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  1. I nearly had this done to my frigate on saturday by Plague Monks.... I was sweating a bit when I realised it.... LUCKILY, the Frigate survived combat and he failed to cast death frenzy on them
  2. I've solely played Urbaz so far and I have to agree with you about the anti magic sections of the army. I've literally just sat and watched spells being cast with no retaliation from me to cancel them. Navigators or Runelords are essential to the army I believe. There are some big spells out there that can half movement, stop you from retreating, teleports, minuses to hit/wound or dump a deluge of MWs onto a target and our KO just look in shock and horror from their boats powerless. I wouldnt want Whispers of Chaos cast on any of my units. Not being about to move AT ALL, hell no!!!! But its tough finding the pts for Navigators that dont do much except unbind (not fond of their innate prayer). So yeah Barak Nar and Urbaz are the Skyports that have my attention, Thryng being third, then Zon, Zilfin and then Mhornar
  3. Yeah bone reapers are on crack.... but if you took away Pertifex Elites I reckon they wouldn't be half as strong. Most armies now a days have a way to ignore battleshock or mitigate it some way. A handful of armies can strike twice in combat and most have a way of doing combat out of sequence through the hero phase or at the start of the combat phase. The +3" movement isnt too crazy really, it's a common theme in most battle tomes now to have some form of movement shenanigans, through teleports, prayers, crazy charge distances (cough marauders cough) or simply having a good movement value (7"-14"). The reroll saves is only in combat, has to be on a unit with shields? And costs RD points. StD throw out save rerolls like candy too, we can for a once per unit thing (when they have aether gold). I think it is literally just Pertifex Elite that is the problem, pair that with Gothizzar Harvesters and your not shifting a unit of 40 Mortek Guard with Shieldwall popped. I've seen online other sub factions played and they are no way as potent as PE.... and frankly it's boring to watch a Batrep with PE as nothing happens, theyll lose like a model or two from the whole army swinging at them, throwing magic and shooting. Its not fun to watch and I'll wager they will do something to change PE.
  4. I saw that before aswell made me laugh! It's true though but I am still happy with the book as it is. Maybe the ironclad, frigate and thunderers could see a nice pts drop in the next GHB but I'll manage for now. Looking in my area there isnt a single Ossiarch player, tournament wise or local.... it's still mainly slaanesh that is king (queen?) and then a couple Fyrslayer and Skaven players. I've had more fun and better games with the KO than my BoC and Ironjaws so far. StD I've yet to play as I'm sure the nurgle DP needs a FAQ so that's held me off playing them competitively atm. We are a solid mid tier army and we could probably throw our weight around with maybe bonereapers due to our ranged advantage. Slaanesh is probably still too strong with their own speed and stupid allegiance rules and KoS.
  5. This is the test paint scheme on a random miniature I made from spare parts. Not happy with the lenses but overall this is the theme I'm going for.
  6. Yeah I think I said before I'd take the flying endrinmaster over the admiral if i wanted a CC hero to go fight something. The admiral is just more accurate vs monsters/heroes and has his 5+++ pass off wounds. Its more of a list building thing I guess mainly. Atm I've only used the endrinmaster on foot due to the high pts cost of the suit variant.
  7. Sorry yeah your completely right! I must have been reading the command ability below it! Hmmm well then.... that's a pretty bad ability now that it's a reflection of the standard match play one....
  8. I still have too many frigates I cant use! 5 haha... I went crazy when the KO first ever came out... 2 ironclad too. The only thing I never got was the haulers as I hated them. But now I have 3 for the escort wing since the book came out. So yeah I'm liking how our book has but the ships back in the spot light. Mid tier but better than never being used tier. I usually play Ironjawz, Slaves to Darkness or Beasts of Chaos so it's a nice change to go back to the Dawi
  9. Yeah I know that it only affects his sky vessel it is still a budget buy of reroll 1s to hit for that vessel and its occupants other than spending multiple CPs to get the same affect
  10. It just makes a bit of sense in my head! The boats come and unload the troops and sail off. The arkanauts are away for a protracted amount of time so they need ways to navigate the aethergold and back to the ships aswell! I'm also currently making a model In each unit as a signal man, so they can notify any nearby vessels for pickup or support! I like KO as I can make them very realistic (even with flying ships haha!!!) In how they go to war and mine the aether. (This one needs a bit of repair work! Kind of like a KO style champion musician and standard bearer for each unit!
  11. I ordered 3 more boxes of thunderers this weekend for my LGS to arrive by this friday to go with my 10 already(the third box is to redo the special weapons on my first 5 thunderers as they currently have illegal weapons with 5 cannons... and then to use those 5 spare as crew men for my ironclad for aesthetics). I'm really loving the thunderers now this book and ive always preferred how they look model wise over arkanauts.
  12. Thanks for that advice Zilberfrid! I've been putting it off for 2 years haha best do it now🤣🤣
  13. Got to drill all the barrels out now.... grungni preserve my soul 🤣
  14. Updated my Arkanaut companies! I made a apprentice navigator for each squad to go with captain as a type of unit guide (purely for fluff and aesthetics) then made some sky pikes (never used them before as I was a skyhook and volleygun guy myself) and finally built the last of my skyhooks! The book has certainly kicked my hobby bug into gear! The pistols were fairly easy conversions if you guys are wondering how I did them.
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