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  1. For @sorokyl: here’s the Phoenix and magmadroth side by side, and a picture with a spare runeson on top. The back of the throne on the Phoenix is actually a similar height to the stone brazier in the magmadroth, although due to the more bulky shape it may still look a little unbalanced.
  2. I’ll take a photo of the two side by side later, but off the top of my head the rider might fit ok but the magmadroth saddle might be a bit tall.
  3. To share a more optimistic view: The frost Phoenix going up again in cost is a blow, but not surprising as it was pretty common to see 2-3 of them in any competitive mixed order army, let alone Phoenix temple armies. But there’s quite a few nice point drops elsewhere- sisters of the watch are an absolute bargain at 160 points, and drakespawn and dragon blades feel like they’re at a better point cost as well. Plus whoever set these points have once again failed to spot how amazing Phoenix guard are. The bleaksword discount is really helpful (and long overdue) Any of my lists without a Phoenix generally have 60-80 points more to play with, and the ones where I took a frostheart work out about the same, so I’m ok with this. My Darklings meanwhile, suddenly have dropped about 90 points (120 point black guard? What were they thinking?!?) so I can fit an extra 10 bleakswords in there- or up my black guard to 30 models (probably a safer bet). I was hoping for a new spell lore for them but sounds like that was wishful thinking. Maybe next year.
  4. It was in the review video earlier in this thread- Frost Phoenix went up to 320 iirc, and the flamespyre down to 360. The frost Phoenix is still ok at that amount I think, although I only have one, so anyone with 2-3 might feel differently. But I still feel the flamespyre needs to be cheaper. At least at the new points I can take my flamespyre and feel less like a chump for doing so (as for the last year it meant paying a full 100 points more for a unit that’s worse offensively and defensively) but imo it could do with being around or just under 300 points to be a good alternative to the frostheart. A minor quibble overall, as I would generally try and cram both into a list given the chance, and that’s only an extra 20 points to do now. There’s riderless points for both phoenixes as well. At 80 points cheaper for each which might be useful for the battalion.
  5. Only real disappointment for me is the flamespyre Phoenix. At least it’s a bit closer in points to the frost one now (although only because the frostheart went up so much) but there still seems little point in taking one over a frostheart except for thematic reasons. Aside from that most of my armies dropped down in points, so I can’t complain!
  6. There’s new warscrolls? I thought it was just a points cost for riderless phoenixes?
  7. Gunhauler done! This conveniently takes my painted KO models to exactly 2000 points, right before the next GHB comes along and stuffs it all up again! Also a WIP of Brokk, who’s starting to come together
  8. My pledge this month: finish my gunhauler- making good headway on this already. After that, I’ve picked up Brokk Grungsson. I want to take a bit of time over him so I doubt I’ll get much else done this month. edit: progress on the gunhauler so far.
  9. I think hearthguard are a little dependent on having heroes nearby to really shine, so you might struggle against an army that can take out your two heroes quickly, especially magic heavy armies. might it be worth trying to squeeze in an extra hero? Or having at least one unit of Auric Hearthguard to try and keep tour heroes on the table a little longer?
  10. Just finished basing my last unit (for now) of fyreslayers. Having spent the last few months painting mostly beards and skin, time to start on something that has neither...
  11. He gets an extra trait for the battalion as well
  12. Well said. (Although at least one other battle line choice in the ghb would be nice- there’s a few aerial force ideas I could play around with if I didn’t need an obligatory 30 arkanauts in every list)
  13. You are right- it is not a save so the gimlet lens would not affect it. No specific faq, but put it like this, if the gimlet lens removed the bonus, then things like the battlesmith would also boost it. Which is definitely not the case.
  14. Ah, sorry that went a long way over my head then. It is a lot of fun though- once it’s done it’s primary job (keeping your other units alive until high tide) push a lord of the tides or two it’s way then throw it into the mix like a big scaly battering ram. For an army that relies on precision strikes it’s quite unsubtle really. Deepstriking it will definitely give your opponent pause for thought as well.
  15. I will argue to the ground that the turtle doesn’t suck. I’d even say it’s rather good. I can see the argument that it’s not optimal for it’s points, but that only really matters if you’re playing competitively I think. Against other lists that aren’t min/maxed you’ll get by fine with units like the leviadon and shark thrown in
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