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  1. Right, current one doesn't represent well her "Khorne Valkyrie" aspect.
  2. I've just realised that return to Old World could mean new miniatures for characters... UBERSREIK FIVE ANYONE?
  3. Exactly, I like tight worldbuilding but I also know that Mortal Realms' lore will be expanded in the future and what GW offers now is enough for my imagination to work.
  4. Well @karch, Warmaster is also based on square bases, right?
  5. Do we really need whole bestiary of Mortal Realms to enjoy them? And the textbook of astrophysics? I don't think so. We know some fauna - maw-krushas, gore-gruntas, squigs, bigger squigs, even bigger squigs, absolutely colossal squigs...
  6. I'm not sure even GW knows for now... For me the whole "square bases"can be just a metaphor of WFB not any indication of basing requirements... I still think that it should be done as Warmaster.
  7. Maybe because it's also for us to fill? MHW and AoS have different purposes - first gives us story set in particular world and second gives us a world to tell our own stories. There will definitely be more creatures in the future and the RPG is coming next year...
  8. I wanted to say "give him a break" but then... yeah, without Johann it doesn't count.
  9. That idea was written by David Guymer before AoS 2.0. Remember, each realm has many suns (don't think about them as celestial bodies, they are more like transceivers: they receive light from Hysh and transmit it further to their own realms). Ghur is actually really easy to understand -you could say that it's full of predatory energy. Phenomena that in our world take thousands of years (like erosion) are more viciuos here. It can be described like wind literally eating the rocks. Nothing lasts long in the Ghur- your city can be claimed by a big crevasse in the ground or by mountains that every day get closer to it. Or even giant worm with another city on it's back. Everything tries to eat everything here.
  10. Agree. That has more potential as it could go like that: first box - Siege of Praag (empire vs chaos) second - War of Beard (dwarfs vs high elves) third - Rat and Serpent (skaven vs lizardmen) fourth - Secret War (wood elves vs beastmen) etc, etc...
  11. That joke was already done. And for last time... GW said it will be like 30k for 40k. No rebooting, just historical gaming in fantasy setting.
  12. It's sounds good @JPjr but I think that people would like to get Karl Franz Empire (pantaloons and moustaches) not barbarian beginnings. Maybe it's better to set it during the reigns of Magnus the pious?
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