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  1. "Watch out, it bites!" "Gryph-hound or Halfling?" "Yes."
  2. Hey, who's hungry? They are! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/09/19/army-spotlight-halflings-of-the-mortal-realmsgw-homepage-post-2/
  3. @GeneralZero Price will be the same as other warbands and there will be two options: without cards and with them EDIT: Ninja'd.
  4. Well, a good court always needs a chamberlain.
  5. Most of models can still be used a count-ins. I already made the list once. IIRC you play dispossessed - use the warriors as Longbeards (if the rumour is true they will be renamed Clanshields and become regular duardin infantry) or slightly shorter Freeguild Guards with sword and shield. Cannons can still be used as Mercenary Companies. Unforged is a Grimwrath Berzerker (or even GOTREK!!). With Aelves it depends on the unit: Swordmasters as Greatswords (or *gasp* Executioners), Dragon Blades as Drakespawn, Reavers as Pistoliers, High Elf Dragons as their Dark Elf counterparts, if you have Skycutter chariot on the flying stand just put him down and use it as regular or drakespawn chariot. Freeguild: regular priests were promoted to Excelsiors, just add Gryph-hound. Only mounted General was lost. See? When you think calmly about it everything can be fixed and there is no reason to panic. You haven't lost that much.
  6. That's Skaet's Hunt mission not the whole Kurnothi community.
  7. Not true, they already said that we're going to see only one miniature from Jain Zar vs Drazhar. If they wanted to move the release forward they would show both. Nothing has changed.
  8. Ok @Thiagoma maybe you're right - Warband Focus is up and it seems that Kurnothi are closer to Sylvaneth than to modified Aelves. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/09/18/warband-focus-skaeths-wild-huntgw-homepage-post-2/
  9. I think the only reason Fyreslayers don't have Magma Dragons in their ranks is because Magmadroths envy their wings.
  10. Well, we're definitely going to have Warband Focus article about them today, so we're going to find out.
  11. They are as much related as DoK. They are aelves just more bestial.
  12. @sandlemad Yes, but now you finally can have non-identical shamans in your army without buying finecast. And for Bloodwrack Medusa - you have to buy Cauldron of Blood, WHU warband will be cheaper.
  13. If that's true then it looks like one of Beastgrave design principles was to create replacements for main AoS options that are either in finecast, out of production or available only as a part of expensive sets: Icebrow Hunter + Frost Sabres, Brayherd Shaman + Beastlord, Gitmob Wolf Riders, Bloodwrack Medusa (not confirmed).
  14. Editor remembers what Malerion (Malekith) did in the World-that-was and is trying to slander him.
  15. It was "stealthy" probably because it was caused by a lot of those miniatures being out of stock (Freeguild General was out of stock for at least 2 days before) - GW knew they're not going to replace them, so they can as well make the cull right now. EDIT: As I said - I can agree that timing and execution wasn't perfect but you can't say you didn't expect the cull.
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