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  1. well our formations are 100, 110, 120, 110, 160, 110, 120, 90, 140 and 180. Nighthaunt are 120, 150, 120, 130, 100, 80, 140, 110. BoC are 190, 190, 150, 150, 200, 200, 150, 180. DoK are 120, 130, 170, 130, 130, 100. So we dont seem that bad in the points cost regard with the addition of our units being fairly cheap aswell except the Dankholds. I wouldnt put the normal Dankhold as cheap as a Giant though, they should be equal if not 10-15pts more. Unless we lower the cost of Giants again (there comes a point were he just needs his warscroll changed as even at say 140pts the Giant is still bad). It may seem overcosted but i think its just right. 3 Bullgors is 160pts which is the same as 3 Rockguts and i think Rockguts win out vs the Bullgors. The better comparasion for a Dankhold is probably a Ghorgon, he has more wounds both can heal and have a similar spread of attacks but the Ghorgon is cheaper by 20pts and will probably win out the fight even though he degrades.
  2. Oh yeah i agree with you, i was just saying the Troggherd isnt useless. You get more than just a 6 to wound adding 1 damage in that 180 price tag. Its 40pts more than the Squig Rider Stampede so i think its in the same bracket of being good but fairly strict in a build sense.
  3. Yeah they seem to be throwing the Giant around like candy atm, BoC got there version too but you have the Gorgon as a superior melee monster for like 60pts more. If they gave ours a fungoid type rule then yeah i would accept them but right now they arent really a unit to be looked at in our book. The fluff for them in GGs is abit naff aswell, oh we just bribe them with Fungus Brew so creative... Why not say they consumed many types of mushrooms in the caves and the magical properties changed them, suddenly they have a magic resistance or a FNP save, or even they emit a smog of spore that give nearby units a +1 to hit of something. But no its just a Giant..... every time ive used my Giant he dies so quick in melee, 12 wounds on a 5+ save is pretty ******. The same can be said for us, we have the normal Dankhold Troggoth, would you pick a Giant before the DT? Id go DT even though hes more pts, he benefits from the moon and gives benefits to other units, gets affected by the command abilities from the Boss and heals. I would never go for a Giant ever in this book.
  4. The Troggherd isnt the best out of all the Battalions in the book, yet its all the Troggs get haha 😅 Maybe if they had one more like the Squigs then you might get some choice, like a "Roaming Trogg Horde" that is 2-3 units of Rockguts/Fellwater Troggoths that you nominate 1 unit of Troggs and the leader gets +2 wounds as hes the boss of the lot, then they get +1 to move, advance and charge as they are hungry all for 130pts. Suddenly you have a choice between a damage oriented Trogg army or one thats more mobile. But unfortunately they dont, so if your doing pure Trogg you might aswell try it out, your only loosing out on another unit of 3 Trolls for 1 drop and extra CP and an another artefact (so its less that 180pts when you factor in those benefits). Where as you might take the Gobbappolooza im not sold on it as they only affects Moonclan Grots as a majority, 350pts is alot in my eyes for 5 squishy characters that buff up a single unit of Stabbas. Squigs, Trolls and Spiders wouldnt benefit from it except from the 2 casters. Useful is a subjective term, it might not be as useful to you and me but to the likes of Malakree it is and thats because we simply dont play Trolls so we look at it and go meh not that good, but its good for them. Now everyone knows im not found of the Troggboss but people (Mayple for example) have made him work, so i have respect for the TB as in the right hands he is deadly and a pain in the bum and if i were to do a Troll list i would defiantly make use of the TB as he key to that style of army. The same goes for the Troggherd Yeah you could have Mollog for 170pts, but suddenly youve lost out on 1CP, few drops and an artefact you can throw onto your supporting wizard. Mollog doesnt really compare to that. I would be scared of a unit of Fellwater Troggs in the TH, 4 attacks each and any 6s to wound makes them have 3 damage a swing, yeah no thanks....
