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  1. weird question came up the other day....regarding rerolls So the TZ shammy can reroll one or both dice when he is using the elixir, how does this interact with the khirne bloodsecrator forcing a reroll of sucessfull casting? Is the reroll wasted?...can it be used after the secrator-forced reroll? The thoughts were that you cant reroll a dice more than once so maybe you can pick the beast reroll 1st and then the secrator ability has no effect? Looking to the wiser bestial wisdom here....
  2. The changehost counters DoK and Fireslayers because of their lack of fly. If you screen your characters against heartrenders then its quite easy to zone the board and feed them horrors and spell snipe the important characters. Plus the Gaunt Summoners has one of the absolute best anti horde tech around. Couple these with the fact that neither is likely to stop most of our key spells....its only gaps/mistakes that should really spell doom in these matchups.
  3. Carrion empire didn't have points........Guardian with mortality glass didn't have points, everyone assumed it was the same as its counterpart. Also the Gaunt Summoner with familiars....no point so its gone.....difference these have POINTS and are published post GHB, so yeah i think it is clearly intended for pitched battle/matched play.
  4. I mean........i see the argument you're making, but seriously dude?......seriously?......They have points written in the same format as everything in the GHB, and it is intended clear as day......Intention is pretty crystal here right?
  5. How reliant is Tzeentch on CP? I mean i know that the LoC has a baller command ability, but is the strategy of the army dependent on it. To me maybe the destiny dice seems really strong (admittedly I'm new to the faction). The main reason i am asking is because the battalions seem under-powered/over-costed except for the change host, which i've played against and not at all a fan of. It seems like artifacts are a "nice to have" rather than a requirement like some armies....and it all may change with a new book....Just looking for peoples opinions
  6. It only allows one of the interactions of "after a unit attacks for the 1st time"...still getting 4 activation's in a row (the last one goes twice)...its still a very very strong mechanic and often CP is the limited resource anyway
  7. With the battalion choice it was 2 things.....reduce drops, and the reroll 1's to wound is straight money on all units in the battalion. I played 2 variants of the Slaanesh lists.....most of them (2 at this tourney) were dbbl keeper lists. One was 4 Exalted chariots...Both variants were very tough match-ups.
  8. So i went to a 2 day, 5 round event this past weekend....and it was DOMINATED by Slaanesh. Had to play the buggers twice myself. Ended up 4/1 and playing on table 1 round 5...but just couldn't get over on the Invaders list at the top table. My list was as follows: Reapers of Vengence / Ulgu Gore Pilgrims / Charnel Host BT of UF: Mage Eater, Crimson Crown Blood secrator: Skullshard Mantle 2x Slaughter priest Blood Master Deamon Prince: sword of judgement 2x (10) bloodletters (20) bloodletters (5) blood warriors (10) blood reavers karanak 3 x Judgments The list hinged on the 6" pile in and the fight twice from reapers...and did rather well. there ended up a 4 way tie for 2nd and the killpoints were the tiebreaker. I already have some adjustments to the list to make...but it was dishearting when Slaanesh took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Do we have a answer for the net variety list that they can bring? They seem to outclass us in almost every aspect. (one game i managed 3130 kill points because of all his summoning). Have others had similar exp in this new meta? am i crazy and their is a silver bullet against Slaanesh?
  9. So i have a metric tonne of flamers and exalted....and man i keep trying but they suck so so bad. Do we think that they will get a super boost in the hopefully new book?...if so what would make them good?
  10. I think that the general key to dealing with FEC and now Slannesh has got to be the added range pile in. True the ASF mechanic from bloodlords is nice and the Tyrants can hurt, but i think we are only an unfettered fury away from dealing with those nasty ASF units across the board. I mean 10 bloodletters buffed deal with a GKoT fairly well
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Realmwars Tourney Pack 2019
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Realmwars Tourney Pack 2019
  13. In theory, with the wrath axe we have an effective similar range to the ole blood boil bomb of old 16"... now let take a couple assumptions 1st lets assume no repeat prayers....and lets also assume that the priest get one warscroll prayer, and one out of the book...so effective 2 prays per turn....finally lets assume that sacrificing one prayer attempt lets em roll for a judgement. With those thoughts in mind, a single priest can blood boil at 16" (D6 mortals), on a 5+w/rr summon the axe within 8, that moves 8 (effective 16") that does D3 mortals as it moves over and D6 mortals within 3" after its done thats 2xD6 mortals + D3 Mortals at about 15 or so inches from ONE model I think they are moving away from the reliance of multiple priests....and making just one a BIG deal (of course i will run a 2nd for redundancy, but you get what i mean)
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