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  1. Not especially. There’s been a bit of scale creep since the older high elves, but they’re a comparable size to currently available COS aelves, just with a wider base filled by their stance
  2. Sorry that was a bad example then (and means I didn’t spot it was wrong when I was on the receiving end it). But my point was that you can still make an armour save, then use an ability to ignore each wound suffered. Fwiw, I totally agree negating a wound isn’t the same as deflecting it to another friendly unit, so you can still make both with the new rule. That was just the biggest (albeit incorrect) number of stacking rolls I could think of.
  3. Precisely. If that’s legit you get one roll to negate after wounds have been allocated. But all armour saves are made before wounds are allocated. It won’t affect the majority of wound/mortal wound negating abilities, but cuts back on stuff like Nagash having 2 attempts to negate a mortal wound, then being able to pass of the mortal wound to a morghast and attempt to negate it again.
  4. Thanks! It’s Celestra grey, ulthuan grey then white scar shaded with very diluted drakenhof nightshade. I’ve seen (in one of Duncan’s videos) that the fang with lots of lahmian medium might make a better shade though
  5. Finished my first warden. Bit of a test colour scheme but I like it well enough to do the rest the same way, although white clothes are a bit tricky. no particular great nation as I probably won’t focus on just one to start with.
  6. Got my box today- consider me hyped! it does feel like half a release though. Interesting lore titbit- aelves Attune themselves to the landscape elements in turn, with river (ydriliqi) being easiest to master, then mountain (Alaithi), wind (Oreali) and finally Zenith (Thalari). This means the most numerous of elementari warriors are actually the river rather than the mountain, even though we haven’t seen them yet...
  7. There’s a lot of Alpha striking lists that could take him down In one turn. As a KO player I can see something like 10 thunderers in an ironclad being an absolute nightmare for someone fielding Teclis, as that’s a lot of points gathered on one place. He’ll make Nagash and Tzeentch armies sad though.
  8. Only deepkin as allies? That’s a shame as I was hoping to combine with the COS elves
  9. It’s a wild rider, so possibly from an old warhammer armies: wood elves?
  10. I agree- first time I saw Teclis’ model it was a case of “not sure about you, but I like your cat” (like most people I know really) But having seen a few different angles in those videos his face and pose look much better- I think the reveal image wasn’t the best angle in hindsight and makes the whole model look more flat that it really is.
  11. There’s at least one more model not officially revealed (veiled lady) and I’d be surprised if that’s the only one.
  12. The cow spirits are growing on me I think, but the stone guard less so, mostly because of how much better they look in some of the mock ups with plumes in this thread. It occurs to me, aesthetics aside, that they’re also going to be a pain to transport with the helmets as they are. There’s no way this is the whole range though- I think they’re just showing off the mountain aspect at the moment and I’m willing to bet there’ll be at least one more aspect from the start- the veiled lady might be the mage for the wind aspect for example. For some baseless speculation, I think they’ve laid out the faction with the three core units (spears, archers and cavalry) with Teclis and Eltharion as all rounders. Then for each of the 4 aspects there’ll be a fighty hero or spirit, a mage and an elite unit, either at release or planned down the line. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but I think it’s feasible that we could see 3 out of 4 aspects at release: Mountain: Spirit of the mountain, stonemage and stoneguard. Wind: Unseen combat hero, veiled lady, mounted archers (dual kit with dawn riders) Rivers: Unseen combat hero (dual kit with wind hero). Unseen mage, elite unit (dual kit with stoneguard) That only needs two more as yet unrevealed kits to achieve (the river mage and a combat hero) with the rest coming from the other half of dual kits we’ve already seen- a big release but not that different to ossiarchs (11 kits including the one in feast of bones, we’ve seen 9 so far for lumineth). If this is a whopper of a release we may yet still see Tyrion and the zenith aspect but it’s feeling unlikely. Or they could be making Phoenix temple units the Zenith units (possibly with a redesigned Phoenix given that banner, or a new mage) allowing all 4 aspects from the start- which would explain why they were the only old high elves to stick around. Again, pure baseless speculation, but I reckon it’s possible!
  13. The new infantry looks great to me! Willing to bet that’s a lot with more than one unit you can build from it. I’m less sure about the giant cow thing though. I might pass on that one.
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