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  1. No, they problem is that they try to play open play competitively - it's bound to backfire. Try some more relaxed approach (e.g. don't choose the best options) and it will be much better.
  2. @GeneralZero He does. They are on his own site http://www.mengelminiatures.com/2019/06/contrast-paints-initial-thoughts-part-2.html
  3. Well, I don't believe those were designed with AoS in mind so no wonder they don't fit.
  4. Grey Seer I think as it will be make colors colder - perfect for BCR.
  5. @Kirjava13 I assume it worked, because those are really nice Clanrats. I'm actually afraid of using Contrast for them, because I'm already halfway through my horde and the difference between the non-contrast and contrast ones could be too stark.
  6. He scared those gobbos so easily even Khornites can't help but admire him. If only Nhillus would not try to steal the credit.
  7. Little break in this point discussion - the bravest Gryph-Hound in the Mortal Realms is back!!! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/14/season-3-no-001-terror-tactics/
  8. Exactly @Joseph Mackay. The only time we could say that old GHB becomes obsolete (and even then not completely) is a new edition of AoS.
  9. Skaven dodos - even more likely to die than Clanrats
  10. As everyone are talking about skaven anyway - you will be able to play as Skaven in VERMINTIDE II (in PvP mode)!!
  11. We show them 40k Orks that we also can loot, yes-yes!
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