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  1. That seems like they just forgot they existed until it was too late to print the cards (which wouldn't surprise me)
  2. The only thing I could think of that could explain this, is if they get new models sometime soon so GW is waiting for that to release the cards (or they just forgot to put them in the preview) Or GW is just GW and does whatever it wants
  3. Shadowspear (and the original AOS starter) are different in that they are monopose units that are all on one sprue so they had to choose to either throw away that mold or sell all of it in one box which turned into the start collecting sets. But it could still happen as the new Space Wolves Start Collecting has the Character from Tooth and Claw in it and they also had another SC before which got replaced. Or they just get released on their own like the Spiritseer and the Primaris Lieutenant from Wake the Dead and the Cryptek from Forgebane In the end GW did everything before so we have no idea what could happen (Personally I think that the factions without a SC will get a new one with their hero but Skaven, FEC and Sylvaneth will stay the same)
  4. Because the chaos gods are much stronger than the "normal" gods, so if they ever appear as a kind of model it could only be a tiny fraction of a shard of them which we already kind of have with the greater demon models
  5. Am I the only one who thinks the new site is much harder to navigate, with there being 3 different places where new articles could show up?
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