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  1. Precisely as some have said, the biggest issue in my mind is that people are picking the realm based on the artefact they want, rather than the other way around. When there’s quite an imbalance between artefacts (why would you ever take one with a situational -1 to hit, when you could just take a gryph feather charm?) you end up with most of the artefacts being redundant. Many of the broken artefacts could likely be faq’d though- I’ve often thought the ethereal amulet would be less of a no brained if it limited the save to a 4+ at best. And the doppelgänger cloak would be less obnoxious if it couldn’t be taken on monsters. For me it’s a bit theoretical though, as the realm artefacts don’t actually see much use in my gaming group. The one guy who regularly uses them does so in an army specifically put together in a shadow theme, with a rather nifty looking doppelgänger cloak conversion on the general (encouraging stuff like that surely was the whole point of these realm artefacts in the first place). So I don’t really have a horse in this race at the moment, but it does worry me a bit.
  2. Azamar

    How to deal with a Behemoth

    If you wanted to stick with daemons, what about converting a blood secretor, perhaps from a herald. That would keep with your theme but still allow you to include the lynchpin mortal character that khorne armies rely on (and saves you having to start getting other characters/units you didn’t want to). blood letters are underwhelming in units of 10 so they’ll never shine in path to glory. But in large blocks they’re lethal, and easily buffed by other khorne units. Last time I faced bloodletters I lost a hydra to them in a single round of combat, so your monster woes should hopefully diminish as your army gets larger.
  3. Azamar

    AoS 2 - Darkling Covens Discussion

    Ive has a few games now with the following list, and seem to be having a fair bit of success (albeit in a non competitive environment) Sorceress on black dragon (general) -Impossibly swift -Incorporeal retainer Sorceress -anklet of epiphany Sorceress 10 bleakswords 10 bleakswords 20 darkshards 20 executioners 20 black guard 5 drakespawn knights 1 hydra. Thrall warhost Quicksilver blades I’ve had 3 games with this army - 1 against legions of nagash based around a death march with supporting morghasts, and 2 against a khorne gore pilgrims army, accompanied by a bloodthirster, skarbrand and 30 bloodletters- all of them went pretty well. I’ve been using each unit of bleakswords as a screen for one of the elite units, using terrain where I can to stop enemies going round the sides. Assuming there’s no double turn, and against a tough target or several units close together, this gives the elites potentially three lots of melee attacks (pile in to the charging unit once the screen is dead, then in my turn the battalion ability attacks followed by a normal charge and combat) before anything can hit them back, which has proved devastating when it goes right. The best performing unit in the army seems to be the black guard. In the first game they(with admittedly some help from the darkshards) tore through a unit of black knights and 4 morghasts using the above tactic, and they saw the bloodletters off pretty handily in game 2 as well. A special nod to the executioners as well, who underperformed against the undead, but killed skarbrand in both games against khorne- the first time inflicting 16 mortal wound on him in one go. My opponent wasn’t thrilled by that, but given there was a unit of bloodletters kicking around doing mortal wounds on a 3+, I wasn’t brimming with sympathy! 😛 As a final note- so far the sorceresses have survived every game, and a couple of times have been close to the only models still alive- the ultimate goal for a darkling coven host I think! Edit: sorry, I have no idea why that’s come out in massive text!
  4. Azamar

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    My target is to paint the last models I need for a fully painted 2000 points of darkling covens. So: 10 executioners 10 black guard
  5. Azamar

    The Painting Contract - November 2018

    Managed to hit the target, almost. Doubt I’ll get another endless spell done by Saturday.
  6. Azamar

    The Rumour Thread

    It’s a built in cone of shame I think. Certainly looks like it would be hard for Karnak to reach his <ahem> bits.
  7. Azamar

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    Don’t you need a couple more units for a grudgebound war throng? Or am I missing something here. I’d considered trying to build an army around that battalion myself, but I found the amount of units to take limiting (as it’s hard to fit in many units larger than the minimum unit size)
  8. Azamar

    The Painting Contract - November 2018

    Still largely painting lotr stuff, but I’m going to set a target to clear a couple of unopened boxes sitting guiltily in the corner: 10 Phoenix guard 2 endless spells although if I get half of that done I’ll be happy...
  9. Azamar

    Best saving throw ever!

    The more traffic there is around him the better his chance of survival, clearly.
  10. Azamar

    The Rumour Thread

    Rincewind and the luggage from Terry Pratchett’s discworld Series.
  11. Azamar

    The Painting Contract - October 2018

    Managed to get through my list last month- bit late in posting but they were all done in September, honest guv! Still need to dig out another brazier for the black guard banner at some point. This month I may get another 10 executioners or black guard done, but I think I’ll mostly be painting lotr stuff
  12. Azamar

    Size comp; Magmadroth / Ogroid

    Like this?
  13. Azamar

    Size comp; Magmadroth / Ogroid

    Looks like you may have found better options, but if it still helps here’s the two together
  14. Azamar

    AoS 2 - Darkling Covens Discussion

    I’m would say start with the minimum units for the battalion and work from there. A sorceress, 3x10 of the darkshards/ swords/spears, 10 executioners and 10 guard is 880 including the battalion cost and a good framework to build on.
  15. I wonder how much of this is because stormcast- as the poster child of AOS- are the obvious army to try and balance others around? Maybe the exercise isn’t to buff up stormcast to the level of LON and the like, but to tweak those armies (or in many cases, just the broken elements of those armies) back down to their level. And ideally buffing all the armies below them up to their level. I dont know know for sure this is the case, but if it is it might explain why stormcast are never top of the tourney lists. Just a thought anyway. Internal balance is another issue of course. It does feel silly that the wizard chamber are more accomplished fighters than the warrior chamber.