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  1. Got it in one Hankster I would wait for update which is bound to be coming I would guess later this year !
  2. I ran one alongside a Mawkrusha in a game against skaven between them they deleted a unit of 30 stormvermin in 2 turns of combat I found he was my MVP his base helped protect the crusha from being enveloped and his CA is so much more reliabl I ended up using every turn and it optimised both monsters as it buffers each weapon option they ran up the flank turn 1 deleted the unit by end of 2 and The rest of my army (ardboyz n brutes) had marched up the centre engaged so they came in on the flank and basically won me the game. I have spent considerable time and effort converting an old azrag wyvern n put a warchanter on board so will be upset if he losses his matched play rules !
  3. This is one of the wackiest ideas I’ve seen it’s utterly ridiculous!! N therefore moonshines in grotty excellence can’t wait to see it finished 😂
  4. Hey loving the paint scheme doctor might even pinch the idea of convict goblins n do some with arrows on their smocks for the shooters 😄 one of my favourite movies to boot all round top effort 👍🏻
  5. I’d love it if the artefacts were removed from the battalions and given points values, that way we would see a much wider variety of stuff taken as the few “must takes” would be priced accordingly. it would also even the playing field for the older non battalion armies and allow a richer more diverse list building meta to form.
  6. Please do share all my old goblins and squigs are on 20mm square still and light he thought of rebasing fills me with dread, although once the book lands its gone no to happen
  7. Scabnoze that post epitomises why I have loved my O+G armies ever since 3rd edition and brings back some fun memories of my own God they can be frustrating and I have tried other more predictable armies ( looking at you stunties ) but nothing gives you the satisfaction of the odd time it all goes perfect with the green lads hope this book continues the tradition of wacky, powerful and utterly unreliable madness
  8. I’m thinking that looking at what’s been shown so far for the gitz ( magic, monsters, cheep chaff, glass hammer units etc ) 20 ardboyz and a warchanter to buff for 400 pts May make the perfect ally choice. Also as I’m sitting on plenty of gobbos trolls n squigs it might not be as expensive as I was fearing the book n spells should be enough to learn the army n not altogether abandon the IJ’s
  9. Hell yes I couldn’t agree more it feels like the game is finding the sweet spot of keeping us old buggers happy and still moving the game forward, hallelujah!!!
  10. Grot Squig Knights it’s possibly the single most cool thing to come out of the warped minds of the GW design team since the chaos toilet loving these models I may even start playing the game again
  11. Just woke up on Christmas Day and there’s new goblins under the tree happy Crimbo all you fellow fans of the green gitz let’s hope it’s a cracking 2019 for our lads
  12. For me it started with Sylvaneth book played a guy who put 14 citadel woods down which I lost models through his guys had 3+ / 2+ re rolling 1s saves it was about as even a contest as 1st day of the Somme! Things have progressively creeped since then to the point that even in friendly games a lot of matchups are over by turn 2 and are a forgone conclusion after deployment my Christmas wish is that GW spend a year releasing armybooks for all factions aka 40K that addresses this issue I would happily not see a NEW army in 2019 but a bit of love for the old guard
  13. Giant squig 100% confirmation that Gobbla is in the mend after that nasty incident with them rats (read it here first)
  14. Looking great bud, good luck with the inaugural game hope u smash some face !
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