  5. I wish the Loonboss could ride a Giant haha!🤣 Give the Giant a Moon shaped iron helmet and his hands replaced with ball and chains, like that Troll from the 3rd Hobbit film ahahaha!! That would be so cool. I wish he had units of Bat Squigs too, only 1 wound compared to a Cave Squig but the same number of attacks and then some sort of distribution ability where they mess up the enemies shooting, kind of like how Bat Swarms work. Another cool one would be Trogglings or Half Troggs. Smaller than normal Trolls with maybe like 2 wounds each that act as the horde filler units for pure Troggherds! Same with Spiderfang, they should of got Spiderlings, or an Arok Queen who could birth her clutches of eggs like in Total War Warhammer, just to give those 2 subfactions some more ummphh when working solo. Yes the book is amazing and i know the Squigs got lucky with most of the attention in new models but some more love for the other 2 would of been so cool! We got the following new kits (most of the Moonclan can be used by everyone but there primary focus is Moonclan: Loonshrine - Universal Skraggrot - Moonclan Loonboss - Moonclan Gobbappalooza - Moonclan Fanatics - Moonclan Sneaky Snufflers - Moonclan Mangler Squigs - Squig Squig Hoppers - Squig Squig Herd - Squig Dankhold Troggoth - Troll Rockguts - Troll Mollog - Troll Endless Spells - Universal A MASSIVE release but if more new spider and troll units were done the book would of been perfect! Not complaining btw haha i love this army, by far my favourite of AoS for character, balance, army list compositions, colour schemes and whackiness!
  6. How very dare you sir!!!! It is our duty to treat our Squig overlords with care and compassion! They are the most cutest and friendliest beings in the realms. Without them we are but mindless savages like those Ironjaw Orruks! Squigs have taught us the way of honour, chivalry, to respect one another, to make friends. They are the definition of carefree happiness, the other races should take after them and maybe there wouldnt be so much fighting thats going on. 🤣😉 But yeah, i think people are going squig heavy as 1.) less models to paint 2.) they look amazing and characterful and 3.) they are a very self sufficient army, you dont need much help from outside influences to get the job done. Simply theres no mukkin' about. The same goes for full Troggherds and Spiderfang lists, they all do their own thing very well and you dont have to stack affect after affect to make a unit really good. There has been some good mixed lists on here (probably drowned in the Squig posts though) and Mayple's one look pretty tasty! You could probably replace his bounders with spiders and throw in a few more trolls and see how that goes, its just personal preference, like i for one love my unit of 15 Bounders but i probably wouldnt take 30 like Mayple 😉
  7. Oh yeah i thought i forgot something haha!!! I believe you must roll a 2+ for the Squigs to come out afterwards, thats how ive been playing it. I see it like hes exploding into a bunch Squigs and not like he dies with a wet ****** noise on a roll of a 1 and some Squigs crawl out of his mouth confused as to how they ended up here.
  8. Hey Skumbaagh! Lets do a little comparison between a Colossal and a Mangler: Colossal moves 4d6, has a 5+ save, Bravery 10 and 16 wounds all for 300pts. He has 1 ranged attack at 8" 5+ 5+ Rend - D3 damage. Then 8 attacks with a 3" reach hitting on 2s and 3s Rend 2 D3 damage, 6s to hit are D3 MWs instead, Then 10 attacks 1" range 5s and 3s Rend 1 and just 1 damage. He has a native -1 to hit in close combat and on a 6 when he charges deals 1 MW. When he dies on a 2+ summons 5 Cave Squigs so with that in mind he is really about 270pts so we are looking at a 30pt difference between the 2 monsters. The biggest difference between the 2 is that 1.) The Colossal does not have Fly and 2.) It degrades a lot worse than a Mangler (by a huge amount). The Mangler moves 3d6, has a 4+ save, Bravery 10 and 12 wounds for 240pts. He has 7 attacks 3s and 3s with a +1 to hit when he charges Rend 2 D3 damage, then 4 attacks 3s and 3s Rend 1 D6 damage, both of these profiles are 2" reach. Finally we have 4 1" range attacks 4s and 4s no Rend and 1 damage. He has Fly and when he dies explodes on a 4+ for every unit within 6" dealing D3 MWs. So just from those attacks we can calculate the maximum damage each model can do; Colossal at 37 damage dealt (not including the MW from the charge) whilst the Mangler has 49 as its maximum peak damage. Yeah we will never roll that perfect damage sequence but the Mangler already beats it in that field. This is due to the Mangler having more accurate high damage attacks compared to the Colossal (its mainly the feet letting the Colossal down). However it is worth noting that the Colossal has access to D3 MWs per 6 to hit with its 8 Jaw attacks at 