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  1. Yeah, like in Discworld. Full of giant wizard towers and almost no sensible laws of physics because in ages past a bunch of arrogant mages high on big amounts of magic energy started a fight. Maybe similarly, a gathering of wizards is called "a war" in Hysh.
  2. Then you ignore the whole history of wargaming. Early wargames were more like RPGs - e.g. WFB 3E, especially Realm of Chaos expansion with character creation and development tables. With so much random tables you couldn't be competitive if you tried. The competitive mindset appeared later. Wargames can be story driven - that's what campaigns are for.
  3. The weirdest thing is that people on FB and reddit are complaining that "if those are peaceful paradises, then there's no place for conflict" . The problem is that GW never stated the paradises are peaceful. That's just a name of those districts like counties, voyvodeships, cantons.... There's nothing more to that.
  4. Then you're right. There is a chance for some Allegiance Abilities.
  5. I don't think so. In February WD Ironsunz got only those three battalions. If a particular subfaction already exist it doesn't get new allegiance abilities. Syll'Eske got new abilities because they don't belong to those three main Slaanesh subfactions from BT.
  6. Do you expect them to admit to it? I think their Battletome should start with that: "It's the Age of Sigmar. Hysh is entirely occupied by Lumineth Realm-Lords. Well not entirely! One small village of indomitable chaos barbarians..."
  7. So each of these islands (except Xintil) has only one country ruled by Lumineth. That's why they're called Realm-Lords. Nearly everything here belongs to them.
  8. True. So for the first step - don't tell Gotrek about your plans. He won't be happy. Second - maybe try to search for old metal Keeper of Secrets to use his head for conversion.
  9. By dyeing your hair orange and taking the Slayer Oath for such heresy
  10. It's safe to assume that for as long as this situation will continue, rumour engines will be showing us miniatures of ranges we know are coming.
  11. I have a better idea. Duardin Lord on a Wolf Chariot. I was thinking about converting Logan Grimnar's sledge. Boars ar for Greenskinz.
  12. I was thinking of converting the riders and spearmen with either bull-heads or archer heads and paint them like Mardu warriors from MtG (black/red/white).
  13. It's less "no, you have to like it" and more "you said what you want to say about it, stop repeating it all the time, it's getting annoying and definitely boring".
  14. @Bayul The point of AoS is that everything fits. No design is out of place. And having an image of your patron on your helmet is not that weird in Mortal Realms - Fyreslayers have Magmadroth heads on their helmets, Blood Warriors often wear the Sigil of Khorne (or famous "rabbit ears") on theirs. Big crests are normal here.
  15. But the design is weirder. I was responding to the "goofy look" argument.
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