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  1. michu

    Removal of compendiums

    They can still be used with the points in the compendium. But if GW release some Made to Order models they go from compendium to Warhammer Legends and can be used only in Open and Narrative.
  2. Josh Reynolds explained why Nagash resurrected Mannfred here https://ask.fm/JoshMReynolds/answers/139429297631
  3. michu

    The Rumour Thread

    There is no Slaaneshmas. There is only Great Horned Rat Day, yes-yes! Happy Great Horned Rat Day everyone!
  4. michu

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    That's just omnibus with old stories from World-that-was. They already released Dwarf omnibus and nothing new for Dispossessed happened.
  5. I would say that Skryre is U/B/R, because they build their machines for their own selfish means and not just for "let's see what happens" like Izzet.
  6. Was that a praise? Thank-Thank you. You will be spared when we-we conquer the Mortal Realms too ( by spared we mean enslaved rather than killed.) Awww, and you were doing so well.
  7. Right now I think that it looks like that: Order - W/R Chaos - R/B Destruction - R/G Death - W/B
  8. What was he supposed to do? Headbutt him and shout "I'M DA BEST"? Wait...
  9. michu

    Age of Sigmar Champions - Site suggestion request

    Agree, that would be good. AoS Champions looks like fun game and it would be quite nice to have dedicated place to talk about it (I know it has it's own forum, but it's still a bit small). EDIT: (I also hope for RPG subsection when Cubicle 7 will finally release it)
  10. @angrycontra "You can also buy Mine-crates for 99.99 $. Inside them you can find special items: additional weapons, upgrade for your engine or... new skins for your ship e.g. Flying Shyishman" (of course chances for something else than skins are much lower)
  11. michu

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    @Kugane Lord of Blights works on all NURGLE units, no MORTAL keyword needed.
  12. michu

    New Blood Bowl Models in AoS?

    Those are Forge World sets (as all chearleeders, special players and boosters sets are from FW).
  13. michu

    Command Abilities of non-general

    If by units you mean HERO units then yes.
  14. michu

    Holy numbers for the lesser Gods of Chaos?

    I think 2 should be for Nuffle (Blood Bowl Chaos God) as it represents "snake eyes" (double 1 on 2D6).