3" range, this is quite good at picking off characters behind a screen or just inflicting heavy damage to units that wouldnt be too bothered by its Rend (Ethereal units, Eels, Stormcast). Now comes the juicy part, the most important part in my eyes between the two is the lack of Fly for the Colossal... Maybe this is because the Warscroll was updated inline with the other Squig units (except Cave Squigs) or it was deliberate not to give it him. But this does affect his movement a lot, he can get trapped behind other units, he might not be able to squeeze through some terrain, he might not be able to leap over an enemy unit to reach a support character or monster you want to have a nibble on. I have found Fly on the Mangler to be amazing, your units and your enemies, terrain, charging it affects all those interactions. Finally we come to the defensive part of the comparison. The Colossal is ignoring 16% of hits in combat vs the Mangler who is only ignoring 16% more wounds given to him with his 1 higher save. Now the Mangler can loose this 16% benefit if the Rend is high enough (Rend of 3), so i would give the defensive benefits to the Colossal. With 4 Extra wounds as well the Colossal will survive longer than its counterpart and will also spawn 10 wounds worth of a unit that also has 10 attacks 4s and 3s with a Rend of 1. So with all that in regard i would say that they are both as good as each other, the Colossal is more of a mainline type of Squig, it can last longer in combat, it will hold more things up. The Mangler is a heat seeking missile (or Nuke as people are calling him now), send him towards a unit you want to destroy, if he dies he deals damage, if hes left alive he deals damage but you cant rely on him to last in sustained combat like the Colossal. Now saying that the Colossal still doesnt want to remain in combat as it will degrade but it has the wounds and the -1 to hit to do so. Its kind of a design choice really, do you like the look of the Colossal? or would you want another Mangler. Ive gone for the Colossal as it looks cool and it will draw attention away from my other lesser Squigs hopping around the board. At the end of the day you cant go wrong with either. Hope that helps! 😉☺️
  9. no as that would be a good thing... thought you goblins were the smartest gits about! Cant even tell your moons apart
  10. If you turn the shrine facing your board edge and shove in a Loonboss he should be safe from most angles as hes blocked from line of sight. Its quite funny haha!
  11. Or the Cauldron! Or fleeing Squigs and exploding Manglers haha. I dont think it will come up all too often. Battleshock may finish them off, some funky terrain rules, suiciding them with Sneaky Snufflers, Cauldron, Squig Herd and Manglers, charging into combat to finish them off. If you have base locked other models they will be forced to attack you if none of your other units are in range and then if they retreat they cant shoot or charge, concede board space and objectives. So i think its once in a Blue Moon type of ordeal.
  12. Yea im with you there, i have 2k of Ironjawz but Squigs are my love of 40K and AoS. If Ironjawz had armoured Squigs i would be in heaven right now lol!
  13. In my Squig list mine is 2 Fungoids. I should be having another series of matches this Saturday at the local club so ill let you know how my list plays, but literally everyone has jumped on the Gloomspite Bandwagon around here! I was the only Destruction player for miles, now everyone and there dog is playing them, and everyone is going Squig mad too!!! Lmao 🤣😅 Was literally arm wrestling a guy for the only Mangler box in the Gamesworkshop at 10am on the Saturday...
  14. Ok i personally go for the Thermalrider Cloak, this may be odd to a lot of people but i view speed as its own form of defence. The extra 4" means he can deploy further back, out maneuver combat threats, fly over greater distances and reach the fight when i want to. With a run and a +3" extra move from the Boss on Giant Cave Squig hes averaging 17" of movement. As for casters, if you arent taking Skraggrot i would go Fungoid over Madcap. More Durable, doesnt suffer MWs when he rolls a double to cast with his mushroom, has a chance of getting CPs, better in melee (when it comes to it). If your planning on taking a relic then yeah take the Madcap Shaman otherwise i think the extra 10pts is by far more worth it on a Fungoid. Now Stabbas, i may not be the best one for that question, i havent had a time that i would have needed them instead of my Squig Herd as of yet, but like you i always want to use the other half of the Loonshrines abilities. But saying that the Shrine is free, so its more of a bonus than a need. If you want to try out some Stabbas go ahead! It will be nice to hear how they work in a Squig focused list.
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