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  1. It begins with a single sapling, pushing through the earth as the days shorten and the nights grow darker. Perhaps growing in a town square, sometimes hidden in an overgrown garden. Most frequently, it will take root somewhere in the wilderness of the realms, unseen and unnoticed. The sapling is not much to look at save for one detail- even in heat of the sun its leaves are frozen solid. Those who have heard the legend will act quickly. A mage or priest may dig the sapling up, set a fire where it stood and salt the earth around it. The fire will not be permitted to burn out until the first shoots of spring arrive. More nomadic races will simply up and leave, traveling without rest throughout the winter, always casting an eye into the shadows. If ignored or unnoticed, within a few days the sapling will have grown into a small Witch Hazel tree. Its warped leaves hard and as cold as ice. Any attempt to remove the tree now will fail. However carefully it is dug out, however large the fire, within a few hours the Witch Hazel will have returned. By the end of the first week, other trees will start to grow. Denizens of the mortal realms may wake to find a forest of Oak, Ash and Birch filling their camps or roads. Despite the cold and the changing season, most trees still bear their leaves, but every leaf is frozen solid. Survivors speak of attempts to clear a path with fire or axe, only to turn and find new trees have grown. They may, reluctantly, also speak of the sound- a crystalline ringing, faint at first but growing steadily louder each day. By the end of the first month, the snow will set in, covering the trees and ground in a thick white shroud. By then the Herald walks amongst the trees, and it is too late to flee. Those too close to the Witch Hazel will be swallowed by the forest, be it an Orruk camp, human settlement or even a city, it will not be seen again until the Spring, and the bodies of its inhabitants may not thaw until well into the summer. Those on the outskirts must stockpile food and prepare for siege, for every day throughout the winter the forest will draw closer. And every night, the Sylvaneth of the Witch Hazel grove will emerge from the snow, their limbs stiff and cold, their eyes and Lamentiri glowing blue, following the Herald into battle.
  2. I believe (and competitive players please stop me if I’m wrong) that meta KO builds are more about the skyport and certain artefacts rather than what units you take. For a casual setting I’ve found there aren’t really any units that are so bad you should always avoid. A good start might be to get the ironclad, a start collecting set and a box of arkanauts. That’s 1105 depending on how you build the balloon troops. He’ll need to go with Urbaz or Nar (to make the gunhauler or thunderers battleline) if he wanted to play some test games with it, but it’d be a good starting point. From there I would expand on what models he like the look of. Getting an endrinmaster with dirigible suit and using that as a general makes having the rest of his battleline easier, but isn’t essential if he goes with a skyport that unlocks battleline choices or just likes arkanauts. Hope that’s some helpful thoughts for a starting point
  3. The whole fights at the start of the combat phase vs fights before your opponent debacle ended up with a rapid clarification (and a whole article on the community page) within about 2 weeks of an faq update. It doesn’t happen often though
  4. I realise there won’t be an official answer until the new stormcast book arrives and written with blaze of glory in mind, but in the meantime: Is there a consensus on how these two abilities (from dominion, and the lord arcanum’s warscroll interact? They both activate when a model is slain, however scions is “instead of” removing the model and blaze is “before” removing the model. Is it possible to use Both abilities to activate blaze of glory and keep the model on the table? Or does this mean only one can be used (as if you activate blaze of glory first, it would have to end with removal of the model)
  5. Completed my first battle cattle this week- would quite happily get a second to have a generic one, but this gets my stone temple up and running for now! Now for another unit of stoneguard
  6. 4 magmadroths is mad, and could only be improved by going with Lofnir and taking a 5th!
