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  1. I see GW is trying very hard to relieve me of the money from all the overtime me I've been working. I think they may succeed.
  2. Off to a late start. Going to paint one Moonclan shaman a 5 gitz for him to boss around.
  3. I'm so excited at the idea of a moonclan codex in the next few months. I've been building models to get ready and grabbed the new night vault war and to add some variety.
  4. Can't wait to read Soul Wars. Now if only Black Library gets back to m e soon about the 404 error I get trying to download it. :p Kirjava13, have you checked the excerpt for the book? It might give you a good idea of whether it's worth the money and time to buy.
  5. Really hoping for that sword to be Moonclan or Skaven. The former would work better with my Ironjawz but either would result in my money being departed from me.
  6. Can't wait to see a new death faction and models, whether it's nighthaunt or something else.
  7. @Envyus I've heard good things about their customer service. I might have to look into that. @Ahriman Thanks!
  8. Just got my copy of Malign Portents and the Knight of Shrouds Herald. Does anyone know his base size? He didn't come with a base and I'd rather make do with one I have than wait to get a new one shipped.
  9. Yes they are. Showed up on the U.S. site a little while ago.
  10. Looking good. A messy eater indeed.
  11. A Morathi faction would be cool. I feel like she got the short straw in the End Times. Cthulu Elves would be cool, too. I feel like I'd have to curse GW if they got me into Elves, though. The elf factions were among the few old world factions I never felt the need to spend way too much money on before.
  12. Total War: Warhammer. That's the Vampire Counts faction symbol.
  13. Giving this another go after failing last time. For July I pledge to paint four rats. 1 Grey Seer 1 Poison Wind Globadier 2 Stormvermin
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