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  1. And do you really want to argue with bloodthirsty maniac about his name?
  2. Just use them in Warcry (if you play Warcry). Everything has it's niche.
  3. Especially when there are still unreleased Sisters of Battle.
  4. Thanks EDIT: Oh, cool - GW will be reprinting James Swallow's SoB novel in WDs this year.
  5. Where did you get that information? I can't see any article about february WD on WCommunity site.
  6. That's one of main reasons why I would like to build an Mawtribes army. They not being a horde army is a second and also important reason.
  7. I'm sorry - too few entries? They have 24 units. LoN have more only because it consolidates all old models (except FEC). 24 units is a perfect amount.
  8. Are you aware that after Seraphon BT that part of GHB that provided allegiance abilities is free? No need to eliminate narrative part (especially as thinking that you don't like it and probably almost no one use it anyway is selfish) as there are free pages for warscrolls updates?
  9. Nope, not at the start. Cubicle 7 already said that.
  10. No other spearmen units have one-use spears. Why they should be different?
  11. They didn't say that. They only said that their skin can be burnished (polished, gleaming) - oiled abs an all that. No word on bleaching.
  12. @Greasygeek And I'm actually on the other side of the argument. Narrative and open part gave me many ideas for new games (especially the cityfight and ambush rules and new ways to set terrain and build armies). For me the matched play section could not even exist but the whole point of GHB is to provide something for all ways to play and I would not like for any of those sections to dissapear. Maybe narrative play is just not for your gaming group? Oh, and BTW, yes, I'm that kind of player that would regularly buy new sourcebooks. For me more options = more fun.
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