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  1. I think you and @satyricalsophist have hit the nail on the head here- can you imagine an ironclad with 10 thunderers and a khemist on board, floating around with a -2 to hit bubble in combat (-3 to hit the units inside) that then counts as 22 models on an objective and can teleport? WW mentioned it felt like someone added these restrictions at the last minute, and I wonder if this is what happened when the play testers found a broken combo?- to me having that sorted before the book is even out (rather than having to wait for an faq fix) is a good idea. It’s a shame every single thunderer ability doesn’t work when embarked, but the -1 to hit abilities and counting towards objectives feel like there’s a reason they shouldn’t work when embarked.
  2. Might depend on what skyport you’re using. In Barak Nar Skywardens have quite a lot of potential on the charge, so you probably want them to have the combat weapons plus a skyhook in larger units. endrinriggers might spend a lot of the game near your boats rather than on the offence- if so then taking ranged weapons would be better.
  3. I don’t really know much about the new Tzeentch book, but I’m not sure what any army could do against that to be honest. edit: although isn’t locus of change against melee attacks?
  4. Even speaking as someone who’s very pleased the new book, I agree. The battleline feels very restrictive- it’s disappointing that skyriggers are linked to the one new hero rather than being a general “battleline if KO” choice. If you didn’t want a named sky port, or did but one of the half of the choices that don’t unlock a battleline, then you’ve either got to take the new hero or stick to the old three units of arkanauts- which isn’t great for list variety. At least arkanauts are dirt cheap now, which frees up points to go elsewhere if you want your own skyport led by an admiral for example. It’s a bit of a shame, but also something an faq or future ghb could easily fix, so fingers crossed.
  5. If you’re after traditional archers with pointy ears then shadow warriors are the way to go- the kit can also be built as sisters of the watch for a more arcane type of archer. They’re part of the cities of sigmar battletome, but I think you can only order it through the online store (but you can usually order them for delivery in store)
  6. It would go by the sky vessel keyword, so no. But thank you for the hilarious image of a bunch of balloon dwarfs launching into the air like some kind of chain of monkeys
  7. It’s a bit of a shame it isn’t +1 to hit or reroll wounds or something. On the bright side it’s only one of his (unusually large number) of command abilities, and it’s a prime candidate to fire off using the proclaimer mask each round (something you couldn’t do with the matched play ability as it’s only for ones on the warscroll).
  8. Sorry- to be clear I meant that the command ability doesn’t affect him or any others in the garrison, it only gives the rerolls to the ship itself. Unless I’ve missed something in the garrison rules, they’re still separate units. In comparison, the repel boarders command ability definitely does benefit the garrison.
  9. From the wording it looks like it only affects the sky vessel he’s embarked on unfortunately. I’d wondered about the point of that command ability as well, although the universal reroll 1s to hit is a matched play only thing, so I guess it makes a difference it open or narrative games. I still think the admiral is very useful I should add, for the reasons you and others have mentioned. edit: I’ve just spotted that the proclaimer mask hailed only works for abilities on the admirals warscroll, so that gives that particular ability a reason to be there.
  10. An admiral would make sense, or a flavour of endrinmaster to keep them in the air. With that lot, can I also suggest a portable speaker, and an MP3 player with Ride of the Valkyries downloaded.
  11. This was my thought as well- I was surprised to look back to this thread and see all the doom and gloom over the last few pages (not from everyone obviously, but more than I would expect before the book is even in our hands). I have very limited experience with Sylvaneth so far, but I’ve already learned that tree revenants create a threat disproportionate to their apparent strength in combat. The fact that KO can now do this with a considerable chunk of their army- or with their whole army if the fancy takes you- sounds really quite strong to me.
  12. Holy moly the ironclad sounds terrifying now- flat 6 damage on the sky cannon and up to 2 damage and 3+ to wound on the aethercarbines. Mix that with the new aethergold ability and it’s going to annihilate anything that gets close to it, plus better healing all round. 510 points now but worth every one by the sound of it. Mind you, I suspect there’s plenty of things out there that can still flatten it in a single turn even with a 3+ save. slightly disappointed that two battleline if choices are linked to the new hero, but sone options are better than none at all, and at least arkanauts are cheaper as well.
  13. Good. Great even- whilst not a dealbreaker (only thing for me that would be close would no no new battleline choice, and even then who am I kidding, I’ll still be using mine anyway) I was really worried they’d remain as another army with no inbuilt way to get rid of endless spells. As I’m currently painting a sylvaneth army, I’m personally more than happy not to have another terrain piece to worry about.
  14. I’ve spent the last few months working on a new sylvaneth army- mostly brought second hand off a friend at my local club. I’ve just passed the 1000 point mark of painted models with a second unit of kurnoth hunters, so figured now would be a good time to share. Bonus picture of a converted branchwraith (out of a second branchwych) next up, I better get some trees together so I can use them on the tabletop!
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