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  1. Anyone tempted by any of the Mercenaries? The Cannons look quite tempting to me!
  2. I havent played against FS since they got their new battletome but id imagine id do exactly what you described above. Id use the Brayherds speed to encircle them and pick fights against the weaker units, my ambushing units would try to divide up the enemies forces or sneaky cap objectives and I would use every bit of shooting I have to target his heroes, it would probably be a dull game for the FS player and nail biting for us as one mess up in our performance will catch us off guard. Once the heroes are dealt it will have to be a massive dog pile from either side of the Hearthguard and just pump attack after attack into them which Bestigors and Bullgors as they would benefit the best from the CA from Gavespawn.
  3. My Gavespawn Doombull was cleaving through things on my games yesterday. 3 times i got 15 damage through from his axe before MWs and any damage from the horns.
  4. what things do you guys tend to summon in over the course of your games? I had 6 games yesterday at a local store league and im always unsure what to bring in.... Against the Nighthaunt player i just couldnt get the call points, i kept getting 2 a turn so i only managed to get a unit of Bestigors in, then i was against a Khorne mortals army of which i got off 2 Cockatrices, i then had a game vs Seraphon and i was mainly bringing on Ungor Raiders to fight back the tide of Skinks, against Gloomspite i brought i think 2 spawn (as i just couldnt get the Call Points) then my last game was against Chaos Dwarves which i got 3 enlightened and 3 Dragon Ogres. Id love to hear what you guys usually call forth!
  5. Im not really fussed by the GH2019, everyone got minor pts drops that basicaly keep everyone pretty much at the same point in regards to the game as a whole, 10pts here 10pts there, it hasnt changed anything really for me. My Ironjawz dropped around 90pts but when other armies have dropped the same i feel like im in the same position.... I would of loved to see Bullgors, Cygors and Ghorgons to have dropped a bit in pts maybe 20 for the bigger Bulls and 10 for the little ones. I think the Wildfire Taurus could of dropped a bit more as 80pts is still quite costy and the Giant still needs something done to him to make him worth it. Regardless of what faction i use him in his 12 wounds and a 5+ does not get him far especially with no way to heal which lucky the Cygor and Ghorgon has innately and with Warherd in general. I would of liked to see Bestigors drop a little bit as well, now that 'Ard Boys are 130pts for 20 wounds with a similar stat and attack profile. But other than that its kind of like the last Generals Handbook, not really that huge.
  6. Ive just now finished the Big Bull and now starting on the 4th minotaur from them, i would highly recommend them!!! Ive only had one instance where ive had a problem with the resin that was used but nothing a bit of greenstuff and time cant fix. ill post pics of the Doombull in a bit. The 2 female minotaurs are also awesome as is the zombie and the matriarch
  7. I would tend to suggest not to listen to everything people spew on the internet. I watch and listen to a ****** tonne of batreps and podcasts to keep up with the meta but im not one to follow and copy other peoples ideas and lists. Whats good in someone elses eyes isnt good in anothers. You shouldnt let people push you into certain play styles and builds and whilst people can write off units for being statistically inferior to another, have they actually used them in person? Just like me with Gors, yeah Besties, Ungor and Tzaangor are better options, but i make what i got work. Pure and simple. The amount of times ive had people come up to me at tournaments and say Ironjawz are bad and then i krump them is unreal. At the end of the day its how you use your army that makes it what it is and Beastmen should be played like Beastmen, we arent like every other Faction out there, we need to be cunning and we need to be ruthless, we arent a point and click style of army like FeC and DoK, you need restraint and finesse, you cant just charge your big blob of Goats into the thick of things and pray they come out on top as they wont. And in response to loosing options, i think most old world races that were ported over have lost a degree of what they used to have. Like you said i would love a BSB back, give him the Totem keyword and give us a choice of banners. Give us some flying units akin to harpies/furies, give us the Gorebull and Wargor. Even making special characters into just characters would of been amazing.... I always used the Shadowgave or Slugtongue, i loved their lore and how they played, they can easily be ported into AoS, same with the Dark Omen and the two headed Ungor guy.
  8. Well the standard Minotaurs are around 54 - 60mm tall with the Chieftain being 68mm tall. Basically every normal Minotaur is the a head taller than a Megaboss, but ive never had any complaints, infact ive always had compliments towards to model, especially the shaman model. I used the Undead Minotaur as a Chaos Spawn and im not looking at getting some Mierce Miniatures Gul Garbax to use as Bestigors and sell off my older ones. The price isnt as bad as you think, when a GW Doombull is £30 and the Minotaur General is £25 and hes a considerably bigger and better sculpt. Roughly it was £200 for the whole range they did but once there gone youll have to fish for them on Ebay where the price will sky rocket.... honestly i say go get some, even if its just 1 to begin with, I started with the Beserk Minotaur just to try them out, i painted him up and hes my favourite model of the range and he won me a painting comp just recently.
  9. Hahaha well he has to heal a couple D3 as well.... 🤣😂 i never liked the GW minotaurs, not even when they were first released! 🤢🤮
  10. This is my Doombull from Zealot Miniatures, I've got their whole range, probably the best Minotaur's out there... and a size comparison to a megaboss haha! He's a biggun! He's not finished yet, got some more weathering to do on the Metallica, so symbols to he painted on the skulls and the rest of the horns to be done.
  11. Have you seen the minotaurs from Zealot Miniatures?
  12. Mierce Miniatures have amazing Beastmen looking units, for Walrus, Mammoth, Rhino and Reptilian humanoids.
  13. I cant stand the look of Centigor models or the price for just 5 dudes haha! 😂 if it works for other then great! Gors work well for me.
  14. My Gors tend to be in ambush turn 1, i use smaller units of Ungor to create road blocks and barriers to my opponent. That 1 extra bravery could spell the difference between loosing the unit or not (Ive noticed it hugely with my Squig Hoppers vs Boingrot Bounders). At the end of the day everyone has their own play styles. I like to make my opponent reactive and force a more defensive play style from him. If i can govern where he goes and how he moves his support heroes and unit, then my Gors have done their jobs. Bestigors are their to crack skulls.
  15. Ive never found that my Gors struggle to all get into base contact especially with a 4" pile in and when you honeycomb them well you get the majority into atleast 1" range to swing. You can now grant them reroll 1s to hit from the new GHB2019 CA and they natively have more attacks. I personally would never go for spears as there are loads of abilities and spells that grant -1 and above to hit which means Ungors loose half their hits. So really i think its down to what you prefer from your battleline. I have a constantly shifting mainline that curves and bends as i maneuver around my opponent so i tend not to take masses of Ungor. I generally prefer Gors but i see them as equals in terms of utility.
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