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  1. unless its on the table....or you play the GHB rules to add one......you dont get the benefit. I think i speak for all when i say it is the most underwhelming CA ever to be printed to a page.
  2. Sorry for the resurrect of the thread...but is this model matched play legal?
  3. So because its before the sacrifice...the basic strat is just yolo all the CP every time and then see what you can summon after sacrifice? so the breakdown would be something like (on average) assuming every 3rd CP spent procs the broach: turn 1 - 1 PC for turn / 4 from CP (2 CP start + turn CP + Broche proc) / 2 from sacrifice = 7 for turn/total Turn 2 - 1 PC for turn / 1 from CP / 2 from sacrifice = 4 for turn / 11 total Turn 3 - 1 PC for turn / 2 from CP (Broche proc) / 2 from sacrifice = 5 from turn / 16 total turn 4 - 1PC for turn / 1 from CP / 2 from sacrifice = 4 from turn / 20 total so this looks like at least something decent every turn to summon...and a big thing every other
  4. Is that considering Aetherquartz Broche as well?
  5. So i was thinking about a summoning list...in Allherd, but it was pointed out to me that the Allherd CA is at the START of the hero phase, and the sacrifice ritual is during the hero phase, and thus AFTER you have to spend for extra points. Is this right?....if so it seems silly to have that CA before you find out how many free summon points you get....
  6. So, Im trying to make good ole Brayherd work....i really like the flexability of the ambush and the hard hitting-ness up bestigor, but im finding them a bit underwhelming. Is it just me or do the characters in the book seem meh in general. Sure a DMG 3 beastlord seems legit....but he dies to a stiff breeze. Are we just not that reliant on characters? Also are the monsters just a giant trap? I want sooooo badly for them to be good...
  7. So since Beastgrave preorders on the 21st, will they not do the Warclans tome on the same weekend?....Does this mean we wont preorder till the end of the month!!!!!! Do they realize what temperament of players they are dealing with? Do they think we have that kind of patience??!?!? Just tell us when!!!
  8. so dumb question....which may have been asked before but i cant find the answer, can a spell be "cast" even if there is no one in range? Based on wording it seems like ranges and such are checked after a spell is successfully cast, so Im wondering if we can still willy nilly cast spells for fate points. I've been back and forth on this with friends, so if possible please let me know a reference because there seems logical arguments on both sides.
  9. Well Ladz....with the Iron Hands on Pre-Order this weekend....prob a no go for the Warclans Pre-Order this weekend :(
  10. i dont think you run the Hag as a damage dealer, she is support, a tarpit and absolute beast-mode in the scenarios where you need heroes. I agree that rockguts are much better offensively, but i think they serve very different rolls. The above mentioned list will have a lot of difficulty in places of power, duality, and potentially the orb.
  11. i am the saddest panda for no Orruk news. I assumed we'd get a terrain piece preview at least. Still the slightest glimmer of hope but i'm mostly back to reality now.
  12. I saw a couple pics a long while ago with the old models of the squigs bouncing of of various enemy's. It actually was they way the poster differentiated units, one off of dwarves one off of stormcast...seemed like a really cool idea
  13. Why have i never seen this before?!??!
  14. weird question came up the other day....regarding rerolls So the TZ shammy can reroll one or both dice when he is using the elixir, how does this interact with the khirne bloodsecrator forcing a reroll of sucessfull casting? Is the reroll wasted?...can it be used after the secrator-forced reroll? The thoughts were that you cant reroll a dice more than once so maybe you can pick the beast reroll 1st and then the secrator ability has no effect? Looking to the wiser bestial wisdom here....
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