  7. I’ve played my first couple of games of third edition now and have stuck with Fyreslayers for both as I figured they’re easy enough to use, allowing me to focus on relearning the core rules. I went with much the same army for both games: lodge Hermdar grand strategy- hold the line Warlord battalion: Runefather on Magmadroth (general). -warrior Indominate -tyrant slayer - coal heart ancient Auric Runemaster- prayer of ash, ash cloud rune. Battlesmith 10x Hearthguard berserkers (poleaxes) Vanguard battalion Auric Runesmiter- searing heat 20 x vulkite berserkers (warpicks/shields) 10 x vulkite berserkers (paired axes) 5 x hearthguard berserkers (broad axes) 1500 points bang on. for the second game I switched the hearthguard’s weapons around, and took heal as the extra prayer for the runemaster My first game was against ironjawz with a variant on the tankcrusha build (with an artefact that reduced rend by 1 instead of the 5+ ward) and the second against petrifex bonereapers with two blocks of 20 mortek guard back up by a catapult, deathriders and various heroes For those of you worried that Fyreslayers are going to be bad on AOS3, I can certainly say that hasn’t been my experience. Neither game has lasted more than 3 turns and both have been pretty thumping victories. Against the Ironjawz it was basically over turn 1 following the death of the mawkrusha. My opponent overstretched and went barrelling in with the mawkrusha (along with some piggies)- destroying the small unit of hearthguard but drawing in the larger unit early leading to the kill. The rest of the fight became largely irrelevant once it was down- an attempt was made to take down the magmadroth in revenge and it was close (left it on 1-2 wounds at the end of round 2) but by then his army had been whittled down to 1 ardboy, 2 goregruntas and a warchanter, and it was clear any comeback was nigh impossible. Whilst I’m liking AOS3 so far, this game does highlight my main concern for the future, which is games revolving around one or two big monsters are going to be really swingy. With a third of the armies points wrapped up in one model the game was very one sided where it went down, but on the flip side armies that can’t deal with it (you need -2 rend to take it off a 2+ save, or -3 if it uses finest hour or mystic shield- the only damage I really did was from mortal wounds) are going to get flattened. The game against bonereapers was a little more even for the first couple of turns, but went downhill rapidly for the OBR once their army became more spread out- only getting shield wall once per turn hurts them. Heroes of this game were the 20 vulkites- dropping into the opponents territory. 40 wounds with a 4+ save in combat (that can now be maintained against rend with all out defence) that is also immune to battleshock is hard for anyone to shift and can’t be ignored, and forcing OBR to spread out. My overall impressions for fyreslayers are they’re pretty strong. I live in hope for some more unit options in time, but of the ones we do have there’s a lot of good options. the runefather of magmadroth is great, getting a huge boost from the new monster and hero abilities whilst being a bit cheaper than equivalents in other armies. The battle smith still feels like an autoinclude and hearthguard are still contenders for best unit in the game. I still love my 20 deep-striking vulkites, and anyone who thinks vulkite berserkers aren’t worth taking should try it out- they definitely earned more victories than my hearthguard when I used them in 2nd edition, and apart from their damage output dropping somewhat due to coherency changes (which was never really the point anyway) I don’t see any reason they shouldn’t carry on being the secret stars of the show. One other disadvantage though is their initial target might redeploy, leaving them unable to charge the turn they drop in (the ironjawz player used this to great effect against them in the first game) making it important to put them in such a position that they can’t be ignored from the outset. The runemaster is still, predictably, duff. He’s cheap enough at least but, unless you need him to power the forge, allying in a runelord is probably better, especially if you’re only using generic prayers with him. I’m also not convinced by small units of vulkites so far- they’re a bit expensive to just act as a screen now and due pretty quickly that I think I’d want 20 in a unit minimum in most cases. if you made it through that wall of text then as a bonus here’s a couple of photos of the first game against ironjawz- we put the mawkrusha back on the table for the photo (it was in amongst the hearthguard but the goregruntas had piled in since).
  8. I agree speak to your friends, seeing how this is narrative play after all
  9. As I understand it, they no longer have a points cost and you can take them if you have the right units. But they don’t give single drop/ extra command points/extra enhancements and you can only use them in battle packs that allow them (ie not matched play)
  10. Been a while since I’ve posted here, but finished my regent today (Lyrior with a weapon swap)
  11. Isn’t the wording the same as the previous faq, just carried over? It’s how the rule is worded on the AOS app. It literally just means it can’t stack (I.e if you had 2 battlesmiths, a unit can’t get +1 save from both of them). It’s a shame the firewall doesn’t block LOS anymore, but that 6+ ward (with a small chance for a 4+) is tasty. 20 hermdar vulkites next to an objective with a firewall in range is going to be difficult to shift. edit: snapshot from current rule wording off app added
  12. I could see that curse working quite well if you can get it cast at the right time, but curse is quite short ranged and unreliable on a 4+ so I don’t know how well that would work in practice. 2 Runesons are worth considering for the rerolls- I do like my runefather on droth but he is a but expensive now. That being said if you’re getting three kits you’ll have enough spare parts that you could swap them out. The rune father/son sits on the magmadroth well enough you don’t need to glue him on, so with two magmadroths I’ve built one dedicated runesmiter droth, and a second with a runeson and runefather built I can swap out depending on what I want to use
  13. I’m really looking forward to the new edition- a lot of new stuff to learn and I’ll need to rejig how I build my armies, but it’ll be an interesting challenge, and it’s definitely attracting some interest in my local gaming group just as in person games are starting to get more viable.
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