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  1. In theory, with the wrath axe we have an effective similar range to the ole blood boil bomb of old 16"... now let take a couple assumptions 1st lets assume no repeat prayers....and lets also assume that the priest get one warscroll prayer, and one out of the book...so effective 2 prays per turn....finally lets assume that sacrificing one prayer attempt lets em roll for a judgement. With those thoughts in mind, a single priest can blood boil at 16" (D6 mortals), on a 5+w/rr summon the axe within 8, that moves 8 (effective 16") that does D3 mortals as it moves over and D6 mortals within 3" after its done thats 2xD6 mortals + D3 Mortals at about 15 or so inches from ONE model I think they are moving away from the reliance of multiple priests....and making just one a BIG deal (of course i will run a 2nd for redundancy, but you get what i mean)
  2. i see that now....seems an odd use of a command trait, but most of the storm host ones were meh as well
  3. If you were hoping for God-Tier enhancements from the 1st post, then you were setting yourself up for disappointment. Also in think maybe look a bit deeper into what was revealed. Locus of Fury - all deamon units NEAR heros and also those the ARE heros are rerolling hit rolls of 1.....all of em, skull cannons, Bloodthirsters, hounds, skulltaker, everything....that is massive Reapers of Vengence - a faction with an unmodified 8+ auto unbind that bounces mortals,....not too shabby... Skull crushers are now mortal wound monsters now...even in 3's....thats a reliable 3 mortal wounds per charge, 6 man units are just icing on the cake I get that there were expectations and hopes for this release, but its not all doom and gloom...all is not yet revealed, but this teaser has me at least excited
  4. To me the fix i think is removal of gore pilgrims, and make the secrator banner whole-ly withing 18 but remove the need to stand still. The lore had this guy running up with the vanguard of Khul's forces (which is way more Khorne IMHO) That way you can have the re-roll for priests, hang by the alter, or try your luck and have better range up the field for prayers....or have re-rolls to get the Judgments rolling, then run up and smash
  5. I am loving the little snippet that we will have un-dispellable prayers on the board. I think it will go a long way to even the playing field with magic. These may prove to be the strongest buff that the whole release has to offer depending on what they do...
  6. I am soooo psyched for this release, means i aint been painting up the boyz for nothing. The one kick in the pants though is that they are a week too late on the release, missed the Adeptacon cutoff. Im gunna show up feeling like the kid thats wearing last years Air Jordans to school
  7. so my 1st thought is that....we have a new book coming so who knows what the next month or 2 will bring..... ....that being said for right now...Mid Feb 2019, it isnt the best it could be. Good news is that wuith a couple adds, i think it has legs to be decent. My recommendations are as follows. 1. Add a warshrine....has totem keyword, gets a prayer from the book, adds resiliency to things around it...overall badass 2. max the reaver units....4x30, gives a decent discount and makes em more of a threat....you will almost never need 6 large units, 4 is enough 3. slaughterpriests are one of the best units we got....i understand if you are just using what you got...but if not get 1-3 of em and look into dark feast or gore pilgrim battalions. 4. forget steps 1-3 and go only units of 10 blood revaers and blood tithe it up!!! Wooohoooo! Current state your list CAN hit decent, but will fold like paper. We are in a horde meta right now, and people have tools to deal with large units....most of which are 3x more resilient than ours. We will see what the book brings....but either way best of luck!
  8. yeah every list I make, feels soft without the Pilgrims.... i hope the new book opens other options....maybe a mortal version of murderhost
  9. Fyre slayers have a once per game movement buff and their whole army shoots, IJ have random but at times amazing movement shenanigans in their allegiance ability and Ironfist battalion. Khorne has murder host and a single whipped unit...i think bc we dont have shooting and magic, we need to outclass all but the fastest in either out of sequence movement (like if you can pick 3 units instead of one with the lvl 3 tithe), durability (i dont like this option if im honest), or solid raw speed choices. Maybe a combo of all 3?
  10. I think what is implied is that khorne was/is more reliant on legacy style rules interactions to stay relevant. If they take these interactions away it makes the army inherently softer, or nerfed. It is possible to nerf many armies at once with a rules style migration, but its a nerf. Now we have to wait and see if they revamp the rules to compensate for the changes.
  11. Thank you for the explanation. I see the point you are making in regards to the avoidance of knee ****** from large event results. People on the internet do tend to cry foul or unduly laud accomplishment on lists/army's solely based on large event performance. We now DO have a unique responsibility as GW listens to an extent to what its player base says (i stress the phrase "to an extent"). I do fundamentally disagree with the importance on the results from a statistical analysis perspective. Even as an outlier, an oddball list that performs well can be analyzed based on its match-ups, scenarios, players, etc... Meta's shift like the tides and a view into what performs well in a given meta is actually invaluable data. Furthermore i think relative "maturity" of a meta is a false perspective. Ill grant that the UK scene did springboard from launch of AOS, and most of the sharpers of AOS come from the UK, but time does not translate to maturity in that there is not end state. Thoughts and idea's shift and the surrounding environment adapts to combat new threats. There is no meta that is better or worse, they are just different, and to think that one is superior to the other is discrediting to the players who perform in said meta.
  12. quick question as a weird situation came up with wrathmongers the other day.... So an evocator unit was tagged to attack itself. The question was surronding the celestial lightning arc...The question is, does this proc as the unit has technically attacked? and if so who does it hit?....Thought id ask here 1st before dropping it in the rules chat...
  13. Perhaps I misunderstood your meaning then. Why would the results and lists from one of the largest US AOS events be irrelevant.
  14. Is it just me or does the Axe "endless prayer" look like its cutting through a spell. Maybe this runs around and removes endless spells it touches?....#wishlist
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