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  1. I don’t think they’re asexual now that coalesced seraphon are a thing- they have spawning pools which likely needs males and females to work. In my mind though, if you saw a lizard or frog in real life you’re probably not going to be able to say whether it was male if female at a glance unless you had specialist knowledge. Much of the time any difference between male and female is something subtle like the length of the head or the shape of the tail after the cloaca. Seraphon aren’t real world lizards, but I’m not aware of any reason why they would be different in this regard. There probably won’t be obvious differences in their shape or their voice. So regarding that Saurus oldblood over there, you’ll most likely need expertise, specialist equipment and a suicidal death wish to determine its gender. As far as lore goes, it sounds like they typically default to using male pronouns, which is problematic but perhaps not surprising. A mammalian observer probably can’t tell the difference anyway, in this case considering them male until proven otherwise, and the lizard is too busy trying to eat said mammal to care whether it has been misgendered or not. To try and tie this in with the OP- how could Seraphon help with a better representation for female models? The differences don’t translate across particularly well, and giving them typical recognisable (by human standards) female characteristics I fully agree would be terrible. Perhaps something like a different crest shape or size (or colour) might work.
  2. It always seems that elf kits lead the way for gender balance, as the older dark elf infantry kits had a similar mix, and elder guardians too going back 10+ years. Its also true of newer kits like eternal guard and the lumineth (it’s really subtle in the latter case but there are female torsos in the warden kit). why only elves and not humans and dwarfs is odd though. How many female Order hero models in AOS aren’t aelves?
  3. Here’s my attempt. Maybe that tiny dragon will grow at some point...
  4. There’s a mounted beast option between minor beast and monstrous beast?
  5. Not especially. There’s been a bit of scale creep since the older high elves, but they’re a comparable size to currently available COS aelves, just with a wider base filled by their stance
  6. Sorry that was a bad example then (and means I didn’t spot it was wrong when I was on the receiving end it). But my point was that you can still make an armour save, then use an ability to ignore each wound suffered. Fwiw, I totally agree negating a wound isn’t the same as deflecting it to another friendly unit, so you can still make both with the new rule. That was just the biggest (albeit incorrect) number of stacking rolls I could think of.
  7. Precisely. If that’s legit you get one roll to negate after wounds have been allocated. But all armour saves are made before wounds are allocated. It won’t affect the majority of wound/mortal wound negating abilities, but cuts back on stuff like Nagash having 2 attempts to negate a mortal wound, then being able to pass of the mortal wound to a morghast and attempt to negate it again.
  8. Thanks! It’s Celestra grey, ulthuan grey then white scar shaded with very diluted drakenhof nightshade. I’ve seen (in one of Duncan’s videos) that the fang with lots of lahmian medium might make a better shade though
  9. Finished my first warden. Bit of a test colour scheme but I like it well enough to do the rest the same way, although white clothes are a bit tricky. no particular great nation as I probably won’t focus on just one to start with.
  10. Got my box today- consider me hyped! it does feel like half a release though. Interesting lore titbit- aelves Attune themselves to the landscape elements in turn, with river (ydriliqi) being easiest to master, then mountain (Alaithi), wind (Oreali) and finally Zenith (Thalari). This means the most numerous of elementari warriors are actually the river rather than the mountain, even though we haven’t seen them yet...
  11. There’s a lot of Alpha striking lists that could take him down In one turn. As a KO player I can see something like 10 thunderers in an ironclad being an absolute nightmare for someone fielding Teclis, as that’s a lot of points gathered on one place. He’ll make Nagash and Tzeentch armies sad though.
  12. Only deepkin as allies? That’s a shame as I was hoping to combine with the COS elves
  13. It’s a wild rider, so possibly from an old warhammer armies: wood elves?
  14. I agree- first time I saw Teclis’ model it was a case of “not sure about you, but I like your cat” (like most people I know really) But having seen a few different angles in those videos his face and pose look much better- I think the reveal image wasn’t the best angle in hindsight and makes the whole model look more flat that it really is.
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