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  1. taking an objective from an opponent is different i believe than determining control
  2. We need to find a way to "bringy dingy" in a list.
  3. Lol, happened to me to...used dice to determine 1st game, Focal points in Chamon. Had my OBR opponent concede and re-racked after turn 2
  4. i think youd be better served with 3 units of six and a single unit of 9 IMO. Holding objectives will be tough with fewer units. Plus you will itchy nuisance a unit you need to multi-charge anyways. Either way looks like loads of fun
  5. Ran Jaws list against Preatorian Bonereapers last night. Actually really swingy game that game down to the last turns of the game. Suuuuuuper fun. My List: Mangler boss / Clammy Cowl / envoy of the Overbounder LB on GCS - Loonstone Tali Fungoind /Screamer squig Moonjumper / 2x10 bounders/ 5 hoppers / mangler MB Squigalanch / 2x12 squig herd / mangler Malevolant moon endless spell His list ; Katakros / soul mason/2x20 mortek / 5 death riders/ harvester /crawler/ 3 stalkers I knew i was up against it with this tanky list. Scerio was shift
  6. I have submitted the question specifically several times for FAQ consideration...and it has yet to be addressed. This issue popped up shortly after the tome released and the community consensus was that spells/non attack abilities do not count and they get their after dmg save. Now mortal wounds from attacks (like the artifact that procs mortal wounds) would ignore after saves. Again this has never been clarified...but this is the largely agreed upon interpertation. Hope that helps
  7. Yes it specifically says "attacks ignore..." and Magic is not an attack whereas shooting and combat specifically call out attacks
  8. This is pretty steep. Archeon is priced because there is 1 in your army, Teclis...also only one. For those of us that will want/need 3+ of these for an army thats a little nuts. Especially when i know im going to have to pay the Yankee markup in addition to the conversion. God help the Aussies...
  9. It 100% certainly is...in fact i may go as far as saying that it makes a better build. Each aspect of the book does different things really well. The core grots gum up lines and cap objectives really well, squigs and spider provide combat support and add speed to an otherwise slow force, and trolls pack the hammer for our anvils. The other nice thing is that there is overlap of strengths for these various units, so its much easier to "go with what you like the look of/background for" because adding in the complementary other units shores up a well balanced force. You can put all your eggs
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Found this floating about, not mine but great list of cards for new DoT Battletome spells
  11. With GM's Warcry you can take 2-3 boar units into one unit and combo kill if needed, also would allow the flex of capping multi objectives. The Large Maniaks get an extra attack at 5+ so even though they have a 1" range the extra bodies keep that bonus rolling. I usually run Maniaks in 10's. best with double move/fly spell and exploding 6's spell or +1 to hit. They become a super fast surgeon strike where you need them (jumping the line to kill those pesky harvesters behind the OBR line and such). So id either go 3x5 boars or 1x10 Maniaks and something else. A battalion may help too that way
  12. I think you have the right spells and Heros, but i think that when it comes to Boars....Maniaks are best in large units, standard Boar Boyz are better in MSU bc they dont have a large unit bonus. You already have a tarpit in the 30 block...i think you should either split the boars, or make em maniaks for more punch
  13. I have been having a similar difficulty with 1k lists. All I can say for sure is that you want Arrow Boyz and a Prophet, season the rest to taste.
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