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  1. Azamar

    The Rumour Thread

    Rincewind and the luggage from Terry Pratchett’s discworld Series.
  2. Azamar

    The Painting Contract - October 2018

    Managed to get through my list last month- bit late in posting but they were all done in September, honest guv! Still need to dig out another brazier for the black guard banner at some point. This month I may get another 10 executioners or black guard done, but I think I’ll mostly be painting lotr stuff
  3. Azamar

    Size comp; Magmadroth / Ogroid

    Like this?
  4. Azamar

    Size comp; Magmadroth / Ogroid

    Looks like you may have found better options, but if it still helps here’s the two together
  5. Azamar

    AoS 2 - Darkling Covens Discussion

    I’m would say start with the minimum units for the battalion and work from there. A sorceress, 3x10 of the darkshards/ swords/spears, 10 executioners and 10 guard is 880 including the battalion cost and a good framework to build on.
  6. I wonder how much of this is because stormcast- as the poster child of AOS- are the obvious army to try and balance others around? Maybe the exercise isn’t to buff up stormcast to the level of LON and the like, but to tweak those armies (or in many cases, just the broken elements of those armies) back down to their level. And ideally buffing all the armies below them up to their level. I dont know know for sure this is the case, but if it is it might explain why stormcast are never top of the tourney lists. Just a thought anyway. Internal balance is another issue of course. It does feel silly that the wizard chamber are more accomplished fighters than the warrior chamber.
  7. Azamar

    AoS 2 - Phoenix Temple Discussion

    To my knowledge there’s no rule against stacking different abilities unless the wording of the abilities specifically says otherwise. Yes the abilities have similar wording, but there’s no reason you can’t use each ability in turn. They are not rerolls. Note ignax’s scales only work against mortals, not normal wounds, so it isn’t identical to witness to destiny.
  8. Azamar

    AoS 2 - Phoenix Temple Discussion

    Yes, as does master of defence. So if you take that, an archmage and ignax’s scales, it’s possible to have a Phoenix with 4+ 4+ 6+ 6+ every time it takes a mortal wound. Your opponent may throw a tape measure at you if you attempt that one though, so proceed with caution.
  9. Deepkin, Fyreslayers, KO, dispossessed, Phoenix temple, darkling covens and mixed order.... My word I had to click a lot of tick boxes there. Maybe I should take it easy. Until light/shadow elves come out that is...
  10. Azamar

    AoS 2 - Darkling Covens Discussion

    Looks like a good starting point- I’m planning a similar list. But you will need to split those dreadspears up into smaller units unfortunately- you need at least 3 units of dreadspears/darkshards/bleak swords for the thrall warhost
  11. Azamar

    The Painting Contract - September 2018

    I like this idea- I’ll have to remember to look back at this thread. I'm looking to turn a scattered few darkling coven units from a mixed order army into a full aqshy themed darklings force- so my target: 10 executioners (5 already done) 10 darkshards (3 already done) 10 Black guard sorceress on dragon if I’m really organised, I’ve had an idea for khinerai conversions kicking around my head for a while. Might have to wait until next Month for that though
  12. Swift hawk agents, Phoenix temple and Eldritch Council all feel like they’re not going anywhere. Phoenix temple are a strong feature in the free cities lore, and could easily be fleshed out to a larger faction. As for power creep- the loremaster still is a good choice albeit a bit expensive. And Phoenix guard are still excellent (not to mention the frostheart). Certainly people at my local club still seem quite scared of them, even with some of the new toys around.
  13. Honestly that sounds more like the problem with the other player rather than a lack of balance- assuming the stormcast player knew he was playing a newbie, he really should have considered not taking the double turn there, to give your friend a bit more of a sporting chance. Do you know the stormcast player well enough to have a quiet word? As as for your friend, I think the advice above is great. Additionally, you could also use it as a learning exercise if he’s up for talking tactics- if he faced that same army again, how could he deploy or position his stuff differently to make the double turn hurt less, or reduce the impact of that first charge. If it’s not obvious, you could do a mock game with some proxies to work out what might work best. Personally I find double turns always difficult with kharadrons, as they benefit massively from them, whilst finding them super punishing if your opponent gets one in charge range. I tend to start with as many bodies in ships as possibleto finish deploying first- if I can chose who starts then I’ll generally opt to go second, then keep opting to go second if I win the roll off until I’m sure I can get the best from the double turn. But they are harder to get this right with than most armies.
  14. Azamar

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    A few months ago I would have said keep the riggers as is, and if you want a mobile weapons platform put the special weapons on the skywardens. Now they’re the same cost, if you wanted a dedicated heavy weapon unit you could feasibly go with either. If you’re planning to get the riggers into combat keep to the saws. I havent tried them myself, but if you’re taking units larger than 3, then a grapnel hook or two is apparently well worth it. Purely wishlisting, but I would love to see them tougher and with synergy with the ships: 4+ save and 7 bravery: they’re dwarves/ duardin after all skyhook: reduce rend to -1 and range to 18” volleygun: no change skypike : increase to wound to 3+ pistols: change to 6”, 1 attack 4+/4+, -1 rend 1 damage cutters: change to 2 attacks, 4+/3+ no rend 1 damage. Opportunistic privateers, change to: if this unit made a charge move, add one to all hit rolls in the following combat phase. If this unit also disembarked from a sky vessel, improve the rend characteristic by one for all melee weapons in the following combat phase. Makes them less about sniping characters, and more about descending from their ships and swashbuckling! God knows what that would do to their points cost though. Frankly I would just settle for another battleline choice at this point.
  15. Gut feeling is 30 is a bit much, but probably depends on what else the model has defence wise. 30 wounds with a 5+ Save would be a whole lot different to 30 wounds with a 3+ save and built in -1 to hit. overall there’s a line here that’s best not crossed imo. Yes, it’s uncinematic when Nagash gets whittled down by an endless stream of goblins, but that has to be possible. Otherwise the game becomes all about which player’s big thing kills the other player’s big thing first.