. Especially nice once you hit that +1 to cast/unbind/dispell. Mork's eye pebble giving a 5++ ward save bubble for one enemy shooting phase. Great for if lumineth decides to try and gun down big G. Warchanter with rerollable foot of gork cast. Especially nice once you trigger that +1 to cast/unbind/dispel Nasty hex for when gotrek decides to be gotrek. The +2 to ward save on the Wurrgog for a 3++ under the pebble or a 4++ native. Combine with the Mask for hilarity then heal up with both fixin beat and the wardokk before going for round 2!
  8. Which is irrelevant unless you are going Skulbugz which most seem not to be at the moment.
  9. To be honest I wish more tournaments would do it, most of the unique characters are cancerous atm. Gotrek, Morathi, Archaon etc. That's my list. Idea being that when I want to go I can have the 2 cabbages and the GG's rush forward and Waaagh! with the charge reroll. Gives me potentially 18" move on the GG's, 24" on the general, and 30" on the 2nd cabbage, all with charge reroll so I should have a pretty solid alphastrike if I need it. I get a ward save on both cabbages which is so tasty. EDIT: Even Gordrakk can be pretty toxic in big waaagh! with 3 unleash hell triggers for a CP. Tell me that isn't some kind of dirty.
  10. I'm actually going to go Amulet on my general and Fast Un + armour of gork on the 2nd to offset the -2 move penalty. Means when I want to go I can actually go. Have a tournament coming up this weekend which has a bunch of really solid players, will give a report with my feelings on it afterwards. It's worth noting that unique characters aren't allowed there so it skews it somewhat.
  11. I missed that, it is an important point. Just did a quick diceroller analysis. It should be noted that the 13+ damage actually can't occur, it appears because you can't do "on 6s stop" so I use an approximation. Two sets of attacks, 4+/3+/(5+ save)/x and 6/auto/none/x This gives an approximation but not 100% it's "close" as we say in mathematics. EDIT: This is the correct chart.
  12. Personally I'll be going fast un and won't be bothering with the second mount trait. It's not as valuable as the second artefact and I don't think I'd ever want to go double magnificent. If I did it would probably be for an extra spell in big waaagh rather than a mount trait.
  13. On profile alone swampdrek is so much better it's unreal. For 5 points you get. +1 wound, +1 attack with his snatcha-stikk, +1 damage on the noisome bite and his snatch and grab is equal and greater, not just greater than. If you aren't giving it an artefact or command trait there's no good reason not to upgrade him.
  14. As someone who has painted 60 grots and 35 ardboys haha
  15. A unit can issue a command ability to themselves. It just says when you use it you can also trigger it on a second unit. So yes you can issue it to the MB and another unit.
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