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  1. I pinned mine- it’s pretty easy to do (first thing I’d ever pinned) you just need a hobby drill, and use cut pieces of a paper clip for the pin. Has the added bonus that you can remove the flying stand for transport.
  2. I’ve done this and I think it works. A lot of the newer plastics had similar features across the different armies- dark elves a bit more spikey and wood elves (eternal guard anyway) have a tunic rather than a breast plate, but there’s enough similarities to gel them together imo.
  3. Phoenix Guard and Greatswords both had models displayed alongside the book at the open day (plus there’s a greatsword on the cover) so they seem pretty safe. And Scourge Privateers were mentioned in the announcement article I think, which would suggest corsairs are in.
  4. To recap- Think of the combat phase as three mini phases- start of phase normal phase end of phase if an ability says it happens at the start of the phase, it happens in the first mini phase, then normal combat starts. If both players have start of phase abilities, then the player whose turn it is uses all their start abilities, then their opponent does. My understanding of it is (based on the contorted epitome’s horrible fascination ability vs the Hermdar command ability) On your turn you activate your start of phase abilities first- meaning you spend your command point and your berserkers fight. Then the Slaanesh player activates their start of phase abilities like horrible fascination. They’re welcome to roll for the berserkers, but as they’ve already fought it won’t make any difference- it can’t cancel out with the berserkers attacks as they’ve already happened. In the Slaanesh player’s turn they activate horrible fascination first. If it’s successful, but in your start of phase you spend a command point on the Hermdar ability, the two cancel out and the berserkers fight during the normal phase as usual. Lords of the lodge I’d be less sure about, but I assume in the first example (your turn) the berserkers second pile in would have to happen at the end of the phase- again the two abilities don’t cancel out as the Hermdar ability has already been resolved. In the second example (Slaanesh turn) I assume the abilities do cancel and both pile ins would happen in the normal phase, but there’s an argument for the second pile in waiting until the end of the phase. Does that sound right to everyone? I don’t know what the 2+ ability is, but if it’s a start of combat phase ability as well it would follow the same rules.
  5. This one appeared in the rumour thread.
  6. There’s a black guard on the lower row (banner 2nd from left) so at least some darklings hopefully are in.
  7. So you know for next time- the destiny dice can’t be used for the number of wounds caused by a spell- it’s on the first page of the tzeentch errata.
  8. A 6 causes 2 mortal wounds, whether the attack subsequently wounds doesn’t affect this. The wording is just to distinguish it from attacks that cause a mortal wound and end the attack sequence altogether.
  9. AOSFAQ@gwplc.com is the email for rules queries so I guess that would be the best email for feedback unless anyone else knows differently.
  10. They’re both still in there right at the start of the order profiles. Doesn’t seem that their points have changed.
  11. Kabalite green over incubi darkness. Shading with coelia green shade and highlight with sybarite green.
  12. This month’s pledge is complete! Really pleased with how Brokk has come out, although an error when gluing has left the left hand guard sitting out of place. Oh well. Going to be painting mostly lotr stuff for the next few weeks I think, but I’ll be back when I return to AOS projects (probably more overlords)
  13. Genuine question (as I haven’t seen it in action) how much of the concern about 30 hearthguard is theory crafting, and how much actually translates to a problem? I ask as it often gets mentioned as the main fyreslayer tactic (and often listing every single buff in the book on them simultaneously) but it seems to me to be too many eggs in one basket to be viable. By that I mean the minimum cost of a lords of the lodge battalion is 1100 points. It makes for a pretty nasty unit, but one that can guard precisely one objective and has to stay quite bunched up to keep many of those buffs active (so no guarding multiple objectives by snaking out, and can’t easily make use of the vorstag run and charge tricks). It’s not moving fast, so anyone who knows what they’re doing would surely just ignore it, or feed it a few chaff units whilst bringing the entire rest of their army down on the other 900 points of fyreslayers. For my part I’d just remove the max unit discount and put it on the vulkite berserkers, as an elite unit has no business having that kind of discount in the first place, but how much of a problem are fyreslayers actually causing right now with that trick?
  14. For @sorokyl: here’s the Phoenix and magmadroth side by side, and a picture with a spare runeson on top. The back of the throne on the Phoenix is actually a similar height to the stone brazier in the magmadroth, although due to the more bulky shape it may still look a little unbalanced.
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