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  1. It 100% certainly is...in fact i may go as far as saying that it makes a better build. Each aspect of the book does different things really well. The core grots gum up lines and cap objectives really well, squigs and spider provide combat support and add speed to an otherwise slow force, and trolls pack the hammer for our anvils. The other nice thing is that there is overlap of strengths for these various units, so its much easier to "go with what you like the look of/background for" because adding in the complementary other units shores up a well balanced force. You can put all your eggs in one basket, but often the flexability of multiple tools wins out in a game.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Found this floating about, not mine but great list of cards for new DoT Battletome spells
  3. With GM's Warcry you can take 2-3 boar units into one unit and combo kill if needed, also would allow the flex of capping multi objectives. The Large Maniaks get an extra attack at 5+ so even though they have a 1" range the extra bodies keep that bonus rolling. I usually run Maniaks in 10's. best with double move/fly spell and exploding 6's spell or +1 to hit. They become a super fast surgeon strike where you need them (jumping the line to kill those pesky harvesters behind the OBR line and such). So id either go 3x5 boars or 1x10 Maniaks and something else. A battalion may help too that way you get an extra artifact for the handy +1 to cast on the Prophet
  4. I think you have the right spells and Heros, but i think that when it comes to Boars....Maniaks are best in large units, standard Boar Boyz are better in MSU bc they dont have a large unit bonus. You already have a tarpit in the 30 block...i think you should either split the boars, or make em maniaks for more punch
  5. I have been having a similar difficulty with 1k lists. All I can say for sure is that you want Arrow Boyz and a Prophet, season the rest to taste.
  6. Everything you mention applies to all other units in the book. Talk about negative experiences then we need look no further than Horrors, which i would argue are WAY more abuseable and spawn countless more when they get folded. going last was the enlightened's thing. adding debuffs is the mechanism to get them there. The only thing this did was take variety out of the book.
  7. Yeah but why?...Does it really break the game that much? Sure you give a unit -1 to hit in combat, tons of things do that now anyway. Sure you have a D6 rez, other things do that too. and please dont say that its bc they are multi wound... you can do it to flamers, exalted, screamers, flame chariots, too. They simply decided arbitrarily that Tzaangors needed the nerf. Leets also remember the heavy price tag in all the units it effects 180/200 respectively.
  8. That's a very definitive statement....care to elaborate or provide credibility to your view?
  9. Does anyone else feel like GW editing went through last minute and red pen editied some things out of the book? Specifically the deamon keyword from disk units. I got a similar feel from the new KO book....like things were added /removed last minute and it went to print with some of the core concepts turned on their head. Could be a bit unfounded, but i feel like both the DoT and KO battletomes were right and ready and they both received a last minute knee-****** edit to nerf them a bit.
  10. unless its on the table....or you play the GHB rules to add one......you dont get the benefit. I think i speak for all when i say it is the most underwhelming CA ever to be printed to a page.
  11. Sorry for the resurrect of the thread...but is this model matched play legal?
  12. So because its before the sacrifice...the basic strat is just yolo all the CP every time and then see what you can summon after sacrifice? so the breakdown would be something like (on average) assuming every 3rd CP spent procs the broach: turn 1 - 1 PC for turn / 4 from CP (2 CP start + turn CP + Broche proc) / 2 from sacrifice = 7 for turn/total Turn 2 - 1 PC for turn / 1 from CP / 2 from sacrifice = 4 for turn / 11 total Turn 3 - 1 PC for turn / 2 from CP (Broche proc) / 2 from sacrifice = 5 from turn / 16 total turn 4 - 1PC for turn / 1 from CP / 2 from sacrifice = 4 from turn / 20 total so this looks like at least something decent every turn to summon...and a big thing every other
  13. Is that considering Aetherquartz Broche as well?
  14. So i was thinking about a summoning list...in Allherd, but it was pointed out to me that the Allherd CA is at the START of the hero phase, and the sacrifice ritual is during the hero phase, and thus AFTER you have to spend for extra points. Is this right?....if so it seems silly to have that CA before you find out how many free summon points you get....
  15. So, Im trying to make good ole Brayherd work....i really like the flexability of the ambush and the hard hitting-ness up bestigor, but im finding them a bit underwhelming. Is it just me or do the characters in the book seem meh in general. Sure a DMG 3 beastlord seems legit....but he dies to a stiff breeze. Are we just not that reliant on characters? Also are the monsters just a giant trap? I want sooooo badly for them to be good...
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