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Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin RTS discussion

Baron Klatz

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> Experience the Mortal Realms brought to life in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin, a real-time strategy game set in Games Workshop's expansive fantasy universe. Become a warlord and lead four unique factions to conquer the wild and savage Realm of Ghur in tense and tactical battles.

> Tame the savage Realm of Beasts in a rich narrative, exploring the nature of war and survival from the perspectives of righteous champions and villainous generals. Battle for survival and dominance across a campaign featuring four major factions, including Stormcast Eternals and Orruk Kruleboyz, and experience a twisted plot, penned in conjunction with acclaimed Black Library author, Gavin Thorpe.

> Experience the rich lore of Age of Sigmar brought to life by world-class animation and state-of-the-art graphical fidelity. Built in close collaboration with Games Workshop, every unit is precisely modelled after their tabletop counterpart, allowing you to experience an authentic and dramatic vision of the Age of Sigmar universe.

> Engage in a diverse range of mission types and modes, and rally an army of units inspired by Age of Sigmar Warscrolls, each with their own tactical strengths and weaknesses. Recruit from a legion of unit types from fast-moving flyers to lumbering monsters, mystical wizards and powerful heroes.

> Secure strategically-located Arcane Conduits in an ever-evolving battlefield to obtain resources, bolster defences, rally new forces and seize victory! The tides of war ebb and flow with no battle ever being the same – upgrade and specialise your forces with dynamic in-battle tech trees to counter your opponent’s forces… or to strike with the upper hand!

Very detailed models:



It's supported in 14 different languages.

5 of them with full audio.


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Its looks rather dull (colour wise I mean) and what little game play is shown, it looks kind of empty.

I'm not really a fan of RTS games (Which I know is odd, as someone that like huge mass battle wargames!) so I'm probably not the target audience for this, but I'd hoped for AoS game that was bright, vibrant and crammed with troops and oddities. This could be any basic mobile battle game, I'd not tell it was AoS from the gameplay alone.

Also not a big deal, but seems odd to be finally getting an AoS game like this, only for it to be in the realm of beasts when its safe to assume that a new edition will be here 'soonish' and will no longer be focused on Ghur. 🤷‍♂️

As someone that has thrown together some pretty dodgy looking games of their own, I can appreciate the time to make a good quality game! But I would expect something flashier for a game based on a GW core game! Hopefully this is just a case of announcing a game far too early! Should have waited to show this off when they had a full blown game play trailer!

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Apparently the devs confirmed 4 start factions.

So Stormcast Eternals, Orruk Warclans and then two up for debate.

We got pics of a mage Ogroid so that’s either Tzeentch or Slaves to Darkness.

And fourth faction has to be Death so place your bets on which of the that is. My Shadeglass money’s on Ossiarchs for another unique faction and their narrative of wanting Ghur to experiment on monster bones while Ghur barbarians make excellent bone donors. :D 

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First of all : great to see AoS finally getting a big, serious licensed videogame. 

I'll be patiently waiting for the gameplay demo because to me gameplay is what's most important in a videogame. But 1/ RTS is awesome, and a genre that has sadly fallen from popularity since the glory days of my childhood (Age of Empires, Halo Wars, Company of Heroes and Dawn of War were my jam back in ye old 00s/early 10s), but is making somewhat of a resurgence now, in part thanks to new releases like this. So more RTSs, the better.
And 2/ it's on 3 platforms with crosscompatibility, which is great imo. Being very accessible to people is one of the core principles of AoS, and it looks like Realms of Ruin has ported that from tabletop to screen, controller and mouse/keyboard. And before you ask yes RTS can be a joy to play on console. Halo Wars being a great example.

For the rest, so far, it looks good ! Models are accurate versions of the tabletop, terrain looks nice if a bit repetitive, animations look smooth and cool. Glad it's going to have a campaign. Even if I would have prefered someone else than Gav Thorpe to write it. Guy is def not a "Black Library legend" imo. 

Also I would be more willing to bet on Nighthaunt for the 4th faction. 

Overall happy, my angst about the game has been mostly dissipated and looking forward for the gameplay !

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This look good! I was expecting a crappy movile game, but this is for the big consoles and PC, and I think it can be big for AoS. I'm sadly not much into RTS (a shame, those kruleboyz look dope) but might give a try whenever the price drops.

For the death faction I think either the Avengori vampires or FEC would be the best fit for Ghur, but Nighthaunts are cool and probably the most popular option, I won't complain.

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I’m feeling cautiously optimistic for this game. In the short term, i just hope it has an enjoyable and replayable gameplay loop. I’m the medium term, I hope it doesn’t have too many severe bugs. In the long term, I hope it does well enough to represent the majority of AoS factions one day. 

Can wait for gameplay!

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thought I had created a general gaming thread with Stormground but can't find it! Thanks Baron!! This game looks like it will be a solid, fun RTS to play at the very least. I am also now realizing that "RTS" as a staple must now be so old that people forgot how they look and feel?

20 hours ago, RexHavoc said:

I'd hoped for AoS game that was bright, vibrant and crammed with troops and oddities. This could be any basic mobile battle game, I'd not tell it was AoS from the gameplay alone

they're not going to show battlefield details for an initial reveal, they're going to show all the units off--and they could not have looked more AOS so I'm very confused by this? they are straight from the Dominion box and Frontier probably got to use the 3D renders from GW themselves.

RTS games have empty spaces because that's where the troops need to maneuver and fight in. There are objectives we can see on the minimap and some shots of map details that will flesh out map details. They have not even shown us full gameplay so we cannot say how large (or small) the battles will be.

2 hours ago, Tizianolol said:

Guys do you know if they planning to add new factions? Or they temain 4?:)

No one knows, we don't have that info yet. We can guess yes because Frontier is great about after-launch support. Cities, Lumineth, Seraphon, OBR, SBGL, and all of Chaos have enough units to be new factions. I'm expecting a couple Ironjawz units to flesh out Kruleboyz (unless they're getting a new heavy infantry kit). DOK, Sylvaneth, FS, and IDK might come as mercs if not their own small forces.

Dawn of War 1 didn't launch with Imperial Guard, but had a lot of Guard NPCs during the campaign that pointed to a Guard expansion we got later. I'm expecting this in RoR as well.

And if you need to cut off any grumbling about "no base building", you can tell people that means the combat will be better because you can actually focus on the engagements ;)

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